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tv   DW News  PBS  February 13, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> this is news live from berlin. tonight a show of unity from canada and the united states. trudeau and trump talk up common bonds between the neighbors after their first face-to-nation talks. how was the chemistry between the uneasy allies? i'll ask our washington correspondent. also coming up, the u.n. secretary general condemns this missile test by north korea. can the world now find a way to stop pyong-yang from pursuing nuclear weapons? granting the public a referendum on the fight against corruption. that's after two weeks of angry protests on the streets of the capit
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capital. it's good to have you with us. tonight the u.s. and canada. the leaders of two -- the two neighbors are being neighborly for the first time since both took power. canadian prime minister justin trudeau visited u.s. president donald trump at the white house today. the visit comes against a background of some tough rhetoric from trump. he's threatened to tear up the nafta free trade deal and his travel ban for some muslims has drawn sharp criticism from north of the border. but no sign of a split after talks earlier. the u.s. and canadian leaders agreed on a new effort to combat so-called islamic state. there was a commitment to the advancement of women in the workplace, and a pledge to cooperate closely on the
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economy. we want to go to our correspondent in washington. he's been covering theisit for us. we're going to first listen in to what president trump had to say after meeting trudeau. >> we continue to work in common, and in common cause against terrorism and work in common cooperation toward reciprocal trade and shared growth. we understand that both of our countries are stronger when we join forces in matters of international commerce. having more jobs and trade right here in north america is better for both the united states and is also much better for canada. >> that was the u.s. president there donald trump. now let's go to our washington correspondent. he's on the story for us. good afternoon to you. so was there anything in the meeting to suggest, first of all that nafta, that that deal is
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still under threat? >> this is one of those press conferences where you and i would say it's not important what was said, but was particularly interesting what was not mentioned at all. we all expected mr. trump to say anything about nafta, just to mention that word, and when you listen to the questions by the reporters after the speeches of president trump and premier trudeau, they asked him, president trump, about and a half stalock. he just refused to use this word, and you haven't heard this word today at all. what was very interesting, so i think both said that they have a lot in common. trump said that we have an outstanding trade relationship with canada. he said they are going to approve trade with canada, and he also compared the trade
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relationship with canada with the trade relationship the u.s. has with mexico. basically stating we don't have problems with canada but we've got a lot of problems with mexico, and it was very interesting that he refused to even mention that name nafta. >> that is interesting. what about security? was there any sign that the two men agree on the need for tougher immigration control? >> well, trudeau was very elegant by saying, the canadians did not send me to this country to lecture a foreign leader. i didn't come here to tell mr. trump that i'm right and he's wrong. we will just, he said, lead by exam candle and then he said, that canada is going to continue to bring refugees from syria, tens of thousands of them to canada, but he did not criticize
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mr. trump for refusing to say that. so canada is going to continue to lead by example. >> so how would you describe the entire meeting and the tone of meeting? are these two men who can do business with each other? >> yes, i think so of course, i don't expect both people -- both leaders to become friends. we know that trudeau and obama, the chemistry was just great. they became friends. i don't expect mr. trump and trudeau to become good friends. they can't be more different, you know. trudeau being very young, very optimistic, open-minded, liberal. you and i would say a social democrat, and mr. trump who is very pessimistic, 70 years old, and the world is full of danger and he has to close the borders. so i don't think that those people will become friends. but both understand, and i think
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they are professional enough to understand that there are common interests and that they have to work together. >> interesting insights in washington. thank you very much. staying in the united states, emergency workers in california have been battling to shore up the damaged dam. they are using airlift basically technology and they are airlifting rocks to plug a hole in the run-off mechanism from the dam. authorities ordered almost 200,000 people to evacuate the area after warning that the spillway could be in danger of collapse. recent heavy rains led to the problem. officials say the situation is improving but with more rain expected later in the week, time, of course, is running out to fix the damage. >> dam water levels are steadily dropping as water flows from the main spillway. authorities want to reduce the
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dam's level by 50 feet ahead of storms forecast to reach the area on wednesday. on sunday night officials ordered the evacuation of almost 200,000 people living below the dam, fearing the spillway would flood the communities. >> essentially what we're looking at is approximately a 30 foot wall of water that would be coming out of the lake. not the lake draining but a 30 foot wall of water. reporter: today that threat appears to have eased somewhat. >> it's important to remember that the dam itself is not in danger. we've managed to stop the rise of the lake water and now it's below the spillover point. now it's going to give us a good opportunity to evaluate what needs to be done, even as we continue to drop the level of lake. >> heavy rainfall in northern california this winter has filled the dam to the verge of overflow. it's the first time the dam has experienced such an emergency in its 50-year history.
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>> the u.n. secretary general antonio gutierrez has condemned a weapons test by north korea. that's after pyong-yang launched a missile that could carry a nuclear warhead and that was in defiance of international law. the u.n. security council will meet later today hyped closed doors to try and find an answer to north korea's nuclear ambitions. >> this is north korea's new ballistic missile named -- it's a new type of strategic weapons system for pyong-yang and it's said to be capable of carrying a nuclear warhead the missile flew about 500 kilometers before landing in the sea of japan. the leader was reportedly delighted with the test saying it added to what he calls his country's tremendous might. north korea's state run news agency broadcast this footage. >> on the streets of pyong-yang,
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these north koreans welcomed the launch. >> thanks to our dear leader's great leadership. our country has become stronger and equipped with great power to wipe out the united states. after watching the launch i've realized how powerful our country is. neighbors say the test was a clear provocation. the north is giving us a message that it will continue to provoke without giving up its ambitions for nuclear state status. japan also condemned the launch right on its doorstep. it came as prime minister -- was meeting with u.s. president donald trump. trump said he stood behind japan 100%. >> the test w north korea ally china, beijing has faced criticism for not putting enough pressure on north korea to drop its nuclear program. but china suggested washington should do more to find a
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solution. >> all relevance sides should remain from doing anything that could provoke eve other and escalate tensions on the peninsula and jointly maintain peace and stability in the region. >> the united nations security council is holding an emergency meeting to discuss the missile test. the u.n. has barred north korea from any use of ballistic missile technology, but repeated sanctions appear to be having little effect. >> tonight the parliament in romania has unanimously endorsed plans to hold a national referendum on anti-corruption reforms. it comes after mass street protests forced the government to withdraw a decree that would have watered down anti-graft legislation. the date is yet to be set but it's clear the public will now get to have their say. corruption is a huge problem in
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romania, as frank hoffman has been finding out. he filed this exclusive report. >> this 22-year-old man died in 2015 following a fire at a bucharest nightclub. dozens of young people lost their lives, some, because their injures weren't properly treated the parents placed this monument in their memory. they say the accident is emblematic of the corruption plaguing romania. >> this is about the greed of the club's owners and the romanian officials that never issued a legal permit for the place. instead, club was running on bribes and was never properly inspected. alexander's burns were treatable and he could have survived the blaze. but because corrupt hospital staff had purchased disinfectionant that had been diluted, it was ineffective.
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as a result, alexander couldn't fight the bacteria that took over his system. at the time, the first wave of protests in romania was under way. then prime minister victor was forced to step down and new elections were called. alexander's father founded an association for the parents who lost their children in the fire. we have to strengthen civil society to confront politicians. we have to be vigilant and hold our leaders accountable. for many in romania, that's a new concep the protestors returned with renewed vigor after the new leftest government voted in by just 40% of the electorate moved to de criminal lies some forms of corruption. the government repealed the de creek but the demonstrations continued with protestors demanding the government step down. the protestors include many young people.
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all i want is the money that i paid for my taxes to be used efficiently by the people that are running the country. >> disappointment. >> we were let down by this government. >> the leader of the state anti-corruption agency has raised the alarm. >> the events of recent days have shown us that the reforms in the judicial system can be reversed. especially if these legal amendments pass through parliament. for us to continue our job, it's necessary to have a stable institutional framework. romanians will now have a chance to vote in a referendum on future anti-corruption legislation. the move was set in motion by the president. >> romania's center left
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government continues to change anti-corruption laws now with the help of the parliament. on the other side, the protestors want to continue as well. at least for now. >> he's back at the demonstration with another father who lost his son in the nightclub fire of 2015. >> they have the trust and they believe in the new -- the future of romania. >> the protests have clearly had an impact. many suggest it will take more than trust and courage for that new future to take hold. >> you're watching news live from berlin. still to come, sally potters, the party, premiers at the berlin film festival.
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business news coming up as well. stick around. >> every woman and man knows a child needs food. that food -- we had a lot of problems. they were eating nothing when coming from home. >> that could easily have been us. any one of us.
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♪ >> welcome back here with vw news live from berlin. our top stories. canada's prime minister trudeau is in washington, d.c. for talks with u.s. president donald trump the pair are discussing the sensitive issue of trade with white house threatening to change the terms of commerce. of course, that means nafta, between the two neighbors. we're going to stick with business. daniel has your business news now the latest on the greek debt crisis. >> i'm worried i'm going to sound like a broken record but it's all coming back up again the e.u.'s top economic affairs official is heading to athens this week. he wants to persuade reluctant greeks to take on further reforms. now, those will unlock badly needed loans. months of failed talks, of raised fears, of a new debt crisis. that could once again jeopardize
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greece's place in the eurozone. >> finally, some good news for struggling greece. the country beat its 2016 fiscal target. achieving a budget surplus of 2.3% of its gdp. the e.u.'s top economic affairs official said the figure sparked hope but cooperation remains crucial. >> looking ahead, continued good performance, crucially hinges -- we're working intensely to compete the second review, and we should do that on the basis of the right figures. >> in athens, greece's central bank chief pushed for a speedy agreement with international lenders. further delays in the conclusion, beyond the current month, would lead to a new cycle of uncertainty. make reaching a deal more difficult, and undermine a
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projected economic recovery. he's expected in athens on wednesday to help those review the reforms for lenders. meanwhile, they are also locked in a dispute with international monetary fund over the health of the greek economy. the imf isn't party to the country's current bail-out. and says it cannot participate in a program which could keep greece in a never ending cycle of debt. >> south korean prosecutors have released the head of electronic giant samsung after 15 hours of questioning over bribery allegations. protestors want this man arrested. he's been summoned for a second time over a corruption inquiry, which led to the impeachment proceedings against the president. samsung is accused of donating millions to nonprofit foundations backed by a friend of the president's in return for political favors.
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lofty goals set by the chinese government to tackle things are not being met. year to date pollution levels are a massive 80% higher than in 2016. one plan to cut capacity in smokestack industries like steel production but now a report commissioned by greenpeace exposes how china's pollution targets are going up in smoke. >> the smog choking chinese cities has many causes. the steel industry is one of the main ones. it's the second biggest air pollution emitter after the power sector. but it's not just a national environmental issue. an oversupply of chief chinese steel distorted the global market causing protests over job losses and factory shutdowns the world over. the international community put pressure on china to cut back. but a new report commissioned by greenpeace says it hasn't quite managed. >> although 85 million tons were
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shaved off steel production capacity last year these cuts often targeted often idle plants. the role back was also offset by restarting plants and adding new ones. as such capacity increased by 36.5 million tons. to be fair, it's not that easy to shut down steel mills. they bring a lot of local tax revenue and jobs. chinese bankruptcy laws also make it easier for proprietors to run so-called zombie companies instead of formally closing them down. but officials have to keep china's overactive steel sector in check or steal themselves against the economic and environmental consequences. >> that wraps up business news, but brent, stars are out tonight. >> that's right. >> put on your winter coat. we're going outside. let's head to the berlin festival and down on the red carpet, there was plenty of star power for the premier of the
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party. from director sally potter, her glittering lineups include kristen, scott thomas, kelli murphy and others the film portrays the events of a night in contemporary london. but don't expect things to be anything like as colorful as they were on the red carpet. take a look. >> everybody, it seems, that we're expecting not one, not two, but three babies. people. >> it's supposed to be a party among friends. but the atmosphere is anything but friendly. >> was that a boast or a cry for help? i couldn't quite tell from your tone of voice. >> director sally potter's dialogue laden film brings together a cast of heavyweights.
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>> we fill them up with each other. we've all having affairs in the film. it's one of the most enjoyable filming experiences i have ever had. >> the director says the film is based on things people wish they didn't think. or feel they are not allowed to say. >> babies get born every day in extremely large numbers to the point of endangering the planet and all of our futures. >> the party takes unexpected turns. a parody of left wing intellectuals that puts politics, friendship and love to the test. >> oops. i'll have to buy some new china. film festival time. we'll head out to the red carpet. our movie guay row is standi--
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by. >> a lot of people liked this film. i wasn't one of them. for me, it was -- just very pretentious. i had the feeling it was like an art student makg a littleil to her other art snt friends. but it does have one g thing going for it. and that is it's short. just 70 minutes so it's not that much of a waste of my time. but there was another film that is showing here that i think is really worth a look. it's called young karl marx, a film about the founders of communism, karl marx. but it's not the man that we think we know. it's not those old men with the gr beards. this film shows them as 20 somethings running wild in the streets of manchester. take a look.
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>> among the markers. >> the industrial revolution has lined the pockets of the rich. but it's left factory workers exploited and oppressed. >> a young journalist named karl marx decides to take a stand. marks's landings soon land him in trouble in germany but keeps up the fights for workers rights in exile. when we think about karl marx the first thing we think of isn't the person. it's his ideas. when we look at the person, we realize where the yz came from. that he had a huge sense of justice, and a very clear vision of what was going wrong. the film weaves together lessons of history with marxist private drama. central to the film is also marks's friendship, who, like him, was a pioneer in the fight
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for workers' rights. two young passionate radicals. together, they made history. >> well, i bet you're going to like this movie better. i mean, it just looked better, scott. but, i mean, are we in the age or era of the bromance. you wouldn't expect to think of marks a karl marx to be the likeliest pair for a romance on the big screen. >> no, no, you wouldn't. but what was great about this film is the director, he based it on the actual letters that ingles wrote back and forth to one another in their time in london, in manchester, i should say. that's where he took all this stuff. about getting drunk and going crazy on the street. the passion that was behind
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these young men. and that led to really a revolution. i mean, if i was -- if i was really cruel about this film, there is a lot of eroticism in this film, a lot of romance and sex, could you say it's a bit like soft porn for the bernie demographic. bernie sanders demographic, but that would be taking it too far. it's actually a really interesting and compelling historical drama that gives us a different look at men we thought we knew and maybe changes our perspective on the ideas that changed the world. >> very briefly, scott, what sells coming up? we'll be talking with you on the day, 10 seconds. >> tomorrow, movie that would win the golden bear, it's a refugee film by -- it's my tip and we'll see what it's like tomorrow. >> all right. scott there on the red carpet at the film festival. thank you very much, scott.
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we'll talk to you a little later on in the day. and after a short break, i'll be back to take you through the day. we'll talk about the kingdom and a bet against donald trump. stick around.
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