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tv   Newsline  PBS  June 15, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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hello there, welcome to nhk "newsline." it is thursday, june 16th, 9:00 a.m. i'm catherine kobayashi. japan's ichiro suzuki has made baseball history. 6 he reached the milestone as soon as the game started against the padres. the japanese legend used his speed to snatch an infield single.
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in the ninth inning, ichiro builted a double to mark his 4,257th hit. it surpassed the record held by baseball great pete rose, but ichiro's record is unofficial, because his hit total spans two professional baseball leagues. ichiro first ragged up 1,278 hits with the nippon professional baseball organization in japan, then he made the move to the u.s. with major league baseball, where so far he's whacked 2,979 hits. at 42 years of age, ichiro is in his 16th season in the mlb. it's a busy week for policy makers. the people at the fed have wrapped up their meeting and they decided they won't change their key interest rate. we have joined from our business
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team with the details. what led to their decision? >> the policymakers have been looking for the right time to raise that interest rate and even though we will already half way through 2016, they haven't been able to do that at all this year. they said there's a lot of uncertainty in the market especially if they will vote whether to leave the european union. fed policy makers wrapped up two days of meetings on wednesday. the fed raised the key rate in december for the first time in nine and a half years. officials pointed out that the pace of improvement in the labor markets slowed though growth in economic activity picked up in
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may. policy makers will watch how it effects financial markets. fed chair janet yellen highlighted the importance of the vote. >> it is decision that could have a consequences for economic and financial conditions in global financial markets. it could have consequences for the u.s. economic outlook that would be a factor in deciding on the appropriate path of policy. >> the policy makers indicated they expect two rate hikes this year. they suggested they would maintain the plan while closely monitoring labor market conditions. now let's turn to the markets. u.s. stock prices ended lower as a mood of caution hangs over global markets in line of concerns and the fed keeping its rate unchanged. what happened on wall street? we saw the dow jones average falling. we saw losses on the tech heavy
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nasdaq as well. we're going to see what's happening here in tokyo. for that we're going to go to ramin. good morning. what can you tell us? what are you seeing over there? >> you just mentioned the frb, the feds decision coming in pretty much as most analysts had expected giving the slowing growth, jobs data we had from last month and policy makers taking into account global uncertainties including the possibilities of britain's exit from the eu. let's have a look at the nikkei and the topix. the nikkei ended higher yesterday. that was mostly on short covering moves after the steep declines we saw earlier in the week. we're seeing persistently strong yen buying. that's not going to help overall sentiment. no doubt the boj is watching
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closely as it will wrap up its policy meeting later today. the negative sentiment seems to overshadowing and inflation data that showed price index data coming in at plus 0.4. many expected 0.3. that was overshadowed as well. >> looks like the dollar keeps getting lit. >> it's getting hammered. the dollar yen 105.76. over a couple of weeks ago it was trading at 111. the dollar fell as the fed moderated its out look for rate increases. the dollar dips overnight. the lowest since october 2014. the focus shifts to the bank of japan meeting that concludes today. many onanalysts expect boj to hd steady. still trying to engage the
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effectiveness of negative interest rate rolled out in mid-february. let's have a look at asian indexes that are opened now. seoul's kospi is just barely in the positive. we have seen a great deal of china shares. they decided not to include china. lot of analysts and investors looking at the chinese as it's continued to be weaker. that's going to be very interesting to watch. china markets open in hour and a half. back to you. >> thanks a lot for that update. fukushima prefecture has been struggling with a nuclear power crisis triggered by the tsunami in 2011.
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prime minister abe has been pushing the initiative aimed at helping fukushima recover from the disaster. representatives from the public and private sectors have drafted an out line of proposals to be presented at a meeting on thursday. the plant would produce enough hydrogen to power 10,000 feel cell vehicles a year. the draft outline recommends that hydrogen fuel stations be set up across fukushima. it also calls for upgrading power transmission lines so they can carry more renewable energy resources like solar and wind power. government officials say they will roll out a more concrete plan in a few months. for more you next hour in business. here's a check on markets.
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political parties are stepping down. masuzoe spent the last few weeks fighting alleges he misused political funds for private purposes. he expressed his regret at an assembly meeting.
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i can no longer continue the stagnation of the administrative procedures of the tokyo government. the best thing to do is to step down. >> he will officially leave office next week. the election to pick the new governor is expected to be held either july 31st or august 7th. senior officials of the main governing liberal democratic party met and discussed how to respond. >> translator: we'll have to pick a candidate that is suitable. >> some are cautious about party headquarters taking the initiative to choose a candidate. both of them were embroiled in political fund scandals. officials of the main opposition democratic party say they will take the lead in selecting candidate.
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>> translator: we want a clean candidate who can win the trust through reforms. >> three other opposition parties may cooperate with the democratic party in the election. citizens are concerned about the scandal. we spoke to some of them and have this report. >> reporter: hundreds of reporters gathered in front of tokyo metro assembly chambers. many citizensin on the proceedi. >> translator: the world is watching. we're relieved that he has resigned. >> translator: the scandal st l stalled assembly proceedings. it's basic set back for citizens. >> translator: it's not acceptable that two governors in a row have stepped down because of money scandals.
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they should be investigated more thorough thoroughly. >> reporter: they are upset. some think it's hurting the city's image. tokyo will host the olympics in 2020. officials want to display the city's best to the world. >> translator: it's too bad because the governor has to deal with preparation for the olympics. >> reporter: the scandal is not something the city won't. that just the latest in the series of problems the city has dealt with. there was controversy over the initial design for the main olympic venue. claims, it cost too much. then the local was scrapped amid accusations of plagiarism.
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french prosecutors say they are investigating the bid. it's connected to payments linked to the family of a former olympic committee member. this traveler from russia thinks it won't affect how people view tokyo. >> it's a good slogan of the tokyo 2020, unity and diversity. we should just be delighted all the good people around the world and everything will be fine. she wouldn't pay much attention to such incidents. >> reporter: for people living here, the hope is to move past the trouble. >> i hope the next governor is a responsible person. >> reporter: nhk world, tokyo.
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they have tracked reports of three incidents that china may have been testing the waters. officials say the vessel was spotted wednesday morning. a maritime self-defense force patrol plane tracked the island. the vessel stayed for until two hours, the ministry is trying to discover more about the intentions. >> translator: the foreign ministry has conveyed concerns to the chinese embassy in tokyo regarding china's military activities as a whole. >> china's defense ministry has responded with a statement. it says the strait is used for international navigation and chinese warships that sail through are abiding by the u.n. convention on freedom of navigation.
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another incident was on reported on wednesday afternoon. the japan coast guard warned the invests to leave, but they spent over an our in the waters. it's the 16th day of such incursions this year. japan controls the taiwan and china claim them. the japanese government maintains they're an inherent part of the territory, and laus week a protest was launched with beijing over another incident. officials say a chinese naval vessel sailed close to japanese territory waters. under international wall, mill military vessels can pass through through the territorial waters of other nations as long
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as they do not violate order and safety. fewer people are working farms. women are working and that's creating opportunity for other newcomers. nhk explains. >> reporter: she grows mushrooms. eight years ago she gave up a career in tokyo to return to the family farm. she's pursuing the quiet life. she's busy checking out the business. her parents had a limited customer base, the local super market. she's tracking down flu clients. she's already signed up 13
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restaurants. she's also developing new products. >> translator: agriculture has great potential because i can decide what i grow and how i sell my produce. that's the most interesting aspect of farming. >> reporter: japan's government is encouraging more women to follow in her footsteps. it's offering financial aid to first time farmers. the number of female newcomers has risen 30% in three years. this is one example. designed with family touch, it features a pink blade and heart
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shaped holes. not just a style makeover, the cutter straps on like a baby sling making it easier to use. there's even a pouch for smart phone. the maker says the product is whipping up some attention. >> very light and cute. >> women farmers are afraid to use machinery. we hope this device will get them interested and maybe they will try out other equipment. >> reporter: they are not the only ones targeting female farmers. people work for other garment makers. >> when i plant seedlings, it's
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tough on my lower back and knees. >> when i get all sweaty, it feels uncomfortable. >> reporter: it seems the company has been listening. it has developed a new material for women working under the hot sun. the fabric is threat in country and it must foster traditional public. as for women planting seed, here is one solution. the company plans to announce the final products in november. >> we think agriculture is an industry with great potential. the connection with women farmers could lose to fostering new customers. developing these products is a big thing for us. >> reporter: more women are making their mark.
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they are creating the promising new market as both producers and consumers. onto other stories we're following. life can be tough in south africa's township. some young people are out lining a new feature for themselves. they are working on a cartoon depicting the different faces of africa. nhk world's taro mitamora has more from capetown. ♪ ♪ c'mon everything ♪ let's go down >> reporter: jabu's jungle, a new animated cartoon series made in south africa will soon be aired in 22 african countries. it's the story of jabu, a boy from a very poor neighborhood who nds a magic drum which
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allows him to travel around the continent. >> hello. can you help us get across the river? >> of course, i can, jabu. >> reporter: the studio where jabu is made is in capetown. thlead animator, mt cartoons in africa are imported from japan and other countries, but his aim is to create one that is uniquely african. >> i think it's the right time to show youngsters or people in africa that you can make animation as well. you need to make it with africa. >> reporter: the story is set in a township in the apartheid era nonwhite south africans were forced to leave. the area was segregated from white people. even today, most township residents still live in poverty. where i am standing now, it's typical township houses which
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are included in jabu stories. "jabu's jungle" depicts daily life in these communities. despite the hardship, the children are cheerful and find ways to play. in the cartoon, they are always positive and full of energy. some of the younger animators who work on "jabu jungle" come from the townships. >> maybe we can find different background for it. >> reporter: the studio was a local ngo. nzoni and his colleagues train young people as interns. it's a great opportunity as half the youth from the townships are jobless. >> if i learn and if i become really good, which i know i'll become, then obviously i'll be able to be an animator. ♪ >> hey. hit me.
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>> hey, hit me. >> this boy performs the voice part for jabu. he's also from the township. he says until recently, he couldn't imagine life outside his community. but through his role as the main character, he is discovering the whole of africa. >> i like to be a novel writer. having the opportunity like this inspires me to shoot higher and to someday become successful. >> my dream is to see all those kids really doing what they love. i always want to have more animation in africa, especially in south africa, where kids are people, student, they can find jobs. >> reporter: by thinking and acting locally, the creators of jabu's jungle are encouraging
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africa's young people to shoot for big things. taro mittara, nhk world, capetown. it is the rainy season in japan, and people in tokyo seem to have their umbrellas ready for more wet weather. our meteorologist robert speta joins us. >> unfortunately a drastic change. the dry weather, it will come back by the weekend, but for now take a look at the satellite picture. the heavier showers already taking place, and it is still working its way. the the low pressure area, also another low over the korean peninsula. the heaviest rain actually expected to take place, out here towards the north. you'll see as much as 100 to 250 millimeters of precipitation, so plenty of showers to go around.
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if you don't like the rain, though, and definitely by saturday we're going to be looking at much clearer conditions, high pressure sets in from the northwest, so for sunnier skies, even much -- and korean peninsula. and including into the to be i don't area. still heavy showers down towards southeastern china, something you want to watch out for, even towards hong kong, a high of 31, just north of that, as much as about 100 millimeters. going through your thursday and friday. just the consistency of that front, and you can see the storm system rolling across the black sea, that's pulling off towards the southeast. leaving a swath of flooding. out of romanian, this is in
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southern romania, where you just saw about two hours of the deluge of rainfall. definitely causing problems out in the streets. sewage even backed up, and flooding of these roadways, dozens were left stranded. some dams also broke flooding hundreds of homes, as well as a field being flooded here, damaging many crops, so definitely a big impact with that. now let's pull in towards the east of the behind it another storm system and also into northern italy. you're you're looking at a chance of heavy rainfall, but also the threat of hail and thunderstorms you really want to watch out for. a few of these cells continue to develop. i wouldn't be surprised if you see a stray shower or two, wrapping around with this paris if, as well as over towards madrid. in rome, just south of that front, it looks like partly cloudy skies, a high of 31, nice and warm out there.
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all right. let's move over here towards the americas. still have that threat, even on the satellite picture on wednesday evening. there's that cell blowing up along the ohio river, there's that threat of flooding, and also chance of damaging winds as it does continue to push toward the east. still got the severe thunderstorm threat stretching over into parts of northern alabama and mississippi, you could be seeing that threat come through with the thunderstorm or hail. tornado chances are there. i think it should be tapering off. also behind it's very dry conditions, fire weather possible there. plus blazing heat. right now look at tucson, a high of 39, but it could be up into the mid 40s next week. i'll leave you know with your extended outlook.
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that wraps up this edition of "newsline," i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for joining us. x0
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♪ >> welcome to "in good shape." coming up how babies can help , dementia patients. why many vacations begin with a bout of nausea, and what endangers kidneys, and how best to keep them healthy. here is our host doctor carsten , lekutat. dr. lekutat: how are your kidneys? you do not know? that's no surprise because many kidney diseases are not painful at all but they still might be , dangerous. that is what i am going to talk about with our expert today, dr. andreas kahl here at the berlin


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