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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  October 31, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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they found here alms, because those devices were incomplete. >> police, fire, and the bomb squad, this is no halloween prank. >> we were going to go trick-or-treating in till this happen. history does been blocked off since early monday morning. the detective came to our door and said we're going to ask you evacuate. after police found potentially dangerous chemicals inside this blue house. as the initial bomb squad technicians went through the house, items, and a number of other chemicals, things that looked suspicious. >> so suspicious. >> the first thing you think of is okay, are we in danger down here? 30 homes were evacuated. >> the perimeter is all about saves on in case there is some detonation or blast. >> even the fbi got involved. once inside we're told they found two devices, fox 31 was
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and have been the backyard that's where the bomb squad that the suspicious devices. residents should expect to hear one loud explosion. at 8:00 p.m., they blew both devices up. the exclusion literally rocked this quiet community. this isn't a cleveland area and this is the last thing you would ever expect. halloween night this neighborhood wasn't expecting. >> now, they still haven't searched the inside of the home because they're all worried about the potential of more dangerous chemicals or devices inside, so they will be searching that home at some point. in the meantime, residents will not be allowed back in their homes tonight, they could be let in at the earliest tomorrow. >> thank you. right now boulder police are on the lookout for the man in this gets believed to be the one that opened fire during an argument
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early yesterday morning hitting a bystander in the leg. the victim has been released from hospital tonight the suspect is described is 5 feet . if you recognize this man, please call police. a search for the body of a 13 -month-old boy could start tomorrow morning at this landfill near the town of alden. it was delayed again today after investigators say the suspect in the wyoming boys death took him on a wild goose chase. rogers is the boyfriend of the toddlers mother. the arrest affidavit shows rogers first lied to investigators about where the little boy was, but later admitted he took them to a friends house where they boy appeared to get high from the being exposed to mess about. rogers told investigators the boy fell off the counter, it hit his head so he put the body in a dumpster. the trash from that dumpster was later moved to the landfill. >> ago bunmi pages been set up
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and firefighter. thirty-one -year-old jermaine fry died on saturday at his home after being injured recently during training. he'd been hospitalized and was released from the hospital friday evening but went into cardiac arrest at his home sunday afternoon. fry had also worked as a firefighter and paramedic and aurora. so far the go for me pages raise more than $10,000 of the $50,000 goal. he get the hottest halloween denver has ever seen. it made trick-or-treating a lot do you warm weather causing concern for ski resorts worried that. >> the ski season has begun for some mountains like a basin. others had to follow in the coming weeks. julie is here to tell us if resorts are concerned that skiers will put their hobby on the back burner. >> a warm halloween is definitely a treat. denver reached a high of 79 degrees today making it the warmest halloween this city has ever seen. it might be hard to think about
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wearing flip-flops. >> it may not be friend of mine right now, so don't be worried, the snow is coming. colorado skis country usa represents 21 ski resorts within the state. resting a lot of interest online. they say the warm weather will only entice skiers and snowboarders to make reservations early because of the great deals available right now. it's actually really good time, you may not be thinking about scheme because of the temperature but to get online and do your research there are some really great early-season deals up there. the last three years have been record-breaking for dozens of resorts all over the state. >> we have 30 million ski we had a later opening day last season, did this year. labunski area has as they continue to make snow. last year they opened october 29 but with the unseasonable weather we are feeling, snow is somewhat sparse, a spokesperson
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weather will impact the season and they are hoping to open within a few days. resort hotel rates are still high mountain travel industry research specialist from say there is no indication that the weather will affect the november -- april season. in fact,, occupancy rates are up 7% november through march compared to the same duration last year. >> lets get a check on the forecast. the warm temperatures certainly are not helping. while we had nights just a few weeks ago to be able to get arapahoe basin opened up, that has not been the case. today, 79 degrees in denver was the warmest on record for halloween so we ended up the month with a record-setting tying 79 degrees. that was set back in 1950. as far as october goes, we actually calculate the numbers we site into the number two position as the second warmest october on record. you can see here is the top five
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hasn't changed all month long. the storm track continues to take the best moisture, the best cold air and the rain and snow and is lifted north of colorado and take it across parts of montana. we occasionally get some clouds and some subtle dips in the temperature but the bottom line is the drought continues here across the state. everything painted in yellow is in the very dry conditions. what we need going into november is a shift in the pattern. most of resorts like to open by the thanksgiving weekend a we're hoping the pattern shift comes because at this point if october weather it's not going to look good in the colorado hiking trip. we talk about the cooler days we have a few showers out there. it's not a lot, of pressure weather ahead. >> @countdown to election day is on. here in colorado with eight days to go almost 867,000 people have now returned their ballots. at that number will break it
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democrats 300,000 for republicans and 225,000 are from unaffiliated voters. republican vice presidential nominee may will make a return he will be in loveland on wednesday for a rally at the ranch. stores open at 2:30 a.m. for the 530 event. >> every ballot received by that clerk first is the ballot that will count. you're not supposed to vote twice, so you may end up with an investigation afterward. that the mail-in ballots will actually be counted even suggesting his supporters should go vote twice. we talked to the secretary of state, to republican wayne williams asked whether or not after you submit your ballot if you can actually vote again. >> eight days out and the election appears to be tightening. hillary clinton's campaign under siege all weekend after the fbi announced their real visiting clinton's e-mail specifically
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aide, his estranged husband is involved in a separate fbi investigation. >> thank you, anthony weiner. today donald trump again pouncing, praising the fbi director and michigan despite calling him in competent days earlier. >> it took a lot of good. i really disagreed with them. i was not his fan, but what he did, he brought reputation. >> hillary clinton meanwhile on the trail and ohio demanding the fbi provide more information and reassuring supporters there is nothing there. >> i'm sure a lot of you may be asking what this new e-mail story is about, and why in the world the fbi would decide to jump into an election with no evidence of any wrongdoing with just days to go. that's a good question. >> one place clinton not getting any public else is the white house. josh aniston playing the president won't criticize. i will neither defend nor
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has decided. the e-mail bombshell overshadowing of the campaign news including the post report highlighting how donald trump would show up a charity event and pretend he donated even though he never did and wiki leaks e-mail showing san income for peter gave the clinton campaign more questions ahead of a town hall, cnn fighter grizzle earlier today. where the candidates are today says a lot about the state of the race. hillary clinton ohio because she is underperforming their compared to obama in 2012. that's because even if trump went a swing state like ohio, he needs to flip at least one blue state red and he thinks in michigan he has a chance. >> and ms. across america, newly released 911 calls revealing the voice of the orlando shooter the night he went on a deadly rampage. here is part of the audio at
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i'm in orlando and i did the shooting. >> what is your name cracks my name is my pledge of allegiance to the islamic state. >> nearly 30 minutes of calls between him and police have been released of the public from the night 49 people were killed inside the pulse nightclub. this call includes police negotiating with the team and him demanding a bombing in syria. a judge still deciding whether to release the 232 calls made by people trapped inside the club that night. protest against an oil pipeline spreading to facebook. hundreds of thousands of people have use the social media platform to check in at the standing rock reservation even though they are nowhere close to there. the post says police are tracking protesters on the site with the local sheriffs department says that's not true. either way the mass check in is
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poli t isn't. the dakota access by plan will move domestic crude oil through four states. opponents say the construction is an environmental threat and assault on sacred native american land. these days you can access anything you need. >> teenagers also glad music for their ears, new research is showing up how cell phones can cause your hearing irreversible damage. the link scientist are making two cells in the body and how they affect their disorder.
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scott tipton -- our congressman? or is he a real-estate agent for big-money campaign contributors? tipton sponsored a bill to give away our public lands to his out-of-state donors. over 30 colorado business leaders called tipton's plans, "a serious threat to the outdoor recreation industry and...thousands of jobs." gail schwartz will defend our public lands and won't put colorado's future up for sale.
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finding a link between autism and parts of your body cell known as mitochondrion. the trans- turns fats and sugar into energy. compared to the dna of family members who did not have autism. more research is needed to
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study by new york city department of health, one out of every four graduating high school senior suffered irreversible hearing loss. he plays trombone in the marching loves listening to it too. although later rock back to modern pop. about two years ago he started to listen to a ringing in his ears. it was anything but music. think about when something is exploded and they have the rain going on. they have that basically. after a thorough exam with
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a persistent and irreversible ringing in the ears. definitely as a reflex. doctor baron has seen more and more cases of tinnitus which is often a sign of hearing loss. when it's much to love for you to tolerate, before you think it might hurt your air. wearing them every day, they're wearing them for hours a day, sometimes even long for senior chris peck, he has to learn for the constant ringing in his is. for the rest of his life. making sure my music is loud, make interim not been allowed to environment.
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turn it down man, dan daru, fox 31. protect your children from permanent hearing loss. >> pinpoint weather with chief meteorologist dave fraser. in case you missed it at the top of the newscast and wanted to show you again for the last day of the month how warm it was last month. free range from the mid and upper 80s to the southeast. it did drop off a lot cooler. most of the mountain location in the 60s. 20 degrees above our normal high and we did tag at the record.
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southeast when@12 miles per hour. here at 53 in aurora. fifty-three in stapleton. site down to how this rent a nice comfortable 51 degrees. fifty-four down and castl here's what's happening the wind is taking a turn. early this evening a little
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in the me bring in a few clouds through the afternoon and evening. it doesn't, and until late in the day. october is warm and dry. we won clothing sound going into november, but the try continues as most of the storms slipknot the colorado leaving us with a few glancing list tonight in the 30s most places above freezing and '40s, 50 down in springfield about 43 in denver. in the mountains you stay mainly in the 60s much like you were today.
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tomorrow morning, wake up, there will be some clouds around. normal at this time is 59. , 60 but then back to 70, 71 for thursday, friday. that's a brief warm-up. we do quickly coole the 60s. at 65 and 68 going into the weekend. overnight lows are comfortable. if you like sleeping with the windows open this is some good weather. monday is our first chance of rain. seven days, seven days into the
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say me snowblower. >> the world series doing big business. because in the nfl. >> trained trying to find the seasons midway point. the quest for elusive
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scott tipton -- our congressman? or is he a real-estate agent for big-money campaign contributors? tipton sponsored a bill to give away our public lands to his out-of-state donors. over 30 colorado business leaders called tipton's plans, "a serious threat to the outdoor recreation industry and...thousands of jobs." gail schwartz will defend our public lands and won't put colorado's future up for sale. for the content of this advertising. >> lets face it, the broncos are never going to be the greatest show on turf, but neither can they be barely functioning and
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example, yesterday, the game should have been finished midway through the third. >> it wasn't the 20 that he scored, it was the 14 or so that the offense left on the field he is recovered by san diego. >> about the fantasies across the board. i think i got a get better. either clubs in ability to run the football is particularly vexing. we've got to find a way. we've run the ball well and we can get people to play an single coverage it gives us a lot
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he had the feeling that kubiak is about halfway to wherever he wants to be with this offense. the world series resumes i game six in cleveland. mop the floor with nbc for own
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the mets and the phone readings, of course, are down across the board this year. he's one of 18 coaches. he's 20th to host ucla on thursday. receiving votes in the first ap college to pull. they are the equivalent of the 41st in both polls in case your wondering, do, kentucky, kansas real estate almost as fixed one, two and three. the eight time they have the year preseason number one. indiana hoosiers are going to be good this year. tom green.
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kentucky. >> we will see. the world series ratings are >> great decorations around denver tonight. i'm jamie foxx for verizon.
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jerry: how did you lock your keys in your car? how? 'cause i'm an idiot. why don't you get a locksmith? i was, but then i found out that the auto club has free locksmith service. i'm just waiting for the membership to kick in. how long has your car been in the yankee parking lot? about 3 days. captioning made possible by columbia tristar domestic television hello, boys. you're not playing golf? indeed. the calendar says winter, but the gods of spring are out. the course is open? no. i'm sneaking in with stan the caddie. we've been going through the caddies' entrance. no kidding. and i'll tell you something else, stan's advice has transformed my game. he's never wrong. he thinks eventually i might make it big on the senior tour.


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