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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  January 31, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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and doug beamish thanks for joining us. >> while it just started here. the mountains have been getting pounded most of the day. here's a live look at the vail pass. plenty of white we're seeing out there. we have team coverage of the storm rolling in. >> snow began in the mountains earlier this afternoon. right around noon or so. really spreading out around that i 70 corridor. eastbound. and once we got through the mid afternoon hours, luckily. just after the fan rally wrapd up. snow began around the metro area. since then a spread to the north and fort collins.
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pockets of heavier snow. towards the palmer divide. this is just the beginning. of what's going to to be a long stretch. that could last into tuesday morning. >> downtown denver. including the metro. and about 4 to 8 inches arbd around the mountains. by the time we wake upl
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this is going to be a monster storm. they want to have everyone out in full and/or force. we are it's just starting to flurry a bit. in the last few minutes. starting to pick up as we stand here. so far so good. out on the roads. of course that all going to change. we're expecting quite a few inches. year. to help you. if you have to drive in it. this is a little tool on colorado trip. in the state. so you can check if they have cleared the roads you need to
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>> some places are already on accident alert. tweets from aurora. tweeting about the winter storm warning and how they're going to hands -l it. the storm isn't just going to effect roads though. dia is getting ready too.
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>> 4:30. to nine tomorrow morning. >> . let's talk about football. the road to the championship getting real for the broncos. the team arriving in california. this afternoon. the plane was of course orange. on the side. as always. and touched down just about an hour ago. not before a big send off. awesome send off. best fans in the world. >> wide receiver posting this take off.
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we have team coverage of the broncos arrival in colorado. >> making their way to dia.
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in orange. logo. with the broncos logo on side. the plane flew in from houston this morning. it will stay in service for the rest of the week. such an exciting moment. >> live in california tonight. from the team hotel. >> just now starting to make the way from the hotel room. into the hotel lob be. you see here. a good of broncos fans on site. to support the team. a cool sight. players made the way spao the hotel room. we'll show you up there.
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>> >> couple mental notes. cowboy hat. a loud turquoise out fit. just some of the quick notes and observations i made. players certainly just excited as the broncos tphapbs fans here. to get this week started. again.
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>> . i like the shoes on the photograph of cam. >> those pants. it's circulating twitter a lot. >> today attorneys representing two motorcycle clubs believed to be involved are speaking out. and they're telling us what led to the deadly confrontation. yesterday. tonight. and what are we learning. >> denver shut tkoub the shut down the epbt today. as you can see by the lack of
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it's the contrast from yesterday. when people were scrambling for their lives. they were getting a better idea of what triggered the violence. >> iron a lot of members of the iron order club are with law enforcement. >> we haven't verified absolutely that law enforcement was part of one of the clubs. >> .
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they could be from other law enforcement agencies. >> . the fact of the matter. shot and killed a motorcycle club member. >> . lawyer who represents the. wouldn't identify the victim. but says iron order started both a verbal. then a physical altercation. >> . there was no need to pull out weapons. and escalate it just because you're losing a fistfight. >> . hr eft one man dead. left one man dead. and left in the jeopardy the future of a 38 year event. >> . the attorney representing says he has concerns denver police will be fair. because they are investigating a brother in blue. but again police haven't verified it was an officer that killed anyone.
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>> that's near capacity. with room for only r5 5 more. >> . we are here to rescue, rehab and find a forever home. so it's similar to a humane society. forfor horse. >> these beautiful creatures are far different than cats and dogs. >> they're expensive to feed. and care for. their life span can stretch 30 years. they try to educate the public about that.
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and that's really unfortunate. because they should be honored and cared for. >> it can mean heartbreak. especially knowing they can only help so many of the animals. so they're counting on you. to take a horse home. >> all kinds of horses can wind up in this situation. through no fault of their own. we have all breeds. ages sizes all ranges in training.
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>> roads are just wet at this point. temperatures around the freezing mark. we have had reports that have stated. we are noticing some black ice. in some spots. temperatures where numbers have fallen into the upper 20s. >> we see the snow shoot across the i 70 corridor. down to the palmer divide. deeper blues there. that signifies heavier snow. as you travel further south. now spreading into the fort collins area. towards cheyenne. and i 70 in the mountains have
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through -td the better part of the day. right around noon. roads already getting a little nasty out there. in the high country. this is just the beginning of the storm. notice it's well to the west. we zoom out. and show you that pacific storm is still right around california. it has to go through the great basin and 4 corners and will do so over the next 24 hours. notice by monday afternoon, or so. the photd els are putting it's perfect set up here. to wrap the moisture around the front side. and stack it across the mountains. you get the lift. the mountain lift there. and it helps generate the snowfall. and create even papbdz of heavy snow.
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we zoom in here on the metro area. closer look. at what we're expecting. eight o'clock tonight. a few breaks from time to time. with light to moderate snow. >> such a long period of time. could be really nasty. so not only do you want to wake up early tomorrow morning.
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as you're heading home from work. and again things begin to wind down. by tuesday afternoon. >> here are snowfall totals. any where from 8 to 14 inches around the metro. foothills and plains. could see as much as 18 down through the palmer divide. and a foot and a half maybe even more. in some mountain communities -fplts. >> winter storm warnings for 80 percent of the state. through tuesday afternoon. the winds are going to whip at times. which create low visibility
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>> cold and sunny. friday.
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong.
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enough talk. give us a plan. here's a question. are you still looking to get rid of your holiday fruitcake. >> . some folks have tpoubdz found a way to get rid of theirs.
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>> . we like to celebrate our silly. and so what the heck. let's have a fruitcake toss. >> this event has been a community tradition for more than 20 years.
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>> . the asked to bring a nonperishable food items o donate. >> that's cool. bring the police out and everything.
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