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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 11AM  FOX  September 28, 2016 11:00am-11:30am MDT

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are talking about. mississippi from sergeant santa fe two south broadway tennessee to the north arizona on the south side that is the area affecting south broadway. very, very, very busy area. that is why it is so important. the work year as part of the reconstruction project when all of this is wrapped up, it will be a brand-new road service after years of some really bad conditions. nothing but chuckles and ruts. keep in mind the mississippi traffic from that used getting all around all of this heading eastbound and westbound, you want to try alameda up to the north north and west to iowa on the south side. they will try to keep all the lanes are at least two to open during all of this with going north and south. that is a big help in this project ongoing for several months and willon will probably be wrapped up they believed baby levi october 4. >> construction is going on and on and on. today, a new bike path is opening up in jefferson county. the evergreen parkway will be officially unveiled today. the final link west of denver with evergreen parkway
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springs. it may take a while, faith, but it will be beautiful the hallway. >> today we learn colorado gets more than three and a half million dollars. >> so many people who would say yes. bring back on. senator kori gardner announced today fema will give money for them a pleasant valley neighborhood near garden of the gods. >> let's take a look outside and check your weather. and so greg, it is a really nice outside. you have the sun outside. it feels nice and warm. kind of reminds me of that winter days even though the air is still cold. aside from living in beautiful colorado we get the warmer sun. as we head into the second half, it will be
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kiddos or whatever you are doing this afternoon it will definitely be warmer than normal. tomorrow, warmer still a high temperature of 84 degrees upper 70s friday and saturday and these temperatures are because of a couple of scattered storms the best chance you see there is on saturday a mother upset with her daughter's school. following up with a denim skirt the school did not want her to wear them a surprising reason the school gave her. >> and when you think of it this but the magazine as a series
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okay, the senate has overturned a person of obama's speech go to allow families of
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government and other countries over terrorist attacks the houses percent expected to follow suit you cities vetoing it because it could lead to you as to put the maps and service men in other countries and it could present a problem in the future for presidents in the future who actually conduct foreign policy we will take more into that as we continue on later on today. >> in ohio school bus driver driver taken off the busses week after her mother said her sons were segregated to and from school. she says the bus driver had white children sit in the box and block children's in the front. the students students say the bus driver said they were told the students but in the front were put there because they were so-called troublemakers. the driver is now on administrative leave while the school investigates exactly what happened. >> a south carolina mother fighting with a school or a skirt many of those want those back in the day the denim skirts the daughter were to school and she says she said she was called
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she said she was told the skirt was more appropriate for clothing and was a distraction to the boys. the mother says her daughter was humiliated by the school to the whole thing and she is really bad about that. >> from that picture looks pretty benign. >> they are so popular to jean skirt. >> not at that school. >> if you see a post saying brad pitt instead don't click on ads facebook is it. facebook is warning users the whole thing of a phishing scam it takes you to a prompt for your facebook password and entering the information in the wrong screen gives hackers activity to your account access to your account to make. >> it's to make it so is it different celebrity news .-dot and then you're supposed to click, so don't click. denver and colorado springs two of the top with super large homes. both cities a lot of homes that
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realtors say it is because when he owns in colorado were built in the '90s when everyone wanted the biggest home possible. that trend has changed you see to see them building tiny houses but obviously want to build a house, it does not go away i am one of five i shared a room with two brothers we could have used a few more rooms with a couple of those fights in my house growing up. >> if you want to be at the top of the list when it comes to your tender profile i of to do announced a new feature called boost when you pay for it, he will be one of the top profiles in your area for 30 minutes and it will increase your chances of getting a match he can only be activated by swiping in tender mode. here is the downfall of the features only available in australia right now but we thought we would tell you about it and then then tell you all those available in australia. but the whole world will have the option to boost is in pain on if you are into tender, it is
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>> it's one of those your wife is saying you better not know. >> i know what it is 11:13 a.m. is almost never wrong when it comes to presidential elections now is giving his opinion on november elections we will visit with him on why he is picking a certain candidate. it may surprise cap of you. >> this weekend felt like fall in all feels like summer again we will tell you what to expect this coming weekend when we talk ? at village inn, a good meal is about more than just how it tastes. it's about how it makes you feel.
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for free pie wednesday and enjoy a free slice of pie with purchase.
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both candidates are saying they want a debate on monday, but the big question is who will win the race in november? i know, and so people are kind of looking at the predictions floating around out there. and then a man with a very good track record as explaining his prediction he has predicted every presidential election winner since 1984. so, he is predicting donald trump will win, and he is t >> i am not reading a crystal ball. i'm going on patterns of history. and donald trump is a history shattering candidate. he said at least a dozen things that would drive any other candidate out of a race. >> the race. >> interesting. >> okay well he bases his analysis on 13 things including whether or not there is a strong third-party challenger, but he
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untraditional is hard to compare to other years he says what he has to say ?-ellipsis hey there is that wild card and everything has been pretty crazy and unconventional this entire election. >> i just checked real clear politics .com they took all the polls out there and create an aggregate of all posted usually the most accurate if you will. it shows clinton up by a fraction, but all well within the margin of error most major polls out there is saying this thing is way too close to even come close to calling. >> and voter turnout it can really determine a lot. >> a model appearing in next month's issue of playboy will be wearing a habeeb. she will not be nude in black jeans a leather jacket and it is part of the mac magazines renegade series advertising of the highlight of people who have risked their
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appears alongside and noble now will assist sex acts of us into comedian as part of the series. to be interesting. >> i was in the airport and saw play miami magazine show but i honestly thought what is that doing? and then i remembered it's just like maxim now. no nude pictures in there anymore. >> and they were making the.that a lot of the market has gone to the online area, so they decided it was time to shift the game and keep making pretty smart business moves. >> area anaconda wants to cross over to country music. she said of the option came along she would take it she sits does to such does not know much outside of water dad played growing up she says she is a big dixie chicks fan. >> in case you were wondering
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apparently it is selena gomez she is 100 million followers on the social media network making are the most followed person on instagram. she said she is taking time off to deal with lupus a chronic autoimmune disease is diseases no stranger and breaking records a picture of her sipping a coke with a title for the title for the most like photo with 5 million likes. >> with lupus it's n coffee this morning. we have like five likes on that one may be six of maybe success my mom likes it. and you nailed it. you nailed it. >> all right, so this weekend, this is when you never know if it's going to feel like fall or what? >> over the course of one day between the morning and evening and sometimes it changes over the course of a couple i think
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i get to the extended forecast first let's start with the now. here is the view from our lookout camera usually will account towards denver turning get out to the west with the mountains we have the same is he had just a couple of days ago still hanging around otherwise mostly clear skies temperatures already in the low 70s we have improved and now we're up to 72 high pressure certainly in control keeping a moisture off to the south down there to arsenal. highs will move the east the next few days you see all of this rain falls down there with scattered showers through arizona and portions of mexico wants the high moves up to the east, it will allow the air to move back over us and that is how we get at least a chance of scattered showers colder air still plunging into the midwest temperatures only in the 50s this afternoon we saw have the warm air from the denver desert southwest's
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2 degrees off our normal high temperature right now it is safe to say at 1120 in the morning that we are only a few degrees off of our normal high and will be a fairly warmer day. we get to about eight is his afternoon temperatures as afternoon temperatures go back down tonight which is in the ballpark of where we started off of this morning. a couple of degrees warmer. we take those extra degrees and put them on top of our high on thursday am talking about 82 ?- 85 degrees tomorrow depending on where that is a bump up from about 3 degrees from her we were today. thursday is our warmest day. warmer air you can tell by the yellows oranges and reds on the map. pulling into the weekend. this is future cast saturday evening. we still stay warm saturday. the same deal on a sunday, monday and tuesday things change. fairly warm on monday but by monday evening, my monday evening, colder air brings comes in. it pushes all the warm stuff out. there will definitely be snow on the
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mountains. some of that snow maybe down to the foothills. it is peek week you can get down and enjoy it. look at this by tuesday of next week, high temperatures only in the mid 50s only rain next in along the foothills of the palmer divide. >> they say the sentence the strongest to send tied into your memory, so if you are feeling homesick, there is a candle to help. >> these candles are supposed to remind you of your home state. we
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if you ever are forced to be away from colorado are live here in the state was so much to do today you may get the homesick feeling sometimes. >> something to make you feel at home there is a candle that can help you out called the homesick
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and it smells like not to spruce and the ski lodge. so maybe beer and snow? so far, there are only 302 from california one for northern one for southern california. >> what does the new york one small out? i hope it doesn't smite new york city. >> aggression. you may have heard these trends you can pay to have someone like you in the room and you have to figure out how to escape. night can do it free andou about general puzzle solving it could be a good halloween activities. >> the valley church of christ is putting on the free escape room challenge. each has a theme running from september 30 through october 31. they say it is suitable for all ages organizers say they are really great for people make them fit up to eight in one of the rooms for more information go to our
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have just escaping? >> not to escape out of her room. >> just make sure they are paper you like if you're stuck in a room with people you don't like. >> that is a different skill you learn. >> you are a coffee lover denver is a great place to be according to a new study on the bus to cities for coffee lovers. we are on the list, people. >> we cracked the top 20 at number 17. based on a number of coffee shops and caf?s per capita and the average price of coffee pittsburgh in pennsylvania followed by minneapolis, and that of course you got to have seattle, washington. but not number one number one was portland, oregon. >> portland has the most coffee shops per capita and the place with the most pricey cappuccino is honolulu. average prices $4.69. >> i was in hawaii on vacation one-time milk was $5 a gallon at
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>> you drove past a denny's and the denny's and they have the banner that usually says grand slam breakfasted said mahi-mahi okay when you're in hawaii do is a whole lot in stew. >> now it is popular with millennial's as kids as you see it all over the place. if you are in the age group and don't want to wear at this year, there is always the top millennial costumes if you don't know what to wear. here we go number six ?- a video game character classic empire. >> a marble superhero we are not picking a team here. any animal whatsoever number two was a is a witch and number one is going to be that man. no clouds, greg. >> the goodness i don't want to go to the party where there is a clown. >> i have a batman costume i do. >> come on, it got a be he got a
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i first met mike on a fundraising event to help the hunger in ethiopia. i was an aurora scholar this year. at his birthday party. mike is a very nice guy. he's a really nice guy. he can do 62 pushups. mike is a great friend to the ethiopian community. mike's not like other politicians. he's not like other republicans. i think he's better. mike's one of us. he's one of us. mike coffman es uno de nosotros. mike is one of us. i'm mike coffman,
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?? this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- a billing coordinator from cookeville, tennessee... a publisher from madison, wisconsin... and our returning champion, a paralegal from washington, d.c... [ applause ] and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek.


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