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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  November 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm MST

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a brush fire flaring up this afternoon in brighton. >> first real check with meteorologist today check with the weather. >> it's been way too long since we have had rainfall. take a look at this. more than one month since we had measurable rain.
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meanwhile, another warm day. average high for this time of year is in the low 50s. right now we are going to get right over to the brushfire happening right now.
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>> it burned a pretty significant distance. it burned about 3 miles wide and a quarter mile deep. there are still hotspots flaming up. you can also see the line of where the brush burned black and where it didn't. 128 and wayne would is where it stard. 's spread more than 300 acres. high winds of up to 20 miles per hour marked ascension, helped push the fire even further out. the firefighters now have a contained. they are still investigating the cause. the brighton fire department said they have been hoping for rain every day this week.
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the dryness is not helping put out fires much more quickly. while they don't know the cause, they are investigating this as an intentional fire. thankfully no one was hurt. no animals were lost. but to unused sheds burned to the ground. the denver broncos stumbled, then finish with a forage in new orleans today getting a huge win. >> ever gets to the bye week as seven and three. >> on a day when the broncos turned over the state's four times, where darian stewart figured in three of them, were they finally struck balance in the run of past and rushed for better than 100 yards -- on a day when trevor siemian
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it would be the most unlikely of places to swing the game for the broncos. >> when drew brees looked for and found brandin cooks with a minute and a half left in the game. it appeared the saints had rallied for a win. the catch tie the game at 23. leaving the actual. but still a high percentage play -- as the only thing between them and their third straight win. youth has never been better served. as rookie justin simmons makes a perfectly time job for the block, allowing fellow rookie will parks to scoop-the tie rope along the sideline. the broncos improve to 7-3. remaining a game back in the loaded afc west. the graphic say a multilayered game today in new orleans.
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not just for how this game ended but also for what this game does for the broncos.
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is definitely worked out. i give joe credit for always making the guys work on it. [ inaudible ] >> in the end he is an bounce. broncos went by too. 7-3 record. they play at home one week from sunday. >> the attitude -- winning a game like this, going into the bye week --
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>> this offense of lime leaves a lot to be desired. trevor siemian was both good and bad. both those interceptions came off bad reads. do you think we -- dynamo. [ inaudible ] trump today named republican chairman reince priebus as his new chief of staff. and steve bannon -- the trump campaign ceo, his chief senior stratus just. the selection sends different signals. reince priebus is a veteran gop operative who has many close relationships with republicans. bannon is a much more
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meanwhile after days of protests against all drop across the country. this afternoon, hundreds of people gathered in civic center park this afternoon for a peaceful demonstration. the event was called "heroes and legends" . organizers said on facebook they wanted to come together and listen to each other. >> people living in new zealand rebounding from a powerful 7.8 ma the quake hit a rural area close to the city of church -- christchurch. shattered wine bottles -- products knocked off the shelves. in this video from inside a home -- you can see the ceiling lamp rattling outside. three lines aftershocks were felt more than 120 miles away in a tsunami was reported about two hours after the quake hit. new zealand's prime minister
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the damage is still being assessed. at least two people have died. >> police tonight investigate an early-morning stabbing and an apartment complex. two people fleeing the area with stab wounds. both were taken to the hospital. detectives aren't looking for other suspects. >> to liquid families are out of their homes to nine after an early-morning fire spread from one to the other in the 1100 block of south investigators say they are not sure how the fire started. fox 31's dave young shows us, everyone got out safely. >> don and florence peck take us inside their fire damaged liquid home. >> the couple in their 80s was awakened by neighbors just after midnight.
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>> this is what is left of a tool shed where investigators believe the fire started. >> three people escaped unharmed. a nearby nurse who did not want to be identified said she feared for the war. >> i heard an explosion about midnight. >> i came outside -- i saw flames up above the house and i immediately ran down there to see if anybody needed help. >> people were pounding on their doors to see if they were in there. in the house? i sent my husband. is that you have to get out. your house on fire. >> cruise from nearby westminster fire station were on the scene in minutes. managing to keep the blaze from spreading throughout both homes. there were 40 guys fighting the fire -- >> xcel energy crews seiter meter connection to the adjacent home was damaged. but maintained gas was not the source of an explosion. >> and makes me wonder if someone came in there and started it. i just wonder.
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>> they say they are just grateful everyone got out okay. >> asked why we went to church. we just said were grateful -- let's just get up and go to church. >> by investigators they have been up on here so quickly and there was not pitched in to help, this would have been much worse. we have you covered and we will tell you when it is expected to appear. >> speaking of space -- we will take you inside a new exhibit organizers say will help
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welcome back. a local man is offering hope and comfort for the homeless. >> he went from living on the
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now he's paying for it. mariesse "mo" jones held a community outreach event in sheridan -- outside of his barbecue restaurant. he gave away donated close invited local shelters and mental health counselors to share information about programs they offer. this is the second time that mo holds an hour each day. it's now been three months since his restaurant has been opened and he feels more passionate than ever about giving back. >> and shows them that there are good people and people that -- not just benefit for them. to see a family smile -- that's the benefit i get from it. >> mo plans to hold an outreach event every year for the rest of his life. >> are memory working a story about him last year. >> tonight and tomorrow the big show will be in the sky, we're
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the moon will be the closest it has been to earth since 1948. here's a live look at the "supermoon" over denver. you can see arresting just above the skyline. >> we want to give you a different perspective of the moon. fine to say you should be able to see the super moon virtually anywhere the sky is clear. >> best time to go out is after sunset as the moon rises. really anytime sunday night, monday morning or monday night would be prime viewing for seeing it. just make sure you have a spot with a good view of the sky, away from tall buildings, trees play like and should be a spectacular sight. >> we have clear skies tonight. it will be a perfect night to do it. the best time -- just after 430 a.m.
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its largest. if you will be up out early on your monday morning, it will be this biggest super moon. a treatise in pictures. send them our way. we would love to see them. fifty-six -- a lovely evening. fifty-two around dia. when gusts as high as 15. those wins a boost that her fire danger.
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a cool down his art and our future and that streak in jeopardy. >> toronto if you like reinsurers came off the fiery otherwise it is nothing but clear skies overhead. we will keep it that way. high pressure is in control. we haven't seen much rain all. it's been 32 days since have had measurable rain. tomorrow will likely be number
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a cold front just off the pacific coast. it will be tracking through parts of the western united states and will eventually bring us a cool down here. and maybe even a chance for, not only rain, maybe even some snow. let's jump into the future cast -- warm air still rolling in. through wednesday. it exits quickly throughout ladder week. most models -- it will keep mountain snow around. it will keep us across the metro fairly drive-by, a few other models -- are tracking this a little further south. at that impact happens, we could be looking at measurable snow
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4-6 inches in the mountains. but probably not a whole lot of the metro. but that may change. it'll be something we will have to watch out for. and a lot of us are crossing our fingers for that. >> i want snow too. i want folks to be able to hit >> 101 -year-old pilot is reunited with the plane he flew in world war ii. we were there for the touching rearing and. >> nasa unveiled a new exhibit honoring the pioneers of the space program. we will give you a sneak peek
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welcome back. a world war ii veterans got the shock of his life when he walked into a museum and saw the fighter plane he flew -- later, that plane was restored and remarkably, the man and the machine reunited again. world war ii veteran francis robert "frank" royal made a fateful trip to the national museum of world war ii aviation encarta spring. >> i've had a lifelong interest in flying. i had to come see what they have. >> will serve as the commander
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>> it was a real godsend from a palestinian.-- it was great. >> so there i was, in the museum. just like the one royal flew in combat. but then something very special happened. >> against all odds, royal realized that he was once again reunited with the plane he flew, >> it was quite a thrill. >> white 33 was fully restored and once again, took to the blue. but this time, while was in the chase plane. >> they won't let me fly this one for some reason. [laughter] man and machine, together one is again on one last mission.
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if i went very well. >> royal says he has one more mission. >> on going on my last flight, as of last week i've been put on hospice. >> frank royal says he is at peace. he misses his late wife noreen and looks forward to once again flying with his mates were perhaps waiting for him, high in the sunlit silence. frank royal is 101 years old. he lives in colorado springs. >> just to see his reaction -- i wish they would've let him get behind it. >> he was smiling from ear to ear. >> a reminder tonight about an upcoming facing the weekend. not about the turkey, but make sure you tune into fox 314 "america salutes you". a concert honoring those who serve in the military, veterans
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cyndi lauper, gavin degraw and ricky skaggs are just a few of the special guests will be performing preview where the concert at four on saturday, november 6. and again on sunday, november 27 at 5. >> a new exhibit at the kennedy space center. the kirstin kurlander uses artifacts and cutting-edge technology to give visitors a look at the early years of the space program. as i did museum, visitor start with the wall of fame itself. highlighting those first space bar news. the museum emphasizes the early years, the mercury program, the gemini program and the apollo program. >> but i'm really excited about is the possibility that this could be used as a motivational tool for young people. >> the exhibit includes the original mission control from this mercury program which was from 1958-63. >> the fight for equal
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coming up we will tell you why a woman is suing the owner of the pepsi center and why she says the company is feeling her. >> today marks one year since the deadly attack in paris.
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i hope you're having a good week. thank you for staying with us that 6:30 p.m. it is now facing a class-action lawsuit. >> it was filed this past week in federal court by a deaf woman who says they are violating the


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