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tv   DW News  PBS  February 2, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> this is dw news live from berlin. >> i think it is terrible. >> that was u.s. president donald trump expressing his disapproval. this metal -- memo was released in spite of -- >> clashes between migrants leave people critically injured. french police blame migrant tanks for the violence -- gangs for the violence.
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>> saving the children of islamic state fighters. we follow one man hoping to retrieve his grandson from an iraqi prison. plus, -- >> [indiscernible] >> courtroom drama. the father of three his -- of his victims was tackled after he longed at the former gymnastics dr.. -- gymnastics doctor. ♪ >> i am sarah. welcome to the show. a controversial memo critical of the fbi and the justice department has just been released. speaking at a white house really -- event, president trump
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confirmed that the document had been declassified. it alleges that the fbi used bad evidence to apply for a warrant to spy on a member of the trunk campaign during -- trump campaign. it was based on classical -- classified information. the u.s. department of justice applied unsuccessfully to block its release. trump has been speaking about its memo -- the memo and its content. >> i think it is a disgrace. what is going on in this country, i think it is a disgrace. congress will do whatever they are going to do but i think it is a disgrace what is happening in our country. when he see that and so many other things that is going on, a lot of people should be ashamed of themselves.
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sarah: james comey called this memo dishonest and misleading. is it? >> we are talking about a three and a half page memo that presumes to describe deficiencies in the fisa process that probably has much more below the surface than what we are seeing in these three pages. my understanding is that the fbi was looking at it for several years for its intersections and relationships with russians. perhaps at some point, he was cautioned about those relationships and persisted.
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my supposition would be that the fbi knew much more and included it in the pfizer request and renewals that is depicted by this three-page memo. sarah: so you're saying there is more going on than meets the eye? is it a bombshell that the fbi acted improperly? >> i think there is much more going on here. when the fbi goes before a pfizer bunch -- pfizer judge to renew its authority, they have to make the case that they have something substantial. that is all omitted from this three-page summary good we already have -- summary. we already have the democrats who are surprisingly in support of the fbi. we are a have reports from the democrats that this is cherry
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picked information. i would be interested to see what the democrats have to say. the difficult part is for the fbi. we are talking about classified information in a classified process. i do not think we are going to see the fbi come out and rebut these classification point by point where -- point by point. sarah: you think there are better avenues for this. why is it being trotted out to the media? what is going on here. >> politics american style is what is going on. 22 environment -- we are in a hyper political iced environment. we have an ongoing series of threats and finger-pointing from
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the white house towards the attorney general, towards the fbi, towards anything that would derail the molar investigation. -- meuller investigation. my question is why? what has he are it he found? sarah: everybody wants to know what mueller is going to find. you actually know more -- mueller. do you have faith in his ability to carry out a non-partisan investigation? >> yes. i do. my experience with the fbi and those 30 years, particularly at the highest reaches of the fbi as an assistant director, we were not driven by politics. we were driven by the tax and loss. i would never ask my party affiliates who they voted for.
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i would never ask that of someone who is looking to be promoted. that never came up in discussions about cases. i never had that experience with bob moore -- mueller. i have been told he is a republican but i do not know that. the fbi's work is about facts and the law and politics should never have a role in it. i suspect strongly that bob mueller certainly appreciates that and is driving his investigation forward in apolitical manner. the charges will be exposed to the light of day in court. sarah: it certainly looks very strange to see the president at odds with his own intelligence agency. you have three decades of experience. have you seen anything like this? >> i never have.
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it is really very disappointing. we sent some of that before he was president, when he was president-elect. my belief was that once he takes that office, they become his intelligence organizations. we still see him chipping at way -- a way at the process of the intelligence agencies. it is very very disconcerting. those are dedicated professionals and they are patriots. they will put their heads down and go do their job day in and day out. that part gives me faith and confidence. former assistant director at the fbi. he had a 30 year career at the bureau. sarah: let's take a look at now at some of us -- other stories
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around the world. flooding in northwestern argentina has caused 10,000 residents to flee the homes. the book a mile revert started flooding on thursday. officials said, the river oh's six meters overnight. it is expected to continue rising overnight. the united nations says around 90 people are up -- believed to have drowned. three survivors said most of the survivors on board were pakistani. 250 people have died in the last month alone trying to cross the mediterranean, most of them headed for italy. reinforcements have arrived at the french port city. more than 20 people were injured and at least, for were in critical condition -- four a
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re in critical condition. >> desperate migrants, pitted against each other. in this case, africans. the most serious fighting broke out at a food distribution center. shots were fired but it is unclear why whom. one man told dw, there is tension over people smugglers. that appears to be feeling group rivalries. >> we do not how he got the gun. police need to stop these people with guns. >> after the brawl, police said reinforcements. smugglers were growing more
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sophisticated in spite of lee's efforts to get rid of them. -- police efforts to get rid of them. now we see, there are game leaders that gather -- gain leaders -- gang leaders that gather others around them. waiting for a break that never comes, exposed to all kinds of weather and conflict. >> it is hell. welcome to hell. we are in hell. >> really desperate situation for the migrants. during the night, they tried to pop onto a truck to the u.k.. the concern here really is that they are either found by police and have to move once again or
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that the food agencies are no longer allowed to meet them. really fear of the police but really since the latest clashes, beer of violence. -- fear of violence. the biggs jungle b -- hasg beeni replaced by small jungles all over the industrial complexjungle. sarah: there is a group of children growing up under the rule of islamic jihadist. others were taken there by parents who joined i.s.. what happens to these children when the jihadist lose the territory? we have been following a german man who is trying to rescue his grandson. >> it is a journey into the unknown.
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the man who has us to call him abraham is on his way to a rock. -- iraq. >> children are not responsible for what their parents do. the children suffer. this is unnecessary. >> yet straight to the german consulate. -- he heads straight to the german consulate. >> i should be able to stay here for a week and spend 10 -- time with the child. in the past weeks, germany's government has been making efforts to bring back german children. iraqi officials support this move. there are dozens of cases, some even involving older children.
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the question is, could they pose a threat. in the eyes of the islamic state, they were future fighters. security officials have issued warnings. >> there is a risk that these children come back brainwashed. that they are ordered to carry out attacks terry: -- attacks. we have to consider that these children could be taking timebombs -- taking timebombs -- ticking timebombs. >> these children are victims. exposed to a world of indoctrination. >> parents such as those in cars rated -- incarcerated. the daily newspaper was able to meet with three sets of parents. reporter: do you look at i.s.
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critically? >> i do not want to comment. reporter: instead of talking about the terrorist groups, she preferred to discuss her children. we have altered her appearance in the strong. -- this drawing. >> there are 106 women and children living together in a room. there is one toilet and not one square meter is empty. there are mattresses everywhere and most people are sick. they people -- play with bottle caps. reporter: abraham -- back to you graham -- ibraham. he is able to bring his job back to germany. the child's mother agreed to her son's departure. he is 14 months old now and apart from stories, he did not
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know his grandpa at all. now, he has received his german passport and is allowed to board the plane. all he knows is more in prison. -- war and prison. >> he will be examined by doctors in germany. with love and compassion you can succeed in anything. the grandfather has brought and friends and family to help his son settle and in two turn a victim into a survivor. sarah: i am joined by a mere. -- amir, the journalists who brought us that story. you are actually contacted by that grandfather. tell us how that came about? >> he just wanted to take his son away from the crossfire round who sold -- crossfire.
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at the end of the day, they surround themselves in the child. he wants to cite -- save the child but it a long process. his mother decided to give her child away to the grandfather. those the first choice those made -- that was the first choice made. she is going to face punishment. the grandfather agreed to get this child back.
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sarah: this is the first time this has happened. we hear so much about europeans going to i.s. territory to fight. there are concerns about them coming back. this issue with the children, that has been completely underreported. this is the first case that i am aware of that a child born back in i.s. territory is brought back to europe. these kids could be ticking timebombs. for a kid who is to-three, that may not be such an issue but with a teenager, they may be less likely to take them back. >> absolutely. this is the discussion that has been reported. what kind of age of children are we talking about? 14 months? nine years old? this is the critical point between that and this.
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i think at the end of the day, they use those children for the next generation. to create the next fighter. they are full of that ideology. they need to be careful with that matter. not to put some problems to get children and normal life. sarah: children of i.s. fighters being returned. you're watching dw news live from:. emotions -- from berlin. that is the father of three abused women being tackled after he launched at the doctor who
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abused his daughters. it was just a few weeks ago that the going was setting record after a record. it is a different story today. >> if you decided to hold onto those bitcoins, it has been a real rough ride. some economists ar the worst thg bubble that somebody people were predicting. bitcoin has plunged below $1300. investigators -- investors are confronted with a mounting pile of doubts. en, ther was last week's record $5 million heist stoking fears of price manipulation. since reaching record highs of around $20,000, the going has
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lost around 60%. sarah: the chief economist of ubs says no reason for concern among investors unless you were foolish enough to get on the crypto currency. deutsche bank has just enjoyed its third annual loss in a row. we are talking close to half a billion euros. it is making good progress in cutting costs but it will take time to make profits. deutsche, certainly has a major pr problem. u.s. authorities find the bank 80 million euros for market manipulation. the pressure is rising. he took over in 2015.
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the ideal was to turn the bank's fortune around. he says he just needs more time. there have been reports that the frankfurt-based investors will hike bonuses to a grand total of one billion euros for 2017. the german government responded to the new saying the bank should consider the impact it will have on its image. here's what he had to say about today's worse than expected results. >> yes, it is the third loss in a row. however, it is also our first pretax profit since 2014. without the hit we took as a result of the u.s. tax reform, we would now be reporting a net profit of almost one billion euros. sarah: that theoretical billion
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could be headed straight for somebody bosses accounts. for all the good work in the midst of scandals, he did not mention the losses. >> he knows very well that he needs to deliver it 2018 is not going to bring deutsche bank back into the winning zone. many people have been criticizing him because of the high bonuses paid to investment bankers. he is saying that those investment bankers are already making lots of money here and -- lots of money. 2018 is supposed to be different. the bonus should be reflecting more how the bank is actually performing. sarah: let's just say which is earnings do not go down well.
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shares lost over 6% at different for sock exchange. google parent company out of but also blaming the u.s. tax reforms for its poor performance. the traders gave the green light to apple and amazon's record profits. >> it is all signals go for the titans of the new economy. amazon posted its first billion-dollar profit. that is a remarkable change for a company that has shoot profits until now, investing all of its income into height tech investments. thunder jeff bezos, said the alexa well exceeded expectations. meanwhile, google parent alphabet, said its shares would be up but it chose to pay a one-time charge of $1 billion to
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bring cash back to the u.s. under the new tax reform their. -- there. sales of the iphone may have slipped but the ceo says it was the most successful quarter. sarah: a disturbing case of abuse in the world of sports. >> more courtroom drama in the sentencing hearing for disgrace u.s. gymnastics dr. larry nassar. a father whose three daughters were abused, launched across the courtroom in an apparent bid to attack the doctor. nasser has been sentenced to 100 years in prison for decades of sexual abuse. the father will not face any charges or his attempted attack. >> i am more than willing to let you say something but in a courtroom we do not use profanity. reporter: this father faces the man who abused his three
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dollars. -- daughters. >> grammy three minutes with this demon -- grant me three minutes with this demon. >> how about one minute? [inaudible] >> stay down. >> let me get that reporter: overpowered, he finally gives up. as he is led away, he asked the question no one would want to consider. sarah: time for a quick reminder of our top stories is our. a controversial memo alleging
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fbi bias in the investigation has just been released. the publication was released by president trump. you're watching dw news from:. -- from berlin. more at the top of our. -- top of the hour. ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] q÷bi9y
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♪ karin: greetings from the german capital, and a warm welcome to our highlights edition. and before we get started, it's customary to have a quick look at what's in the pipeline for today's show. risky business -- two austrian freeriders in search of ever-more challenging terrain. edgy veggies -- cookies cream is one of the first german vegetarian restaurants with a michelin star. and shapely objects -- italian designer michele de lucchi looks back at four decades of success. now that winter is really here, winter sports fans are of course hitting the slopes, and at most of the european hotspots, it's already high season.


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