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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  November 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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do right now want to go down south to castle pines aware that wind is driving the snow in hard in the market is looking at right knee high. you said it is whipping out tonight temperatures around the area down into the mid 20s and spots as the skies have opened up winter is officially here and
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heavy snowfall our first real chelating snowfall on the rooftop and yes services around the area we been stacked up a few inches and castle pines take a look at our stock and the ground here 3 inches now on the grassy surface when we first arrived here things to the unseasonable warmth. the roads we're too warm to support an accumulation that has changed over the last hour. i 25 here in the backdrop and hour ago these rows we're completely clear now are starting to see the snow stick not to the shoulder but on the main lanes as well one noticing on the far strut of the street the on and off ramp is becoming completely snow-covered please be careful exposure to areas with that driving moderates now temperatures will continue to follow throughout the overnight there will be slick spots and make sure you do's those speeds we're done with the first
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with the pinpoint weather mark and castle pines fox 31. you can be prepared for whenever there's no falls by downloading the fox 31 pinpoint weather app interactive radar stance on what the weather is doing where you live the iphone and android in the app store are google play. new information on a house fire in a roar that killed a life and mother the victim husband tells fox 31 still in intensive care. a blanket of snow that covers the ashes the owner of this home sits in a hospital a hospital
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semi has this message from university hospital tonight's wife jamal bargains dying wednesday morning when this planes broke out and aurora near delmar circle his son gabriel remains in the burn unit cleaning for life. it was a horrible feet the smoke was so good for the great diversity saw timbers are screens. real petite very shocked. i'm so worried how the getting get through this. doing her part by setting ago fun me page contacting problem solvers to spread the word the family confirms they did not have home insurance everything lost.
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trying for them. as damnation port and prayers are requested to one life already lost here no one wants another. i am so terribly sorry this is very much under investigation by the local fire department ms. vargas in the shower when the blaze broke out. joe st. george fox 31. learning new information the surge in the body of old boy from wyoming this exercise has shifted from a well county man fell to this pond and cheyenne after investigators got a a tip guy volunteers scoured the murky water upon 30 feet deep and some spots logan rogers the boyfriend of the mother is facing charges include two. the robbery deal made incompetent to stand trial dears mentor help is not an.
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his defense is been undergoing treatment at the state say tragic hospital. he confessed to shooting and killing three people and injuring nine last november at a planned parenthood clinic. local developer and died by democrat jury on charges he cheated banks and investors out of more than $8 million robert but junior facing a slew of charges including theft money laundry securities fraud identity theft press you say you ta construction loans on three townhome developments in the city and use that money for personal benefit he's due in court tomorrow. stopped the plant i 70 expansion through central denver that's can a coalition of community groups asking the federal government to do the project with wyman interstate and elyria sponsor neighborhood it was replace the elevated portion the highway putting up a low-grade from brighton boulevard to colorado fox 31 31 with the story tonight. that's a highway back there this is a predominately latino
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board the brunt of fire mento and other impacts of the highway for more than high decades. the neighborhood coalition is asking the federal government to launch a civil rights investigation in the seat us decision to expand i 70 to i 70 through this area and globo. that's one of the main concerns the neighborhood is 84 percent latino 45 percent low income and artie listed as the most polluted zip code in colorado. see.spent studying and altering i 70 plan adopted in may for 13 years the project will replace the i 75 for the underground mains covered before acres of landscaped. we been very sensitive to these kennett's. they've made commitments to neighborhoods they've never done before. see dots gone above and beyond to study this court a look at all the different aspects.
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going to fix the highway which desperately needs it and really help reconnect these communities. they included our community but our voice was not hurt jenny santos says they're fighting the use of federal funding based on discrimination making one request to read about the question and every state in the past rerouted through another way make sure it is not directly impacting a lot of latinos which is doing for right now. let's consider the plane ended taking actn is artie one lawsuit against is this project filed by the sierra club back in march every up department of transportation on how quickly they move on this latest one. fox 31 while they do no more election 2016 down tromp's down tromp transition team leader president mike pence is a familiar territory as he meets in better shape on capitol hill pence updated him on the
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administration priority in new york city elect trump continues to meet with potential members of his administration the team held its very first precinct call with the press. in the midst of a major redevelopment a major redevelopment these products are pushing longtime business owners out a look at all the work that's underway in the biggest problem they say will affect everyone who lives works and visits the neighborhood. where can you and your family kick off the holiday season and
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backwards a live look at the capital endeavor you can see snow on a lot of the roads a little bit of his covering the
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holiday spirit fort collins with a holiday lights has just been turned on ms the last few minutes erica gonzalez getting in the spirit with a little a little live look at the festivities. is so beautiful. this is the perfect way to colorado way to trick kickoff the holiday season snow on the ground there is good beer of course all the beautiful holiday lights step out of the way and see them at the anheuser-busch brewery the lights to kickoff the second animal festival of lights you can enjoy this on thursday through sunday from five intel ten intel december 30. all those trees that's a jury may specifically for kids we can run free down in the middle of a giant tree their that's a display a holiday light display that will go into the music. in the famous budweiser
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have to come before sunday fire pits outside you can enjoy this moore's also beer you can sample for free lots of going on just remind you at the anheuser-busch brewery of allied 25 exit to 71 check 71 check out this story on live in fort collins erika gonzalez fox 31. what better combination is there. mayor hancock and i do mile higher with a ceremony for the job and set of running from thanksgiving weekend for the middle of january at mile high holiday features dozens of opportunities to celebrate the season. and that's your resource to find all you need to know including hotel rates starting at $99 great deals and lots of events from arts and culture to ice
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tourism in denver and all the surrounding areas and picture weather like we had today. one of his love the thanksgiving is a week away. now i feel like erika was in fort collins showed her house. i want to show you guys see update on radar there is an area where rethink the snow totals organa go up now the sun has set you can see this now words let this is all shifting off to the east even those let up on i 70 and fort morgan more snow fills back and and lower elevations they have a little bit of rain.
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today now the storm is lifting up on the backside of it eventually we get a down sloping wind which dries out this now and causes of come through in and as he did through nine to 10:00 o'clock tonight the meantime are starting to have these bands of snow showers out there they'll be pushing from north down to the south and east of pretty moderate snow been down here and metro denver we did have a little bit of a break this one we have the afternoon. not notice 'r band and whether driving hard and lifting as you head south of town and get to 470 and lincoln avenue the rising elevation. and head out towards monument health that wind is lifting this now and generating moderate and times heavy snow band i point this area out because we think now this area and douglas county around 2 inches on the grass not only on the grass they can to the roads icing up out there.
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and snow totals here. you'll notice right here it's always a problem as it cuts across highlands ranch for right in this area coming up i 25 as you make your way out to castle pines parkway the snow has caused the road to turn a seat a seat pinpoint weather is down in that traffic right now it in the last hour has come to a crawl. a crawl. as a snow once a sunset is sticking to the on and offramp and i 25 as well you can see over the higher elevation what a difference it makes down there. causing people to be in our late as they make their way home talk about the temperatures. this is the 24 hour temperature comparison the feels 41 degrees colder than it did yesterday at this time. that puts us in the 20s. and again the wind is driving
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everyone at the setting sun in that cold wind has dropped below freezing we're starting to see ich simulations especially on the south. those will be problem areas you just need to slow down expecting someone to be late. there is the north when driving in the cold air future future cast that lets up early tomorrow morning not out here on the eastern plains late friday before the strongest when lives away. our future cast across the area between now and nine antenna clock still snow driving south pick up a few extra inches as we get the on that they comes to an end and skies clear. because the they clearing sky guess what happens temperatures crash quickly across the state everything is swinging up and off to the northeast sky is clear. were single digits and low teens
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and 18th highs tomorrow sun comes back snow melts from a can a be in the '30s and 40s statewide. here is my pinpoint weather forecast for denver 18 evening snow tonight on tenth sunshine as back. and we stay on the cool side we will see the number go to 50 on saturday 64 on sunday hanging 60 on monday rain and snow there not a big storm on tuesday now traveling for thanksgiving and your holiday look seasonal sunny and drive. how he got his start and where he can go to support as venture.
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fox 31 problem solver serving those who get out of the new for our soldiers local real estate is collecting black sock donations been reported from fort carson is apparently a shortage crazy part in with our campaign to click 7500 pairs of socks between now december 202. people don't think sox. i think sox and want to have just as important. you can drop off a the new a new black socks that a deep real estate 6280 s. of gun club road. simple thing to do. turns a desire to buyer tonight into a business earning him thousands of dollars that's only
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shows shark tank of 50,000 dollars loan fox 31 shows us just to this kid is and what makes him tick. henry ford bill gates steve jobs all had humble beginnings that became great. it all started with a toy. but legos is not sheet. how megan a make $400.08 y old. jack or should i say jacks brain went to work he opened up a lemonade stand. i started at my locals farmers market after 12 weeks time a $2,000 in revenue and after $900 in profit. not sure average kid. here's my business card. just two short years on the
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and marketplaces jacks subcontracted over 200 kids to work in six stands and marketplaces. i think it's amazing and he's very talented lot and southwest plaza is open year-round. so they can ever sam good gather same good experience i do. and snowmass could just a good kid with a great brain and lots of drive. this holiday season i'm meadows flat iron and southwest plaza mall my mark's place in my stance on the weekend just in case you we're wondering fox 31. he's got no time for a a job like this they could be a billionaire. business owners and a denver neighborhood being forced out by new construction.
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a bigger problem looming in this area. a piece of guard where needs a colorado driver with severe injuries problem solvers investigates why they we're not enough to force change intel someone got hurt. the first snow of the season in the metro area the impact it's
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