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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  October 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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a denver restaurant chain is dealing with claims of recent tonight after a couple of but he stopped by illegal pete's for some dinner. >> what they found made them sick to their stomachs and it ha field. timmy vigil has more on the story you will see only on fox 31. >> this small square of aluminum foil. >> with everything going on in the world today, i just really didn't think it was acceptable. >> creating some big hurts for friends jobie want sleep and connor chain hall. >> this is my good friend. and to single him out like that, it's just not okay, because of skin color. >> the two ordered the same burritos at illegal pete's last
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after they got home, they suddenly lost their appetite because of three words written on jobie's rappers. >> my burrito on the foil it said black olives matter. in a mockery of black lives matter. >> jobie called at the restaurant and spoke to the manager who apologized and said it was a joke. but jobie said the deadly shootings of black men by police nationally is hardly funny and he points to a larger issue of racism. matter what stands or what you do, it seems like it never stops. it's a never ending story, a never ending cycle. >> black olives matter also sparking complaints in albuquerque the summer when an italian restaurant sold these t-shirts. and in ocean city maryland, white lives matter promoted marlon conversation. >> it's just an ignorant statement, like you just don't do that. that's of the don't deal, especially with everything going
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>> the manager sent the employee home and he could face further discipline. but the restaurant's owner said the worker is not racist. that he just did a stupid thing. >> i just want more people to be educated and be careful of what you mock or what you say. >> the owner also said the employee wrote black olives matter to distinguish it from the other burrito in the same order it without olives and that he did not know the customer was black. the address the issue at all nine locations, adding that employees must be more careful and sensitive. >> we are following a developing story in summit county this evening were more than 70 fire crews are on the scene of a fire that broke out saturday afternoon near dylan. the fray gulch fire has burned about 22 acres and at this point we are told it is only 30 percent contained. officials than they will have the fire 100 percent contained sometime tomorrow. it all started just above a shooting range at the summit
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throughout tomorrow. the cause of the fire is still investigated. we are seeing the colder temperatures but it is fire season not quite over yet? fall is one of the worst times because you have the leaves drying off and that's like kindling for the fire. it is super dry. we will check out the climate and what we have going on in terms of the drought index. the climate index here as you look along the front range there you go. into the summit county exceptionally dry right now. not in severe drought or anything but a thin band along i 25 from fort collins to denver. beyond that it is dry enough. we can get some problems with the leaves falling off the trees. temperatures at 60 degrees and it is not quite clear over denver but it is dry. we have pesky higher level clouds all day. that is a storm system pivoting through the san juan and into southeastern colorado. it did bring us those higher
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the day today. here is a wider view. a pretty good picture of that and you can see it's spinning through colorado and oklahoma and into kansas as well. now it's getting off our back in the clouds than out more and more as we had through tonight. tomorrow morning starting off mostly clear but definitely not cool. we stay clear just about all day on monday with the exception of some afternoon showers on the western slope and may be some clouds rolling in. the same type of deal we had today. the tops o over i 25 late in the day. we get some high clouds to them tonight but we do stay dry. 49 degrees will be the low temperature. that's it. the normal is about 10 degrees cooler than that. we are definitely doing well for ourselves.
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start we finish warm. 70 degrees and 10 degrees still above our normal high temperature. the warm air is in place not only tomorrow but also through tuesday, wednesday a little different. the colder air flights towards us again but this is about as far south as it makes it. just in northern colorado. just enough to put the temperatures slightly below normal for wednesday. what a couple of chilly days in a row and it took us a couple of days to recover from that. this time we almost hit 80 degrees tomorrow. we almost hit it in degrees in on tuesday. upper 50s wednesday and that's the cooler day with late showers on tuesday as the storm system and cooler air works its way into we warm up about normal or so on thursday but we have highs in the 80s weekend. all the way to 83 degrees by next saturday. >> i love the irony that you love the warm weather and you will be gone next saturday when it is 80 degrees. >> saluting survivors during today's broncos game. it was the first-ever fight like a bronco salute. you will hear from some of the brave cancer survivors coming up. >> plus, help on the way. colorado crews headed to the east coast to help clean up in the wake of hurricane matthew. how some of those towns are
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police have arrested a suspect in the killing of two officers >> police say john felix was arrested this morning after a 12 hour standoff with police. two officers responded to a domestic disturbance call last night, but police say felix refused to let the officers into his house and then shot them through a closed door. a third officer was wounded and is expected to recover. police later converged on the neighborhood and surrounded the home, before arresting felix. one of the slain officers, 63 -year-old jos? vega was two months away from his retirement.
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birth to her daughter four months ago. >> there may be a silver lining to those dealing with zika virus. scientist say the adult mosquitoes, including those that carry the zika virus, are getting washed away in the wake of hurricane matthew. heavy rains and heavy flooding are washing my right away from birdbaths and flowerpots. this is also the time of year when we typically see a reduction a mosquito populations. today, there have been 141 transmitted cases of zika reported in florida since >> the broncos lost tonight's debate was tense but on the bright side its international beer and pizza day. this unofficial food holiday actually started this year. if you are legal, you can grab a cold brew, may be a local brew, and get a slice or two of pizza. those of you under age can still celebrate the international holiday with a hot pizza. there is a whole website dedicated?to this food holiday. >> how am i just learning about this right now?
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>> it is the season for everything pumpkin spice. >> everything from lotions to serial and everything in-between. health experts say more pumpkin is a good thing for you, but we will tell you which products
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during halftime of today's broncos game, mile high hosted the first-ever fight like a broncos salute to cancer survivors. thanks for staying with us >> i'm erika gonzalez paired it was a tribute honoring all patients going through that long a difficult journey. fox 31 dave young went along with the survivors on the field for the very first time. >> they came to be with others on the same long journey through cancer. survivor of that and her best friend jennifer came through her cancer together. >> the hardest part is when you first receive your news.
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>> many her told us there is no playbook for surviving cancer. >> a lot of it is positive mind and your support group. >> making sure she doesn't stay negative for too long and just really embracing this and her life is going to change from this moment and on. >> their hear being honored by the broncos at halftime. for the first-ever fight like a broncos tribute. if that's it for fight made easier by specialists in the springs. >> i felt like they were in control and taking care of me. >> you that calls her playbook a three round bout with chemotherapy in round one. >> my friend jennifer made every chemo visit. >> surgery came in round two and radiation came in round three. >> if we can touch one person to make them go get a mammogram, that is our goal. >> after halftime report rehearsal, broncos brought them
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brunch. the message here in numbers into motion is when you get cancer you are not alone. at mile high with cancer survivors, dave young, fox 31. >> so many survivors. >> many of the survivors told us they want to get the word out to everyone about the importance of screening for cancer of all types. >> right now police are investigating a double shooting. it happened this morning near east 28th avenue in north high street. that's about two bck from manual high school. police say two men were taken to the hospital. one man died. we don't have an update on the other be a victim. it's unclear the suspect and victim knew each other. police have not released the suspect description as of tonight. >> right now laura aurora police continue to look at all possible kidnapping and assault that happened yesterday afternoon. officers are looking for this man on your screen. investigators say christopher remsen was seen assaulting and dragging a woman into his
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colorado license plate qfm799. if you see anything, police want you to call them immediately. >> a man is behind bars in connection to a homicide investigation that officials say it appears to be an extreme case of domestic violence. here's the booking photo. the garfield county sheriff's office said on friday deputies went to check in a possible homicide at the pine on pines apartments and glenwood springs. deputies found the body of -year-old woman. and best getters say only will tell us was wanted for a previous domestic violence warm. he is charged with first-degree murder. >> hurricane matthew slammed the east coast and more help is on the way. red cross volunteers from colorado and wyoming are headed east to help with the disaster relief. thousands of people are using red cross shelters per the red cross of colorado and wyoming are using volunteers and equipment to help with recovery. they will head to the carolinas, georgia and florida.
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operating in north carolina in the wake of hurricane matthew. according to our affiliate in fayetteville, which is about 10, they have had more than 500 water rescues since just yesterday. here is a look at how the town is doing. we have alex rose. >> to give you some perspective we are in a historic part of downtown fayetteville. i'm on cool springs street. it looks like a link from where i'm a couple yards away from where the water reaches the road. the water has steadily advanced since we have been here. if i take a couple of steps back it gets deeper and deeper. behind me there is a bridge. there's a park all submerged underwater. it is going to take days, if not weeks for this water to recede. but it will take months for the community to repair the damage. >> water is still rushing down
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peaceful body of water swelled during hurricane matthew. on saturday, mark honeycutt was kayaking to get from point a to be in fayetteville, maneuvering over a been in cars. sunday it's devastating to look at it now. >> historic linear park looks unrecognizable. >> these to bring the kids out here to play last spring before the end of the school year. >> this is the worst we have seen. >> emergency responders say they had to rescue one woman from this car the night before. the flooding. city leaders say the damage exceeds the fema threshold for disaster in it will take months to repair work roads chewed up from underneath by floodwaters. >> they say we have to boil water for may be as much is a week. >> businesses at a loss as well. bennie with water damage and flooded basements. >> everything is probably destroyed and flooded out for a lot of people. >> from talking to folks around the area, they say that the rushing water it was so powerful
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right shoulder. they say the water basically cut that in half. it used to be a space for arts and craft. now it is completely destroyed by the storm. there is currently no curfew for the city of fayetteville, but city leaders do recommend folks stay at home tonight. in fayetteville, alex rose, foxy one news. >> and powerful video there with the floodwaters. you can see the coast and this is ipod of this a few minutes ago over the last 48 hours. with her lunatic of the worst of it over the last two days. that zoom in. here is fayetteville. about 100 miles inland from where the hurricane passed. i picked a random spot but about 12 and half inches just off to the southwest of town. i have seen reports from north carolina in excess of 14 pivot switch it up. let's head to colorado where we could definitely use the moisture.
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normal. but instead it is hard to hate the sunshine as we have clouds moving through today. it kept the temperatures closer to normal but we didn't get the rain we needed. it slipped through the san juan him into southeastern colorado. we did get some higher clouds and the clouds are with us at this hour. as we roll into tomorrow the clouds leave us. here is future cast showing the clouds leaving to the east and clear skies will build in. with the clear sign guys have a bump upwards in temperatures. a few lingering showers on the western slopes. even warmer tomorrow we hit 78 degrees paired back down to 74 degrees on tuesday and a cold front passes through. that is in the ballpark of normal. hopefully getting some rain before we get into the upper 50s on wednesday. cooler than normal temperatures but we rebound right into warmer than normal temperatures. we will check out the extended forecast coming up. >> ahead and sports, following today's loss, which team is now
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broncos in the afc west standings. >> plus, the broncos first loss of the season. more reaction from the team tonight. their explanation as to why they didn't just have it today. >> search fox 31 denver on facebook and flickr page. wait in on today's top stories
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you don't want to lose, you know. if anybody is settling for losing than they have to get out of the locker room. we don't want to lose at all. we will take a quick turnaround to a race everything. >> it is actually. i marty on to next week. as soon as i leave about this game. >> onto the next. a lot of broncos helmets hanging a little lower than usual as it left the field tonight at mile high stadium. after nine straight wins dating back to last year, probably forget the feeling of losing. they were reminded shape of the atlanta falcons. you have to give credit as you heard right there, onto the next game. broncos still sitting pretty at 4-1. first place in the afc west. trying to put this game behind them. let's show you how this went down.
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48-yard pass and catch. coleman was a beast today. devante freeman in the backfield 7-0 falcons lead. late first-quarter paxton lynch making an nfl start. the first nfl start and three completions. 17-yard pickup to emmanuel sanders led to a field goal. second half tried what deep and ricardo allen speaks over to make the now atlanta turning back turned over into points. ryan back to pass and a lot of protection on the scene. it's coleman. he had 132 yards receiving. the falcons running back bolt up a 17-point lead at one point. the broncos would come back to save face at the end of the game. lynch two to marry us thomas. dt reaches across the goal line but it's too late. final score, broncos fall 23-16. for the explanation of what happened this afternoon, bruce
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stadium. >> it wasn't just about one unit failing today, it was offense, special teams, and yes, even defense. >> as much is we when we have to be able to adjust when we lose. we got our butts kicked today and we have to take the butt kick and move on. >> the falcon set the tone early and the broncos never answered the bell. >> didn't play very good and you have to give it when a credit. they lot of poise, made a lot of big plays against us. >> they will undoubtedly be plenty of great moments in orange for paxton lynch, but today he was mostly seeing red or blue. as in the sky. >> lynch in trouble. >> may be the moment was too big. maybe he just wasn't ready for that moment. maybe it was just one of those days. >> if i get put into situations again i know how to handle it
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so i am glad i got the experience but i'm also upset that we didn't come away with the wind. >> it was certainly no mistaking the better team, at least on this afternoon. >> -- they did a great job executing today. >> true, but while it may be hard for fans to digest this, especially at home, it is only one game. >> you don't want to lose, you know. if anyone is settling for losing than they have to get out of the locker room because we don't want to lose at all. >> a quick turnaround with san diego coming up on thursday we will have to wait and see if that is a blessing or a curse. at mile high, bruce haertl, fox 31. >> putting the pressure on the broncos right now. the raiders. don't look now, they are tied with broncos with another 4-1 record. raiders got it done today in a barn burner against the chargers. sixty for your connection and deer cart is it to a more he cooper. he goes the distance.
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one at 17-16. now late in the third quarter inch the fires up the troops. this time throws and finds michael crabtree. two-point conversion was goodson the raiders led by three. still a three-point raiders lead with two minutes of play. chargers tied up with a chip shot of a field goal but instead drew kaiser bubbles the step into that is that. raiders get the wind 34-31. oakland with wind. elsewhere in the nfl, so much for tom brady coming back rusty. after his four-game suspension for deflate gate he was ready to go. it's a wide-open or tell us but it for a stroll into the end zone. there is touchdown number two to bennett. he would actually have three touchdowns on the day. rob gronkowski also got involved. he had 109 yards receiving. over 400 total yards passing for brady. patriots also big winners of the
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browns. charlotte, north carolina finally able to get the recent after it was postponed due to the hurricane matthew and the east coast. lap 110 in the pits. this is never good. check this out. a fuel spill ignites what starts as a small fire and then, the guy is on fire appeared that is scary. pat that guy, there you go. he's all right. seventy-six laps to go and martin truex junior running third on the he hits austin dillon and causes a chain reaction taking out elliott and how bush. the winner goes to jimmy johnson. the denver-based furniture row team ran third for most of the race, but finished 13 after using power due to a clutch problem. finally the blue jays are onto the lcs. it's a bizarre walkoff win tonight. russell martin grounds to
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josh donaldson goes to third. a throwing error and the jays over the rangers final score 7-6. toronto is moving on where they play the winner of cleveland and boston. boston will have to rally back to win three straight to extend the series. he is one for for tonight and put together a nice series. he is hitting 450 so far in the postseason. he has had a nice shot there >> thanks that. don't blink now, the holiday season is right around the corner. you might want to think twice before skipping the office party. >> this is why. spending more time with the
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if you are home with a galaxy samsung even more problems tonight. >> at&t says they won't sell the replacements following new reports of the replacement phones catching fire. this tops are businesses today.
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they offered up replacement note seven. that was supposed to fix everything, but some users are reporting problems with the replacements. at&t says based on the recent reports, they will not exchange new note sevens. if you have the old recalled phone, samsung is urging you to visit a store and exchange it for a different samsung device or another smart phone. >> in your health news tonight, if you take a lot of self these, you might be considered a new study suggests people who take a tennis obviously actually have mental health issues. researchers and tile and examine the personalities of 300 people and they found people who take a lot of self these and post them to social media do it to seek approval from others and are more likely to be vain and attention seeking. this time of year, people swear by everything pumpkin spice. pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin spice cookies and even pumpkin spice beer. you can find pretty much anything in a pumpkin spice flavor. health experts say real pumpkin and some spices like cinnamon


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