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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 24, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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hello there and welcome to nhk "newsline." it is friday november 25th, 10:00 a.m. i'm kathryn kobayashi in tokyo. a fuel laden tanker truck has rammed into a gas station in central iraq triggering a huge explosion. local police say at least 74 were killed and 24 others injured. the attack occurred on thursday in the city of hela, about 100 kilometers south of baghdad. islamic state militants issued a statement saying they carried out the attack against shias.
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the latest in a series of terror strikes in iraq. on november 14, two car bombs hit fallujah killing seven. three days later, another car bomb struck a wedding near the city killing 16 people. the i attacks have come ass eiri forces are gainitrying to draw attention away from mosul where iraqi government forces are continuing operations to retake the northern city. so far they have managed to regain a section of the city's eastern region. the director of humanitarian affairs say that 16 million people have fled the area in the last six months. new york's 90th macy's thanksgiving day parade went off
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without a hitch amid tight security on thursday. thousands lined the parade route to catch the best view of their favorite floats. including a giant pikachu from pokemon. the highly visible security presence was put in place after a threat was issued by the islamic state group's only magazine. it called the parade an excellent target. more than 3,000 police officers were deployed. the most in the parade's history. >> they got good coverage with police out here this year. we felt safe coming out. not a problem. >> we are well-protected. >> thanksgiving is celebrated the last thursday of november and marks the beginning of the holiday season in the u.s. it's time for the business headlines, the government officials in japan have released the latest data on prices. for consumer price index, let's
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go to our stocks desk. are the central bankers getting what they want? >> no, the central bankers know they won't see the kind of numbers they're after. still the price trend has been consistent. the prices in october were down for the eighth straight month. officials at the internal affairs ministry say the cpi was 4% lower from the same month last year. the reading was up when all types of energy and food are excluded. japan's prime minister has not give on up on the trans pacific partnership, shinzo abe is aware of the extremely high hurdles that have to be overcome, but abe says he will encourage the united states to stay in their trade deal. donald trump announced on his first day of president that the
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country intends to pull out of the pact. otto was responding to the upper house lay makers on bills needed to approve the t.p.p. >> do you believe mr. trump was change his mind and decide to join the t.p.p. after all? >> i am not confident of that. president-elect trump's remarks has made the situation more difficult. but the moment japan ends its t.p.p. deliberations, the pact would come to an end. i would like to see it ratified during the current diet session. >> abe stressed that japan should play a role in stemming the rise of protectionism. he says the country shouldn't simply be swayed by trump's comments. abe reiterated the t.p.p. would be meaningless without u.s. participation. he said he would continue to
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stress the importance of trade deal to u.s. officials. share prices here in tokyo, keeping their strength. the nikkei average is heading for a seventh straight day of gains. let's take a look at where the market is right now, it's trading at 18,451, that is the highest level for the nikkei this year. many investors are buying major exporters on a weaker yen, these include car makers and electronics manufacturers. the dollar has gone up to the upper 113 level and that here's the high nest eight months. investors are now more willing to take risks and are selling for assets like the yen also against the euro. the common currency trended up for the first time since june.
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we're seeing gains elsewhere as well. modest moves in seoul, but trail is up by a .3%. china markets will open in just under half an hour. asaih group holdings is set to become japan's first beer maker to produce a flagship product in europe. the company told supporters it will start to produce a beer called superdry in 2017. asahi purchased four major beer makers. they include peroni in in italy. the company says they want to strengthen their brand overseas by doubling sales of its mainstay products in europe. japan's beer market steadily drying up prompting the company to look abroad. the port city in central japan lies near rich fishing
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ground. the reputation of a local fishmonger is growing around the world, so what's the secret of his success? nhk world finds out. >> reporter: this man is a fishmonger and supplies some of the world's top chefs in hong kong, new york and other cities. he knows the menus of all the restaurants he supplies and supplies each fish to order. this is where the fishmonger skills come into play. >> once you fillet the fish, it no longer moves, but now i'm going to revive it. >> reporter: he sprinkles salt.
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the fillets begin to twitch. the salt draws out moisture and shrinks the cut that prevents rotting and preserve the fish and also provides amami with its unusual taste. >> the taste gets better after two or three days. the longer the time, the better the fish gets. >> skills like his have helped throw backs of long forgotten skills into an advantage. the catch is transported it caught here and arrives in hong kong the next day. they're the only fishmonger in the area. >> the moment you touch it, you're amazed by its wonderful
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condition in terms of freshness, moisture and temperature. you can feel the man's spirit in the fish he sends. >> the sushi chef makes the fish in front of the custer who look on in wonder. >> it's really amazing. it's probably the best sushi i have had, for sure. >> i want the fish to leave a lasting impression among people overseas so they remember that
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this tasty fish is from this prefecture. >> he wants his prefecture to be known for his fish. the challenge is how to use his skills and techniques to make that happen. the nikkei is trading at this year's highs, the dollar-yen also trading at eight-month highs getting ever closer to that 114 level. i'll leave you with a check on the latest.
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. people in northeastern japan are trying to get their economy back on track. many industries suffered in the wake of the 2011 triple disaster. one small company is looking to the skies for the answer as nhk world reports. they think the aviation is their future. >> reporter: at this air industry expo, companies from fukushima put on a joint display for the first time. yamada showcasing his expertise in making airplane parts. he is hopeful about the future of the industry. it's expected to grow into a $1 trillion market in the next two decades.
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>> translator: i believe if we can get into the aviation industry i can ensure our employees' livelihoods. getting into that sector is the most important task at the moment. >> reporter: eight years ago, yamada's company, fujikiko, introduced this machine capable of producing airplane parts. they only got a contract that manufactures devices used to attach wings to planes. and they had a good reputation with some of the world's major aviation makers. orders were growing slowly but steadily. then the 2011 disaster struck and things changed drastically. damage to the region made it impossible to ship products and their orders dried up. >> translator: the aviation industry was said to be very promising even at that time. we were hoping our sales efforts would be easier. but the reality was everything was blown off, so it was a big shock.
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>> reporter: yamada's company decided to start fresh and planned to manufacture the airplane parts themselves. last month, yamada got an opportunity to speak to an executive from boeing. for him, it was a big chance he wouldn't want to miss. the boeing executive talked to him about a tough reality. the executive emphasized fulfilling difficult demands from the makers is the minimum requirement. >> translator: i think what i have to do is to make high quality products and get them out to our customers. i believe customer satisfaction will eventually lead to our benefit.
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>> reporter: yamada's company made a costly investment to win the trust of its business partners. this machine can measure plane parts down to the micron. the company hopes it will ensure all of its products meet exact specifications. the company has also spent $4 million to build a large factory as its production center. fujikiko will use high-end machines in the factory so it can make big parts at high volumes. >> translator: i would like to expand our production here. i want us to be a leading company in the aviation industry and grow further in the next ten years. >> reporter: for yamada, the future is promising. and officials at other aviation companies in fukushima feel the same. their propellers are spinning once again, but whether they can take off depends on the quality they can offer.
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kazuaki hirama, nhk world. the natural -- malaysian prime minister is -- tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets demanding his resignation. the state of malaysia's economy previously seen as one of the most stable. >> reporter: angry demonstrators took to the streets in kuala lumpur, demanding resignations. >> the corruption in our day to day living is not getting any better at all. >> the scandal is -- to raise cash for infrastructure.
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but in july last year, allegations emerged that he received $700,000 from the fund. after an investigation, the malaysian authorities said that the money was a political donation and was not legal. but in july, u.s. investigators also began probing the case. >> but unfortunately, sadly, tragically, a number of corrupt officials treated this public trust as a personal bank account. >> reporter: the u.s. justice department claims malaysian officials and their families used funds to buy an expensive painting by claude monet. in papers filed by the department, the name malaiysian
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official one appear 49 times, the papers do not identify him, but investigators say they know its him. >> if it's anything that's against the law, we want the -- >> reporter: malaise yachbs -- some 2,000 students took to the streets in august. >> translator: we demand that authorities investigate and identify malaiysian official on. >> reporter: one of the leaders of the protest was mohammed. he was concerned about the corruption scandal while he struggles to get by. as students, they try to cut cost where is they can, but they feel the pressure of rising prices.
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malaysia was an oil producer who saw it's coffers drained when the oil price dropped last year. the education budget was cut for the second year in a row. the corruption allegations emerged just as students were losing their scholarships. and their lives were becoming harder. >> it's maybe quite difficult to pay the government. we try our best. >> reporter: a political analyst say political troubles could lead to more unrest. >> i think a lot of people are perceiving the economic situation to be quite bad. if the economic situation continues to deteriorate, i think it would embolden more people, for example to be more willing to go to the streets. >> the truth about what happened with the funds is still murky,
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but the scandal's broader impact is becoming the chinese president has working to strengthen ties between asia and europe through his one belt, one road initiate citi initiate ty -- initiative. through the silk are road of medicine is also being expanded across the region. >> reporter: 16 doctors from around the world have come to this two-month program to learn chinese medicine. with chinese government support, the school is welcoming more and more interns every year.
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>> this medical school is located in the province. institutions in the region focus on accepting students from countries along the historic silk road. >> translator: this pressure point is used very frequently in clinical treatment. it targets diarrhea and constipation. >> eight students from kazakhstan are here starting chinese medicine. in this class on accupressure, they find out where the pressure points are and where to place the needless. the class is conducted in chinese.
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this woman says she wants to specialize in chinese medicine because acupuncture and massage cured her of a debilitating disease when shedeep. the effects appear gradually and the treatments seem very natural. >> reporter: from tuition to housing, the cost of the fi-year program are funding by the university and the local government. gansu is home to many chinese muslims so they have no problem finding food on campus that meets islamic requirements. the students also learn about local history and ancient silk road ruins.
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they also learn about herbs as this area is one of the major areas that grow plants used in chinese medicine. the local government wants to spread traditional practices hoping it will spread chinese medicine. the classes are held in eight locations outside of china. including yauk ukraine and maldova as well as kazakhstan. it has also begun sending experts to these countries to train local people. >> translator: cultural exchange is a prerequisite for economic exchange. we're carrying out a strategic mission, more people in more countries being trained in chinese medicine will help the development of regional businesses in the field. >> reporter: chinese expression its tradition medicine is expected to strengthen ties mosque countries along the silk road.
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here in tokyo, people are seeing sunny skies, a completely different picture from yesterday. it snowed in the city for the first time in november in over 50 years. robert speda joins us with the latest. >> a storm system that did bring snow across much of the tokyo area has moved off to the east. so those sunnier skies prevailing along the coastline. not for the sea of japan coast. we still have westerly winds plowing in moisture from the mountains here. what i'm talking about is those snow totals on thursday, because a lot of people were rather surprised to see the white stuff out there. even in downtown tokyo, we saw about 1 centimeter, a little bit less than that east of year. some areas in the lower elevations, 14 to 15 centimeters on the mountain tops. so a lot of snow to go around.
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blue skies dominating the pacific coastline today. it should clear up as we head into saturday for the most part. if you take a look at our 48-hour precip development, there's lots of moisture out here as it pulls to the northeast. widespread rainfall across most of japan. this is not going to be a snow maker, at least down towards the south. probably across parts of hokkaido or the higher elevations, but you probably want to have an umbrella with you in the tokyo area. back towards the west, already looking at some showers here on your friday, shanghai with a high of 12, taipei at 24. and down toward the south, here into manilla, we have a high of 31. some scattered showers there, that is actually partly due to our tropical storm now that was just recently upgraded from a tropical depression, now tracking off towards the west,
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all right widespread warning are in place. we have that moisture wrapping around coming onshore. there has been travel delays, mainly ferries, for in between a lot of these islands, at a stand still, some rough see seas out there. even though this is on the low end of the spectrum, it's not a typhoon by any mean, it's going to cause some problems out here and we'll continue to monitor that situation as it develops over the coming days. as we take a look here back towards the americas, some mixed precipitation there, over in parts of new england, ontario and also quebec, high pressure setting up, dominating the central u.s. keeping things on the clear site out there. i do want to talk about the northwest, we have seen some pretty gusty winds, oregon, and
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over towards washington, max gusts around 80 kilometers per hour right around the coastline, 50 sent mecentimeters of rain. any travel plans after your thanksgiving holiday there, maybe you're heading home, do take it slow out on the roadways, it's going to be a slick one as we look ahead. western europe still dealing with this storm system, widespread precipitation for much of the iberian peninsula. 16 for your high here on friday. i'll leave you now with your extended outlook.
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. and that wraps up this edition of nhk "newsline."
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edition of nhk "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi
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