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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  October 30, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm MDT

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>> john: he's been swinging a good bat, definitely swinging a good bat off the fastball. >> joe: bryant still shaking his head over that high breaking ball, called strike three. 1-0. 2-0. >> joe: 3-0. >> joe: addison russell on deck.
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meaning, i would let zobrist swing. >> joe: he's done it once in this game, and he does it again. this time, he comes up empty. looked like allen and gomes, the expecting that. three balls and a strike. you see schwarber getting a ba russell. >> joe: two out in the inning with runners at first and second. 3-1 pitch. popped up. out behind short, and lindor wants it. has it. cody allen gets out of trouble in the seventh. eighth inning rolls in. nine, one and two hitters coming up for the indians.
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gomes, who is at the plate for the first time tonight. 0-1 in this postseason. that came in this world series. there is his regular year. couldn't stay healthy. fought his way back to the active roster in september. here he is. trying to lead off the eighth with something. in the hole 0-2. chapman is asked to get eight he's got two so far. >> john: up-and-in fastballs, saying good luck to you. >> joe: got him. one away. >> john: chapman with the slider here. ties him up.
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season, regular and post, opponents have hit .151 against the chapman fastball, .235 against the chapman slider, and he just locked up yan gomes. >> john: i know it's nice to have a secondary pitch but when they can't hit the first pitch, you don't really need a secondary pitch. >> joe: ball one inside to davis. >> john: sometimes he's going to give you a chance with the slider. if you can't catch up to the heater and it's in the wrong -- he does you a favor. >> joe: rajai davis takes high for ball two. if he can get on, he can use his speed. chapman does not hold runners all that well either. kipnis on deck.
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>> joe: 3-1. >> joe: strike two. >> john: the crowd once again. >> joe: that's rizzo with a
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chapman got caught watching. >> john: you see right here, as soon as he throws, he turns his back because that's the way he finishes and it was way too late at that point. davis can flat-out fly. >> joe: so the tying run is on, and how about rajai davis. came in one for 23 in the postseason. was one for 25 before the sixth-inning single and steal. scored a run on the hit by lindor. and now he's on, and there will be a lot of attention on rajai davis at first with one out. >> john: yes, there will -- cleveland indians are one of the few teams in baseball, as we
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bases. 134 regular-season stolen bases. davis is going to make it awfully difficult, as he could, and should, for chapman. >> joe: here is kipnis. jason 0-3 tonight. >> john: i just love this time of the year more than anything. i loved it when i was a player out there. everything matters -- tension, crowd, every pitch is big. for the cubs, magnified. it doesn't get any better than
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>> joe: davis didn't get a good look at that move by chapman. he takes a while to the plate. the difference for chicago is they've got willson contreras behind the plate who can really throw it. and we've seen the tagging abilities by javier baez down at second. >> joe: chapman calls time out >> john: it's an easier position for the indians to be in, up three games to one, even though they're down one run in this game, they can afford to be aggressive, they can afford to take chances, put the heat continuously on the cubs and hope for a mistake. hope for a crack in the armor of the cubs but at this point it's all about chapman being able to throw strikes. finishing the job. >> joe: contreras is active
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he likes throwing behind the runner at first if he gets the chance. >> joe: kipnis. ball one. season high in pitches for chapman, 36. career high, 44 last july with cincinnati. >> joe: after that ball bounced over to first, the indians were saying "check the ball." joe west alerted the home plate umpire, tony randazzo. they got chapman's attention.
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>> joe: there he goes. stolen base for davis and the tying run in scoring position here in the eighth. >> john: good job by davis. reading the move. he takes off. >> joe: a nice addition to this cleveland team, rajai davis who led the league in stolen bases at the age of 35 and he's got two big ones tonight. >> joe: 2-0. chapman steps off with kipnis at the plate. >> john: what he did at first base. two pitches out of the zone.
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davis stealing most of the attention of chapman. >> joe: now contreras will go out to talk and baez will come in according to joe maddon, the cubs manager, baez has the ability in these little meetings to say the right thing to chapman. get him to laugh. get him >> john: there are a couple of ways for a pick-off if you're the middle infielder. baez is the only one, russell not thinking that kipnis can pull the ball of chapman, a pick play can come from the catcher or a sign from the infielder. daylight is when he takes off to second. you turn and spin.
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>> joe: 2-1 on kipnis. >> john: kipnis made up his mind he was going to swing at a fastball. >> joe: such life on these pitches. willson contreras glad to corral that. >> joe: 2-2. >> john: last two pitches weren't even close but kipnis
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reading chapman's release point but velocity. >> john: another visit. >> joe: fans stay connected to the game they love with limited l.t.e. data. welcome to unlimited baseball and welcome to heart-pounding baseball here in the eighth. >> john: this crowd has been standing, pleading. hoping. >> joe: sgich nis.
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>> john: where the other ones were. outside. kipnis held up. >> joe: popped up. zobrist coming in. >> joe: that out. had to make sure. down the line in left. two outs. >> john: the hard part for zobrist is getting awfully close to the bullpen mound. you know part of him was worried when he was going to hit that, and as he hits that with his foot it might have caused him to take his eye off the glove and the ball just a fraction. the wind blowing the way it was,
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right there. >> joe: foul ball for the out and now it's lindor with napoli on deck. one hit after another for cleveland, 22-year-old star, r.b.i. single, caught stealing in the sixth. he can tie this game with a two-out hit. bases open. mike napoli on deck and that's talk. >> joe: look at the number, .444 hitting in this world series. there is the tying run. two out, eighth inning. there goes davis, and he just walks in to third base with
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had a conversation with the first base coach and that was already discussed what was going to happen. he was going to take third and put the ultimate pressure on, now, contreras at home plate. >> joe: here comes the 1-0 pitch. tying run is 90 feet away. strike one. >> john: the one thing lindor has going for him, he's quiet, and as long as he doesn't t against chapman. they went with the slider there. short, compact to the ball. use the power of chapman to your advantage. snoop that's the importance of taking third base. rajai davis led the league with 13 steals of third during the regular season.
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contreras, davis will take off. >> john: that was part of the game planning throwing sliders versus fastball early against lindor. >> joe: strike two. >> joe: got him. chapman out of the eighth. ok, anyone like coming in first place...
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( ?? ) ? they tell me i'm wrong ? ? to want to stand alongside my, my love ? ? whoa, talkin' 'bout my love ? >> joe: the 2016 reliever of the year awards were presented by the hartford. prior to yesterday's game, zach britton of the orioles was named the mariano rivera american league reliever of the year and kenley jansen of the dodgers named the hoffman reliever of the year. jansen, who wasn't here
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strike, also had 47 saves. tied with mark melancon, four behind leader juroris familia. congratulations -- behind leader jeurys familia. congratulations. keep it in the back of your mind if something starts to happen for chicago in the eighth, chapman is due up fourth. cody allen got around a hit batsman. handed out an intentional pass last inning and got zobrist on a popup.
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one away. second strikeout for allen. tonight's telecast is sponsored by t-mobile one. welcome to unlimited baseball. after this game go to fs1 sponsored by "lethal weapon." post game coverage. kevin, the big hurt. >> john: jansen going to be a free agent and pitched three innings in relief of clayton kershaw in a losing effort. so nasty, didn't get in the game in the wild card. >> joe: one ball, one strike on heyward. >> john: chapman will also be a free agent.
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command attention. and dollars. >> joe: heyward tried to check his swing. and he did. in the ninth inning, napoli, santana and ramirez. three guys who are a home run threat. 68 home runs between the first two hitters in the ninth. third hitter homered earlier tonight. 2-1. 3- >> joe: heyward hits it a ton
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>> john: terry francona basically has two closers. cody allen and andrew miller. even in a one-run deficit, he's asked cody allen to pitch a few innings. he hasn't had much action of late. with the day off tomorrow he will have his full complement of relievers ready if they need to play a game six. >> joe: aroldis chapman has thrown 30 pitches so far after coming into the game in the seventh. career high 44 out of the bullpen. that's foul. those other appearances weren't in game five of the world series with his team facing elimination. >> john: no, they weren't, and certainly his previous
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room for error, at least tonight, one runner on, he was able to get out of that. might think about spinning a breaking ball here if you're cody allen. >> joe: heyward hits a bullet into right center. on with one out in the eighth. >> john: heyward got too good swings, they went away and he was able to put a bullet past kipnis. >> joe: javier baez, one on, one out.
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bosio is going through pedro strop to talk to chapman. >> joe: baez. heyward goes. swing and a miss. throw down. not in time. stolen base. >> john: the cubs being aggressive. up one. trying to steal another run. using the formula and a late slide -- an awkward slide as he tried to avoid the tag, but the ball gets by him and then he lands on it. >> joe: the reaction from aroldis chapman in the on-deck
9:29 pm
down there. >> john: no. >> joe: mickeyical way, pitching coach is going to come out and talk. >> john: this is an obvious situation you don't have to throw baez a strike even if he gets on first base facing chamman, so be aggressive with your breaking balls, i would think, against a guy who has shown the inability to stay off of them, and then you can face chapman, who i'm sure hasn't had a whole lot of time swinging the bat. >> joe: 0-1 the count on baez. a big run sitting out there for chicago. that's a strike. 0-2. >> john: don't throw it anywhere
9:30 pm
heyward, be prepared. if it's in the dirt, if you can read it and get an aggressive lead and anticipate a ball in the dirt, if it skipsps away a little bit you can advance to third. >> john: the hardest part for baez is to anticipate the ball up and not think it's going to be a fastball but sometimes you've got to guess along with the pitcher, when you're struggling on anything that moves. it's not easy until you learn. he will learn a lot. having gon promise you. >> joe: we visited with terry


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