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tv   13 News at Nine on FOX 17  FOX  February 11, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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johnston... how the city is turning an eyesore into a crown jewel protecting students... lawmakers are also discussing a bill that would protect students who've suffered a concussion. why some athletic departments have reservations about it. from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 good evening. i'm lynn melling. thank you for joining us tonight. the des moines metro is experiencing rapid growth and bringing new developments along has been targeting an area along merle hay road for years as a destination spot but a vacant lot has been a thorn in its side... justin surrency explains why city leaders say johnston will wings... to say the old north end diner and attached hotel in johnston have lost their luster is an understatement... "you see across the street a that's falling apart,
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community and an eyesore for our customers to see it across the street."in 2013 a city leaders initiated a new vision for the merle hay road gateway, with advancements such as a 6 million dollar expansion of the lithia motors campus... "we are so close to the interestate here with easy access. you can get on and off." "we've got a beautiful new business that we've invested in."but mayor paula dierenfield says the buildings, which have been vacant since 2009 are holding the entire city of johnston from its full potential... "we really couldn't get people interested in the redevelopment in this area. it was a real impediment for developers to even consider took seven years and lengthy conversations.... "i believe the property owner finally took a look at the condition of the facility and realized it couldn't be rehabilitated. but the city struck a deal with the site's ownership at metro lodging l.c... "i think he realized that if he demolished the hotel, it might make it easier for him to sell the property for another
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won't force resident's to shoulder the load... "demolition is being done by the property owner so that is being done at no cost the property tax owners here in johnston..." "we believe there's a real opportunity to develop it into some sort of a destination retail or convention residents and local businesses are just happy to see progress... "developers will take more interest in it and once we get something happening here, i just see it way up the road..." "it's all about our community, it's all about our business and future." landscaping improvements next to the demolition site to improve visibilty and access
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beaver creek and the city's parks and trail network... a bill meant to better protect athletes who've suffered the iowa senate. the bill proposes there be an every varsity level football games, and wrestling and soccer matches. trainers would be required to evaluate injured players then sign off before those players are allowed back in to compete. senator tod bowman is backing the bill 402212 - can they afford not to do it, can they afford not to have this as a liability out there that might happen if they dont have a health care professional there - sen. tom bowman jackson co. metro athletic departments like the idea but are worried about cost and if there are enough trainers to be at multiple events at once. valley high school's athletic department is already paying 18 - thousand dollars a year for two trainers. 182410 -this new rule makes it that you might have to have 4 - 5 venues covered at one time butt & cover 195014- unfortunately when
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on us but doesnt fund it. we have to cut something else, take away from something else the bill will move on to committee next week.. a bill aimed at better regulations for automated traffic cameras made it out of committee today... the bill would require the iowa department of transportation to calibrate and certify the camera systems... the process would need to comply with national and federal guidelines. the bill shifts the responsibility from the manufacturer to state. lawmakers say this bill will assure iowans that traffic cameras in different cities will be regulated the same way. one thing weve been trying to do in alleviating that concern and lack of confidence with the general public is make sure we have proper regulations that are governing our automated traffic enforcement systems. the bill passed 18 to two and will now move onto the house floor for debate. the missouri state trooper accused of manslaughter in the death of an iowa man on the lake of the ozarks was back in court today.
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his arraignment on a manslaughter charge today in morgan county, missouri. he is accused of improperly placing a life vest on brandon ellingson during an arrest in may 2014. ellingson fell from piercy's boat and drowned. piercy is free on bond. no trial date has been set. another cold day ... and another round of snow today.. but some relief is on the way.. meteorologist brett mcintyre has details..
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valentine's day is just three people gift. "i've got to get out and get a card. i better unless i can ones." jerry and jean killion have been married for 65 years. they tied the knot when they were 21 years old. they raised four boys and now live in deerfield retirement community in urbandale. they have advice for young couples. @54:00 "with raising a family, you don't sweat the small stuff, which you forget sometimes. and, then really after a while, it's not that important." @53:03 "you thank our lord for the blessings that you have. there's got to be some potholes, you know, and you just have to work your way through 'em. there's no utopia." the killions say they will likely go-out to dinner to
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there's still much more to come tonight.... coming up at 9-30 -- major breakthrough.. the scientific discovery of historical significance.. the first real proof of a theory predicted by einstein a century ago.. and what it means for the future of science.. but first... the stakes are high in tonight's democratic debate after bernie sanders' win in new hampshire.. the latest from milwaukee... from who h-d iowa's high definition're watching the
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hillary clinton built one of the best- organized campaigns in history -- and so far, she has one narrow win and one blowout loss to show for it. now senator bernie sanders has proven he's a serious threat to clinton's bid for the democratic nomination... since winning new hampshire, sanders' campaign says it has raised more than $7.1 million dollars. but it isn't about money tonight as the two go head-to-head in milwaukee first up was sanders... he was asked how much larger the
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sanders presidency... to put that... ...tuition free the debate got heated at times... including this moment when clinton defended the affordable care act...
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the debate goes until ten o'clock... ...proposing
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despite deep admiration for the bush family in south carolina - some folks are looking to donald trump as the candidate to shake things up. bush will be joined on the trail by his brother - the former president next week. something a much more aggressive marco rubio has top of mind. he managed to both praise and pummel the bush family in one sentence today. rubio says: "i am an incredible admirer of him and his family. i thank god that george w. bush was president of the united states instead of al gore on september 11, 2001. but jeb, governor bush, has no foreign policy experience." ted cruz and donald trump were both absent from south carolina
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we saw a brief moment of sunshine this morning, but the next system is moving in quickly. we'll see an increase in cloud cover over the next several hours and a chance for light snow as your are driving home tonight. the main path will move right through central iowa which will bring snow totals to around an inch by late tonight. not a huge amount, but still enough to create some issues on the roads. high pressure will move into
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surge of cold air to start the weekend. we won't make it up much higher than the middle to upper teens for both friday and saturday before we start to see it warm back up. a bigger system is expected to move in expected to bring higher snow totals. we will continue to update you on the latest track of this storm throughout the
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coming up -- how much morgan stanley must fork over for its role in the collapse of the housing market. st -- business report.. who's up and who's down on the new york stock exchange. and just how low oil prices have
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full of flavorful nutrients, and that comes through in the fish. this is the way we ship it to your restaurants. it's not pre-breaded. so not only do we use the highest quality cod, but we still hand-batter it the old-fashioned way. that's remarkable. and we think we get the best fish filet sandwich because of that. this is the best fish sandwich in america. "welcome to delicious!" welcome back. stocks on wall street extend their losing streak to five days. ashley webster has more from the floor of new york stock exchange. a global market rout is being felt here on wall street as investors worry about the economy both here and overseas. at the closing bell the dow off 254 points to close at 15,660. the s & p losing 22 to finish at 1,829. the nasdaq also down 17 points at 4,266 crude oil fell to the lowest level in
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$26-21 a barrel on weak demand and a glut of supply. and as oil sinks the price of gold has jumped as a safe haven. gold gaining more than 50 bucks today to close at $1,247 that's the highest level in a year. as for the individual stocks - shares of internet music streaming company pandora jumping 11% before the closing bell on a report that it is looking for a buyer. pandora's membership peaking in 2014 elsewhere tripadvisor saw its stock gain 14% on better than expected profit and revenue in the last quarter and citing a healthy demand in the travel reservations business, shares of has been the new york stock exchange i'm ashley webster for the fox business network. morgan stanley has agreed to pay 3- point-2 billion dollars for its role
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that crisis led to the 2008 recession. the deal includes a federal penalty of 2-point-6 billion and a settlement of 550 million-dollars for the state of new york. the results are the work of a coalition of state and federal prosecutors... which has previously announced settlements of 16- point-65 billion from bank of america, 13 billion from jpmorgan chase and 7 billion from citigroup. there's still much more to come in the next half-hour... just ahead -- hope for peace.. reports tonight of a peace deal in syria.. when humanitarian aid may reach people trapped inside the war-torn nation.. and how soon a cease fire may be
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occupation over.. the remaining members of a group that seized a wildlife refuge in oregon have surrendered..
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growing tension on the korean peninsula.. the fallout.. following a rocket launch by pyongyang on sunday.. and kim jong un's latest show of power.. major breakthrough.. the scientific discovery of historical significance.. the first real proof of a theory predicted by einstein a century ago.. and what it means for the future of science.. from who h-d iowa's high channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 some promising news out of europe tonight.. where international leaders announced they've in syria.. hope is growing for peace in been embroiled in a five-year civil war. late this evneing.. secretary of state powers have agreed to a ceasefire -- and to provide immediate aid to the country. kerry told reporters in germany that diplomats are hoping the ceasefire can be fully implemented in just one week. however, the ceasefire does not
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operating in syria. north korean leader kim jong un has executed a senior military official.. for "factionalism, misuse of authority and corruption," that's according to a south korean government official with knowledge of north korean affairs.. his execution is the latest in a string of high-profile officials that have been purged in a dramatic fashion. meanwhile.. tensions between north korea and u-s ally south korea are heating up. pyongyang's recent rocket launch prompted the closure of an industrial park run by both countries, which are technically still at war with one another. greg palkot has more. one of the last sources of cooperation between north and south korea now shut down. all south koreans working at a jointly run factory park in the north leaving the facility. seoul suspending operations there wednesday, a move pyongyang calls a "declaration of war." hong says: "..our government decided to completely suspend the
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complex to stop funds for the industrial complex from being used for development of north korea's missile and nuclear weapons program." kaesong shuttered following pyongyang's long-range rocket launch on sunday. the rocket carrying a satellite into orbit, but, it's being widely seen as a ballistic missile test. north korea also conducting it's fourth nuclear test last month. u-s intelligence officials calling the north's activities a continuing threat to national security. clapper says: "..pyongyang continues to produce fissile material and develop a submarine-launched ballistic missile. it is also committed to developing a long- range nuclear-armed missile that's capable of posing a direct threat to the united states." the senate taking action... unanimously voting to levy more sanctions on the north. lawmakers in the house passing a similar bill last month and this amended legislation now returns to them for final consideration. klobuchar says: "..we must take strong action to curb north korea's nuclear program and address the other threats that it poses to the u.s.
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the u-s is not the only country looking to put sanctions on the north. japan is looking at new restrictions on pyongyang after sunday's rocket launch. news. after more than forty days... tonight the standoff at a oregon is over. the fbi says - quote - "no one was injured, and no shots were fired". oregon. after nearly six weeks.... the last four occupiers of this national wildlife refuge in burns, oregon...are now in federal law enforcement custody... surrendering today without incident... bretzing says: "our goal has been to end this illegal occupation peacefully. and we are grateful that we were able to do so today." bretzing says: "and anybody who travels to oregon with the intent of breaking the law will be held accountable and will be arrested." federal agents moved in and surrounded them at the malheur national wildlife refuge wednesday night... a heated telephone call with
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r ahue dersndingof how the universe works... because gravitational waves source, the ability to detect them will allow researchers to study disfeatures of the universe... including the edges - and evnalyth flkhoslio start aew era in astrophysics. reitze says: "galileo turned a telescope to the sky and opened the era of
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astronomy. i think we're doing something equally important here today the two ligo detectors are in usia igo stte... os o herfnng comes from the national science foundation - an denn ornen gnc. in new york, julie banderas, fox news scttkeli omnhome from space after the longest stint in oritofanaroat in american history. damaes3 ays since astronaut kelly and his crew launched from kazakhstan to the international space station. d h arer... 500 days in space! this latest mission was designed to research the effects of long term spac aelotehuan body. today cnn asked him how the earth loos o: el, c, needing imoee? e' is response: ertain parts of the world at
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them, or other weather conditions. when you lok att tmosere, i wouldn't say it looks, the thin veil of the atmosphere on the limb of the rh,iod'sy it looks unhealthy but it fragile, and just kinda like this thin film so it definitely need to te r . kelly is part of a twin study. mark el, ehbn gbbe giffords -- remains on earth. researchers are studying the twins to determine how aging takes place
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this is the channel 13 news at
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we saw a brief moment of next system is moving in quickly. we'll see an next several hours and a chance for home tonight. the main path will move right through central iowa which will bring snow totals to around an inch by late tonight. not a huge amount, but
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issues on the roads. high pressure will move into place by friday afternoon, which will bring a surge of cold air to start the weekend. we won't make it up much higher than the middle to upper teens for both friday and saturday before we start to see it warm back up. a bigger system is expected to move in for early sunday which is expected to bring higher snow totals. we will continue to update you on the latest track of this storm throughout the
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the hawkeyes haven't won an outright big ten title since 1970. they last shared the trophy in
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a win tonight at indiana, and iowa feels good about ending that drought. place is bumpin' indiana comes out firing, nick zeisloft buries the three it's 30-17. jarrod uthoff comes right back, three ball good, 30-20 uthoff with 11 first half points. hoosiers red hot, collin hartman blows the lid off the hall... indiana up by 18. fran mccaffery not pleased. huge stretch by iowa. peter jok shoots the hawkeyes right back in the game. his first three is on target. more from jok. it's only an 8-point game. game tonight. more from jok. it's only an 8-point game. here's why it's such a pivotal
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iowa alone at the top. a win, and it stays that way. a loss, and suddenly maryland and indiana grab a seat next to iowa. hawkeye women lost at home to #6 ohio state, 98-81, the final. last night, when monte morris found deonte burton, and burton dunked on texas tech, the cylones looked well on their way to a win, up nine. iowa state would lose in overtime. anything that could go wrong, did.
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cyclones need this one saturday night. the longhorns have moved ahead of isu cyclones need this one saturday night. the longhorns have moved
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i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for honeysuckle white . we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) honeysuckle white . no growth-promoting antibiotics,
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before we go tonight... penguins at the london zoo are celebrating valentine's day just like the rest of us. the penguins getting a treat of their favorite fish served in a heart-
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breeding season at the zoo's colony of humboldt penguins as they start picking their nest mates. matyasova says: "so what we did we actually made heart-shaped fish ice blocks for the penguins and it's kind of a fun way that we start of the breeding season for them. they are always interested in new things coming into their enclosure and if you give them fish ice blocks they're really really interested in it, they play with it in the water." king and emperor penguins lay only one egg. all other species of penguin lay
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thanks for joining us. have
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hi. today's special is clam chowder, and today's advice is don't eat it. do you have eggs benedict cumberbatch?
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you are really killing it tonight, mary, and leaving no evidence. [laughter] we're coming from sherlock-con. it's like comic-con, but for sherlock holmes fans. so it's way cooler. excuse me for a sec. there's another waitress here who is gonna be a big fan of all of this. you're welcome for what i'm about to show you. look, guess what they are. time-traveling lesbians. we're not lesbians. i am. what is this? what just let out? a sale at the burlington coat factory? they're sherlock holmes super-fans coming from a convention, which means there are a lot of cats home alone right now. well, i'd say the only mystery is who here gets laid the least. hello. cracked it, watson.


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