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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  September 23, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MDT

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big delays on i 25 north after of after pedestrian was struck and killed on the busy highway just after 3 p.m. northbound lanes is still shut down from port and highway two to 24th pick a man who is running across the highway was hit by a driver in hov lane. he was pronounced dead at the
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alcohol does not appear to be a factor in the case. clinton and trump will square off in the first primetime debate monday night. this tops of trees at 5:30 p.m. where days from the big event. >> and clinton has a comfortable lead over trump trump and polls show the democratic nominee with a six with a solid lead over the republican nominee. a wall street journal and the people massive debris lead experts say
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>> i'm someone who likes to talk with her hands but how candidate gestures will be a battle clinton and trump every network millions watching so today we watched both candidates previous debates with body language expert tracy brown, author of persuasion point. >> see that point there? that says aggression. >> turning off the sound to study their movements doesn't look them in the eye. talk about discounting your opponents. >> tracy says it will be interesting how the candidates greet each other. will will clinton might trump kiss her? she didn't let sanders think it'll be interesting to see how hillary clinton greets donald trump. >> will should take among full force and blow them off once were bernie here? >> in regards to trump tracy
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his gestures are, especially the chopping. >> he does this a lot. this chopping motion. it is not all that different from the dictators we have seen. >> we should watch of the candidate candidates depart from them their normal movement. clinton tends to keep her gestures close to her body which shows control. trump does not. >> going outside. >> big passion big energy big beliefs. >> as for the mistakes or commit trump needs to make sure to become off sexist and clinton clinton's biggest fear is clinton's biggest fears not been warm enough. as silly as this may tracy says body language matters >> it's not just about the issues is about sales and marketing. he compared no doubt discussing gestures with where monday night he i have seen that gesture many times. frontier airlines updating
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airlines one passenger even missed his flight. >> it kept giving me him an error or whatever. not got to fly to san diego or somewhere else to catch a hundred dollars override la to try to make my birthday dinner and reservations. >> happy birthday to him. it is easy to take your car for granted but not having it can affect everything. problem solver show alternative enough of the car dealership to get them back on the road you understand that the used car and
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than. >> but he couldn't get answers from the first premier financial company about whether everything could actually be handled. >> i would like answers. i would like my car to be fixed, i would like another car, i would like something to happen. >> if they could get those answers for you and get it for you today how that make you feel. >> we checked it out but the staff of the staff of >> i'm glad you came in and produce my attention. take care of this for you. it's no problem at all. >> it looks like they've already done some repairs. >> jay's car was on the lot and ready to roll. keep this is amazing so for housing will that can't car be ready quick geek am hoping i can have that one today problem solved. >>
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of trying to lure girl of the internet that he was only 15 years old. turns out the person who was chatting with was an with an undercover police officer. posing as the girls often the girls $40 to watch want to perform sex acts that his is expected in court in october. questions about brad pitt and one of his children and the attention of the fbi after jolie and pitt filed for divorce. an incident with one of the couple's children took place on their private plane a day before the couple separated. the fbi says it is gathering facts and evaluating whether there needs to be an investigation of the federal level. 's spectacular scene in is spectacular scene in northern utah as a tornado touches down the nets caught on camera. one of two tornadoes that made landfall yesterday causing significant damage. at least two homes were destroyed. 10 of the others have been
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trees also came crashing down during the storm and some minor injuries were reported. sacramento takes the of sacramento metro takes a pie to part of the faith. farm to table charity dinner this week when an and occupy activists walked up behind him and child to chopped coconut cream pie right in his face. johnson tackled the man and is that it was a bloody bloody brawl. the mayors focusing on a new basketball arena and ignoring issues homelessness. >> at the disappearing five years ago a st. bernard named missy has been stolen from the happy family yard and happy family yard and play below. she had a chip. >> i stepped in and said you know what? if they will release the dark to
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>> can you imagine after five years you've given up hope and then you find there .-dot. coming up here from actress jimmie davis who stars in the excesses about how the show will take fright to the next level a quiet weekend highs in - highs in the sixties of a bit breezy and will fault of the thirties by early next week plus
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tonight on fox 31 the return of one of the greatest war movies ever made, the exorcist. >> i still have nightmares about that. >> can it's a new take on the psychological thriller. as someone with our sister station in indianapolis sat down with the stars of the show in la >> 40 years ago and for years to come how are we going to see the rebirth of the exorcist this family? the premiere episode was pretty phenomenal. how can we see that evolved? >> is not scared of that scared you hang on because it grows. the writers keep it coming. it is just rolling and getting bigger. >> what can you tell me about demonic possession? >> this is a story that takes place in the same universe where that happened but it is now 40 whatever years later and it's a different family in a different
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i think we have tried to keep the level of scare and quality really high because of where we are coming from. >> the thriller is centered around the land family who seem like a normal american family, but all is not what it seems. the family's oldest daughter catherine has gone into seclusion and refuses to leave mom played by academy award winner geena davis starts to feel something is not right and turns to father thomas. >> here's a little timid. >> hesitance. >> yes. is this really real and we know it is. >> exactly. in that respect it is just like the original film same dynamic is the younger priestesses was thinking of baloney and the slightly older
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is real. >> and a tip for you, i watched this episode with the lights on. >> good tip there. you can catch the series premiere of the excesses tonight at 8 p.m. on fox 31 followed by fox 31 years at nine and 10 p.m. >> my head is about to start spinning and i'm looking for some peace soup. broncos will be without tackled donald stephenson and demarcus ware from some in cincinnati. john phillips and jeff hiram and will try to pick up the slack at tight end and what about an increased role for fullback andy janice kiddy hasn't touched it much only twice in fact be severed 20 yards on those two plays he's gotten, taking one of those to the house to get the thing is you teacher to back off and so if you can get someone
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very bright and he catches the ball well so i know he's only had a few touches that one is in for 28 and one has been for 12. i think this kid will touch the ball more go through this season and show he can make some plays. >> broncos won seven times in denver last year. they've beaten the bengals five of six .-dot six times dating back 10 seasons. a little blustery out there tonight which would fit a to live more with me than the scamming carmen who is goen lights. >> exactly. it's football friday a little windy out here at the northern athletic complex but it's a beautiful night for some football. broncos and football fans you
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we'll see you then. >> colorado the we may not have the quarterback was at the meet new coach coach jerrod bednarz has 59 players in camp and open today for the colorado avalanche. we will hear from coach tonight at 10 as they start work toward their opener and at a minnesota coming up on the september 27th. and rockies are in los angeles tonight looking for the first
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it could be talking about playoff spot all those you would think. >> arms baby got to finish in the bullpen. that is what it is all about. big changes in the weather
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season but the weather beast is is sitting up there loveland pass and you can see enough to cover some of the grassy areas entries. they'll pass is wet with some snowfall. sure traveling throughout the high country at least in the near term it looks like the slick slickest or wettest routes will be just south of idaho springs and if you're headed over vail pass expects them whether pass expect some weather thereto. write you this is birth and
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on loveland pass right now is going to try to slowly shift toward the metro area this evening. the cold air is staying above mostly nine to 10,000 and covered by 70 over the tunnels and without a have our first winter weather advisory this season over the north north central mountains areas closer to the flattop not too far from steamboat springs. it could be slick tomorrow morning for hit in direction so great colors to be found there if you're headed that way for the weekend. this system is been drawn more with and we're kind of catching hold kale with some strong wind and it's going to knock down our temperatures. look at our temperature contrast right now between denver and fort collins a 20-degree difference and about a 25 minute drive give or take. today's high 88 for the city. normally we are at 75 and this is going to knock us down into the sixties for saturday sunday
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e you are. 54 around 9 a.m. 68 at three for the high tomorrow. some sunshine, cooler. there will be wind around but not as strong as what is going through right now. chance for severe weather of the eastern plains. a tornado in nebraska at the moment's so it is a very vigorous storm system. eastern plains of the a much quieter once that players of overnight. some clearing skies and they wrap around the northwestern and that is why we have that winter weather advisory for that very specific area and some showers living through. dennis and down to 26, alamosa watch out for freezing conditions at 24. across the eastern plains tomorrow a cooler day. no eighties, no nineties, seventies across the southeast and the eastern plains. a cool day in the mountains. steamboat springs only 52.
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and in and around the metro area mostly these mid- sixties will continue. about 69 downtown and we surround fact with mostly middle and upper sixties downcourt lakewood and middleton westside through genesee evergreen over floyd evergreen of the floyd hilton because we'll be in the fifties there and that is the best chance to see some snowfall. if you want to sit at the 30 minute drive to the west of the city. temperatures for douglas county in the sixties. very slight chance for showers later will continue as to because will be dropping through the night. when the tomorrow 10 percent chance for another another wraparound shower or two. 60 hi and if you are not quite ready for the coolness we will be closer to average much of next week. monday accused a wednesday tuesday wednesday thursday and friday 70 or above. the next system will probably arrive by wednesday, thursday or friday. >> some great colors to be found
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taken yesterday pretty much before that wind hit. we had peak wind is at 70 winds up 74 miles per hour should be good. had outside of morrison and you can go to evergreen. >> i have a feeling the traffic in the mountains are going to be pretty good. a lot of folks were asking more about camping or fall colors did you try to squeeze that trip in dress warm. >> depending on where you go in going to stay keep you could be below freezing and most all the campgrounds. >> it's campground speak it's that time of year again. >> are you excited about a? >> i'm ready. i like changes in weather he cam okay for fall. top stories now a deadly accident on i 25 closing down the interstate for several hours.
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because a high when a driver in each ejb lane hov lane hitting killed him. the interstate is still close right now seek imagine the backups on i 25. police do not think alcohol with was a factor. the centennial man chart tried to chart of the shooting of his neighbor could face the death penalty. police they can lions shot his neighbor and wife during an argument then shot and killed a doctor, can atkinson, when he rushed to help the woman. prosecutors are considering seeking the death penalty in the case and they have 60 days to have 60 days to decide. backups expected all weekend long on arapahoe road will be shutting down in just a few hours. at least some lanes of the close starting at 8 p.m. through monday morning and at 10 p.m. each night they will all be close with the i 25 on and off ramps saying open. tonight at 9 p.m. it started with colin cap next then brandon marshall and aphids across the country taking a knee
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tonight a look at one national high schools reaction and from those of the central high school game. >> we have a crew out there now. the school says they are okay with it but you can imagine some folks in the stands will probably not be very happy about it. i will have that coming up for you tonight at 9 p.m. and we hope you have a great evening.
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