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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  January 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:29pm MST

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tph-d to examine the extent of the structural dage to the building. no word yet on whether the driver will be charged. >> . the call came in around 12:45. investigators say 3 people were inside the mobile home at the time. wub neighbor who didn't want to be notified. says she heard a loud pop. came outside and saw this. >> i could see there was smoke.
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firefighters were there. and it was in flames. >> >> that woman was taken to the hospital. she's being traoes treated for smoke inhalation. injuries. their conditions. there's a school down the street. they were notified. but there were no issues. >> the investigation is on ongoing. anyone with information is asked to come forward. >> colorado state patrol launching a pilot program. to test drivers who maybe under under the influence of marijuana.
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the five devices that are being tested statewide. tonight. we take a closer look at the future technology. to catch drivers beyond what troopers are already doing. >> sneak peek of today. the patrol is testing technology. using a saliva device. we visited a local lab. that's trying to create a marijuana breast breathalyzer. experts say it could be ready in 3 to five years.
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additional evidence. on the side of the road. >> which is why major says the kro r state patrol began a pilot program last pho r. 125 state troopers statewide. are using one of five different testers. i tried one out. swabbing the inside of my cheek which is then placed in a device that can detect multiple drugs. within five minutes. >> . it would confirm or deny the officers investigation. that the suspect would be under
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>> it provides instant feet to the officer. so. within a matter of seconds. they can get an accurate determination of blood alcohol content. but not a! ( technology only detects it from smoke. not an ed edible. >> . if devices perfected. the oral fluid device or a marijuana breathalyzer. life like technology says it could be worth millions. for the vendor. >> . a colorado man is facing several charges after police say he traveled out of state. to meet up with a teenage girl he met online.
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authorities say 29 year-old smith traveled from aurora. to new london connecticut. where he was found with the 13 year-old girl. at a holiday in. investigators say he met the girl on the app. kick. and planned to bring her back to colorado with him. >> >> these ten men have been charged with sex trafficking. in connection with with a an under cover sting. charges include attempted trafficking of a minor. for sexual serve servitude. and attempted sexual assault >> remembering one of the parker teenagers who died after falling through ice. friends and family of patrick lance took time to honor his life. during the funeral today. >> . it comes one day after the second teen suck comed
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>> . cold days like this morning. you would be breaking the law if you did it by leaving it alone. dozens of people learned that the hard way today. in aurora. >> . officers executed a city wide puffer operation.
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>> she takes the keys. >> you saw today. how easy is it. to take a vehicle that's running. >> i took the keys out of a car. that was unattended and nobody saw 34e me. >> the penalty is a ticket. even for this driver. who had his car doors locked. but the keys in the ignition. >> i have a spare key. but they can break a window. and get in. >> during the operation, the officer came across the vehicle. which looks like a puffer. but it's not. because the owner started it remotely. has the key with him. and the doors are locked. >> police say if someone puts a row mote started car in gear. it kills the engine.
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to get away. >> . drivers will thank her that they're keeping an eye on their cars. >> sometimes you she has to remind them. it's better to get a ticket. than a thief swipe their vehicle. >> >> and his wife were confronted by two men. coming in their front door.
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he was here to collect. >> he realized there was trouble. >> police say the two guys were able to get into the home. because of a critical mistake made by the homeowner. last friday, he left his gmc suv in his driveway. running. it was a puffer. it had the keys in it. and it was stolen. >> the suv and everything inside hadn't been seen since. until the suspects used the suv keys this morning. >> you never think they come back. now they do. >> . quick thinking. sam's wife grabbed wub of one of the 179s arms and sam jumped on top. the other guy took off down the street. >> these guys really came back. >> they opened our 1246789 fortune fortunately. they were not hurt. and the didn't lose anything. but both learned an important lesson. >> don't leave your car unattended. don't puff your car. it's not a good idea.
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>> so far police are still searching for the sebgtd second suspect. and the suv. >> . >> the broncos are on the road to the championship. and they have at least one celebrity who's falling closely. take a look. kate hudson showing off her temporary broncos tattoo. she says she's a huge fan of peyton manning and brady. so when they play each other she feels con conflicted but says she will be cheering on the
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>> the other big talker today. from the broncos patriots game. the net work today raoe leasing their audio of the words exchanged between peyton manning. and brady. the audio is garble. take a listen. >> . saying quote listen this might be my last rodeo. it sure has been a pleasure. end quote. the idea of the 18 year vet calling it quits not new. but it does put a little more
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>> >> will it in fact be his last year. win. >> reminder we'll be right there with the team the whole way. providing live coverage. starting on sunday.
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this is violet. she's been waiting for
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a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today. >> the broncos making a fashion decision. on the road to the championship. in case you haven't heard the teams decided to wear white uniforms instead of orange. it has all the fans talking. >> why the broncos chose their visiting team colors.
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>> back in the day. it was the orange crush. now. it's united in orange. and for super bowl 50, it's united in, white. >> tpablgt is the broncos chose to wear their visiting team colors when they meet up with the panthers in super bowl 50. >> it's a good decision. >> white isn't even a color. why would the broncos choose white. over our beloved orange. for this the game of games. >> i think the decision to go with a color that is perceived to be better. okay. it's a great decision. >> . doctor rick sports psychologist. and former denver bronco. >> knows the effects of color. >> you can see the different colors flashing through there. to change the moods. it effects mood. performance. >> for example. red can raise blood pressure.
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>> green is calm and clear. >> the broken koes are 0 and 4 when they wear orange. one and one in white. so. what color would you choose. >> it might be superstitious. go with white for sure. >> i'm okay with the decision. >> the decision was made out of superstition. >> . if the broncos wear orange and lose. the fans will see red. and not wear their orange. which would make everyone blue. >> now i have to go buy white for next week. >> . there it is. the broncos tweeting out this
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>> highlands ranch is still holding onto the 40s. as we check out the mountains.
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and dillen coming in at 20 aspen. hitting 28 in eagle. and take you across the eastern plains. sitting at 37. in burlington. >> we have one system over the pa pacific northwest. that will continue to give us a chance to see a few scattered clouds tomorrow. i don't expect any pre-sip with that. we'll walk on through. we are looking at just a few scattered clouds arpb. most of them will be high clouds. for us. as we take it through the evening hours we still say high. and dry. we have high pressure building over us for the next few days. that will mean dry conditions for us. also a huge warm up. tomorrow morning still cold. 24 degrees. and as we take it through the day tomorrow, all right you're still cold in the mountains with the temperatures in the 20s. and 30s. as we check it out across the
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there's 52 for denver. a lot of 50s showing up. >> right on its tail. sunday we cool off a bit. a few snow showers then. the potential for a significant storm next week. something to watch. >> . something to watch. monday night and tuesday. >> uh-oh. got my attention. >> .
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a new recommendation for depression screenings for women. both during and after pregnancy.
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task force released an update today. to it offered in 2009. the panel says primary care doctors should screen women who are pregnant or recently given birth. these groups were not earlier included in recommendations. the task force also says everyone 18 and over should be screened at least once. estimated 7 percent of u.s. adults in the u.s. suffer from depression every year. >> . a warning for the federal trade commission. about credit repair scams. why two popular grocery stores are attracting new home buyers. >> >> they say if it looks too good to be true. it usually is. that's really the case with credit repair scam artists. out to get your money. the federal trade commission says while credit could counseling agencies can help you to improve your score. beware of companies that say you can increase your score over night. watch out if they want you to pay up front for s-frss.
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all the fast free shipping offered by amazon prime is paying off. nearly half of u.s. households now have prime. according to to a report from consumer intelligence. memberships in the u.s. jumped 35 percent last year. to 54 million. annual memberships cost 99 dollars. amazon projected to rake in about a hundred billion this year. >> . and here's your deal of the day. now is a good time to buy way. when you purchase 3 tkphraet greater than a dollar 29. you save five dollars off your
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>> >> thank you. >> growing desperation leads to fights among people in search of affordable housing. >> ahead, why hundred of people were turned away today. and who can help fill that huge need in the metro area.
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