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tv   Newsline  PBS  June 23, 2016 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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welcome to nhk "newsline." it is thursday, june 23rd. north korea's state-run media says the country has successfully tested a ballistic missile. this was one day after they tested two missiles. the media reports say kim jong-un supervised the test. they say the missile reached an altitude of 1400 kilometers. they say it then reached the targeted area in waters some 400 kilometers away. the reports did not mention where and where the missile was launched. north korea fired two intermediate range ballistic
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missiles from the east coast on wednesday. they were likely a new time of the intermediate range known as the musadan. people in japan's southwestern prefecture of -- members scheduled a closed door meeting in new york after request by japan, the united states and south korea. people in japan's southwestern prefecture of okinawa are marking the 71st anniversary of the end of a fierce ground battle in the closing days of world war ii. the island prefecture will hold an annual remembrance ceremony on thursday at peace memorial park. it was the final front in the battle of okinawa. june 23, 1945 is considered to be the last day of combat against u.s. forces in okinawa. the fighting lasted more than
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three months and left more than 200,000 people dead, one in every four local civilians was killed. during the ceremony, okinawa governor takeshi onaga plans to call for reducing the heavy burden okinawa bears from hosting u.s. bases. around 75% of u.s. military facilities in japan are concentrated in okinawa. as people in okinawa have been suffering from noise created from u.s. military aircrafts and crimes and accidents caused by u.s. service members and civilian base workers. okinawa prefecture and the central government remain divided over a plan to relocate a u.s. air base within the prefecture. onaga also plans to refer to the
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arrest of a u.s. civilian worker at a u.s. base for allegedly raping and murdering a local woman in april. on sunday, people in okinawa staged a massive rally to protest against the u.s. military presence in the prefecture. it's been a year since japanese freelance journalist went missing in syria. he's believed to have entered the northwest of the war-torn country from a city in southern turkey. sources say he's being detained by the news ra front group, which is linked to al qaeda. in march, a video noes a man to be him was posted online. in may a photo was also uploaded to the internet. he's holding a sheet of paper with a message in japanese saying "police help me. this is the last chance." nhk has been in contact with the syrian man who posted both the video and photo online. he said he got both of them from a person close to the nusra front. nhk reached him again. we're protecting his identity
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for safety reasons. in late may, the man said he heard that the journalist could be handed over, saying it would be win a mon if no progression was made with negotiations. a ambassador in charge met are russian deputy foreign minister. they said they would continue to seek a solution to the dispute over four islands. the officials are following up on an agreement between japanese
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prime minister shinzo abe and russian president vladmir putin to move negotiations forward. >> a new approach means we state our ideas free from conventional ways of thinking to make a breakthrough in the stalled negotiations. this time both sides presented such ideas. >> he added he's hoping the next talks go ahead as soon as possible. russia controls the four islands which are called the northern territo territorys in japan. the islands were illegally occupied after world war ii. it's time for the latest in business news. economic leaders around the world have been giving their views on britain's impending referendum, the head of the international monetary fund has also chimed in.
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we are joined from the business desk. good morning. what kind of assessment was given? >> she's agreeing with u.s. federal chair reserve janet yellen. yellen al spoke about the economic impact of the vote. hegarde said a brexit would probably not trigger a recession in the u.s. she said the dollar would surge if investors rushed to move their money to safer assets. that could have long impacts on the u.s. and economies. >> if there was significant volatility, an uncertainty prolonged over time, it would have an impact through the financial channel that would be more real than the one through trade. >> lagarde added the u.s. economy is in good shape despite some recent setbacks.
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the imf estimated an exit would cause the gdp to plunge by 5.6 by 2019 compared to britain remaining in the regional block. investors have traded cautiously ahead of the british referendum. on wall street, major indices edge ed lower. the dow jones losing more than a quarter percent. we saw losses of a fifth of a percent on the tech heavy nasdaq. let's see what's happening here in tokyo this thursday morning. we're going to go to ramin for that. he's at the tokyo stock exchange. tell us what you're seeing over there. >> very good morning to you. stock traders are watching currency moves very closely especially swings in the british pound which is already seen some
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volatile swings in the week leading up to the referendum which is going to be later today. let's have a look at allow the nikkei and the topix are reacting this thursday, june 23rd. the nikkei has been swinging in and out of negative and positive. still no major moves. investors have gone through some profit taking trying to square up their positions ahead of the uk vote. japanese banks also have to make sure they have ample liquidity or funds as they are looking to safety guard against any further volatility. if britain chooses to exit the eu and many investors rushing to buy the dollar, the euro and the yen just to keep funds in shape just in case sterling does crash and foreign exchange platforms have halted or really slowed down some of the fx or trading
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volume that they have seen so far. now, the bank of ja man pay also have to be on stand by according to analysts as investors rush to buy safe havens.ja man pay also have to be on stand by according to analysts as investors rush to buy safe havens.have to be on stand by ag to analysts as investors rush to buy safe be on stand analysts as investors rush to buy safe havens.have to be on sg to analysts as investors rush to buy safe havens. >> tell us where current foreign exchange levels are now? >> dollar yen is one of the big ones. we're looking at sterling really, you're looking at the sterling against dollar right now. reserves will also, some of the pair, some of the central banks looking to hold off reserves. sterling is still recovering from last week's low. bookmakers switching the odds to remain in the eu. the yen is broadly weaker.
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dollar yen 104.6. let's get a quick look at asian markets open now. china markets will be open in an hour and a half. seoul's kospi is trading down. sydney's exchange is up a quarter of a percent. we're not expecting any major moves but we'll see any reactions in currency as well as bond market as well. >> thanks for keeping us up to date. we'll touch base with you in a few hours time. the u.s. government has decided to impose anti-dumping duties on a type of steel product from china and japan. the items are widely used for car body panels. officials say imports of the cold roll steel flat products from china are hurting u.s. makers. they decided to impose
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anti-dumping duties of more than 260% on the chinese products. chinese makers face an additional tariff. japanese makers also will be hit with a roughly 70% anti-dumping tariff on the steel products. u.s. steel producers filed a complaint last july. they said chinese makers more than tripled their exported compared to the previous year by dumping being noisy is usually a no no, but a few theaters encouraging it. >> reporter: a long line in front of a movie theater. some are dressed as anime characters. their bags are stuffed with mini fire crackers.
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the theater is showing girls un ponzer. a movie about girls who practice tank warfare as sport. the audience is allowed to wave light batons and set off crackers. they say that letting off the crackers gives them the sense they are fighting alongside the girls on screen. when a popular character appears they go wild. it's like first appearance of star at a pop concert. the audience members say the movie is more enjoyable when they join in. >> translator: it feels as if you're creating the movie together. that's what i like best. >> reporter: this kind of experience is prompting directors to create movies tailored for responses. one hit the screen recently.
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it's an animated movie that depicts boys striving to become stars. it's very popular with young women. the film has pauses between the lines to invite audience responses. it goes like there. the pause after the line allows the audience to converse with the character. that's not all. there are subtitles for the audience to read out. the movie aims to draw in young women by making them feel they are dating the on screen characters. word of mouth is creating a buzz about the movie. it initially opened at 14 theaters but is now running at more than 100 cinemas
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nationwide. the box office around 6 million dollar is far better than expected. >> translator: i've probably seen it 16 times. being able to enjoy a live show for about $15 is a good deal. i'm happy the pay. >> reporter: an expert on consumer trends says the movie seems to have caught the imag e imagination of young people. >> translator: they consider cost effectiveness in everything. not just money but time and effort. these movies take place at local theaters and are good value for young people. >> reporter: some have been surprised at the success of movies that encourage audience to participate. one lesson is it's possible to make a hit with a novel idea and without a huge investment. >> all right. that's the latest in business news for this hour. i'll leave you with a check on markets.
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indonesia has rejected china's stance that the two countries have overlapping claims in the south china sea. this comes after a series of confrontations between indonesian navy ships and chinese fishing boats. >> translator: for indonesia, we have no overlapping claims of any form with china in our waters. our position is clear and i've already said that repeatedly. >> there have been three reported confrontations in waters an natuna islands so far this year. >> the latest confrontation occurred last friday. the indonesian navy says it seized a chinese fishing boat that was operating illegally in its exclusive zone. indonesian officials say warning shots were also fired at several other chinese boats. on monday, china's foreign ministry said the shooting took place in waters which are traditional fishing grounds and where china and indonesia have overlapped claims for maritime rights and interests in the area. china says it does not dispute indonesia's sovereignty over the islands, but its claim of jurisdiction over almost the entire south china sea does include waters near them. indonesia has said it will step up patrols of the islands. people in the philippines have taken part in a large-scale
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drill in preparation for a massive earthquake. the so-called shake drill is an the exercise on wednesday was based on the assumption that the capital and nearby provinces were hit by a 7.2 magnitude quake. experts predict such a disaster could kill tens of thousands of people and displace millions. >> having a drill which would involve not only how to respond during the earthquake, how to communicate and coordinate responses at the various levels, from local to national and other areas that will not be affected by an earthquake event would be important but equally important also is the basic response of people. >> the philippines lies in the ring of fire in the pacific ocean where a large number of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur.
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each year about 4.5 million babies are born in indonesia and that means there's a need for a lot of diapers. japanese companies are trying to come up with ways to tap into this booming baby market. nhk world's metalia reports. >> reporter: surabaya is indonesia's second-largest city. baby shops is a profital product. one of the most important products for customers is diapers. this shop specializes in disposable diapers. its popularity is growing as high quality japanese products sell for 20% less than supermarkets in the area. >> translator: i like japanese diapers because they don't give my child a skin rash. >> translator: we're confident our sales will go up.
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we want to add more products and expand our store. >> reporter: japanese diaper manufacturers expect the market to grow. last december this major manufacturer opened a disposable diaper factory in a jakarta suburb. it develops products to meet local needs. for example, it has found that indonesians want more diapers than the ones normally sold in japan. at the same time, demand for higher quality diapers is increasing every year with factors such as slimness and comfort being important. the company obtained indonesia's first certification for disposable diapers to prove they are made in accordance with islamic law. the company was required to
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prove that the ingredients in its products don't include substances banned by islamic law such as alcohol. >> translator: indonesia has the fourth-largest population of any country in the world. we feel it has great potential. we hope to expand our market share to include many supermarkets and traditional retail outlets which we haven't been able to reach so far. >> reporter: indonesia's disposable diaper market is drawing attention with demand increasing, competition is hitting up among businesses eager to grab a share of it. metalia, nhk world, jakarta.
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new video footage of the famous japanese battleship "yamato" has been freleased. the enormous vessel was sunk by the u.s. in the closing days of world war ii. it was the world's largest-ever battleship. it was dispatched in okinawa in april, 1945 and sunk in waters off southwestern japan. last month, officials of the city where the "yamato" was built conducted a survey on the ocean floor where it lies. video shows the imperial chrysanthemum crest on the bow. city officials say the crest's gold foil has fallen off and the wooden base is exposed. the video shows one of the warship's screws measuring five meters in diameter. they were the largest in the world at the time. officials say the brass screws still gleams golden and no major deterioration is visible. >> translator: i'm a person who can't even look at dead bodies but now i'm seeing footage of the "yamato."
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aboard which i used to serve as part of the crew. i'm moved. to me this is a chance to pass on what happened to future generations forever and ever. >> the city plans to release the remaining footage in september. it includes shots of the ship's 460 millimeter naval guns, largest ever mounted on a warship. they give an idea of the ship's massive size. tokyo police have staged a mountain rescue drill on the capital's most popular peak ahead of the summer season. about 30 officers took part in wednesday's exercise on mount takao. it's 50 kilometers from the city center. an officer played the part of a stranded climber and others carried her to safety on their backs. they also practiced transporting a stretcher uphill using ropes. >> translator: we advise climbers to make proper preparations and never act recklessly.
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>> the police say there were a record 135 accidents last year in the mountains of tokyo. more than half of them happened on mount takao. authorities in western japan have advised thousands to evacuate due to severe weather conditions. our meteorologist robert speta joins us now. >> well, really the big problem with this overall seasonal front out here is we're getting one burst of energy after another. right now we are seeing -- right on the heels of this by friday into saturday, we expect another round of precipitation. you can see where the showers are not actually moving across osaka, nagoya, even into the tokyo hear, but the heaviest has been to the west. it's slamming into these mitts hoar. in the past 24 hours, some of these areas have seen well over 300 millimeters, record-breaking rain totals out here. in the past several days, report of over 630 millimeters, definitely causing flooding. i do want to show you some video just in the overnight hours. much of western japan, see the heavy rainfall here and then if we look over hiroshima, actually
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a train derailed, the line suspended overnight. on board at that time and good news is, as i mentioned there is a short break to allow some of this water to reasset, seeing some flooding there as well. the worst has been to kyushu, specifically komomoto, and then on top of that we're still getting aftershocks, by the way, from april's earthquakes out here. that is a big issue, but the ground is already loose. that's why we have that extreme risk of a landslides here. numerous reports of landslides in different instances. over towards nagasaki as well, and you still have the warnings out there for landslides. that combined with even more rainfall, you could see the bulk of that precipitation coming in from the west. we may see 120 millimeters , 60 millimeters, that's only into friday, by the way. it doesn't count the showers that we're going to see as we go
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ahead into friday night, into saturday, kumamoto showers all the way out. the good news, sunday finally getting a bit of a break across most of japan, some high pressure will set in at least until next week. all of that is coming in from this kink in the front. that will develop and put towards the east, but right now about 150 to 200 millimeters out here is expected.
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that's on top of the precipitation we have been getting, causing deadly flooding out here. the past week alone, over 20 casualties have been reported. if you have travel plans across the mid western states of the u.s. on your wednesday evening, had you had into thursday morning, tornadoes threat was there. i think that's going to start to taper off, but more so the damages winds, especially straight-line winds in the darker areas pulling off towards the east. then eventually it will shift towards the eastern seaboards across much of new england, you can see some foul weather. for now it does look like showers expected in new york city also towards d.c. here's the extended outlook.
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that is all for this edition of nhk "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for watching.
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