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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  November 15, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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>> for somebody to do this to my daughter. is just unbelievable. it's devastating. i don't understand how you look at yourself every day. >> a woman's body found in a fire. denver police calling it a death investigation. the woman's family says this is murder. >> . the story only on fox live at first and federal. where it happened two sundayings ago. >> they are convinced she was intentionally killed. >> there's a fire here. by federal. >> witness video the night of november 6.
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>> she had the biggest heart. anyone has ever seen in a little girl her size. >> tammy stands near the charred ground that help the makeshift shack her daughterred body was found in. >> a police officer from the district. told us that she had a small candle in the structure. fell asleep and kicked it over. >>. several people including this man. who once lived on the streets she was with. say otherwise. >> 20 feet high. doesn't do that the fire was intentionally started. and pointed tammy to the people she was with. >> they were playing a game. and then smiled at me. >> she confronted those who were with her the night she died.
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fluid and set a structure on fire that she was sleeping in. >> witnesses say her daughter and another woman were arguing over a man. not long after. flames covered the shack. >> nobody deserves to die. not in this manner or any other way. over a guy. >> she won't rest until she finds justice for her daughter. >> you killed a person. everybody knows what happened. when when we play with fire. >> . denver police not calling this a homicide investigation. they say it is being investigated as a death. pending the result of forensic tests. >> trump got his first presidential daily briefing. transition team is hold up inside trump tower. choosing his taf and cabinet. former new york city may kwror. a leading contender for secretary of state.
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ambassador. ben carson projected a cabinet position. a trump spokesman says they offered him the position of secretary of health and human services. he declined saying he never wanted a cabinet position. >> . unanimously reelected paul ryan. to serve as second term as house speaker. ryan must still win formal election when the full house picks its speaker january 3. all democrats on that day expected to oppose >> >> businesses will soon be able to receive kupblgs licenses. tourist ands residents can enjoy marijuana. outside the home. there is a catch. fox 31 political report. following this story tonight. >> there's always a bit of a problem when the marijuana law. tourists come here. buy pot. but have nowhere to smoke it. and hotel rooms often ban it. that will change.
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>> they fought for pot and won. supporters at denver 3 hundred tpheurbltive proclaiming success. denver will soon allow private businesses. except dispensaries. the ability to have customers consume pot on their property. >> this is ground breaking. >> a pilot program. something the city can ex-paoerpt with. in the next couple years. either adopt it. or make tweaks to it. or decide >> which businesses can get a license. your favorite coffee shop maybe able to get one. as would your favorite bar. cheers. >> city officials tell me it maybe months before any license is approved. >> . disappointment.
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upset. there are things you can do. the measure requires any business to get the approval of the neighborhood association. >> it's time to get to know your city counsel representative. and neighborhood organization. >> o brian opening people speak up. because alcohol and marijuana is a bad combination. >> when you use marijuana and alcohol. together. the impairment is greater than if you use either alone. >> there's no limit on how many businesses in one neighborhood can get a license. the consumption must be a thousand feet away from a school. and out of public view. organizers tonight eager to follow the law. >> i'm just really proud to be here. >> support es tell us already the uptown neighborhood as well as the capitol hill neighborhood have given the green light for businesses to apply. expect more to follow.
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the visit dve to be used as the official online resource for city tourism. >> . cheaper air fare option pwobging their the airline introduced basic economy fares. cheaper than standard. but basic economy travelers will not get a seat assignment. until check in. and many will only be able to take one personal item. that fits urn the seat. they can use over head bin space. the fares go on sale next year. >> wonder how they'll police
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flash sale. fares from dropped below one hundred dollars round trip. the tickets are good monday through thursday. and saturday travel. between december 1 and march 9. the sale ends midnight tomorrow. >> traveling somewhere for thanksgiving. you are part of the biggest rush since 2007. more than 48.7 million americans expect to take to the road. the sky. and the seas this and if you're planning on driving to grandmas house. good news. gas prices will be the second cheapest. in nearly a decade. we always do the stories about the weather. creating havoc around thanksgiving. hopefully that won't be the case this year. >> . a tradition to help the needy. this year it needs help of its own. >> . how much they still need to pull it off. and how you can contribute a little magic.
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all right check out this atkorbg rescue caught on camera. animal control all rescued this tiny kitten from inside a storm drain. it happened friday night. after someone noticed the tine n guy stuck in a pipe. together crews used the towel. and managed to pull the guy out. certainly a great job to everyone involved. >> . denver police doing their own version of the mannequin
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health paramedics for helping them tackle the challenge like champs. pretty impressive. you can see the whole video right now on police department facebook page. very clever. >> it's a colorado tradition. started by a man who came from nothing. the daddy bruce tha*pgs giving dinner has been feeding hundreds in need for 50 years. >> even a movie about the dinner. they have shown at the event center. problem solve shaul turner shows us. this year organizers need help reaching their goal. and you can help make a difference. >> denver restaurant owner and charity legend. daddy bruce once said. nothing beats love. now. 53 years later. his message endures. >> two hundred meals the first year. and wanted to feed five thousand. >> . are carrying on daddy bruces legacy. feeding those in need on thanksgiving. they remain optimist -bg say i
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donations this year. >> this street is is filled with trucks. those trucks have to be filled. >> . those trucks still sit empty. organizers tell the problem solvers. there are requests for five thousand food baskets this year. including 13 hundred from the housing authority. and school. and eleven hundred from seniors on their own. and the disabled. >> . organizers still need 150 thousand dollars. and a thousand volunteers to make it >>
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saturday. you can donate and volunteer by clicking on the daddy bruce thanksgiving link on our web site home page. >> . you'll remember that the broncos actually had a period of eleven days without a game. earlier th-t season. that was different. that was the kind of break that can make a team ant seu. nice at first. ultimately dragged on. the buy week you can let go of the game. of football for a few days. in fac that's what gary kubiak is counting on. >> it's one of the most wonderful times of the year. tp-frt broncos. the buy week. a full week off before returning to practice next week. the team says it couldn't come at a better time. >> it's worked out well. >> with the 7 and 3 record.
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this team will tkphradly take the extra r and r. do so fully aware of what awaits them when they get back. >> we play the division games. we have the best division in football. and playing great against these teams is what establishes you as a big tomb player. >> it's critical. obviously our division is loaded. and i do think we have the best division. in the league. >> how hard we worked to get in a position we're in. and we all know we're hard on ourselves. waoer getting guys back. it will be a tough stretch. it will be fun. >> broncos next game comes a week from this sunday. at home vs. the chiefs. that game the league has flexed. now moves to a night game. a 6:30 kick off. on sunday night. >> >> thank you.
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over achieved. which. so what they were picked last in the pack 12. south. that was more do with what they have been instead of who they have become. it was never any doubt that this was going to happen. this being eight and two. leading their division. on the verge of a top ten ranking. this team is also talented. and tough. and so far, very comfortable. in the big >> you've worked this hard. you need the extra step. and that's not a pressure situation. it's just keep working, doing what you're doing. and enjoy the moment. >> with just one loss in the pack 12. the buffs control their own destiny. nationally ranked washington state coming in this weekend. and then rank utah the week after. the new college football poll comes out tonight.
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after starting last week. at number 12. >> the avs are doing nice things on the in young season. most are on the defensive. end of the puck. on the other end they have been as offensive as mr. rogers in his neighborhood. just 17 goals in their last 12 games. what's a miracle. they actually won 4 of those games. of course. that's not enough for rookie coach. who dropped 7 of his last ten. >> that opportu this is a hard game. some point you have to get pucks to the net and get bodies and win battles to score goals. >> beautiful day. >> fred rogers. >> i love the guy.
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>> we continue to watch through the tphort north and west. that's the cold front. getting closer to colorado. it will swing in our direction. behind it increasing clouds. coldser temperature. a little rain. and yes even a little bit of snow. we do have a winter storm watch. out. for the western half of the state. mainly over the higher terrain.
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they need it. some of that heavy snow could spill in towards summit county. i want to show you future cast. again. this is accumulating snow. starting from about eleven wednesday. to eleven on thursday night. and i still like what i'm seeing in the mountains along i 70. nice three to six inch bulls eye. some places could do better. southeast colorado doesn't get anything out of this. again. this painting here will give an indication we'll get snow. that will fall. give us an indication of around an inch. questions still remains. will it actually stick. and stack up. to an inch. so we can measure that. either way. it's good moisture. we'll take it. it is a long time dealing with just this. you have to love the sunshine. can't complain about the warm temperatures. but it is way too dry. bring in the rain and snow. 70s for highs today. 80s a few spots to the south and east. very warm 60s in the mountains.
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77 denver. 25 degrees above where we should be. and one off the record of 78. outside right now. 66 and 60. humidity dry. the air 15 percent. winds out of the south 12 miles per hour. front range temperatures just a lot of 60. until you hit greeley. 55. and northeast corner cooler 50s there. and 40s up to places like led ville. over night tonight. we'll drop into the 30s and 40s. a cool night her while the chilly temperatures the 20s and colder 30s will stay. in the mountains. future cast remember that storm come coming in. from the pacific northwest. doesn't get here until eleven tomorrow night. and has a bigger impact thursday. tomorrow we see more clouds cover out there. than we have seen in the last few days. it doesn't stop from warming up. 70s. 80s again here in the east. and 60s in the mountains.
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upler 70s for just about everybody. >> 76 tomorrow. the record waufpb at 7. from 1941. there's the rain and snow. with the high temperature early in the morning. like around maybe ten a.m. we're at 45. by the time you head home. on thursday evening. it will be closer to freezing. falling temperatures through the day. that gives us rain snow change over. friday morning. 19 and 40. saturday 18 and 50. back to the 60s sunday monday. maybe another shower. of next week. i stress the 19 and 18. i have left my sprinklers on. it was so dry. we haven't had the cold. i'm warning you now. you don't need to. drain the pipes above tkpwroubd.
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coming up tonight. at nine. we're all encouraged to tkwet get kred cards. when you sign up. which is the right one. and to get more than one card.
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know to reap the benefits and get your credit score as high as possible -fpt tonight the at nine. >> . if you do it right you can get all kinds of miles and all this stuff. people who pay for everything on card. get the points and pay it off every month. >> . can you get christmas lights done on that. >> . if your limit is high enough.
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? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? all the care your family needs.
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?? to me the holidays are special, it's family traditions and of course great food. with all the things we could worry about over the holidays, turkey shouldn't be one of them. (laughter) i'm very proud to be a turkey farmer. i'm proud to raise turkeys with no growth promoting antibiotics, hormones or steroids. my name is tammy plumley,
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from washington, d.c., this is the "jeopardy! teen tournament. please welcome today's contestants -- an eighth-grader from cuyahoga falls, ohio... from madison, alabama... and a junior from darien, connecticut... and now from dar constitution hall, here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny, and thank you, ladies and gentlemen.


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