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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 1, 2016 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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welcome to nhk "newsline." it's is tuesday, november 1st, 9:00 a.m. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. the woman at the center of a political scandal involving south korea's president has been detained by prosecutors. choi soon-sil has been put under emergency detention after she turned herself in. soon accused of using her friendship with park geun-hye for personal gain. she headed to prosecutors' offices on monday after returning from europe the previous day. she didn't respond to report is where entering the building.
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south korean media say choi later apologized to the general public, reportedly asking for forgiveness, saying she committed a crime she deserves to die for. choi's lawyer later told the media the expressistatement was expression of feeling and not a legal stance. president park is accused of violating laws that require the presidential office to keep documents under control. she has admitted to showing drafts of her speeches and handing over internal documents to choi, who holds no public post. park apologized to the public last week for giving her friend access to her speeches. park, who's in her fourth year of a five-year term, has seen her support drop to an all-time low because of the scandal. hundreds of people protested in seoul approximated night, demanding park step down. it was continuation from protests over the weekend that saw thousands rally in the south korean capital.
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japan has decided to sign an agreement on nuclear energy technology with india. the deal will be japan's first with a nonsignatory of the nuclear nonproliferation treaty. japanese prime minister shinzo abe met with his counterpart narendra modedi in india last december and came to a basic agreement. the signing is expected during modi's visit to japan starting november 10th. the agreement will clear the way to export nuclear power technology to india. the pact is expected to include a provision to prevent the technology being used for military purposes. if india conducts another nuclear test, cooperation would be halted. japan and the european union have jointly submitted a draft resolution to a united nations committee. they're calling attention to the need for better human rights in north korea. the draft was submitted to the third committee of the u.n. general assembly on monday. the document characterizes north
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korea's human rights violations as long-running, well-organized, and extensive. it usuals the u.n. security council to continue to face the issue and calls on it to become more actively involved. >> the government of the democratic people's republic of korea continues to systematically and gravely violate human rights, depriving its population of political, economic, social, and cultural rights. >> a japanese delegate mentioned the abduction issue. japan's government says north korean agents abducted at least 17 of its citizens in the 1970s and 1980s. >> the abduction of foreign nationals is among dprk's most serious human rights violations. as abductees and their family members are aging, this issue must be resolved at the earliest possible date. >> the north korean official denounced the accusations. >> human rights issues are
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openly used in international relations today as lit call leverage to infringe upon our state's sovereignty and interfere in others' internal affairs. >> in past years the submission of such a resolution has become an annual event. analysts in japan have released economic growth esmate forheecond qrterof the c. what are they projections like? >> they are expecting growth. that is according to 12 research firms and financial institutions. they announce their estimates ahead of the gdp data due out later this month. analysts believe the japanese economy grew for the third quarter in a row. they cited strong exports. estimates in consumer spending range from 0.1% to 0.5% in inflation determines.
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that converts to an annual expansion of 0.5% to 1.8%. many analysts say exports likely grew more than 2% from the previous quarter. they say the rebound is due to increased shipments of electronic parts for smartphones. as for housing investment, a consensus points to a continued rise. low mortgage rates have spurred demand as the central bank has adopted a negative interest rate policy. the analysts say that personal consumption was unchanged or slightly lower. their estimates vary from plus 0.1% to minus 0.3%. personal spending is a pillar of economic growth as it is a key component of gdp. but most analysts agree that storms in august and september added to the frugal tendency among consumers. the government will announce the gdp data on november 14th. the first delivery of the japanese-made mitsubishi regional jet, mrj, may be
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delayed again because technical changes are necessarily. the aircraft, currently undergoing flight tests in the u.s., is being developed by mitsubishi aircraft. it has already announced delays four times. the president of the parent company mitsubishi heavy industries cited a possible fifth delivery delay at a news conference. he said various changes became necessary in order to acquire approval from aviation authorities. mitsubishi hopes to make the first delivery to all nippon airwave busy mid-2018. let's check markets. wall street ended lower ahead of key central bank meetings and concerns about the u.s. presidential election rippling through the markets. both the dow jones industrial average and the tech-heavy nasdaq closed in the negative on monday and for the month of october as well. let's see how tokyo markets are opening this tuesday morning. for that we'll go to ramin mellegard at the tokyo stock exchange. good morning.
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tell us what you're seeing over there. >> very good morning to you, ai. a lot of investors sitting on the sidelines here trying to digest or take in corporate earnings both in the u.s. and japan. we also saw a fall in crude oil prices. and of course jitters ahead of the u.s. elections. but let's have a look at how markets are kicking off here november 1st. i'm getting a bit excited. the nikkei dow 17,370. the topix down .4%. now the nikkei actually ended october outperforming its u.s. peers. the index gained nearly 6%. the dow jones industrial average actually fell 0.9%. and the tech-heavy nasdaq lost more than 2%. now big laggard on u.s. stocks was in the energy sector. the wti crude futures went below $47 a barrel, hitting a one-month low. this is as many investors bet that major oil producers may not agree on a cap in production. that's a big focus for commodity
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markets. later in the day the bank of japan will wrap up its policy meeting and the federal reserve on wednesday. but many do not expect any policy changes so analysts say we're unlikely to see any major moves before that. >> ramin, looks like we've seen some stability come back to the dollar. after that drop that we saw last friday, following the latest fbi probe into hillary clinton's e-mails, tell us what's going on with currencies this morning. >> exactly. we did see a little bit of volatility there as you touched on there. the u.s. -- in fact, it moved back to around 105 yen levels. later lost a bit of steam again and it's trading right now at 104.71-76. as you can see. still the main u.s. jobs data on friday will be the highlight of the week, so many analysts don't expect too much of a move before that data comes out. taking a quick look at indexes across asia-pacific that are open right now, seoul's kospi is down .5%.
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sydney's s&p 500 asx200 down almost .7%. corporate earnings and news which have moved markets, the tie-up between japan's three biggest shipping companies which took investors by surprise on monday, i'll keep track of share price action. but later today, yahoo! japan, sharp, and sony will release their results. so again, a big focus there. we'll have more updates on all of those shares and sectors. but for now that's all from me, back to you. >> ramin, thanks a lot for that update, we'll touch base in a few hours' time. moving on, china's tourist market is evolving. tiring of the usual sightseeing holidays travelers are looking for alternative destinations and new ways to get there. that's opened the door to recreational vehicles. take a look. >> reporter: recreational vehicles, or rvs, are not just a mode of transport. they offer a different way of looking at leisure and life.
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a crowd of 50,000 turned up at the show to explore the possibilities. >> translator: our living standard has improved. we began thinking about buying an vr. >> reporter: domestic models sell for less than half the price of imports. and they're creating a whole new market. >> translator: they're selling well. over the past few years, sales have been growing about 30% annually. >> reporter: yang bought his camping rig four years ago. it cost about $30,000. he makes two or three long-distance trips a year. today he's taking his grandchildren on an outing somewhere closer to home. >> translator: the good thing about the rv is we can go where we want to go and take a rest whenever we want.
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that's different from traditional group tours. >> reporter: getting away from it all is much easier than it used to be. china's rapidly expanding network of highways now extends 120,000 kilometers, the longest in the world. one hour after leaving home, the ya yangs are ready to set up camp. this site is equipped with running water and power outlets. the government is keen to promote tourism and that includes camping. it is spending $5 billion to build auto camp sites across the country. >> translator: it will soon be cold. so i'd like to go somewhere south. when spring comes, i'll travel north.
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i'm enjoying the life of a migratory bird. >> reporter: china's rv owners are beginning to stretch their wings, traveling as far as europe and southeast asia. rv manufacturers are also offering people a chance to experience their products without going anywhere. this facility provides camping trailers for short-term stays. guests pay about $70 a night. >> translator: do you want to buy an rv? >> translator: yes. we came here because my son loves cars. for him, this is far more exciting than staying in hotels. >> reporter: those dreams of life on the road are not shared by all the guests. some are here for the waterfront view and an unusual hotel experience. >> translator: we usually stay
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at a regular hotel. but we wanted to try an rv accommodation. >> translator: originally we focused on manufacturing recreational vehicles. now we want to win over customers with this new form of leisure facility too. >> reporter: at last count, 30,000 rvs had hit the road in china. and that's opened new fron tiers for the industry. >> that's the latest in business for this hour. here's another check on markets.
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anime characters mingling with ghosts and monsters on the streets means it's halloween in japan. more and more people here are celebrating the event each year. some experts predict the amount of money spent connected to halloween will top $1.3 billion this year. >> happy halloween! >> reporter: across japan this past week, people have been heading out to halloween parties and events. it was a common sight to see revelers on the street dressed up in scary and silly costumes. there's even services for those who want their halloween cos-play to have a professional touch. a makeup school in tokyo launched a package three years ago that gets you a top-notch halloween look for about $50.
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this bartender says he's been coming here every october 31st for three years straight before heading out to work. >> translator: i like it when people are surprised and they're having fun. you can get a totally different look with a professional. i now feel like someone from outer space. >> reporter: the manager at the school says they already have reservations for next year. >> translator: we'd like to continue polishing our makeup skills and responding more to our customers' growing needs. >> reporter: as you can see, i have become a totally different person. halloween's popularity has been growing steadily in recent years, and retailers are cashing in. experts say the halloween market has more than doubled over the past five years.
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♪ farmers are also using the event to move their products. this video is promoting persimmons called kaki in japanese. it was produced by agriculture cooperatives in wakayama. sales of the fruit have been decreasing, so the farmers are pushing persimmon party menus. even traditional japanese foods get a halloween makeover. this isn't a jack-o-lantern, but sushi made with salmon and seaweed. one sushi shop chain said they started making the item last year. the manager said sales have gone up almost five times for 2016. and one traditional japanese confectionery has made pumpkin-shaped sweets to boost their sales among young trick-or-treaters.
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halloween has become a national event, not only for big cities in japan but also rural areas. the town of minami in western japan's tokushima prefecture has a population of around 7,000. people there held a halloween event at the local shopping street to attract customers. >> translator: i'm glad the street, which is usually deserted, had a festive atmosphere with many people wearing costumes. >> reporter: as halloween in japan continues to grow, businesses will keep rolling out tricks and treats hoping to get a piece of what's quickly becoming a national event. rikako takada, nhk world, tokyo.
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with the u.s. presidential election about a week away, the editorial boards of many major newspapers have made their endorsements. so far, more than 50 have gone for clinton and just one for trump. for one paper, "the arizona republic," this year's decision marks a first. nhk world recently visited their offices to talk about what went into the choice. >> reporter: the long, bitter battle for the white house is almost over, and for the remaining undecided voters, time is running out. on the other hand, in phoenix, "the arizona republic's" editorial board published its endorsement back in september. for the first time in the paper's 126-year history, it endorsed a democratic candidate, and looking back, the paper has no regrets. >> we feel really proud of what we've done. >> reporter: phil boas is the director of "the arizona
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republic's" editorial page. he says the paper first raised the alarm on trump about a year ago. trump suggested a black protester deserved to get roughed up at one of his rallies, and things kept building from there. on the multiple accusations of sexual assault levied against trump, boas says he feels it's further vindication for the paper's decision. >> he is a demonstrably bad human being. he seems to embody all the worst characteristics that you see in the human animal. >> reporter: but the paper's decision has come at a cost. >> i canceled my subscription to "the arizona republic" because they endorsed hillary clinton. >> reporter: for this subscriber, the endorsement was offensive. he strongly supports trump's campaign and does not trust the clintons. >> basically i think she's the head of a corrupt criminal organization which her and her husband have been perpetrating on the american people now for
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30 years. >> reporter: he's only one of many people who canceled their subscriptions. at "the arizona republic," boas says the loss of subscribers was substantial but also predictable. >> we think it was the right decision, and we were ready to pay a cost for it. >> reporter: ready to pay the cost, but will it have an impact on the election? perhaps not by itself. but this expert on politics and media says this year might be different. >> you are finding traditionally republican editorial boards who have never endorsed a democrat, who haven't endorsed once since lyndon johnson, are now endorsing hillary clinton. >> reporter: she says trump's base of support isn't big enough to secure him a victory and that trump needs more support from moderate voters if he is to become president. >> and i think those are the people who are going to take pause and say, hey, the fact that none of these people are endorsing him, that means something. >> reporter: what it actually means, if anything, will be known in a matter of days after
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voters cast their ballots for their next president. david mccagg, nhk world, washington, d.c. the japanese government is considering whether to assign new duties to self-defense force personnel in south sudan. they would include coming to the rescue of peacekeepers under attack. nhk has learned that if the duties are ordered, they would only be for extremely limited cases. the duties would come into play in scenarios such as ngo members or other aid workers coming under attack near the japanese unit's camp when no other u.n. unit is available. self-defense force personnel would only be mobilized as urgent and temporary measures. in a case of foreign military personnel coming under attack, the japanese government doesn't expect it will send the sdf engineering unit on a rescue mission. officials say that as a rule the first to be mobilized would be south sudanese police and
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military as well as u.n. infantry troops. about 350 personnel will go to south sudan on november 20th to replace the current unit. officials say they'll closely analyze the security situation in the country and decide whether to assign the duties before the new deployment. japanese prime minister shinzo abe has pledged to do his best to resolve the territorial issue over four russian-held islands. he says time is running out for former residents who wish to return to the islands. abe met with the governor of country's most northern prefecture on monday in tokyo. hokkaido governor harumi takeshi was accompanied by former residents of the islands known as the northern territories. >> translator: it's very regrettable that the issue of the northern betters has not been settled in the over 70 years since the end of world war ii. japan and russia have not even signed a peace treaty. former residents are getting
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old. so we need to resolve the issue as soon as possible. >> reporter: takeshi asked for improvements to a current system which allows former residents to visit the islands without visas from russia. abe touched on russian president vladimir putin's upcoming trip scheduled for december. abe said he's determined to work toward a resolution of the islands. russian controls the islands, japan claims them. the japanese government maintains the four islands are an inherent part of japan's territory. it says the islands were illegally occupied after world war ii. people in tokyo are experiencing a cool tuesday morning and may be experiencing slippery roads this morning. robert speta joins us with the latest. >> indeed. going to be a little bit slick on the roads for a lot of people out here this morning. you don't want to be out and about doing that. but as far as the weather is concerned, maybe heading into
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this afternoon and wednesday, it's going to be much clearer. unfortunately, a little bit chilly so you would want to bundle up. one of the big reasons for this, take a look at the satellite picture, this area of low pressure continuing to dominate the pacific coastline of japan here. that's going to bring those scattered showers throughout the morning hours. but that is starting to drift away. that's kind of the good news here. we are looking at high pressure ridging its way in from the west. clear skies across western japan into tuesday morning. that will eventually move east. it's going to be much cooler because this has those northwesterly winds coming in with it actually setting up for snowfall still across aomori prefecture and parts of hokka o hokkaido, could see upwards of 20 centimeters of the white stuff out there. back west where the air is coming from staying on the chilly side. actually talking about snowfall, i'll show you video coming out of central china. some of the first snowflakes of the season here in hynan province where cold siberiaen air came through and dominated
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this mountain resort, quite a popular region in central china, the altitude 1,500 meters. how about that snow, actually a beautiful sight. definitely want to check that out. well, as far as the forecast is concerned, still going to be staying on the cold side back toward the west and all those temperatures are moving towards the east here. how about pyongyang, just high of 5 there on tuesday. seoul dropping down to minus 1 as we head into wednesday. tokyo as well. scattered showers in the morning. it is going to clear up but by wednesday, partly cloudy skies, much sunnier. how about your high, 13 only here. it's going to stay on the chilly side even heading into thursday as well. talking about some cooler temperatures, here across the americas back towards the north, we do have a front kind of moving through. behind it that's going to drop some mercury down a little bit there across the northern plains. also bringing in scattered showers, maybe even mixed precipitation into ontario.
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good news if you are south of that, it's going to stay on the rather decent side for much of the central plains extending toward the southeast. 10 degrees above average for many of these locations. houston, atlanta, 27. oklahoma city, 27. denver at 19. sunny weather there for you. one thi one thing i want to note in november, no snowfall yet this season. the first time ever that has occurred for three consecutive years heading into the start of november for that city, quite unusual. we do have scattered showers still in vancouver and even over towards seattle. talking about what's going on into europe now. the good news if you are across the balkan peninsula, you've been seeing rough weather day this and day out. that low is moving east now extending over towards turkey are a high pressure settling in behind it. it's going to rain on the decent need until the next low moves in from the north. right now it should bring in gusty winds across the scandinavian peninsula. parts of finland could see 50 to 60 kilometer per hour gusts with
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this before showers move southeast into warsaw, maybe changing over to snow into moscow and kiev. here's your extended outlook. that is all for this edition of nhk "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for joining us.
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