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tv   DW News  PBS  July 11, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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. >> this is dw new, live from berlin. tonight, what did his son know about russia and his father. donald trump jr. releases a chain of emails in order to be transparent but will it help quell questions about the trump campaign's ties with russia. we will be live in russia with washington. also, the guns and raqqa. the final stronghold in syria is the next target.
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as once the case in muscle, thousands of civilians are trapped. germany calls on beijing to allow this man to be treated abroad. the play has fallen on deaf ears. -- the plea has fallen on deaf ears. brent: i am brent goff. it is good to have you with us. donald trump's oldest son, donald trump junior took a meeting with a russian lawyer who claimed to have damaging information about hillary clinton. pressure has been building on donald trump jr. at the reports
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emerged that he met with a russian lawyer as a part of it in one effort -- kremlin effort oto help his father when the u.s. presidency. to talk about this, i am joined by alexander at the white house. -- alexandra at the white house. what has come out of this chain of emails? alexandra: what is very significant about the emails is that we now know that donald trump junior wanted to meet this russian lawyer in order to get dirt -- damaging information on hillary clinton. we also know that i had of this meeting, he was informed that this was part of russia's government support for his
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father. his response to that was "i love it." this is very significant because this is the first public indication that at least some in trump's campaign were willing to accept russia's help. brent: donald trump junior said that he posted the emails. he did it to be transparent. is this a move that is working in president trump's favor? >> president trump issued a statement saying that his son was a high-quality person and i applaud his transparency, that is what the president said, the problem is that according to the new york times, they were going to publish the content of the emails anyway. they asked donald trump junior to comment on that, instead, he
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just published those emails himself. while some or many trump supporters still defend the president and his family, there are a lot of congressmen who are very upset and critical and even outraged by those emails. but have a listen. >> the investigation -- it could potentially be treason. >> i don't know all of the details, i said a long time ago, it is serious. this is a serious situation. >> it is really significant that it doesn't appear that when they had information that this person might be connected with the russian government -- they didn't immediately call the fbi.
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>> on its face, this is problematic, we can't allow foreign governments to reach out to anybody's campaign and say we like to help you. -- we would like to help you. brent: senator kaine mentioned the word treason. what is going to happen next? >> when you talk to legal experts, someone say that there is no law prohibiting campaign members to have information about their opponents. it is not only about whether it is legal or not, there are so many questions that have to be answered, is it true that president trump did not know anything about this meeting or where the many other meetings in trump's tower.
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there are a number of congressional investigations and fbi investigations going on. at this time, members of the senate intelligence committee have already said that they want to invite donald trump junior to testify. brent: our washington responded at the white house. alexandra, thank you very much. iraqi troops, backed by a uslife coalition -- u.s. led coalition -- wrestled back muscle -- mosul. pockets of fighting and sporadic clashes have continued in the city. the almost nine months of brutal fighting has left thousands dead and more than 700,000 civilians displaced. amnesty international describes the battle over mosul as a
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civilian catastrophe. the top u.s. commander in iraq says the coalition's next target is raqqa. lieutenant general stephen townsend says the fight is not a priority although iraqi forces need more time to get any i.s. fighters from mosul. >> one residential apartment block, the frontline of the assault to reclaim rocker from the islamic state. in an eastern district, the syrian democratic forces are meeting in the detective capital. up to 50,000 civilians may be trapped in the remains of the
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city. >> availability of food, water, medicine, electricity and other essentials has bn dwindling with the situation rapidly deteriorating. it is apparent that trapped civilians need to be able to get out to reach safety and protection. >> according to the united nations, the intensified fighting has been more dangerous for residents to escape. 300 civilians have died in the past month. in recent weeks, hundreds of families have risked their lives to free themselves from the grip of islamic control. some of the 200,000 residents and up at eight caps on like -- cmapamps like this one. >> there was fighting and air
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strikes and artillery, we were caught up in the meadows, we had to leave. thank god everyone was ok. >> tonight, in a sign that the end might be inside, the man who led the takeover of raqqa, abu bakr al-baghdadi has been killed. brent: concerns are growing for the most famous political prisoner. he is critically with her cancer. u.s. and german doctors -- he is critically ill with cancer. he is capable of traveling abroad for treatment. china disagrees. officials in beijing say he is too sick to be moved. he was jailed for 11 years back in 2009 because of inciting subversion of state power.
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the condition of this prominent pro-democracy dissident is being watched here in berlin. i am joined by billingsley -- felix lee. it is good to have you on the show. video has been linked of german doctors visiting loo over the weekend. why would the chinese leak these images? >> they use it as part of their propaganda. they let a german doctor come in to do their own research to check on him. the german doctors said that he admitted that the chinese doctors are doing a good job but
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they didn't say -- they cut out of the video that the doctor said that it is impossible to transfer him to a foreign country. they cut out this part because this is not what the chinese side wants. they use this venue as part of their propaganda. brent: there has been a recent rapprochement. what does it mean? >> the german embassy was not -- was very angry. this is not what the chinese side promised when they negotiated about letting the german doctor in. the german side is very angry and they see it as a -- a trait
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-- an insult. >brent: when you are in china, r beijing, how do the chinese people feel about this case? do they think that liu should be allowed to leave? >> i asked the beijingers what they thought. nobody wanted to talk about this case. this shows how well chinese propaganda works. all of these -- they don't even know about the situation. brent: that is a great point, felix lee, thank you very much.
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the pakistani prime minister is under increasing pressure to resign tonight after the country's supreme court found huge disparities between the wealth of his family members and their known sources of income. sharif has denied any allegations that surfaced as a part of the panama papers datalink. -- data leak. he is being called upon to step down. he was removed as prime minister twice back in the 1990's. the turkish president and prime minister paid their respects to the victims of the coup. special prayers were said at mosques across the country. 150 people were killed across turkey while trying to oppose those in the coup.
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china has moved closer to establishing its first overseas military base in djibouti. they left china to start work at the base. it is a religious text center that will support anti-piracy operations. you and peacekeeping and humanitarian relief missions. djibouti is already home to a u.s. operations center for africans. here are other stories. dozens of muslim leaders have paid tribute to the victims of the terror attacks. scores of people were killed in a terror attack. the tribute is part of the muslim march against terrorism. a campaign to honor the victims and condemn extremism. tricking copy is being linked to a longer life. two major research studies
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examined over a half-million people in europe and the u.s.. the studies found that coffee drinkers had a lower risk of dying from heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes. we are going to take a short break, when we come back, more world news. stick around. >> did you know it cost $.50 to feed one hungry child for one full day. ?
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with the share the meal app, you can share your meal with children in need with just $.50 and a tap on your smartphone. smartphone users outnumber children 20 21. imagine the impact you and your friends can have. together, we can and global hunger, please download the app. >> will come back, we are here with dw news, live from berlin. donald trump jr. has released a chain of emails to be totally transparent about the trump campaign's alleged russia connection. in the wake of the g 20 summit --g20 summit.
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the federal press office and at the credit dacians and then withdrew them on short notice because of what the government says were security concerns. now, the circumstances surrounding the revoked accreditations have raised privacy fears. >> vehicle comes down to these blacklists, copied many times over without any concern for confidentiality and handed out to police officers outside of the g 20 press enter. it was a list of journalists who lost their accreditation for security reasons. a list like this is of course potentially highly explosive, it could be connection with other things, intelligence agencies could get their hands on this kind of list, this is something that would be put on file and then passed around. this man still does not why he was blacklisted. for years he has passed through the government security check without any problems. two years ago he reported from
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the g7 summit. several colleagues who are caught up in this all reported on turkey and have maybe even had problems in turkey. the german security agency received indications of possible security seconds -- concerns from abroad. the government rejects this speculation. at the beginning of the summit, security agent indicated their reservations about 30 to many representatives who were exclusively based on german authority's on findings. these reservations have to be taken seriously by the federal press office and had an effect on the accreditations that have already been granted. blacklisted based on german authorities, their own findings and not those of foreign intelligence agencies, just why the journalist affected were something the government spokesperson did not explain.
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>> business is now, the german industrial giant is furious, daniel, you'll tell us why. like i will tell you why, it is a serious accusation. it is a joint venture partner and russia illegally redirected exports to crimea which is under sanctions. now siemens is suing. the debacle shows a significant breakdown in trust for industrial relations between germany and russia. >> these gas turbines can produce electricity. four of them were ordered by a subsidiary of a russian state owned company. they are allegedly destined for a power plant in russia. that is not where they were headed. >> they say they have received information from reliable sources for at least two of the four gas turbines -- they have been sent to crimea against their will. this procedure was a clear breach of contracts.
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>> they say they were lied to by their russian business partners. it is now pressing criminal charges against them. not everyone was to let them off the hook. there was critic -- prism of the turbine deal even before it took place. now there is a lack of trust on both sides. >> russia could have seriously damaged its prospects for attracting investments because breach of contract affect credibility, i think it is good to have consequences for the national business operations. >> it is a delicate balance. russia offers investors attractive -- companies accused of violating sanctions could suffer severe concert what is. brent: let's look at markets now. this is despite expectations of a roaring earnings season. movement was limited.
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nobody is placing any best yet. she will speak to senate and house financial committee's this weekend. in new york now, why are investors holding back? >> the monetary policy is one of the big unknowns, this is what janet yellen has to tell us on wednesday -- on thursday, we shouldn't forget that in response to the financial meltdown, they created a balance sheet of $4.5 trillion. slowly, the federal reserve might whining that -- might start whining that down. -- winding that down. starting in fall, the federal
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reserve could start with those steps. now we are curious to hear what janet yellen has to say about wednesday and thursday. >> snapchat's shares are still failing to crackle. >> that is very unusual, morgan stanley did help to bring the mother of step two the stock exchange -- snap to the stock exchange. now they are lowering their price target from $28 to $16. snapchat is really not able to participate in the market as strongly as they should. competition is increasing from facebook, instagram and the stock of snap dropepped 8%. >> investors are in for a way
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for snapchat's shares to snap back. >this was once the world's biggest bitcoin exchange. a hack attack led to the set of $4.5 billion of bitcoin. was he a victim or worse? the case began in tokyo on tuesday. >> in tokyo, mark was released on bail. now he has to face the music. the court wants to know who was responsible for the collapse of the world's biggest corn exchange. -- bitcoin exchange. the arrest of this man attracted a lot of attention. investors and customers lost millions from a subsequent shutdown. bitcoins were invented after the financial crisis of 2009,
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independent of government and central banks, they were said to be the new currency. it was accepted in stores and in canada, the first coin a gm's were -- first bitcoin atm's work installed. >>y is getting more useful. >> those atm machines did not prove viable. bitcoin could not keep its promise to be a reliable method of trade. private video footage caused doubts before the bankruptcy. afterwards, the firm claimed a software bug allowed hackers to manipulate transactions. an ongoing crime committed over the course of years, a kind of virtual bank robbery. the scandal saw devaluation of a coin and its reputation, it has since recovered but what remains unclear is whether hackers were
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genuinely responsible and whether the former boss himself was who he claims. in the case of a conviction, they could face up to five years in jail. >> that is all your business for now. now brent has some news. brent: the tour de france returned on thursday. there's cyclists -- cyclists enjoyed a day. >> after a grueling mountain stage and a deserved rest day, they were believed to tackle a flat track. it was a chance for some to take a breather. not so for the sprinters. already, this tour seemed specialists -- has seen specialists make early exits. this german took full advantage,
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the men in green powered ahead to claim his fourth stage victory on this year's tour. a record for a german cyclist. >> i can't really believe it. it is number four. it is actually an incredible amount of tour de france. >> this tour favorite cap hold of the yellow jersey -- kept hold of the yellow jersey. brent: i bet you remember this guy and his superhit gangnam style. it went viral five years ago. it became the most-watched video on youtube of all time. 2 billion views. it is time for gangnam style to move over. as of today, wiz khalifa's "see you again." is the most-watched
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video of all time. 2,897,000,000 views. the song was released in 2017 on the fast and furious soundtrack. let's give it one more look and i will be back to tell you about today. ♪ it's been a long day without you my friend, i will tell you all about it when i see you again. ♪
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