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tv   DW News  PBS  March 20, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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♪ >> this is "dw news" live from berlin. the fbi is investigating possible links between donald trump and the russian government. the fbi director -- we will bring you these latest comments including his response to president trump's claim that former president barack obama wiretapped his thoughts. angela merkel warns that turkey's president against continuing to compare the german government to the nazis.
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that is after president erdogan says chancellor merkel was employing nazi methods. heavy rain in peru causes deadly flooding as well as mudslides and avalanches, and there is still more bad weather to come. ♪ i'm sarah kelly. thank you very much for joining us. the fbi says that is looking into whether or not donald trump's presidential campaign work together with the russian government to win trump the white house. the united states intelligence community has long expressed the belief that russia's interference with last year's presidential election could have actually happened. but this is the first time they have confirmed an investigation into possible coordination between the trump team and moscow. reporter: fbi director james
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comey ahead of his appearance before the congressional intelligence committee. the trump administration was about to receive a further blow. >> i have been authorized by the doj to confirm that the fbi come as part of our counterintelligence mission, is investigating the russian governments efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election. that includes investigating the nature of any links between individuals associated with the trump campaign and the russian government, and whether there was any coordination between the campaign and russia's efforts. reporter: earlier in a series of tweets, trump denied his campaign had any connection to russia, and instead -- accused democrats of being behind the story. he had no information on a separate series of tweets sent earlier this month. in then, trump accused former president obama to order his phones to be tapped.
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>> i have no information that supports those tweets. the department of justice has asked me to share with you that the answer is the same for the department of justice and all its components. the department has no information that supports those tweets. reporter: the white house press secretary sean spicer remained defiant. >> i think there is a difference between talking about an investigation into the 2016 election, which we all know, and any evidence of collusion. there is no evidence according to the people that have been briefed of any illusion or activity that leads them -- collusion or activity. reporter: it leaves the trump administration in yet another period of turmoil. sarah: let's get more on this. our correspondent is standing by in washington. we just saw the white house press secretary speaking.
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tells more about the trump administration's response to today's hearing. guest: as you can see, they are not backing away from their allegation that the obama administration wiretapped the trump campaign. at the same time, there is no evidence whatsoever. we heard this today from the fbi director but we have heard this before from others that there is not any evidence that this really happened. that president obama and his administration broke the law. he is not allowed to do that, even if you are the president. at the same time it was interesting what they said today about mr. matt forte, the former campaign manager of donald trump. he was the campaign manager at the beginning of last year for a couple months. they said today that he played a very limited in a very limited time. i think this is very important
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because as we all know, as even trump cannot deny come had very close relationships to the kremlin. he worked there for several years. they are trying to make clear that he was the campaign manager at the very early stage of the campaign and that there was no collusion between the trump campaign and the kremlin. sarah: where is trump's credibility in all this? how does the investigation factor into that? miodrag: welcome, i think the white house just cannot be trusted right now. this president is, to some extent, dangerous, because he lives in his own world. he doesn't seem to care about what really happened, what doesn't -- what is not happening. for that reason instead of listening to his advisors and
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the fbi or cia, he is watching cable news, he's watching fox news. he's getting his information from breitbart and i think that is very dangerous. sarah: how have politicians in the meantime been reacting? miodrag: well, it depends. when you talk to republicans there either backing off or supporting mr. trump. democrats are trying to make any sort of connection between the kremlin and donald trump. he became only president because ofhe kremlin. i think this is very dangerous. in the u.s., every two years they are voting. a new congress, new elections. politicians here do not have a lot of time to come together and work together.
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this is now a time when both democrats and republicans should come together. but instead, it just goes on. sarah: thank you. in other news, the focus was supposed to be on the future, poland germany's chancellor visited a technology fair, she found yourself talking about the past. angela merkel called on turkey to stop comparing the german government with nazis. she was referring to recent comments by the turkish president that she was -- employing nazi tactics. reporter: it is very rare that german chancellor angela merkel breaks protocol as she did today , come bending on turkey instead of sticking to the routine -- she did today, commenting on turkey instead of sticking to the routine. she demanded turkey stop drawing nazi parallels to present-day turkey. >> my statement stands that the
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nazi comparisons need to stop. no ifs or buts. unfortunately they have not stopped and we will not allow the excuse that the end justifies the means. reporter: the turkish president has repeatedly accused germany of using nazi methods against turkish people living in germany. erdogan is angry. he is upset that a demonstration by kurds that was allowed to go ahead last weekend in front for. erdogan said that germany fosters terrorists. they called the nazi comparisons and outrage. >> i think someone has to tell mr. erdogan at the head of state of a nato country cannot ignore all diplomatic conventions.
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that is what he does. this is unworthy of a head of state. reporter: during her statement, chancellor merkel also stressed that appearances could only take place in compliance with german constitutional law. sarah: let's get more on this. we are by our correspondent who is standing by. charlotte, we just heard chancellor angela merkel warning president or to want to stop thesenazi -- these nazi comparisons. but what if he doesn't? charlotte: it seems like she was losing patience today. what are our options? -- her options. so far she has refrained. she does not want to escalate
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detentions any further and does not want to fuel the fire. today she was clear. she said the german foreign ministry has warned that turkish politicians could only speak in germany if they comply with german law. it explicitly forbids malicious disparagement, which was something used by turkish officials in the past weeks when they rallied in germany by the turkish foreign minister in hamburg just the other day. angela merkel for the first time today said this is an option to ban those rallies altogether if turkish officials do not comply with the law. sarah: germany has a significant turkish population. that is why the turkish poppy -- politicians want to campaign here. is is likely to become an election issue? charlotte: it already is. there are around 3 million
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people of turkish descent living in germany. it is the biggest turkish community outside of turkey. erdogan wants to rally voters here, the 1.4 million eligible voters. that is the turkish side. on the other hand we have the german general elections coming up in september. those 3 million people of turkish descent tonight -- do not play a decisive role, but what does is most certainly turkish, german relations. there is pressure on the chancellor to take a stronger stance. a majority of germans want her to take a stronger stance in regards to president erdogan. also saying that she should forbid these rallies by turkish officials in germany. we have just seen last week the state voting this upcoming sunday, a small german state, saying they want to for bid rallies -- forbid rallies on
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turkish soil even know there were no turkish officials scheduled there. that shows it is already a campaign issue. sarah: no signs of a solution just yet. charlotte, thank you for your reporting. how happy is your country? that's a question unanswered by -- rather answered by the world happiness report that measures how happy people are and why. scandinavian countries have again done very well with norway coming in as the world's happiest nation. have a look. reporter: picturesque fjords. boundless natural beauty. gorsuch landscapes the secret of norwegians happiness? or is it the small joys? it is said norwegians are happy when they get to drive for hours. or is it the abundance of natural resources that keeps
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worries about the future at bay? one thing is certain. the people in northern europe are particularly satisfied. behind norway is the previous leader, denmark. previously -- followed by sweden. amonthe most unhappy countries are the people of syria and the central african republic. but how does one measure happiness? among other things, the researchers considered the following factors -- income, life expectancy, social support, and the freedom to make life choices. what do people on the streets think? >> happiness to me means family and friends. >> a balance between health and love. >> simplicity. being with love ones. >> happiness is not about place,
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it is about people. people you are around. reporter: in norway, people take many of these boxes. despite all the natural beauty, they know money alone cannot buy them happiness, but a strong social security system will ensure them a stable, happier future. sarah: good for them. in other news, it is official. the countdown to brexit starts next week. britain's prime minister has announced that next wednesday will be the day she triggers article 52 begin proceedings to withdraw britain from the eu. the u.k. and you will then have two years to negotiate the terms of the withdrawal by march 20. it is reported the talks will not likely start for six weeks. the u.k. held a referendum in june of last year and voted
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narrowly to leave. we have to take a short break but when we come back, it will be business. do not go away. ♪
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♪ sarah: welcome back. a quick reminder of top stories. the fbi has confirmed it is investigating possible links between president trump and russia. fbi director james comey said the agency is looking into whether there was coordination or cooperation between trump's presidential campaign and the russian government. in peru, dozens of people have died in floods and mudslides. a state of emergency has been declared an 800 towns and cities following torrential downpours.
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the storms are thought to have been caused by the old -- el n ino weather phenomenon. the unstable weather is expected to continue for weeks. reporter: a reckless attempt that this man is lucky to survive. yet these are the conditions that many thousands in peru have to struggle with, now. following weeks of torrential rainfall, much of the country is underwater. hundreds of towns and villages are flooded. homes, livelihoods, and many lies have been the -- lives have been destroyed. >> the water came in. we lost everything you'd we have nothing -- we lost everything. we have nothing. reporter: treatment systems have
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been damaged. many areas have no safe drinking water left. with many bridges swept away by the torrents, some people tried to cross fast-moving rivers on tree trunks. these people have arrived in safety after their town was completely cut off for a week. for them, the only escape route was biplane -- was by plane. sarah: now we are moving on to business. we are looking at the world's biggest tech and business fair. christoph: tech companies are trying to show what the future of the industrial revolution will look like today. guests of honor on opening day were german chancellor angela merkel and japanese prime minister shinzo abe. a lab for future -- they all require interconnectivity.
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that requires economies working closely together. instead of putting up walls. reporter: high-tech is a part of everyday life in japan where robots like these routinely serve customers. these glasses, which constantly display vital signs, could be the next big thing. buzzwords like industry 4.0 and society 5.0 are still to be filled with real-world meeting. but companies are trying to do just that. he explains to the politicians about the new network. sensors monitor the temperatures of threatened bee populations, sending the data around the clock to the beekeeper. >> i almost get it. almost. perhaps not so simple after all. reporter: next up is drones.
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the uses for these flying computers are seemingly endless. the market is growing by leaps and bounds. this is one area where both germany and japan are determined to stay on top. christoph: brazil's massive meat industry is about to take a hit as china announced to suspend all imports of brazilian beef. so has south korea. and the european union is considering a ban. it comes amid a scandal involving beef producers. they allegedly bribed health inspectors to certify tainted food. reporter: for decades, beef in brazil was in a category of its own. high-quality meat served up in statehouses around the world. the brazilian government helped the industry by establishing high standards and regularly inspecting process plants. but what happened behind the scenes might spell the end of a brazilian success story. reason enough for the president to calling meeting.
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>> it is important to underline that at the 11,000 employees at the agricultural ministry, only 33 are being investigated. look at how many meatpacking units we have. we have 4837 units subject to federal inspection. of those come only 21 are supposedly involved in eventual wrongdoing. reporter: what the international market is alarmed come a leading to concerns these mistakes could prove expensive for the industry and the country. in 2016 brazil exported $12 million of beef. only $200 million worth of meat goes to the united states. brazil was about to start negotiations over more exports to north america but the scandal now put those talks on hold. the european union is now cracking down on those involved.
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>> the commission is in the process of ensuring that any of the establishment indicated in the fraud are suspended from exporting in the eu. reporter: brazilian producers hope the unappetizing scandal will soon be history. but the reality of tainted meat might be hard to swallow for trading partners worldwide. christoph: one of the world's most famous billionaires and for therapists is dead. david rockefeller passed away at the age of 101. he was the patriarch of what of the most famous and influential american families. he reportedly gave away new $2 billion in his lifetime. he headed the chase manhattan corporation. david rockefeller was the son of john d rockefeller junior, who built new york's famous rockefeller center. a separate room in that building housed his famous 100,000 cart rolodex.
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he was known for his ties to the internationally famous. and he was of course a great new yorker. jens at the new york stock exchange, how was news of his passing received at the financial capital? jens: wall street is well aware that the marks -- this marks the end of an era. david rockefeller saw himself as an ambassador of american capitalism. he ran chase manhattan to the 70's. his bank was the first to open branches in russia and china. as you mentioned, he was a big philanthropist. he gave a lot of money to the museum of modern art, which is mother helped to found -- his mother helped to found. he was an icon and a legend on
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europe and wall street. christoph: give us your wrapup of the trading session. jens: welcome, the market seems a bit tired after the recent records. at least tech companies. at least intraday touched a new record high, even if they could not hold the levels when markets closed. the markets returned a bit lower on monday. we had renewed pressure on oil prices which dropped by a good percent. we have to wait and see how this week develops. there is not that much news as we have seen recently. the fed meeting is behind us, there are no big economic reports. earning season will kick up in about three weeks. it is a slow news environment and we have to see if investors might take this opportunity to actually sell into the recent
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run that we saw here at the financial farc -- financial markets in the u.s. christoph: thank you. back to you. sarah: thank you. the palestinian territories have been gripped by conflict for decades. but amid the turmoil, one man is dreaming big. he is a former palestinian national football player and now a women's baseball coach with hopes of setting off the gaza strip's first national baseball team and league. reporter: baseball bat-wielding women is the last thing you might expect to see in the gaza strip. yet under the watchful eye of the coach, these athletes are hoping to lead palestinian baseball into the public eye. he has been important -- been pouring his money into the game in the hopes of turning the sport here professional. >> until now we have not received any financial support from anyone. it is all based on personal
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effort. this is my name and i want to see it spread. reporter: government funding is now helping establish a palestinian these all federation and hopefully a national league. but there remains opposition from some parts of palestinian society. >> we have seen many negative comments on social media. some said that as girls, you can be careful not to go to hell. some say you should stay at home. we are like everyone else. men and women, we are all the same. reporter: despite the social roadblocks, he is aiming for a big home run. the ultimate aim is to see the palestinian territories compete in baseball at a national level. sarah: in professional tennis, the men's final at indian wells, the battle of the swiss.
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roger federer won. he won the match over two sets, 6-4, 7-5, to become the tournaments oldest champion. it was his record-tying fifth indian wells title. meantime in the women's final, elizabeth mania -- the 14th seed bda seed -- beat the 8th seed. i'm sarah kelly. thanks for watching. ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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