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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 11AM  FOX  November 2, 2016 11:00am-11:30am MDT

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welcome back. doctor saying drinking energy drinks could be linked to hepatitis. starting a study published in medical journal bmj talks about a 50 -year-old man developed acute hepatitis factors think it's because he drank too many energy drinks. consumed 200 milligrams per day of vitamin b3. that's a key ingredient in a lot of energy drinks doctors recommend consume no more than
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reported in colorado. person in pueblo county had to be taken to the hospital after coming down with the virus. county health department says beginning of october that have been five cases in the state. the state department of health and environment is encouraging everyone to get a flu shot. appears people would rather own vehicles than small cars. according to auto data industrywide sales of cars dropping a must 13 percent last month because people are buying trucks and suvs. in fact sales of suv truck rose by 2 percent that trend has been seen all year long. so far for 2016 car sales are down 9 percent. big vehicle sales up 7 percent. instagram testing the waters trying out a new feature letting you shop for products directly from a photo. starting next week about two dozen retailers across the us will test it out. users can tap a button and see the names and prices and product if you're interested you can click shop now and the app will
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website. interesting sites like pinterest would be a perfect use for this thing you see so much thing. so many ideas. want to get that but to find it is actually a process. making it easier for us. 11:12 it all leads up to tonight game seven of the world series. both teams need all of the help they can get tonight and once you could be getting some divine intervention. getting a little chillier outside we'll see if it will continue for if
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my name is charity salazar, and i'm an air force veteran. every election, nancy pelosi and her washington friends launch vicious attacks against mike coffman. this year is no different. they say he's waging a war against women. that's just not true. mike stood up for women in the military, protecting us against sexual assault. he believes in equal pay and making sure pregnant women aren't discriminated against at work. time and again mike has stood up for women.
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fman, and i approve this message. that was the scene outside of wrigley field in chicago last thing. rowdy bunch that even though the game was played in cleveland. thousands gathered and bars around the field outside the marquis to celebrate the wind that sending the comes to game seven of the world series. it's not it is not cubs fans who aren't making the trip to cleveland got to watch the game there. showing support in chicago. people have started writing thousands of messages on those famous brick walls along the right field. there are tributes to the team along with memorials to loved ones who were never able to see the cubs in the world series. in cleveland some indians fans are going to progressive field to offer some divine help.
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congregation of saint joseph have blessed the field. these are the same nuns we told you about last week. they have been emailing back and forth with the nuns from the chicago area congregation pictures of themselves decked out in indians gear. as you can see right there. so cute. how about this. charlie sheen is also trying to help out the indians by heading to cleveland tonight. new mean wild thing. that's what they call him. he tweeted out this picture and wrote fear not belie the way. hashtag get me vaughn. i love what he's packing in indians cap he's got sunglasses. that's all he's bringing? of course charlie sheen played indians player ricky wild thing vaugh, in the 1989 film major league. the rumor he's got some hookups. he will get in the rumor is his people are trying to get tickets right behind the dugout. i'm sure he'll be on tv.
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other star celebrities heading to the game. cubs' fan billy murray surprised a random cubs fan last night and gave her his extra ticket to game six. is that our broker behind her? it is that must be where the celebrities hang out. karen michel of munster, indiana was hanging outside progressive field yesterday, looking to buy a single ticket. have any luck, she spotted murray and he helped her out. that's pretty cool. the reason he's there he worked in cleveland for the nbc station there as the weather guy back in the 80s back in the day before his today show. fun fact for you. the cubs are trying to help anyone who may be dragging this morning, after too much celebrating last night. they tweeted out this super
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to work, class or, as they put it other responsibilities. it says the chicago cubs are playing game seven of the world series and if you are not familiar with sports narratives well it's kind of a big deal. the whole country is rooting for the comes except for those of us. you feel singled out? go indians. there you go. appreciate that. let's talk football. broncos defensive coordinator wade phillips is still recovering after sunday's game. that was tough to watch. you may remember this he was tackled on the sidelines by chargers' player melvin gordon. but phillips has a sense of humor about the whole incident. he retweeted this picture. someone tweeted a guy all wrapped up in bubble wrap and wrote new nike gear for and then phillip's twitter handle son of bum.
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i need this. a little too late. phillips was back at work on monday and he's planning on being back on the sidelines this sunday, when the broncos play the oakland raiders. go raiders. it's always a good rival the broncos and raiders. they are good this year. at the top of the division it will be a fight for number one in our division. usually 's circumstance type thing playing the raiders now it's like we need to win. they have good weather this week? they will. warm it will be another one of those days you can very well be playing football in this notice i love the year as we very well know. that will be the case today at a little bit of a mix of sun and clouds. clouds over the mountains couple of some showers a cropped up there. crystal-clear view at least from this view but if you're standing downtown like i just was in
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up to the north still clouds out there blocking the sun. making for hazy sunshine. most of the bad weather cruising up to the east may play into that game seven tonight i'll talk about coming up. but drier air in general working its way towards us. it will stay here the next couple of days. were also in the cooler air temperatures in the mid- 50s in denver right now. a drastic decrease from where we were yesterday 5 degrees cooler in denver 7 degrees cooler officially at the a as well and same thing centennial 627-degree range. a lot of 50s out there yesterday we had a lot of 60s. this afternoon 60 will be about the most five more degrees in denver a view more degrees on the plane's. mounted in the 40s but cold enough the question is can they make this no faster than its melting this afternoon? mother nature as i said helping out with no showers this morning a couple of showing up on the radar. off to the west of fort collins
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park type area. everything has really dried out for the most part. saying pretty cloudy to mostly clear into the afternoon. there will be periods where you see mostly cloudy skies. not going to be bright and blue all day long. we do at least get that sunshine to help us to 60 by the afternoon the cloud cover starts to really fall apart. we go clear tonight. that could lead to chilly temperatures for us. let's rewind to the game going on tonight you're inside will be dealing with chilly temperatures it starts off evening. 6:08 is the first pitch may be showers possible this is interesting because major league baseball has said they do not want whether to pay any factor in the games and they'll move things around they have moved games around to avoid the weather. that doesn't determine the outcome of the champion. it will be interesting pitching matchups and everybody warming up in the bullpen the fact it's a big game this one might go kind of long and showers possible during the later innings and that would be an
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inning do you let ago or delay. not just spotty showers it will rain pretty good when the rain finally arrives. we'll see how that goes. upper sixes were temperatures by tomorrow temperatures going up 69 degrees on friday. lower 60s by saturday the best chance of rain we've seen in quite some time. 30 percent on the board isn't exactly the highs chance but he goes to show how bad we've been needing rain lately. we all have a favorite pair of jeans in our closet. researchers say it may be time to ditch the done him. researchers are putting an age limit on wearing a pair of jeans.
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woman: after all donald trump has said and done... she ate like a pig... you can do anything. i moved on her like a b***h! woman: trump's just so disgusting and degrading. he's bragged about assaulting women, and he's the republican nominee for president! and congressman mike coffman said he didn't know if donald trump's a sexual predator. come on. look, we just can't vote for coffman or trump. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. welcome back. for some reason career builder the website decided to
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places to be, if there was a zombie apocalypse. just think. it's good to know. and denver, ranked high on the list. in fact denver earned the best score of any city in terms of being able to contain a flesh eating virus. the other categories were ability to defend against the virus, ability to find a cure, and ability to outlast the epidemic. overall, denver was number 7. top four are baltimore. salt lake city, utah. kansas city, and number one boston. the places you wouldn't want to be during the new york city, tampa, florida and los angeles. there you have it. scientists say some pictures are giving them a new clue into a decades old mystery. they say, they might have new information on the disappearance of amelia earhart. the famous pilot vanished back in 1937, while trying to fly around the world. scientists have a photo of earhart, and they compared it to measurements from a skeleton
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they say the similarities were striking. for instance earhart had longer than normal forearms, and so did the skeleton. but unfortunately the skeletal remains were lost a long time ago now they only have the measurements. interesting. a woman in florida didn't quite make it into the hospital, and ended up having her baby in her car in the parking lot instead. she still got a bill. she did. the hospital went ahead and billed her as if she was in a delivery room. they did it. her husband caught the head, with some help from nurses that ran outside. to help with that delivery. seven months later she got a bill from the hospital, for 7 thousand dollars. the woman says she understood she would get a bill because she did stay in the hospital and because of the help from the nurses, but she doesn't think she should be charged a delivery fee. at least a room the. some sort of discount. they should give her a break. in the parking lot. right.
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out it wasn't something you necessarily needed to outgrow. my six your all just yesterday said what age do i have to stop sleeping with it. she said that and i said never. you can sleep with it as long as you want. one therapist has a new theory that adults can benefit from sentimental objects like blankets or stuffed animals. it can help us get through difficult times. and according to research 30 percent of adults do have some sort of comfort object. 60 percent of kids have them. line is dead and always does. there you have it. all right. what you should be getting rid of is your denim. there's some official research on the age you should stop wearing jeans. can you guess what that age is? 53. when you turn 53 they say ditch the genes. researchers say jeans are meant for the younger generation and 53 is when you should toss your pairs of jeans. they also say people find shopping for jeans extremely
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i get that. hard to find a good pair of jeans. about 6 percent of shopper cry while they hunt for a pair. i have done that before. back in my teen years. cried while shopping for genes. they don't fit. back in 19 years. everybody is interesting when they're 18. you know what i used to have to do the coat hanger when they didn't fit i would take the coat hanger and hook it into the zipper and pulled them up. really. i'm glad i'm a boy. i'm glad they work will. remember those. they were big. elastic genes. i had hammer pants. this is what you want. all right. real quick how warm will we get today quickly will hit the upper 50s lower 60s this afternoon kind of on the way there now. back to around 70 degrees per the end of the week that we call back down to the we can. it will feel like november.
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this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- a medical student from toronto, ontario, canada... a hospital pediatrician from wilmington, delaware... and our returning champion -- a naval officer originally from plano, texas... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" --


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