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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  February 29, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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says her sons and school bus driver wasn't paying attention during an attack that left this 11 -year-old boy unconscious school bus cameras cap the incident on video another mom is speaking exclusively to us sing the driver didn't notice anything that happened in our public schools refusing to release the video to us ashley michaels is in aurora the boy's mother says her son was sent home from school with a headache that day she didn't know it was a concussion and tell a week later that's when she first saw the video and rushed her son to the er - -dash she says everyone needs to see it to make buses safer all i remember was that my head getting slammed to the cme falling 11 -year-old clay hartley says he was knocked unconscious twice on the bus to school about a month ago when a bully attacked him we wrestled a little bit then he
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slamming my head into the seat the sixth-grader and nowhere ended up with a concussion his mum didn't know anything about later when the district showed her a video of the attack or dragging him to the back of the bus unconscious watches as it was hard to watch is what she didn't see that she's really upset about it was snippets so they cut and pasted what they wanted me to see and i was would like to school won't let her have a copy because of privacy laws had we go about getting the video to get a copy of it hardly wants to see it because she's not convinced the bus driver did anything to protect or help her son i don't know how long he was laying there we think the bus driver needs to pay more attention. >> yes. >> y. >> if he was paying attention this might not have happened
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that too but they responded in a statement saying quote student safety is a top priority and we learned of this incident we launched a full investigation we can assure you we take appropriate disciplinary action for the students involved but due to privacy laws cannot discuss details the video is a public record soapbox 31 investigators filed a quote request to get it that the colorado open records act district and has three days to respond to a request when denver firefighter was hurt while battling a grass fire firefighters were called to an area under the common ground golf course after 4:00 p.m. right on the border of a word in denver fire burned about two and a half acres before firefighters cut under control the injured firefighter suffered an ankle injury and expected to be okay we're still searching for a man injuring his wife police on
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this man is together found his car yesterday south of me in high school in one month that he was nowhere to be found they say he abducted his wife at the king supers parking on saturday and took her to her mother's house house there he forced about the women to a bedroom before taking off call police if you seen him turning to the presidential election tomorrow is super tuesday to voters in all of the states had to the polls all the way from vermont massachusetts to your colorado even outlasted all the states will be voting you should be the party's nomination for the presidential election the candidates are pulling out all the stops trying to get every vote some campaign events are turning heated. >> @donald trumps event the celebrity candidate was upstaged interrupted when a secret service agent grabbed the neck of a photographer and slammed into the ground inside the republican party a
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brewing with some refusing to support trumped even if he does win the nomination of record of over hillary clinton given what we do about donald trump i can't vote for that guy to does the two major party nominees and i certainly hope they're not the republican rift on full display what is trained to carry out is a scam to take control of office of the presidency of the united states at donald trump is the nominee hillary and all likelihood wins hillary clinton focusing her efforts on republicans instead of rival bernie sanders. >> at some point you can't just say whatever pops into your head if you want to be the president of the united states of america sanders is not giving up hope even though some of his supporters fear poor super tuesday showing make it a repairable dent in his campaign we can win the
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that happens there is nothing more that i would love to do >> colorado democrats are among those caucusing tomorrow night here's what you need to know if you're planning to participate in detail right by 7:00 p.m. for your votes to count to the party is encouraging people to her right by 630 to ensure there are any problems each meeting will last roughly two hours ago but for the party leadership at all levels from the local precinct to the president of the united states will have an account of the people who actually showed up and who showed up for hillary shut up for bernie publicans are caucusing tomorrow afternoon but they will were not be presidential vote for a complete super tuesday coverage we have updated results from across the country own night on tv also on our facebook twitter and that >> big political news in colorado to make the state's
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cynthia kaufman sided with issue the fight is ever the hospital provider fee they pay money every year based on the number of patients they treat last year the state raked in about $700 million today's decision means the democrats can use that money for no income health care even roads and bridges top republican and senate president bob kaplan knows it's unconstitutional voters and tax shares are looking to be protected from people that are willing to just take the money out of their pockets and spend it wherever they want while pertaining to solve their problems today's decision was a legal finding so lawmakers on both sides will have to keep wrangling over exactly how to use a provider fee money when it comes to the state budget the drivers into the hospital after being trapped in a truck dangling off by 25 the happened this morning driver's brother-in-law taws is a woman cut that driver off causing this word go off the interstate emergency crews quickly shut down all lanes and carefully remove the
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his life and of course like my brother family just so much stress anybody the driver of the truck was cited for careless driving for failing to maintain control police are still talking to witnesses to determine what caused the wreck nu at 10 colorado's national parks and landmarks attract a lot of visitors but there's also a historic please read place right along colfax avenue and liquid that's been overlooked and neglected and explained to an unlikely pair is working with the problem solvers to change it the next generation man our attention young lives in demand to be noticed remembered protected day after day his father is perl past generations cannot
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when he died yet they still depend on us if you noticed remembered protected historian jennifer goodland only recently began researching the hills cemetery in golden is also buried on the help but his curiosity began at this intersection of generations and it grew year after year. >> when i was a kid i used to need to write the school bus every day pass this place always known as the abandoned jewish cemetery but it was in reason why this jewish cemetery was not abandoned again and need and get a need your help no doubt about it organizing cleanup efforts and a successful bid to include the cemetery on the national register of historic places pad is used to enlisting help just not this much.
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kid able to edit is losing the battle with the degenerative eye condition he's refusing to lose this battle if you tap it with your cane that you'll see it's been tipped over in addition to vandalism there's another problem you don't see more than half the graves of it's no longer have any identifiable markers meeting a century after it was established the hell is in danger of being overlooked for place where people were honored over the it was a place where people were hidden and cousin of a disease and this isn't where they put the bulk of their tuberculosis victims patients a flock to denver in the early 1900s seeking help from cemetery ends of the jewish can sometimes a related society which accepted many jewish immigrants who came from places later decimated by the holocaust for some their name
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reminder of an entire town of eastern european jews nobody wants to see that history paid take more than caring it'll take money very little if anything was paid for burial and yet in modern times you have to pay people to take care of it the hell is a small part of the larger: house and cemetery but neil price says this in the budget is dedicated across the road to the active sessions were session were burials is still take place will probably cost a summer in excess of a quarter of a million dollars in my operating budget is $100,000 a year is a one-piece memorial had a monument maker continues to do his part donating tombstones in helping with the grant application to enable bigger repairs as it were moving forward finally jennifer is donating her son to create a searchable archive of everyone buried there are too dense to the people experience of the debt that you experience when you're no longer inhabiting your body and then you die a second time when your name is no longer
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earth from generation to generation there are several ways to help the problem solvers and restore the helper all the information about it good to and look for the story some important work going on driving innovation when it comes to how you pay for things forget credit cards why cars could play big role in the future of making payments and how it could save you money and history on the international space station major milestone in outer space and a freezer temperatures are starting to call tonight but
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credit cards companies like these that are coming up with new more secure ways to pay the hopefully will put your to travel to see the newest idea and how it can be seen coming to a car near you. >> imagine the world were credit cards and checks are obsolete and even cash can be a thing in the past but pain with your car to car in and of itself can become a commerce of vehicle effectively allowing you to take friction out of your daily lives is that a see for ourselves as i would travel to visa headquarters to check out the next generation of car buying experience the technology in the mirror may be closer than it appears imagine everything you can do with your smartphone but with your car you can actually go lease a car and a lot without ever having to talk to a zealous
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with your vehicle and make life a whole lot more convenient this gives you an idea of some of the possibilities that are out there what i do as a con man and a complete in my name it'll go create an actual account the block chain is at the security network identifier protection identity now have options for my lease so i can choose low mid high mileage lease because i plan on driving a lot i choose the high mileage release now i'm going to see the contract cap appear it allows me for it to see fewer signs of the software inside the car remembers your signature and you can set up your car payments of paper trolls and maintenance and dmv registration and now i have my lease information i can go into my next contract and say okay i want to pick my insurance now thanks to this technology insurance companies will be able to track your driving habits and have you pay for insurance only when you're on the road ends lower premiums if it doesn't just
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card if you think about going to a gas station having to get out and get your car with the car can actually do that for you and actually communicate with the pump and pay in advance same goes for ordering food say you want to order a pizza on the way home now the car can actually transmit the information securely over the air inside the store so when you drive up you can actually pay you in that they know which you because where you are in the queue visa believes acquiring the world for payment will be far different and simpler from the ways were doing it now making it easier for consumers to live their lives and anna has emigrated both in the sum of the cars testing them in northern california and new york city and tomorrow night we wish a you and your biometric technology to help make payments which means you could actually be paying with your veins trying to make it all basically your dna will be your credit card and you got
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because that only more things but it's really easy punch all that and i want to get that information i think the great thing is with insurance companies are connected for your business if you are a good driver and you're on the road this can help you out your rates will go down some of us are good drivers some of us aren't i don't know what you're talking about dave. >> by the way my ears perked when you said dmv if they can figure out a way not to even have to go to their unsold and then you have an idea for a business am telling you what if you can avoid that line and the whole mess i'm all about that here's what's going on like radar tonight you can see we've got rain and snow showers in the east west fans out there that's because we have a call from dropping in right now feeding the way up in estes park are a few flurries the couple little sprinkles around johnstown and extends east of clearly not much hitting the ground but
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see it in windsor and loveland coming to denver we had a few little sprinkles around most places have been struggling to get what we see on radar but south of town starting to see it a couple a couple of snowflakes flying around but unfortunately it's very light. fainter won't last long and were still list of tracking if you rain showers highs today 60s at one spot with pueblo at 72 degrees but again we have been sweeping cold front all of these warm temperatures will be pushed out of the state 40s 50s with and 61 in grand junction denver coming in at 63 we should be at 50 degrees at this time of year tomorrow we will come in the start of march and it looks like we'll be closer to our normal level of 5038 and 30 when your current readings again the wind is still noticeable at the southeast southeast coming up a 12 miles per hour some of the stronger when speed is still here in commerce city and stapleton these are your current wind speeds and on the south side is still got a little bit of wind most of it too will start
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the wind is up i always talk about this when the wind disgusting it's kind of like stirring up a little pot of water and keep the coldest air from dropping to the bottom and here we got the there the wind you can see the temperatures in the 40s who've already dropped in the 30s when the wind is gone a little bit like we look up towards fort collins in greeley takes to get the cloud cover acting like a blanket they're staying in the 40s while don and casa rock and parker you're slipping into those chilly 30s here's what we've got a future cast for the rest of tonight everything fades away with it tomorrow a good deal of sunshine as we go through that they will see thicker clouds begin to the lunch hour in the quest you see the thicker clouds coming in at my squeeze out a snow shower or two and see the clouds cannot help across but not until late in the day he is a wider view again everything drops to the south comes to an end the moisture is gone will we do see coming in tomorrow faint little snow showers in the mountains of most of us will see the increasing clouds as we go
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downloads to make in the teens and 20s to the mountains a lot more 20s out their duties for the western slope will wrap some of it down into telluride and will have a mix of 20s and 30s of the eastern plains with denver a cold 27 then highs tomorrow your back mainly in the 40s from eagle to ask them to dennis and a little colder and steam spread springs 50s returning towards grand junction mantras to wrinkle and on that notice the difference in the east were when the 60s and 70s were dropping at about 10 degrees and payable in 72 today you're going down to about 63 tomorrow must the metro tomorrow though to mid 50s will have 52 in gold in the same and moores morrison 54 in liquid about 57 downtown go quickly, that is called a 20s and warm up to the 40s as we go past the lunch hour than an hour away to 55 degrees for the forecast i from there right back to the 60s wednesday thursday friday will be at two warmest
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sunday and and we call it to 60 degrees everything you see there is a good 10 - -dash 15 degrees above where we should be just too much dry weather but can't complain get out and enjoy it new tonight it is at the end of the era the international space station scott kelly handing over command of the iss to another astronaut as he prepares to return home after enduring the longest spaceflight for an american astronaut kelly is set to return tomorrow after 345 days in orbit during his time on the space station kelly celebrated a birthday conducted spacewalks and ate vegetables grown on board he also took pretty close out this the extended stay should help a better understanding being almost a year after his can come back with weightlessness digested life
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to lewinsky and walt weiss and active avalanche with players the team added at ahead of today's tray design and how
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responding to the news is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president,
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>> talk about an active avalanche of colorado going more wheeling and dealing than any other team joe sakic pulling off a couple of minutes in which he hopes will help with epic playoff push her step of the offense of an colorado native speedy forward mikael barker from arizona she certainly help to boost the office as well as help the power play with senior of latent part of the deal the team was forced to trade away longtime as player alex tanguay as for defense to a meeting with there as well adding a defenseman eric jonah from new jersey in exchange for germany will give up the future third round pick to just eight games to play
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to the post season and go from there listens a message to everyone in here they're willing to talk to give us the best chance possible to when they're pushing for the playoffs year is a lot more excited to get a lot of speed a lot of talent were able to get him to go with some of the speed that is here in the often subside. >> that can be fun to watch to the nuggets denver one negative denver one of forces the all-star break they could continue as the next set to play the next three or four weeks without doing a culinary out with a sprained ankle so that's cap to the pepsi center remember that guy broke been in the houston lakers interest in drawing a start for the grip's second quarter mike malone and the bold move it around it will do exactly that either the assistant little later second quarter this time
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that's the new guide to call simpson just picked him up off the waivers from delhi athletic for sure big slam their fourth quarter we go closing minutes of memphis pulling away little baby hook grid is it back often as a final score 103 - -dash 96 former star shortstop running his mouth a little bit of the recent interview with usa today called the iraqi spring training facility a country club implying his former team is pampered at spring training something that's not settling too well with his former teammates at salt river fields walt weiss specifically taken issue: the statements in accurate in off the mark and guys are mentally tough and can beat our guys are the opposite of that.
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spring-training i would say 90 percent of the players have their golf clubs readily available with the car right next to the facility there is a casino their golf courses everywhere it's like every major league ballclub the spring-training is kind of a country club to lose better he got to the playoffs you should be happy i don't think he wanted to go to toronto and initially now he's okay with it. with a 100% electric nissan leaf... what will you do? how far will you go? how much will you see? electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge,
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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a big day for father and son in san diego at the two celebrating the two celebrating their birthdays today on leap day both of born birthdays occur only once every four years statistically the event is so rare as a 1.21 million chance of it happening on to wish happy 60th birthday to my
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but i have to admit that i like flying. i like those little bathrooms they have on the plane. it's like your own apartment on the plane. you close the door, the light comes on. it's like a surprise party every time you go in. standby's the worst way of flying. ever fly standby? it never works. that's why they call it standby. you end up standing there going "bye." that didn't, uh... yeah. one flight, it was this flight attendant's first day, so they didn't have a uniform for her yet. that really makes a big difference. here's just some regular person coming over, going,


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