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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  February 25, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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taking students home. this afternoon. now according to to the cherry creek school district, staffers ats the school thought that they smelled booze on hobs. intoxication. he went on his way with the kids on the bus. staffers back at the school officials. after the driver made the one and only stop on the route. where all 30 kids got off the bus. par paramedics were called.
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intoxication either. but. when the sheriffs deputy office arrived they gave hobs a breathalyzer. as well as gave him a roadside maneuver test. and put him under arrest. the principal sent out a voice mail to notify parents. you can listen to part of it. >> >> now according to to the arapahoe county sheriff. the call came in as bus driver that was not responding to a raid radio call. once they made contact he under went the tests. deputies decided that hobs
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that time. they did arrest him. >> not before he fatally wounded corporal nate.
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he's being remembered for being far more than just a deputy. >> nearly 7 years i have been covering colorado small towns. what you see in situations like this is a real sense of community. he meant a lot. especially to the students who called him coach. >> people are still trying to comprehend. >> comprehension comes with question. and at the rustic station in bayly. there's one question everyone is asking. are you okay. >> . i think maybe third grade. >> having known nate since elementary. hunter says he is still trying to understand. >> it was weird. because he was such a big part. and most everyone's lives. even if you didn't know him you knew about him. >> someone who coached football and wrestling and played such an important role.
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>> employees have identified him. as the shooter. he's 38 years old. said to be a painter at excel. a maker of lawn care products. at that plant the shooting rampage ended. just hours ago. >> . we have handled it the best we could. >> frantic scene in the small town. people running to help the injured. police say the shooters rampage first began on the road. a person shot while driving. another vehicle hit with a bullet. the leg. the shooter taking off in that victims vehicle.
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>> we heard gunfire. and we just took our practice into place. >> one person shot in the parking lot of excel industry. >> other officers responding to that. we had a report of an active shooter. >> . sent scrambling for cover. >> taken to area hospitals. of course we'll keep you posted as this unfolds. latest updates tomorrow morning. on good day colorado.
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c-dot taking a big step. towards getting traffic along i 70 in western colorado back to normal. the highway now has one lane open in both directions. but. you can still expect delays through that area. because a pace car will guide traffic through there.
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>> the postal service tells us the injured mailman is resting comfortably. and grateful for the men assistance. even working on an official award for the elder watchdogs. >> as for the owner of the dogs. when she told us she was cited 6 times by police over the incident. told to keep the dogs quarantined for ten days.
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other issues tonight. got the candidates in a meeted moment. healthcare. immigration. and foreign policy. >> . democratic side of the race. clinton held a town hall in south carolina. tonight. two days before the states primary. here in colorado her campaign held an event with dozens of political leaders. who endorsed hilary clinton for the democratic nomination. >> sanders addressing the water crisis. he held a community forum with residents there. >> several homes and cars in vermont. under water tonight. deadly storms tear through the area. police worry ice jams could cause even more damage. the flooding comes after some 50 tornadoes touch down. from florida.
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virginia governor declaring a state of emergency. >> parents and students say they're shocked. >> >> if you have a pet. you know the stress and bad behavior.
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the vet. >> vets are making big changes to keep your pet calm.
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taking care of them is crucial. >> vets are taking steps to insure that our 4 legged friends are comforts -bl. when they come in for care. >> what's being done to pamper your pet. >> every pet owner knows that cry. going to the animal doctor is about as much fun as. >> well. going to the doctor. >> heart rate goes up. blood pressure goes up. pupils die late. palms sweat. >> . doctor has been practicing veterinarian medicine for 30 years. >> . i love my job. >> she's learned a lot in 3 decades.
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to communicate aggression to a dog. we loom over them. they are terrified. >> that's how vets have always done their exams. >> that was a ridiculous way for us too practice. we did it. because that's what we were taught. >> not anymore. up until now animal hospitals have been designed for humans. now architects are taking it down a notch. designing places from your pets perspective instead. she calls it a fear free experience. >> fear free medicine. taking pets, out of the word petrified. and separating those two concepts. we have a pet. who is happy. instead of a pet who is petrified about coming to see the vet. >> doctor has been putting this concept to work at her hospital for years now. >> thr
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stretching. no torture. >> . they see differently. hear differently. >> that is going to appear to the dog. like a glowing object. like you would look at it under a black light. >> making the standard lights and white lab coats seem pretty scary. >> we think about how a cat is experiencing something. or how a dog experiences something. we can manipulate the space. >> wow okay.
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is having a happy pet. >> 34 and eleven below. from 1974. # 33 and 35. the temperature at the airport. thanks to a swing in the wind. in the to the south and west. has gone up a couple degrees. 35 downtown. 30 in centennial. we have 32 in little ton. and 34 up in the thornton area. across the rest of the front range. uniform. with lots of 30s up and down i 25. you're at 34 as you make your way to boulder.
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and sprinkle in a few 20s. here's what's going to happen on our future cast. watch the clock. in the upper right hand corner. move. not much else does. we'll wake up with sunshine. one or two clouds down there. over the san juans. you might get a few high clouds. that will be about it. lows tonight under clear skies. going to be cold. we'll have 20s and 30s. most places below freezing. >> denver we're close. upper 50s across the metro. what a tkwraet great way to end friday. lots of sunshine. not much wind. and temperatures a good ten degrees above where we should be. so.
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we'll have temperatures right at about 26. by 9 a.m. we'll be at 38. on the way to 57. from there. to a windy 65. a good deal of sunshine saturday. i have taken the chance of the sprinkle or light shower. out of the forecast. on sunday. even though we have the cold front coming in. we drop to 56. 60 on monday. then a better cold front comes in monday night into tuesday. and with that we are expecting some snow showers. >> you'll notice the winds. maybe the 30, 35 miles per hour range. you'll notice. >> but 65 degrees. trade off.
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a big weekend of entertainment. >> it's off with their heads. at the ballet. cops and robbers at the box office. and a wild night of watching the oscars. >> i got your ticket. >> final rehearsal for colorado ballet. and their epic production of alice in wonder land. a beautiful stage show at. performances friday through sunday. snag your ticket. >> it's a different kaoeubd kind of fancy foot work. wwe road to wrestle mania. friday night at 7. tickets are available. >> let's not forget the oscars. >> no need to head to hollywood. i'm hosting the wildest watch party in town. sunday night. at uptown. food, drink. the show on a huge screen. and live entertainment during the commercials.
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>> . in theaters. it's the gritty drama. triple nine. the story of cops and cops gone bad. a criminal gang looking for the ultimate heist. well written. and great acting. >> . looking sharp tonight.
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every wonder what nature valley is made of? that's what we're made of. no artificial colors. no artificial flavors. no artificial sweeteners.
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and now introducing delicious biscuits with almond butter
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peyton manning gets more time. >> we're still going to give him that time. and let him enjoy the win. it's only two and a half weeks since we won. so. really want him to be able to enjoy that. give him that time. he deserves that. >> broncos have a lot of free agents they would like to resign. no question this guy at the top of the list. to get paid. von miller. still a likely candidate for the franchise tag. although elway saying today the two sides are already partaking in positive negotiations. so it koul mean maybe reports are out that a long term contract could be reached sooner than later. and give denver the chance to put the tag on someone else. >> say jackson. or o
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>> . colorado building up some nice momentum. before saturday's out door game. the stadium series game against the red wings at coors field. a big shoot out win against the sharks last night. matt duchene the game winner. still holding onto the eighth play off spot in the western conference. at least for now.
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fouler. resigns with the cubs. >> he was going to go to baltimore. but he's going back with the cubs. it's a nice resigning for chicago. >> he fits well there. >> i tphoeu tha eufr saying i know they're saying he
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we need to know by the ninth of the next month. i'm thinking early to middle next week. >> where's the money.
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>> it is the end of the road for colorado's contestant on the final season of american idol. she didn't get enough votes to
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>> >> she said during the process she would always stay true to herself. with her beyond the unique country folk blues music mix. she's now returning to her home in western colorado. >> good for her.
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is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined.
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and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president,
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