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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 10, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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>> hello there and welcome to nhk "newsline." >> u.s. president barack obama welcomed president elect donald trump to his home. the two sat down and put aside their differences to discuss coordinating a smooth transition of power. >> i just had the opportunity to have an excellent conversation with president elect trump. it was wide-ranging. we talked about some of the organizational issues in setting up a white house. we talked about foreign policy. we talked about domestic policy.
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and as i said last night my number one priority in the coming two months is to try to facilitate a transition that ensures our president elect is successful. >> obama also called for unity among people to deal with the many challenges facing the country. trump said his first face-to-face with obama lasted much longer than expected. >> we really, we discussed a lot of different situations. some wonderful and some difficulties. i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future, including counsel. he explained some of the difficulties, some of the high-flying assets and some of the really great things that have been achieved. so mr. president, it was a great honor being with you. and i look forward to being with you many, many more times in the future.
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>> the meeting amid rising concerns of further divisions in society. trump's victory over his democratic rival hillary clinton sparked protest rallies nationwide. and more than 100 people gathered in front of the white house on thursday. a major bookstore will carry books about the president-elect. one customer said she wants to read more about donald trump because she's concerned about his presidency after hear all his comments. >> translator: i hope i can find
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he is in fact different and has a loving side by reading these books. >> one member of the bookstore staff said that they can expect the books sales to remain high. >> people are interested in book about trump because of both his political and entertainment sides. >> another phenomenon a japanese toy maker has started making masks of donald trump. he started making masks of donald trump and his democratic rival hillary clinton. he's received about 100 orders for the mask since the trump victory on wednesday. that's more than it received in the past six months all together. >> hey, i can say whatever i want and that's why the mask is enjoyable.
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>> the company plans s ts t ss quintuple production of the masks in the coming months. people in china are rushing to buy new cars before tax breaks expire at year's end. the china association of automobile manufacturers says about 2.6 million new vehicles rolled off dealers lots in october. that's up 18.6% from a year before, marking the fifth consecutive month of double digit growth. smaller cars have been popular because they're subject to the tax break, but sus also sold well. that class has a top class of motorists upgrade to bigger
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models. car sales for this year came to just over 22 million units and that's up 13.8% from the same period last year. people in the auto industry are concerned about a possible plunge in the market after the incentives end. mpbls the. the release of earnings reports is expected to peak on friday. about 170 firms are expected to disclose their numbers on thursday. companies listed on the tokyo stock exchange are predicted to post lower than half their earnings. as of wednesday 1,097 companies posted their report. they posted combined profits of $152 billion and that's down about 13% in yen terms from the same period last year. success fors that are actively doing business overseas face head winds over a i don't
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thinker yen. profits for the electric machinery sector tumbled over 28%. the steel sector saw a plunge of over 63% in profits as exports remained sluggish due to overproduction of steel in china. retailers posted profits that were 4% lower on high end items for foreign tourists to japan. >> translator: a harsh management environment may prompt japanese companies to consider reorganization and business integration moves, to overcome this, i think mergers and acquisitions will be viewed as an option. >> he also predicted that listed firms will post a 4.7% fall on pretax profits for the tax year ending in march next year.
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>> let's take a look at markets now, because moves have been very volatile in the asia pacific this week. it was our wednesday morning when election results for the u.s. presidential elections started trickling in. by the end of the trading day on wednesday, major indexes across asia had plunged but then stocks staged a remarkable come back the following day. let's take a look at what is happening this morning here in tokyo. it is friday, shares opened higher by more than 1%, that's after the dow jones industrial average closed at a record high overnight. markets are up by 1.3% at 17,56.
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the dollar holding its strength against the yen. getting close to the 107 level. let's turn to markets open now over the asia pacific region. we're seeing pretty positive for the sidney, but seoul's kospi training in the negative. we'll have more in a couple of hours. >> ichbd india has faced power
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shortages. the indian government projects that in 15 years the country will need 10 times more the energy than it's nuclear power plants are currently generating. concern for the welfare of animals is prompting japanese farmers to raise livestock in more humane ways. it also results from products that are more favorful to eat. >> these signs are being seen outside of restaurants. he advocates for the hue may have been treatment of livestock. >> the meat is tender and has great texture. >> the special meat appears in several dishes including grilled spare ribs and stews.
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and his customers approve. >> it's got a very rich taste. >> pork at supermarkets sometimes has a strong smell, but this doesn't. >> the pork comes from a farm in the suburbs of tokyo. the animals are raised from a set of concepts that originated in the uk. one of them is allowing animals the freedom to express normal behavior. pigs live outdoors and are are never confined. they can roll around in the mud and they sleep on a fluffy hay mat. farmers usually dock the tails because pigs have a tendency to bite each other. but at this farm, the tail is left alone. the concept here is granting animals freedom from pain, injury or disease. the pigs at this farm lead stress free lives so there's no need to cut their tails.
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this farmer sometimes feeds tasty squash to her pigs. she says her methods result in better products. >> translator: my pigs walk around and exercise, so they build fine, lean muscles. the meat has a chewy texture and tastes like pork should taste. >> concern for animal welfare is spreading. in may, a group of farmers, veterinarians and researchers established the japan farm animal welfare association. they're about to launch a certification program to appeal to consumers. this director is an expert on animal welfare, he hopes that certification will help make the concept more popular in japan. >> certification will add value
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to these products and help them stand out. i think the label will capture the attention of consumers and make them think about where their food comes from. >> reporter: this dairy farm in hokkaido has joined the organization. the owner is seeking certification for his milk. the requirements are very strict. in addition to granting his animals freedom of movement, he must maintain high standards of hygiene. so he has a special shower room where he can gently wash the cow's feet. he then cleans each of them with a sterilized cloth before he starts milking. as a result his raw milk contains very little bacteria. his milk costs twice the national average, but he has some very loyal customers. in september, a hotel in tokyo started to use his milk in its desserts.
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>> translator: the hotel bought my milk because it's produced humanely. i'm very gateful. i want to promote the concept so it's nice to see the hotel serving my milk. >> japan's governor is teaching farmers these practices as a way to create more diverse options for consumers and products that come from humanely raised livestock are learning that happy animals make for happy customers. and that's the latest in business for this hour. we will leave you with a check on markets.
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leaders of the philippines, malaysia and indonesia are working together to try to stop rebels from taking people for ransom near the maritime borders. the philippine president and the malaysian prime minister met in kuala lumpur. >> because it is affecting the welfare and the security of not the -- >> he said the philippines will allow malaysia and indonesia
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into it's territorial waters to pursue abu seyad. members of the militant group are believed to be holding more than 10 captives. last year they kidnapped four foreigners. they have pledged allegiance to the islamic state militant group. the vietnamese government on thursday proposed scrapping plans to build its first nuclear powerplants citing financial concerns. the state media quoted a top legislator saying the government should call off the project for being too costly. the governor had plans to start building its first plant in the summer of 2014 with the help of the russian state nuclear firm. and it had elected a japanese consortium to develop a second nuclear prant plant in the same province. in 2009 the legislation approved the construction of the plants which would have a combined capacity of 4,000 megawatts. the construction was delayed several times after the 2011
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fukishima nuclear accident. the government stressed that it would take sufficient time to approve the plans and train the plant workers. >> eight pro democracy lawmakers in japan face possible disqualify indication as the two altered the wording and displayed a flag that read hong kong is not china. the high court is examining their case and expected to formally disqualify them according to the standing committee's interpretation. forces critical of china won 30 of the counsel's 70 seats in september. 10 of the members face court examinations.
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chesapeake's -- china's singleal biggest shopping day. encouraging people to treat themselves. >> alibaba set up it's command center in the southern city of shengen. the figure surged to close to $5 billion in just one hour. that's more than a third more than last year's full total. >> i was planning to spend $1,300 today. i think it's a small budget. >> i can enjoy shopping without going to stores. i am buying everything i want today. >> online consumption in china
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is slowing it's domestic economy. >> sumo wrestlers get to grip this sunday after the tournament in southwestern japan. one young wrestler is a top contender. here's the report. >> reporter: his name means to shine. and the 22-year-old is a rising star. playing football to blow off steam, he's developing as a pro rikish pro wrestler. he holds his own in the ring. standing 119 centimeters tall and weighing 163 kilograms, he's
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knocking them down on a regular basis these days. >> i was able to keep my cool, not like the past contests, and i could feel the difference in my condition when i was able to go forward against opponents i couldn't push against before. >> he may be a sumo natural. he developed so fast that by four years old, he could no longer fit into clothes for his age. as a young boy, he won both the team and individual divisions at the national junior high school sumo championship. he headed straight into the professional league after junior high graduation. he won his first professional match after only eight
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tournaments. that was when he hit a wall. his early sumo relied on lower body strength. >> translator: i was too cocky thinking i could rise through the ranks without working on my technique. my master told me that if i didn't change my attitude, i would be stuck in a lower division forever. >> reporter: upon turning pro, he entered the sumo stable. he has a reputation of one of sumo's stricted outfits. the master competed in the third highest rank. he said that it's enjoyable but hard. because he's young, his master is strict. >> translator: there's not a
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single positive thing in his sumo right now. but i like him because he really tries to improve as much as possible. it's fun to train him now because he has a lot of potential. >> intense master-disciple relationship continues outside of training. >> i don't want to just gain weight, i want to build up my body while training and be able to stay agile. >> cool comment. >> i think of myself as a sort of parent to him, although he might not feel that way. >> what's your goal for the upcoming tournament? >> i want to win in double digits so i can stay in the top gigs. division. i will keep striving.
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>> i will do my best. >> now the stage is set for this outstanding young rikishi to churn up some excitement. >> moving on now to world weather, winter is in full swing across northern europe. people in peninsula. you got an abundance of snowfall. just to give you an idea of how much was on the ground. how about all that? there was numerous accumulation out here and actually some of
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the heaviest snow in the month of november for stockholm since records began, that's going all the way back to 1905. that kind of gives you an idea. that's why we had many planes dwla delayed, schools were cancelled here on thursday. a lot of the snow is not going to be melting off. actually the high only expected to get up to zero degrees. more cold air continuing to dive in from the north. things are going to continue to stay chilly through the weekend. expect widespread snowfall throughout germany even towards pole land as this low heads off across the east. also in italy, over across the balkan peninsula, might see a few thunderstorms flare up, some of them could be severe.
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taking a look at your temperatures, as i mentioned, staying on the chilly side. warsaw looking at some snowfall, same in moscow. partly cloudy skies, only place on the map getting into the 20s is athens, but still relatively cool for you, a high of 22. here over towards the americas, one down towards the south, some moisture for coastal areas of texas, even extending over towards southern louisiana. a cold front is moving through ontario and quebec. that's going to bring some snowfall out there. one big thing is this is also dropping those temperatures down. out ahead of it, things are warming up for example. in new york, you're actually pushing into the mid teens, but behind it, things are going to cool off considerably in saturday and sunday. denver at 15, sunny conditions,
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los angeles, you have sunny conditions, but the big thing is you have those santa ana winds in play. and then we take a look here into northeastern asia, around japan, seeing some scattered showers here throughout the morning hours on friday, should be tapering off as we continue through the afternoon. a lot of that precipitation is working its way into to hokkaido, could be switching over to some snowfall. temperatures are cool enough, especially in the overnight hours, stretching into saturday morning. back towards the west, we also have a low stretching across northeastern china. about 30 centimeters of total accumulation. looking at the bigger picture, 19 in sing pore. how about the tropics, still into the 30s here on friday.
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>> one more thing to share with you.
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the boat men prepare by putting charcoal under the table. and if you're wondering what it feels like -- >> it's warm, i feel great. >> it gives a more gentle heat than electric heaters. i'm very relaxed with any legs stretched out. >> and, yes, the stoves are needed already. it was a frigid 6 degrees celsius thursday morning. and that is all for this edition of nhk "newsline" thank you for joining us.
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ernie stevens: on this edition of "native report," we'll visit little bighorn national monument in montana. rita aspinwall: we'll attend the crow summer institute. ernie stevens: and we'll interview the crow nation chairman, darrin old coyote. our elders, our chiefs, our warriors have fought for this land, this language, this way of life. we also learn about traits of leadership in indian country, and hear from our elders, on this native report. narrator: production of native report is made possible by grants from the shakopee mdewakanton sioux community, the blandin foundation, and the duluth superior area community foundation. [music playing]


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