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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  January 7, 2016 1:35am-2:05am MST

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hospitals. one patient said he kissed her and touched her in 2013. an investigation revealed nine other reports of sexual assault. more was arrested last month. and also suspended from medical center in thornton. now his license has been suspended. >> . in southwest denver. tkuszens of people woke up this morning to find their windows on their cars shattered. police say about 30 vehicles were damaged. by a bb gun or pellet gun. most on south knox court. and west els worth avenue. one victim speaking about the rash of vandalism. >> . what can you think. you can get upset. and you just. what can you do. >> silver of gold is the 1990 model chevy blazer. in connection with with the
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>> . we told you about this set of twins. one has severe epilepsy. the other danced to raise money to buy his hash oil for treatment. >> . thanks to your generous. the family got a year supply of the medicine. less than 24 hours after the story aired.
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he goes through so much. physically. as far as pain. depression. >> he hit a low point. this fall. >> . i notice a huge decline. he was not as active anymore. he was wasn't vocalizing. wasn't able to help me play instruments. >> . doctors gave him a grim prognosis. >> . we'll keep him around to keep basically. he's not going to make it. >> . his twin brother took their love of music to the 16 street mall. in denver. dancing to raise money for the only thing they hadn't tried. expensive hafrb hash oil. thanks to the problem solver viewers. he has now been on it for 7 weeks. >> i was skeptical. when i first heard about it. but this works. my son is getting better. >> >> he is now vocalizing. smiling.
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>> he's coming back. to pwho who he is. who he likes to be. the happiness. >> music is therapy. it may also have saved his life. >> it took about 3 week to see change. guarantee. but mom is positive he will walk again some day. >> he's from utah. me made the video back in november. after he saw a commercial for the count down super-bowl contest. check out his reaction when he
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>> i have never seen peyton manning do that. >> . he gets two tickets to the game. and lots of folks to choose from. mom right there, she's the one going with him. >> . that is impressive.
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now. with this story we want to know two things. one was taxpayer money wasted. and were the elephants ever put at risk. >> . oh to be an elephant.
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how they walk. you just can't help but watch. >> it's what they have been drinking at the denver zoo. that has them in the news today. >> . we contacted u.s. da and made a decision to switch our drinking >> . denver zoo tells us the zoo has stopped giving the animals recycled water. that is the type of water that's been filtered. but can originate from a toilet. the federal government nor years has said it shouldn't be given to animals. >> . were they in any danger ever. >> . absolutely not. >> . zoo vets have repeatedly said it's safe. however. after reports trees and washington park were dying potentially because of recycled they made a change. >> i'm thrilled. >> . zoo watchdog is thrilled. she's been questioning the water safety for months. wasted. to set up the program in the first place. the project cost 20 thousand dollars.
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this in his upcoming audit. >> animals are still allowed to bathe in it. they just can't drink it. >> nobody wants to drink their bath water. you can understand. >> . or toilet water.
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>> they were big big christmas gifts. and drones are still flying off the shelves. >> . renters in denver are getting younger and paying more. >> mike bar here with news effecting your money. >> . the national multifamily housing counsel is out with new stats. when it comes to renting here in denver. a lot changed. in the past few years. >> also renters are getting younger. one other note. denver renters were likely to own a pet. in favored fireplaces as desired amenity. >> . >> >> cut 6 hundred back office positions and close the st. louis based call center. that employs 750 people.
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drones have registered more than 180 thousand of the aircraft in the past two weeks. >> >> >> all right. just to point out a wider view. there's denver. colorado. already have snow out west. snow coming up to the south. this is the first storm. a little too far south to give denver a lot of snow. you will find snow early tomorrow. and again late. that's the later storm. that is this one. and it's a bigger one. coming up and out of california. and i think it's that one that
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night and friday to give us a shot of snow. >> . humidity 75 percent. 27 keensburg. freezing in boulder. 18 tkwraoe greeley. 27 castle rock. >> . across the state. still seeing mainly 20s in the colorado mountains. hanging at freezing in montrose. and a few temperatures just above freezing there on the south and east. >> it bringing in snow at start of the morning commute. keeps it around through lunch. it's this second storm here. that really starts to blanket i 25. denver. the front range. with a good shot of snow. that's the leading edge of the second one. that's a leading edge that will take us into the deeper snow tomorrow. and into your friday. and of course i have a accumulations for you. coming up. when we get to ten o'clock. 2e6r7 temperatures tomorrow start to tail off. 20s and 30s in the mountains. colder 30s here.
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in the morning. you'll have light snow. it may let up for a period. only to return later in the day. and when it returns it will get widespread. you can see the temperatures were cold. pretty much all day long. kedz in in the morning. kids in the morning only in the low 20s. nfl. we'll have that coming up.
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>> it's a nice accolade or award. but. i think the biggest thing is continuing to focus on the task at hand here. and like i said. put it on the back burner until the time comes. and go enjoy it. >> matt duchene. 24 year-old forward. selected to his second career nhl all star game. you heard him. it's a nice honor. to represent the organization. but in the meantime. he has more work to do. avs hosting the blues at home. >> last check.
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we'll keep you posted. >> . nuggets on the road tonight. >> . facing minnesota. coming in. just as bad here recently. they have lost 15 of last 19. >> denver up 3. final score. final sebgtds of the game. final seconds of the game. they clamp down on defense. they get the win. >> . college hoops. colorado state looking for the first conference win.
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>> rams trail by 3. with under two minutes to go. >> . rams trying to come back and make game late. >> . broncos on the post season buy week. but they do return to the practice field tomorrow. certainly possibility of a big news day at team headquarters. the team they'll have to announce who's going to play quarter back. keep it tuned. and throughout the day tomorrow. for any new developments. >> . as for news today. there's some. broncos running back hillman. named the offensive player of the week. rushed for a season high 117 yards in sunday's win. >> . a bit of a sphraoeuz today. buccaneers. firing head coach. smith went 6 and ten last season. with rookie quarter back. at the helm. 8 and 24 over two seasons. with the team. >> two more players headed to the baseball hall of fame. the kid. receiving the highest voting
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>> joining jr. power hitting catcher. received 83 percent. that gets him in this time around. >> the whole coors field thing. is a big tkeut remit detriment
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>> . if it's me. they'll name peyton manning to quarter back.
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i hope you're live from downtown denver at january 6 another glorious day we get your forecast coming up for making things up right now that disney academy were
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ladies and gentlemen we are the president of the united states live on the shelf in our studio hail the guy that saved the entire planet man kind mankind word should have new meaning for all of us today this gives me chills up every time he puts on a leather jacket lets do this about the about to about the poll of my favorite actors legendary writer-director he's going to live on or so talking about these denver projects later in the hour cathy and i were filling with a lot of metal a lot of liquids and that we go to the tsa the friendliest people in town are they town are they listed to further what he
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says his tenure of daughter got a pat down all because of the juice a juice box here's the video he recorded her that she sponsored carry-on luggage to dad says the agent in sedona inappropriate and the family was pulled aside and delayed by over an hour all because of a juice box using tsa went to far your delayed an hour over at the present and my beloved access and let's be honest because i was in the suitcase they wanted or nothing was going on what he considered a pat her down like this i will say this all say it again the tsa agents are the finest i've encountered they are there to keep me safe under they do whatever they want me to do because they while my plane to stay in the air you might present you got me to my 10-gallon jug of dignity do it
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place and stop place in some music purse i do wonder sometimes if people are itching for a fight oneida started as a the video there are those people we don't know if this dad was one of them the the on the other side was the report that said the tsa like missed 90 percent of the bad things that went they stopped down to they stepped out of the capri said that the government through that again your priorities straight there they are to keep us safe anyway another big story after the show cap in a way to lunch and i'm pain all right no extra charge for the e. coli where e. coli where we go with chipotle on no unknown is my question is chipotle done in all the recent virus outbreaks and and now it's
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california subpoenaed documents of the company by questions uses a compass cannot send our stock of value is likely to go down down would you still eat their you know it to me to blow away is like crack eventually go back and it is just so good because i was worried when the breakout have been writing and in a drive-by new-line exactly so yes of course i have been back to list it as they added the case that case so i would never go back i mean they own it and i'm not in a stop to the rest of us to buy some they do need a total opponent to do some dramatic as people are running away from them after bring folks back to the restaurant when he said he buying a heard him say that
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