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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  February 28, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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>> thanks for staying with us. >> . 17 year-old suffered second and third degree burns. on his hands and leg. after a vaporizer battery caught on fire in his pocket thursday. >> we're live at swedish medical. with the story you'll see only here. >> it's going to be a long road to recovery. he's staying upbeat and using thisless lesson to help others. we warn you the pictures are graphic. >> lying in a hospital bed. 17 year-old is doing his best to remain positive. >> seeing your whole leg pussed out and all black doesn't make you feel good. >> covered in bandages. >> he's recovering from second
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>> whole left side of my thigh. all the way down. >> this is what his injuries looked like thursday. after a sraeu vaporizer battery exploded in his pocket. while at school. >> he was taken to the burn unit to recover. >> his injuries can be devastating. >> he sustained plastic and reconstructive surgeon. tells us. he's not alone in his injuries. >> in the past 6 months. we have seen an increase in a number of burn patients. as well as traumatic injury patients ins relation to electronic cigarettes and battery operated sraeu tor devices. >> . information his father says people and specifically teenagers need to know. >>
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>> police were called to this home. around 3 a.m. neighbors reported a large fire. the man was in the process of extracting marijuana concentrate with butane. he's been arrested. >> . authorities say butane is highly flammable and even a single spark can cause it to explode. >> a longmont man considered armed and dangerous. on the run tonight. after a violent kidnapping from
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now this afternoon police did spot 49 year-old richard muns truck. a half mile south of immediate high school. still no sign of the suspect. >> . >> it's a community on edge. and a woman fearing for her life. >> she was scared to death. >> around 6 last night. police say richard convince -td his estranged wife to meet him in the parking lot. he pulled up in the car she didn't recognize. then allegedly pulled her in. placed her in a head lock and sped away. her feet dangling out the door. >> the citizen saw this. heard the scream. and called for help. they were gone. >> . he took the woman to his mothers house. police say she dialed 911 as he dragged her inside. yard. >> the victim herself did a great job. she was thinking. >> the violence then escalated. the woman told police he pushed her and his own 74 year-old mother into a back bedroom.
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she told officers he was planning to kill them both. >> he had some sort of change of heart. and they were screaming. beg begging. telling him to stop. and he stopped. and made a statement. that i'm not going back to prison. i'm going to kill myself. and left. >> he hasn't been seen since. >> . worried he may strike again. if he isn't found soon. >> he had a plan. when they have a plan like that it really amps up the danger. >> if you see him. call police immediately. >> the small town of bailly will pay respects to fallen park county corporal. who died in a shoot out. trying to serve an eviction notice. he'll be laid to rest monday
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eleven a.m. at faith bible chapel. the address is on your screen. the service is open to public. >> . tonight the community continues to recover. from the terrible loss. they are turning to a higher
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>> turning to the news across america. the man accuse -dz of shooting 3 virginia police officers. one of them fatally. a day after she was sworn in as an officer. has been identified. police say 32 year-old ronald hamilton is a member of the arm. who works at the pentagon. he shot and killed 28 year-old officer. he's abgdz of accused of injuring two other officers. his wife called police to report a domestic incident. but by the time they got there she was dead. >> president obama will award the highest military honor to a navy seal who helped rescue a u.s. hostage in afghanistan. december of 2012. edward buyers jr. took part in a risky mission to save the doctor. kidnapped from the taliban.
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>> . buyers of thes second seal to burst into the hide out. to free the doctor. the first seal was killed. doctor joseph later said buyers gave him quote a second chance at life. buyers will be the eleventh living service member to receive the medal of honor. for actions in afghanistan. he's also the first service member to ever receive the medal for actions while serving with seal team 6. >> turning to the presidential election. two days out from super tuesday. a new poll shows tkopld trump is leading the polls in two key states. tennessee and georgia. while ted cruise is beating trump. in his home state of texas. meanwhile the wall street journal poll shows clinton is far ahadhead of sanders in those 3 states. >> eleven states will head to the polls on tuesday. and sanders still has time to catch up. he's making his final push right
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>> oscars awards just wrapping up. in hollywood. >> a look at the fashion.
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by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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absolutely star studded night. just ended in hollywood. with the conclusion of the 88 annual oscar awards. >> . live from the red carpet tonight. with all the excitement. and all the big moments. a few sphraoeuzs surprises tonight. >> . yeah. that's right. and what a night this has been. look at all the activity. around me. getting crowded out here. the home of the 88 annual oscars. the show is now over. all the major awards have been handed out. winners have their gold in hand. and as the show is winding down. the after parties are heating up. the stars are filing out. so pay close attention. you never know who may pass by. >> in addition to the big show. we cannot mention the oscars without also talking about the backdrop of controversy. everyone involved today the participants. the attentkaoes. the winners. and so forth. even the host. they abg acknowledge the controversy.
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with the most all the topics were discussed on the. take a listen. >> . it's not just the academy. it's the people who hire. it's the people who put movies who finance movies. maybe we'll see more asian actors. they are not represented any where. might be seeing more native american actors.
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>> best actress of the evening. we said. for her role in room. playing a young mother held captive. and repeatedly sexually abused. in a garden shed. she was the favorite to win. and she indeed did. and now best actor. leo. this is his first win. for best actor. after years of being nominated. and about 18 years after he exploded. as a pop culture phenomenon. in the movie of course titanic. and there was a titanic reunion on the carpet today. he embraced his costar. for some photo ops. this was a chance for him not
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thank his parents and friends. but also used his acceptance speech as a platform to talk about the issue of global warming. and the dire need for environmental responsibility. >> best picture. that was a surprise. spotlight. based on the the catholic church child sexual abuse scan doll. people thought it would be the rev nant. the director won best director for that movie. >> the upset was spotlight. >> 18 years.
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>> it parts of the high country. it was great day to get on slopes. breezy. especially east of city. 15. 20 miles per hour winds. out through the eastern plains. and still windy too. there in the eastern front range. i think winds will pick up a little bit. night. expected by tomorrow morning. things whipping around again. a cold front will come our way.
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>> still. 61 for that high. maybe a late day rain drop or two. ten maybe 20 percent chance you see it. that will transition to a couple light snow flakes early tuesday morning. no issues there. after ward. beautiful again. upper 50s low 60s. looks good. >> oscar worthy fore forecast.
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the oscars. up next award show no one wants to be a part of. >> the razzes. which movies and stars made the list of the worst movies of the year?
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>> taking a look at your money. disney is changing the price of tickets to disney lands and world. depending on the time of the year. a one day pass for most weekdays will drop to 95 bucks. most weekends and summer weeks will rise to 105. break weeks. the holidays and july weekends. will surge to 112 dollars. either way. >> not cheap. here's something that won't cost as much. in where your own backyard. >> off to the snow mobile capital of colorado. revving it up in grand lake. >> . tkpwrapbdz lake is the the only town in colorado.
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on a snow mobile. >> kinds of. is an urpd statement. for this adrenaline junk. putting the camera low to the ground. gives you a better idea of what it's like. the hum of the sled. the vibration. and the speed. >> the north supply access trail crosses the southwest corner of rocky mountain national park. for about two miles.
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with national forest hrapb. here's the view from after a quick break. time to rev it and go again. on straight aways. we get a chance to pick up a little speed. >> then we take a little detour. near supply creek. in the arapahoe national forest. the snow mobile steve. going all out. >> >> he pushed it to the limit all right. time for the rest of us to gun it through the powder field. >> . it's a hooting.
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the sound of the wind. the warmth of the sun. the smell of the earth. even the rumble of a tractor. we'd love to put all this inside every can of progresso soup. but since we can't bring you the entire farm, the least we can do is bring you the best, tastiest vegetables.
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>> from the best of hollywood. to the worst. 50 shades of tpwraeu is gray is the big winner. if you want to call it that. of the razz berry award. >> the celebrating the worst rate -td movies of the year. 50 shades of gray received five. at the show. including worst picture. worst actress. and worst actor. mark strongly disagrees with that. >> you were a big fan. >> yeah. >> . i kraepbt really add i can't really add to that.
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he deserved it. for sure. >> good night. >> . thank you for joining us.
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sund this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile.
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wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first


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