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tv   13 News at Nine on FOX 17  FOX  November 4, 2015 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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child with special needs.... with a bus full of students... hear from the boy who stood up to the driver.. wrongful death suit. the family of a man shot and killed by a des moines police officer files a lawsuit against the city... why they don't buy the officer's reasoning about why she fired her weapon. big loss.... a marion county man lost more than a thousand hogs on his farm... leaving just a fraction of his livestock... what lead to the hogs' death... and how it could have also killed him. from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 good evening. i'm lynn melling. thank you for joining us tonight. it's a video that left many of us speechless. it shows the driver of a johnston school bus apparently assaulting a child with special needs.
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but there was a shshing moment in that video... when a heroic 13-year old boy stood up to the bus driver. tonight, that brave teen sat down exclusively with our aaron brilbeck. "it's just because of how i was raised basically. i was taught a sense of right or wrong. and i knew that that was really wrong what he was doing."this is 13-year old caleb routt. you may recognize him from this video. he's the kid standing up to 61-year old school bus driver robert scarbrough after scarbrough pushed down a student with special needs. caleb says that student...15-year old christian suarez, really started the whole conflict by refusing to move to the front of the bus. "the bus driver came back towards christian and told him to go up front with him. so christian acted like he was going to. he stood up and then he threw his book at him. it was like a notebook."but caleb says the driver went too far.
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"the bus driver turned around and said don't throw stuff at me. and then christian yells a profanity at him. and after that the bus driver says don't talk to me that way and he ripped him out of his seat and like hit him across the face."that's when caleb stood up for the other boy.. "i like didn't think it was right. i was scared but like i knew what should be done and nobody else seemed to be doing it at the time. so i told the bus driver to stop and he told me he said you're next."but caleb stood his ground "after he told me to sit down he just flipped everybody off and walked up to the front of the bus and kept driving."a lot of people are saying caleb is kind of a hero for standing up to the bus driver like that. "i've gotten that a lot in school. do you think you are? yeah, i guess. why? well, there's different things that describe heroes. they're not just the people like in movies. they're like people that have moral values and stuff. like so i guess i just stood up for what i
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robert scarbrough is charged with assault and child endangerment. a spokeswoman for the johnston school district says he remains on administrative leave, although she says she's not sure whether he is still being paid by the district. a woman who answered the door at his home today said he was not available for comment. the family of a des moines man shot and killed by a des moines police officer wants answers and is now taking the city to court to get them. 28-year old ryan bolinger was shot and killed by officer vanessa miller on june 9th. police say bolinger interrupted a traffic stop along merle hay road. they say he got out of his car, and started dancing around. he then drove down merle hay, with officers following him. he made a u-turn at urbandale avenue and was blocked in by police cars. they say bolinger got out of his car... and police say he quote "walked with purpose" towards officer vanessa miller's car... miller was still inside the car... and ended up shooting bolinger
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according to the civil lawsuit filed today.. "there is no provision of federal or iowa law that permits a police officer to kill a citizen on the grounds that the person was "walking with a purpose." 14:09:26 i think we're trying to obtain justice for every citizen of iowa and for every citizen of the united states. we don't live in the wild west. you can't bring him in dead or alive.. that's the bottom line 37 the lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for negligence, battery, and wrongful death. an internal investigation cleared officer miller of wrongdoing. and a grand jury decided not to indict. a polk county judge has ruled that governor branstad was within his rights to veto funding of two state mental health facilities. a lawsuit was filed in july by "afscme" president danny homan and about two-dozen state lawmakers. this ruling means the governor did have the right to line-item veto money that would have kept the mental health facilites in clarinda and mount pleasant open. instead they were both shut down in june. governor branstad says the legislature could have taken
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action at the time of the veto.. 23:53-24:10 clearly people understand there is a separation of powers. the legislature has certain powers. the governor has certain power. and i do have the power veto and the legislature if they feel its inappropriate can override that veto and they didn't. and that's why we believe the court made the decision they did governor branstad says the state is redesigning how the state deals with mental health care... adopting a more community based system, institutions in cherokee and independence will remain open. six people are behind bars after osceola business. five of the suspects are charged with prostitution. daveta williams is charged with and driving while barred. all six are being held at the clarke county jail. four departments helped the osceola p-d conduct the sting. the polk county health department says meat served at a roosevelt high school luncheon, is the source
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of what made people sick. 58 teachers and staff got sick after the lunch on october 22nd. the district canceled classes because so many staff members had food poisoning. the health department tested the food and conducted more than 100 interviews. while it did find the source...the department isn't releasing who provided the food. it also can't pin-point if the problem was in preparation or handling. if you are getting a stomachache from all that leftover halloween candy, you can give the rest away. the juvenile diabetes research foundation is holding it's great candy swap. kids can exchange their goodies for a fun...non-sugar... substitute. j-d-r-f will use the donated candy as "thank you" gifts to corporate partners that support j-d-r-f year round. 15:20:51-15:21:08 november is national diabetes awareness. so its a great way to educate the public as well and bring awareness to this cronic disease. and today happens to be national candy day. so even a better reason to come out and swap your candy for something fun items
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the j-d-r-f iowa chapter is at 35-80 e-p true parkway in west des moines. you can donate through friday from 8-30 a-m to 5 p-m. fortunately trick or treaters didn't have to hide their costumes under a big winter coat this year.. but our days of abnormally warm weather.. are about to end.. meteorologist brett mcintyre has details..
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ad lib weather toss back coming up -- how mcdonalds is beefing up it's menu. bu fst- ipngheod.. thefcthasuryris
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ha oyo heart new research has revealed yet another reason to cut pop out of your diet. it might contribute to heart failure.
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jennifer whalen explains. it's no secret that drinking too many sugary soft drinks can lead to weight gain, too decay, and othe health problems. now, more bad news for soda-sippers. a new study in the british medical journal says men who drank just two sweetened drinks per day h a 23- percent higher risk of going into heart failure. researchers came to that conclusion by monitoring the food habits of 42- thousand swedish men. heart failure happens when your heart isn't strong enough to pump enough blood and oxygen to support your body. the researchers warned, they only studiemen between the ages of 45-and- 79... so the findings may not apply to younger age groups or women. according to a study in the journal circulation, sugary drinks may be linked to an estimated 184-thousand adult deaths each year worldwide. health experts recommend limiting your soda intake by switching to water, seltzer or unsweetened tea. for today's health minute, i'm jennifer whalen. mcdonald's is beefing up its burgers.
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the fast-food giant is launching a signature collection of gourmet burgers at dozens of u-k restaurants today. they are made-to-order and thicker than traditional mcdonald's burgers. that means customers may have to wait a bit longer for their food. if the gourmet burgers are a hit, they could expand across britain and possibly appear in the u-s. there's still much more to come in the next half-hour... how nasa say you can apply to be an astronaut... and just ahead -- an illinois officer, once hailed as a hero... is now being called a disgrace by many. why investigators say he staged
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crash investigation.. u.s. and european security sources say evidence now suggests a bomb planted by islamic state is likely the cause of a russian metrojet crash in sinai.
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gliniewicz committed the ultimate betrayal. investigators say an officer in illinois staged his own death... the training he had to pull it off... and the crimes they say he committed before his death... crash landing.. a small plane came down in arkansas. and it was all caught on camera. how the passengers and pilot walked away with scrapes.. from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 the russian jetliner headed from an egyptian resort town to the city of saint petersberg may have been blown out of the sky by a bomb.. both british and american intelligence agencies appear to be coming to that conclusion... conor powell has the latest on the story from jerusalem. it's looking more likely that it was mass murder.. not mechanical failure that caused that russian jet to crash into the egyptian desert.. killing all on board. hammond says: 'we have concluded
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there is a significant possibility that the crash was caused by an explosive device on board the aircraft. ' memorials to those who died grow in saint petersburg. that's where the plane was headed after taking off of from the egyptian resort city. investigators in russia say the seem to indicate there had been a blast aboard the flight. now the british government has issued a travel advisory for the airport in sharm el-sheikh: are on the ground in sharm el-sheikh will be returned to the uk. we are working with the airlines and the egyptian authorities to put in place, emergency procedures for additional screening and additional security to ensure they can get home safely, either on their original scheduled return dates, or, if they wish to leave earlier, on an earlier flight. ' a us official tells fox news there is a 'high probability' an explosive device took down the russian airliner. the official said it is 'not 100%' right now and cautions...we don't know yet who is responsible. in jerusalem i'm conor powell fox
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news. all 224 people on board the airplane were killed. the chancellor of university of california merced says all four stabbing victims on campus today have non life-threatening injuries. the suspect... who was shot and killed by police... using a hunting knife... to stab two students, a faculty member and a contract worker. no motive for the attack has been released... and the suspect's identity is still not known... as police wait to notify the family. as shocking and troubling as today's act of violence is, i am thankful that the incident was quickly brought under control by the under the leadership of the assistant police chief and the injuries to the victims have not been life threatening.' the campus will be closed again tomorrow and is expected to re-open on friday. investigators say fox lake police officer joe gliniewicz staged his own suicide to cover up
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julian crews has more on how investigators say he did it... and why... authorities say an illinois police officer whose fatal shooting this summer led to a large manhunt carefully staged his own death after committing criminal acts. lake county major crimes task force commander george filenko said fox lake police lieutenant charles joseph gliniewicz had been stealing and laundering money from the fox lake police explorer post for the past seven years. thousands of dollars were used by gliniewicz for personal purposes, travel expenses, mortgages, personal gym memberships, adult websites, facilitating personal loans and unaccounted cash withdrawals. authorities released some of gliniewicz's text and facebook messages. filenko said gliniewicz
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police equipment at the crime scene, including pepper spray, a baton and his personal glasses, in an attempt to mislead first-responders and investigators to believe it was a homicide scene. additionally, gliniewicz had experience staging mock crime scenes for police explorer training. the investigation also concluded that gliniewicz strategically aimed the first of two shots from his own weapon at the lower abdominal area, striking his cell phone and bulletproof vest, which absorbed most of the impact of the first shot. on the day he died, gliniewicz radioed that he was chasing three suspicious men. his death led to a large manhunt, but no arrests were made. the gliniewicz family attorney say the family will not comment at this time. the reward for information death of a nine year old shot and killed in chicago has been increased. tyshawn lee was gunned down in an alley while walking home from school.
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chicago police are investigating whether the boy's father's gang affiliation had something to do with the crime. the reward to catch tyshawn's killer now stands at 35-thousand dollars. lack of information on the crime outraged the cook county commissioner so he's donating his own money for a bigger reward. police say a woman hired as a nurse and even cared for whitney houston's daughter before she died, was a fake... investigators say 32-year old tai-wo soba-mowo isn't a licensed nurse... but cared for patients in at least two georgia nursing home facilities. one was peachtree christian hospice, where bobbi kristina brown was cared for before her death. police say soba-mowo committed identity theft on an actual nurse to pass credential and background checks. investigators are looking through medical records to see if she administered medication to patients. the f-a-a is investigating a small plane crash in arkansas... that had a former wal-mart ceo on board... it's landing, captured as witnesses grabbed their cell
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parachute opened. esther katro reports. university of arkansas students gathered on the hill at fayetteville high school to watch as crews surrounded the small plane that just parachuted out of the sky. the video you're seeing now was sent to us by kelly king. so rouhnavaz and his friend mitchell solomon were watching too. "we were sitting on the balcony at figi and we heard a loud clap it sounded like something just fell. we realized it was like an engine burst and when we looked up there was a plane that was just free falling for a second then popped a parachute." rouhnavaz says both of them were in disbelief. they immediately grabbed their phones to take video and called police. "we were sitting right next to each other and our initial reaction we were just so shocked we didn't know what to think and like you said you don't see that type of thing everyday so immediately we got our phones out and we started recording." solomon says when they plane reached the ground everyone was hoping the passengers on the plane were okay. "we were all shocked we were all
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on."he says there was a huge feeling of relief all around when they found everyone made it out alive. "it wasn't even like real cause you don't see that every day, you know." investigators say the plane lost oil pressure immediately after taking off from bentonville municipal airport. the pilot, co-pilot, and a passenger were treated for minor injuries-- along with the driver of a truck that was hit when the plane came down. after months of speculation... amazon's first brick-and-mortar store became a reality in seattle, washington today. mosely says: 'i'm happy that they're brick and mortar. i'm an old fashioned person. i like e-books. but i also like paper books.' people lined up to get inside the new amazon bookstore. customers can buy books and also test out amazon devices like the kindle, echo, fire tv and fire tablet. amazon is calling the store a physical extension of amazon-dot-com.... with the same prices found online. books for the store are selected based on customer ratings, pre-orders, sales and popularity on goodreads and amazon's website for book lovers.
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we are getting a look at the sun, like never before. this is ultra high definition video of the sun. nasa's solar dynamics observatory captured these images using wavelengths invisible to the human eye. it shows the sun's rotation, solar flares and more... nasa is looking for a few good men and wome.. to launch a new space career. charles bolden/nasa administrator: "i'm charlie bolden. nasa is on a journey to mars, and we're recruiting the next generation of space pioneers. think you've got what it takes? we want you to apply for nasa's astronaut program." nasa went into more detail on instagram and twitter with the hashtag "be an astronaut." the agency says it selects qualified astronaut candidates from what it calls a "diverse pool of u-s citizens with a wide variety of backgrounds." applications will be accepted from december 14th through mid- february. nasa is expected to announce its newest astronaut candidates
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this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 ad lib weather toss back and
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after roy williams talks many of our best high school basketball players into leaving iowa, he does something really cool. he brings them back. marcus paige's homecoming just got spoiled. or at least
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diminished. paige broke a bone in his hand. he'll miss up to a month. paige and #1 north carolina play at northern iowa november 21st. paige played high school ball at linn- mar. he's pre-season all-america. the broken bone is in paige's non- shooting hand. paige tweeted, "i'll be back soon, no worries. i appreciate all the support!" the high school football playoffs reach the quarterfinal stage friday, and pella dutch fans want answers. pella is ranked #1, and the defending class 3-a state champion. but the undefeated dutch must travel all the way to 9 and 2 davenport assumption. dallas center grimes and norwalk are both 2-seeds, and both have 1 loss, so why not send one of them to davenport, and the other to pella? we asked the iowa high school atletic association: it all comes down to travel time
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and gas money. pella to davenport is 149 miles. grimes to davenport, 175 miles. norwalk to davenport, 182 miles. so the reason undefeated pella drives to davenport is proximity. once paired, it comes down to alphabet, and this year, assumption's "a" trumps pella's "p". another gripe, number 1 albia playing 2nd ranked south tama. first, rankings do not matter to the association. it's district record and geography. so again, distance. tama to albia: 79 miles. the 2 other possible teams, anamosa and mount vernon. mount vernon to albia: 133 miles. anamosa to albia: 149 miles. iowa state's mike warren is the most productive freshman running back in america. he's also from lawton, oklahoma. so how did the sooners miss this guy? warren needs 46 yards at
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nothing comes easily in norman for isu. the cyclones are 4 touchdown underdogs. next for iowa: the indiana hoosiers. a team that can score on anyone, and can't stop anyone. 8 and oh hawkeyes at 4-4 indiana saturday. channel 13's michael admire will be there. fred hoiberg played ten years in the nba, so he knows about off nights. and last night he experienced his first as bulls head coach. with michael jordan courtside, the hornets blew out the bulls. chicago trailed by 18 points after one, and lost by 25.
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dear future, sailed through that diaper stage, learned to walk, and i'm reading like a third-grader. but now it's time to go out into the world. and from what i hear, it's not all toys and games out there.
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will you look out for me, future?
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before we go... a die-hard new york mets fan gets a world series champs tattoo...before the series even began. "as the tattoo was being finished they're already down a run from the inside the parker. so that hurt the ribs a little extra." on a whim, josh davis decided to go all in on his love for the mets-during a tattoo appointment last week. his tat has a mets logo, and reads world champs, 20-15. but the
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to kansas city. josh's best friend shared a picture of the tattoo on social media, which to no surprise, quickly went viral josh says this 300-dollar symbol of what could have been serves as a reminder of a great season. "it was a quick decision but after the fact i'm looking at all the positive aspects i don't regret it at all i think it's awesome." the tattoo artists said the two joked about ways to cover it up... in the event of a mets loss...
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