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tv   DW News  PBS  December 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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let's tonight italy's prime minister wants to resign. mateo renzi lost the reform.+ he has asked to state to get the budget passed through parliament. also coming up, another name in the running to become the next president of france. the french prime minister wants the socialist party to choose
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him in the election next spring. and a major victory for a native american tribe. a controversial oil pipeline will not be billed by their homeland. but will a trump administration change all of that? >> good to have you with us. the italian president has asked prime minister matteo renzi to put off resigning until the parliament has approved last year's budget. he went to the presidential palace in rome to hand in his resignation after he lost a referendum. it was seen as a rejection of his policies. the budget must be passed by the end of the year. let's pull in our correspondent.
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she joins me tonight from around. matteo renzi has been at the presidential palace to resign. what comes next? >> the president has excepted the resignation and then he has begun with something that you could only call the italian solution. they had frozen the conflict at the resignation. renzi will stay in office until friday. it is been going through the senate. and on friday one hopes the consultations with the different political parties and parliament have been able to bring up a successor. there are two solutions again. a technical government that will try to hold on until the elections in 2018 or just a
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caretaker government that will probably just be for a few months. >> and let me ask you, are we looking at a situation where we are going to find someone to be an immediate replacement for renzi because we have this caretaker government. is that what is looking most probable tonight. >> it is what is looking most probable. everyone here in rome hopes there are a number of names being thrown around. the name of the senate and other people will be acceptable. the median of the road to be accepted by the right and left in parliament. that is the solution everyone hopes and permits. >> barbara, thank you very much.
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the european union's largest member states and the main driver of the european project is in germany. but even it has a eurosceptic party that has welcomed the italian referendum result. germany's leader has reacted with her to calmness. >> the german chancellor is disappointed with the outcome of italy's referendum. but not discouraged. >> from my standpoint, we will continue with our work in europe. i have always worked well with matteo renzi. >> the foreign had also hoped for a different result that he doesn't feel the concept of europe is in crisis. >> i p, this is a crisis of government, not a government of -- a crisis of state. it is not a positive contribution in the midst of our european crisis.
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the right-wing populist antiparty applauded the victory of the no campaign. >> of course, we welcome this result because it could shake up italy's membership in the eurozone and that is exactly what we want without a doubt. >> this is exactly the mindset that greeks have been worrying about. they fear increased preference for populist in europe. the consequences will go beyond the boundaries in europe. it is all the more urgent to understand that if our neighbors are not doing well, we are not doing well either. >> even so, germany's austrian neighbors have elected a pro-eu candidate. >> time for business news now. we're taking a look at how the
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italian votes student investors earlier in the day. >> >> after some initial trivial action, financial markets have rebounded. that is due to calming words saying any jitters in italy will not cause prices for the market. the nation's banking troubles have not suddenly disappeared. the future of one financial institution in particular lives in the balance. >> the economic stakes are high. italy's third-largest bank needs 5 billion euros to avoid collapse. it is unclear if a plan to rescue it can now go ahead. the outcome of the vote initially provoked market jitters. >> the italian index opened down. our shares were -11. we now see a full recovery.
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shares are now at the same level they were friday. the famous panic effect caused by the overwhelming know but has not caused the selloff everyone is expecting. >> the panic may be over but italy's economic was seen to be here to stay. the economy has shrunk 12% since 2008 and public debt continues to skyrocket. a further blow for the eu as it struggles to deal with the fallout of brexit. officials meeting in brussels thought to offer reassurance. >> i'm very confident in the capacity of the eurozone to resist all kinds of shots. i think we have a very solid system with solid governments. strong banking unions. i am confident. >> that confidence does not extend to italian banks.
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italy's fifth-largest bank failed the stress test this summer and -- >> markets in germany are confident, that despite the referendum results. we spoke to our colleagues in frankfurt. >> this is remarkable because we saw on friday's trading session that many investors and traders are very nervous about this upcoming decision. now, monday, german top shares are in positive territory. the analyst i spoke with today says there is a lot of caution among investors and traders but there is no sign of panic. the question is now, how will this story going on in italy. italian banks are in hot water. even the whole italian economy. analysts and traders pointed out
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that roma needs structural reforms to get italy out of the crisis. >> is this the calm before the storm? italy is important to the eurozone. it's an third-biggest economy is sitting on a multitude of the debt. that totals 12 trillion euros. all 29 euros states combined. italy's share of that debt is two point one trillion euros. this even puts the greeks to shame. their national debt is a tiny 312 billion euros. we remember the waves the greek debt crisis cost of. >> tonight another man has added his name to the list of
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candidates who want to be the next prime minister -- the next president of france. prime minister manuel valls said he wants to be the next president. he said he will step down on his post on tuesday to start his campaign. it comes just days after the extremely unpopular socialist president francois hollande said he would not run for a second term as next year. let's pull in our correspondent lisa lewis. it is no surprise, is it, that manuel valls said he wants to run for president. it is a surprise that he is resigning as prime minister. >> it seems surprising but it is quite logical if you look back in french history. there are a few prime ministers who have run for president while being in office and they have all lost. also, francois hollande is the
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country's most unpopular president in the past 60 years. it seems only logical that manuel valls wants to put as much distance between him and francois hollande as possible. >> he can't change the fact that his party, the socialist, are not popular at the moment in france. what are his chances? >> his chances look quite slim according to one recent poll. he came in fifth. he needs to be under the first two contenders to get into the second round of voting. one other poll is showing that he is not likely to win the socialist primary. but his popularity is on the rise. through percent of the french now have a positive opinion of him and in the summer it was still 24%. it looks like it is more to come
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just yet. >> obviously yes to differentiate himself from francois hollande, but he says he has nothing to do with the far right. what does he stand for? >> he says that he wants to make france a great again. he wants to france to be a grand nation again. he wants to stand against francois fillon. he said he wants to protect our social model and make sure we can stand together as a nation again. he wants to bolster education. >> who do we think will succeed him as prime minister in france? >> that is still to be seen.
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a couple of candidates that are being named in the french media includes the current interior minister. it is unlikely that francois hollande is going to bring him in. he is likely to bring in somewhere -- someone close to him so that someone else in the party, including manuel valls, does it have more influence. >> lisa, thank you very much. after more than six months of fighting, libyan forces say they have taken full control of syria -- the city on the border of syria. the troops mainly from the western city of ms. rodda began the assault in may. is resisted using suicide car bombing, snipers, and improvised explosive devices.
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the longtime uzbech prime minister has been elected as the country's prime minister after the death of the countries strongman. he was already serving as interim president. his victory in the polls was widely expected. election observers have reported a lack of independent candidates in the boat. you're watching dw life from berlin. still to come, a major victory for a native american tribe in north dakota. the controversial oil pipeline will not be built near their land. the lilly king to the president trial opposed that decision -- president trump because that
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decision? remember, you can download dw online. you can also use the app to send us photos and videos when you see news happening. more news when we come back.
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>> welcome back. prime minister matteo renzi of italy will stay on for the time being. he went to the presidential palace to resign this evening after losing yesterday's referendum to reform the constitution. he is been asked to stay longer to get the budget through policy -- parliament. native americans in the u.s. state of north dakota have been celebrating the decision not to allow the construction of an
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oil-line. state political leaders criticized the decision while the company constructing the hotline described as politically motivated. president-elect donald trump says he will review the decision when he takes office. >> for the people here in the camp, it is an important victory in a long and emotional battle. >> it has lifted my heart. we came down here from washington state to support these water protectors and we came in yesterday expecting the worst and this is the best news i have heard forever. especially for native people and the native country and all the people of the united states. water is so precious. >> it is great. we will remain here and stay diligent until everything is
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guaranteed. >> even so, i, and freezing rain could not stop the sioux tribe members and their supporters. other american tribes, rights activists, and protesters joined them. the pipeline was supposed to run below the missouri river and lake a while. they said it will destroy their cultural sites. the company rebuilding the pipeline says it is refusing to reroute it. donald trump has voiced his support for the project. this uncertainty is why the protesters say they will not leave for now, despite the victory. >> it is a victory for them. i'm joined here by kandi musset. she has been involved.
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were you expecting the army to side with you? >> from the beginning this company has been using illegal processes. they used a permit for less than one acre in size which was how they got away with not doing a full environmental impact report. as of the tribe, ever since 2012, has never agreed to support this project. 2014, they had a meeting with energy transport partners and they stated been that they do not support this project. but the company decided to go ahead and move forward anyways. in fact, they never had the permit to bore underneath the missouri river.
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and yet they said it was a formality. from the beginning, this company, energy transfer partners, were going against the law. >> for our viewers around the world hearing about this. they may be surprised that this case could get as far as it could, considering what u.s. president obama's environmental stance has been. doesn't this tell us that the environmental policies of the current administration were not as a green as we thought they were? >> i think that this tells us that this obama administration is willing to honor the treaty rights. it is a huge deal of everything that has happened. the fact that this permit was denied showed that the travel nations of this country in the united states who have sovereignty and has a government.
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this administration clearly look at their own policies and at the united states constitution and denied the permit saying, well, they don't want it. >> do you expect a president donald trump and his administration to do that, to come to the same conclusion? >> donald trump came out in support of the dakota access pipeline three days ago. he is very much into the fossil fuel industry. this is a big victory whether people want to think it are not. the company cannot go ahead and start drilling as they have alluded to doing. it is a major thing to bore underneath the missouri river. donald trump can't come in on in your a 20th -- january 20 and snapped his fingers. we are asking for a full environmental impact statement.
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it is a very big deal. >> thank you for joining us from north dakota. she has been involved in the standing rock fight. thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us. >> thank you very much. we are going to stay here. we are not going anywhere. there are about 10,000 people in the camp. about 5000 plan to remain. we have to remain diligent. >> we have to ask the question, what does a donald trump have in mind for foreign investors in the united states. we just heard some things about climate change. >> it is been almost a month now since donald trump became president-elect. what will the world of business and the u.s. look like once he is president? a lot of it comes down to guessing and that keeps businesses cautious.
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at least the german companies in the u.s. remain cautious and they are ready to invest. >> for german companies operating in the u.s., donald trump's tough talking inspires confidence and fear in equal measure. they are split firmly down the metal about whether his presidency will be good or bad for business. more sectors seeing wary of trump than others. carmakers are feeling worried as our health care companies. but pulling out of the nine states does not appear to be on the cards for the majority of german companies. in fact, 85% of them hope to create new jobs in the coming year. german subsidiaries employ 670,000 people in the united states. with the sales totaling 360 billion euros. their total market value amounts to over 170 billion euros.
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when it comes to doing business in the united states, german ceos have a couple of key wishes including more free trade and improvements to infrastructure. >> and staying on this story, our financial correspondent spoke earlier to the chairman of the american chamber of commerce in germany with the question, what is the sentiment among german investors ahead of donald trump taking office? >> every year the german-american chamber of commerce are doing this survey with two to 50 german companies. what they expect from the u.s. economy. what can we expect from the u.s. economy next year? >> the german companies in the u.s. are optimistic. in 2017, we will create more jobs and invest in america. >> 2017, the u.s. will have a new president.
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we hear a lot of protectionism coming from donald trump. >> business does not like any kind of protectionist. we like free trade. this is something we want to talk about with the new president. i hope we have a chance to somewhat changed his mind when it comes to germany and the united states. >> we have also seen a surge in the u.s. dollar. how is that affecting euro business? you are also the ceo of a producer of agriculture. >> i think that the dollar strength is not completely surprising. i think the euro will come back and the euro is somewhat of a good high. for eco it doesn't matter so much. we cover all our markets with local factories. here in the u.s. we have -- we
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basically don't export so much from europe to the u.s.. >> do you expect the surge of the dollar to continue, that we might see. he in the near future -- that we might see parity in the near future? >> the dollar has quite some potential. >> donald trump tries to prevent u.s. companies from exporting jobs to mexico. do you have a lot of production in latin america? >> we have a factory in mexico but only one for the mexican market. we do not bring products from mexico to the u.s.. we have markets in argentina and brazil. we do not have any issue with the future president. >> you believe you will not be affected by what we have seen recently in the news? >> i don't think this will
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happen. we want to invest more in the u.s. we are headquartered in atlanta, georgia. i would like to have a big factory in georgia. that would please donald trump, i guess. >> thank you very much. >> a factory in georgia. you're watching dw life from berlin. after a short break, i will take you through the day, brexit to donald trump to the door to the. sssssssw???????????????????
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