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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 11AM  FOX  November 18, 2016 11:00am-11:30am MST

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from the 80s down to the tv it's been a roller coaster of a week and are heading to the amount of starting a holiday travel have more on the whether weather you'll be facing and the new house you might be wondering if the google home is worth it if they sparked the speaker i tested it out to break down the strength of the weaknesses the internet today over this picture heidi get those dishes that without breaking them people are giving you many solution one that involves after space plus a sentiment all this going viral of famous movie character that
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happy friday everybody we are starting up the weekend was the wintry weather some ice and snow sticking around look at this beautiful denver colorado on this know i friday morning is pretty dark out if he had them to the mount is this scares her opening up and head of next week's holiday keystone at copper mountain are now open for business breckenridg tamara beavercreek is scheduled to open wednesday and they'll open thread might be wondering how cold this week it is going to be especially if you have outdoor plans greg is outside where silly 27 degrees he's got the code on how are you doing this i doubt that's good until warm 27 you know that's a mile high guzzler asked a work than it does a down at sea level or something like that but temperatures there on the rise right guard in the upper 20s omega past freezing by the time we get to lunchtime and never
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for a showing best over the last 24 hours the heaviest in the foothills and in the mountains is the allen's park ain't half inches or so officially outed cia 1.7 you may have said yourself while bouygues looks like a little more snow that they were save a company would be right and actually snowed what initiative reigned at the beginning was supposed to rain and that result about a inch more snow but most of it still not sticking to the roadways during a good job of keeping the roads clear while on this 27 at the airport downtown 30 degrees never 27 in centennial and 29 in highlands ranch like i said we are on a path for above freezing by new daytime highs still falling shy of 40 degrees but there's a big warm up on the way for this weekend i'll answer that question and many more coming up at cap next ago for the holidays you might be starting her
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remnants of ice from yesterday snow okay okay aaa says 43 million people travel this year by car and the reason is cheap guess the second year in a row for challenge by heirs and its busy as all the sony they say chicago had expected to be the busiest of those expected to
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ask the dia is four dallas-fort worth rounds out the top-five noun of the top five list we wouldn't want to be in for getting new information about the two met if using a starting next spring's fire you've ever a that were destroyed or enough i enjoyed two men zachary cuban knowledge of a sars alabama after pleading guilty for start of other accused of not properly okay new information today after federal investigation officials say the cincinnati zoo's a barrier that held the guerrilla failed to meet safety standards and eligible i got inside the enclosure of sugar member that story to a shot and killed after he climbed the fence and fell and the us department of agriculture arty issue this incident is you are a critical citation but so far they haven't been cited for the area subset
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a toller and added surveillance cameras a lot of buzz about a meeting is scheduled for this week and presently donald trump that romney does it concludes romney's secretary of state or another old transcontinental someday says it coming from donald trump today he has chose then nominee for attorney general to head the cia and his national security adviser and official close says senator jeff sessions this chose picked for aj he was the first sitting senator endorsed donald trump in the possession of cia agent is finally gone to kansas represented mike pompeo you served in congress and 2011 twin is a register served under the obama administration reportedly
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new jobs president president obama is on his way to perot he was in berlin germany earlier he met with foreign leaders today of enemies with the german chancellor and tomorrow they will see you bucks a bee of the national stage is get a be a game to watch they are taking on the washington state cougars as a big game especially coming off the bucks with an arizona in fact it's "their biggest game in the decade jim hooley is live in boulder with a preview of all the excitement can you feel on campus unbelievable the biggest game in a decade no kidding i wonder everybody is so excited
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got ralphie right over here and some of the booths going up right here they call this season the rise because it really has been an incredible season as the bucks now right number 10 in the college playoff rankings and again they are ready to get down with the rise rises up again tomorrow and two in first place they are definitely and control here tomorroag other hoping that is great the matchup tomorrow is not sold out just yet but again he can feel the excitement growing as they get closer and closer to game time it's a really big game and i hope we win my son told me that there is a lot of buzz going on campus right now people are excited definitely excited again they gave not sold out
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130 the game next week against utah this can be a great game to the lb on fox again tomorrow ralphie is here today we got the beast here today you can click all the action on fox 31 tomorrow and next week in both game starting at 130 and the afternoon ralphie and the beast with a growling at each other head-to-head stan all of a sudden a new device so those of the judge and that could help her the house and impossible situation that is
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for decades for the idea evolves google's newest it's about size of a large can of beans with a smart speaker waiting for your every command is a good array tomorrow the fork is returned ever as 45 degrees it
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collects other devices like the forecast of the 20 to beauty and the beast trailer talked to your smart thermostat set the thermostat to 60 degrees but as much as google hope can do it is very much still a work in progress i can edit bitsy or calendar yet. you heard it make how to grow there is some perfect but like most smart devices google home is going to get better keep upgrading the software as a
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too bad the bottom actually comes off a and you could replace his gravest bottom with different colors of the 20 bucks apiece and it can match your home the course so maybe a guy they can now be cool but my wife will never go for that i'm just telling you it's cool people said okay how does it compare it's not as developed as the amazon iphone but if you're a google person and give phone and the google ecosystem this is obviously designed to work that it doesn't buy itself nice if the smart one after all remember coming up a cinnamon roll that looks like a character at least that's what some people think that character that they're seeing in this sugary treat what are you what to expect ? at village inn,
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make this the best thanksgiving with the best pie in america from village inn. bring home favorites, like pecan and pumpkin supreme. to order your thanksgiving pies, go to call or visit a restaurant today. the election has been over for weeks but can't be a west has decided to make his political opinions on this is interesting as political apathy if you're doing a concert last night san jose made a statement to the crowd about his not or lack there of in the selection take a lesson i sense of those politically correct you know i
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but i would have voted for trial interesting so he didn't vote but he did it would have been top mixed reactions from the car what's going on he thinks donald trump's approach was absolutely genius for years now there has been talk of condi running for president between a picture of himself in the oval office lessened the captain kanye 2020. i have nothing to say a fan of hannah montana is coming back to the dizzy so that's my resize back this is turning on facebook today it doesn't be that the state is getting rebuilt the running a marathon of the show all four seasons of the show though there any official plans to remake the show the actor that played her to say she isn't as billy ray cyrus will come back and his
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okay p manning is taking par and a new commercial the commercials for gatorade but sports was a scene video text message to nascar great jimmy johnson this weekend will set up to tie the record for seven nascar champions you're the first work in nascar history to lead in points in five consecutive champion of the greatest accomplishments in the history of sport 79 career victories okay you're one of the greatest athletes in my generation good luck the commercial group athletes like their gene or serena williams in addition to pain may judge will be racing at the homestead miami speedway i
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okay going to work can be different especially sharing a tight with fellow employees the two tweets of status or five hours every day okay sometimes there are things that ignore you and put together a list of the top office pet peeves the top were there on your screen was someone still the legend of your who wears too much clutter aftershave som plays a music to loudly at their desk that was you the other day when someone's labor market and starts talking to other people the media's like a sieve or 2 feet from each
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page the manual is an orange county california uses flat screen and said at the gate of waxed and headed out to catch some waves the man says ali pasha about survey but he loves doing it sorts of unusual objects is he waxing at there is that what he pulled on the second calling this the covered puzzle is starving people all over the world crazy why because it should figure how to open this out with breaking the dishes sent my problem somebody else's problem still a lot of people coming up with unique suggested visibly give something to to suffer the plates are use power
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more drastic someone suggested taking the cupboard into space considers no gravity the guy who posted the picture told the daily misprints fixer by opening or slightly using a hand to hold the plays of pushing the door although he opened that say you do at this is going viral now you are prepared people seeing faces in their food while writing user set is simple over somebody famous movie character take a look what does it look like to you. that's a very sad et of corsages posted online okay let's get over to grab because weather's been a big star for the past
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the weekend it doesn't look like snow is in the forecast till next week next week which may hedge of them thanksgiving plans first what a difference a day makes a just over the course of 20 will have a daytime high of 88 new record to temperatures is that it are barely going to make it above the freezing mark and here's a picture from our four season cap anabel they are open today so is breckenridge and so is people have the lowest value at the cheapest one they're all get a be heading to the mound this week and myself included stuff you have to go out there make sure we had out there early you're going to want to get out before six in the morning if you don't want to get stuck in traffic is good check out this is it with the gabled spot the front so this is yesterday temperatures as we wrote there yesterday and entered a look at all this cold air plunging in the nation online to oklahoma
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temperatures in albuquerque about 30 degrees from where they were yesterday and here we said 27 degrees of the mile high were certainly behind the cold front door so far behind it that all the snow is now an eastern are crossing over the mississippi river now and high pressure is firmly in control and we are back to such i decide to sell are up in the teens mounds were the single digits are able to blow snow all day long we do have some 30s out the greeley for m all running at least near the freezing mark and i'll be what happens in the mile high city's a hit later on today upper 30s 37 degrees by three likely warming to about 39 or 40 is a daytime high temperature melting some of the snow but watch out especially if you plans tonight going out to dinner try to her fancy shoes or something it will re- ice is special because they melt some of the snow today and the bump right back down into the teens in our 20s keep an eye on that makes a you are nice
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get pretreated with the cold air is moving up to the east and the warmer air moving into the cell to put us back into the 50s on saturday and 60s will take over on sunday were not flip and right back and again another batch of cold air is waiting up to the northwest as they get to our beginning of next week so football forecast time this to you bucks can you believe them they've got a gay on fox's tamara 1030 onto below are 50s on a wholesome field and walked about the mid- 50s during the afternoon a pair of sixes on sunday at the warmest figure before the cooldown just a couple of snow showers for dries up informed that not too bad you can give a pair a new home for the holidays dog that needs a
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welcome back a furry friend needs a new home maybe you can help the dump wrestling is here to talk about who is this looks pretty old obviously he is not a puppy this is body years old and he is a great dog page him try up here but he is gray on the leash and he set down what dogs in the past so the little packages bars dogs go ps 10 years old sees part of our adoption special that we are having to sunday for offering 5r
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we don't have a lot others on them but he was a the owner surrender so okay it's hard to tell sometimes he such a sweet guy and they are so lovable he's a big floppy dog he's been at this just a couple he suffered library he is healthy okay well how are you doing okay you doesn't care about me he's like is ever got treats these are qu?bec street shelter and is not to be this sunday is $25 that is awesome that you guys are doing that give them a call as well the numbers on the screen. they have let the gray animals
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an awesome week and will be back ? at village inn, a good meal is about more than just how it tastes. it's about how it makes you feel.
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make this the best thanksgiving with the best pie in america from village inn. bring home favorites, like pecan and pumpkin supreme. to order your thanksgiving pies, go to
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this is the "jeopardy!" tournament of champions. here for the deciding game are the three finalists. a volunteer c.a.s.a. guardian ad litem hampshire... a currency trader from chicago, illinois... and a paralegal from washington, d.c...


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