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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  November 19, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm MST

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allen bowl. and we will have in boulder, utah and colorado, as the buckss try to punch their ticket to the pac-12 championship game. >> brady: you look at some of those matchups, alabama has already got the sec west locked up. florida clinched the sec east, so they will be playing against one another and that is easy championship. look at coleman, just continues to keep driving. we talked about myles gaskin taking over with coleman being quiet, it versus arizona state where gaskin started the game, and really was the featured back, and it has been that ever since. >> joe: are you going to spend thanksgiving at home this year? >> brady: i will get a chance to, and am happy to do so with my wife and obviously my newborn baby, she is a little over four months. >> joe: minus five months
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coleman one more time. for a first down. so washington, for the first time since 2000, will reach ten wins. still very much alive in the hunt for the playoffs. they certainly control their own destiny to a pac-12 title, and as we have made the case as this night has rolled on, you figure controlling their own destiny in the playoff hunt, too. >> brady: they have knock call them arrival, but beat oregon, who had a strong streak against washington. now arizona state who had won ten straight against the huskies. so chris petersen checking a lot of these matchups in the pac-12 off the list. >> joe: arizona state, meanwhile, loses five in a row for the first time since the end of the 2011 season. that ended dennis erickson's
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territorial cup to become bowl eligible. jake browning, 338 yards and two touchdowns, john ross a career-high 12 catches for him tonight. arizona state kept him in front all his longest catch was 14 yards. they have so many other ways to be you and they showed it tonight. >> brady: it was really their ability to capitalize off of turnovers, the two turnovers for arizona state turn into ten points early and started the momentum. >> joe: time for the taste of winning sponsored by coca-cola, down to jenny. >> jenny: coach, the message was a win and we control our destiny how pleased are you with the overall performance question right >> well, to get a win, we are always pleased. i think we have a few things to clean up, and that is why we practice. >> jenny: your defense continues to be your backbone, kevin king without interception early change the momentum. has a defense exceeded your expectations is here? >> well, we knew we had good
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like we expected them to play, i am proud of them. >> jenny: you are off to a good start with ten wins this season, the first time since 2000. but i know next week at the big rivalry, how confident are you in preparing for that match up with washington state? >> they are a heck of a team, it will be a great game. >> jenny: okay, best of luck, thanks. >> joe: all right, jenny. thanks to coach petersen, the first win against arizona state as i i head coach of washington. wee are back here to seattle ia moment. eyeing all year. ? ?happiness is? ?happiness is? ?different things to different people? ?different things to different people? [gasp] the gift they're waiting for is waiting on ebay. ?that's what happiness is? new, unique, and everything in between.
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>> joe: washington is 10-1, with a 44-18 win over arizona state. tomorrow, start your sunday with "fox nfl kickoff" and america's number one pregame show, and then it's the bears and giants and other regional action bread coverage beginning tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. eastern on fox. huge slate of games coming up next weekend, including the apple cup and chris petersen's bunch against washington state, that is on friday, and we will have utah and colorado on
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for jenny taft, brady quinn, and the rest of our crew, joe davis saying so long from seattle.
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the same time... streaming, gaming, or downloading movies. all you need is high-speed internet from centurylink. get up to 40 megs for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan. speed may not be available in your area. no, that's okay. i'm not hungry. don't worry about me. okay. ? >> america's most advanced weather satellite successfully launching just hours ago. built right here in colorado. >> plus, new immigration policy
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denver millions in federal funding. why are all has to do with denver being a "sanctuary city". >> and the crowd goes wild. see you celebrating a big win tonight. what this means for the team c-dot -- thanks for joining us, i'm tammy vigil. >> on kagan harsha. the fieldbus get a huge program when and are now doorstep of a pac12 championship. >> in a season of surprises, cu's coming-of-age may have been this afternoon. not so much in winning a football game, but in consistently making the plays
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they made those kinds of plays all night, tonight. kami carmann has more. >> quarterbacked -- cannot even go -- without students swarming him. there's plenty to celebrate. these players -- novel and honorable and audible and audible and audible and audible and audible
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[ inaudible ] >> that are all kinds of goals still out there for this football team. but one thing that mike mcintyre, the head coach, said he would be happiest about after tonight, deliver the football back to the people of colorado. we will have much more on his game, coming up tonight in sports. >> are keeping a close eye on the usc game. throw
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>> tonight is the final game for the rams at hughes stadium playing new mexico. hugh stadium was built in 1968 and has hosted more than 260 csu games over the years. the rim full will move to their new on-campus home next fall. >> and football is not the only spore on the mind of coloradans. ski resorts opened for the season. through the opening day. no surprise, the weather was perfect for opening day. same great weather for us here in the metro. >> surprisingly, there is even a bit of snow left on the ground in many places. >> it and get quite melted just yet. i think that will happen tomorrow.
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nature recently. they will have the snow guns blasting again tonight. another snow happening again early next week. low 30s around the city right now. a little breezy to. the wind chill is knocking things down into the upper the clouds are thickening up over the western slope and parts of the mountains. i think those clouds will be overhead by tomorrow morning. there it is -- the next storm system. it is slowly sliding hour away. likely to be here early next
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>> thanksgiving is now just five days away and before you decide to have some wine with your feast, make sure you have a plan to get home safe. >> police are already on the lookout for drunk drivers. >> law-enforcement agencies around the state say the heat is on. increased patrols and checkpoints for the next ten days. they are hoping to catch impaired drivers before they have a chance to wreck innocen >> a human life is something you can't put a price on -- >> on april 1, the lives of two families changed in an instant. >> eighty-two -year-old gayle buckwalter and 77 -year-old audrey carolyn burton were killed in a car accident on the corner of south colorado and parkview circle. >> is really tough to lose these wonderful ladies.
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loved by man the 18 -year-old driver, taden jones, was charged with dui and two counts of vehicular homicide. this week in court, a continuance was granted for jones until january 6x at that time, he will be pleading guilty. >> the victims families, in the courtroom, but still looking for >> i personally have found a spot for forgiveness, however, that does not negate the need for justice. >> six months have passed. the healing process continues but the scars will never go away. >> as the really hard process. i lived with caroline and she was like a mom to me. so i not only lost a grandma but i lost a mom. >> the families hope is to spread a message that can help save others.
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and have a drink every now in a van -- but the moment you get behind a car, you are putting your life in danger, you are putting innocent people -- you are putting our friends, your family. >> this is just one example of how many lives can be impacted. nearly one third of all traffic accident deaths in colorado this year are alcohol-related. 169 deaths. >> police arrest two men for first-degree murder after a body was found an abandoned fort collins building early this morning. police tell us it looks like a number of people were using the building a shelter. matthew tatti and anthony horne both in custody right now. the larimer county coroner is working to determine how the man died. if anyone has any information that may help with this ongoing investigation, you can call the larimer county crime stoppers at
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information in a deadly house fire that claimed the life of a mother last week. tonight, and the family tells us that janel varga's son has also died. the son, gabriel vargas, passed away this morning. the fire broke out wednesday in aurora. investigators say electrical issues is to blame. the family home was destroyed. two other were damaged. the vargas family had no homeowners insurance. neighbors have created a go find the page to help. >> that is in colorado stand to lose millions of federal dollars of president-elect donald trump to push through his planned immigration policy. >> denver would face the biggest loss. fox 31's dave young explains. >> there is no specific definition of what constitutes a sanctuary city. denver and a have no
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immigration authorities. >> there will be no amnesty -- >> president-elect donald trump promised he would cancel all federal funding to the so-called sanctuary cities, as part of his new immigration policy. >> there's a lot that has to happen to get to where we've heard in terms of rhetoric. >> denver's mayor acknowledges threat, but says the law is on denver site. >> we are not about harboring criminals in denver state of colorado. that's not what you're talking about. we're talking about following the law but also drew what is under our control. >> last year, denver received $175 million in federal funding. >> were seeing more hate crimes -- and they are spiking. >> rudy gonzales runs servicios de la raza which helps thousands of latino family. >> we have received numerous of
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will one economic juggernaut today -- because we are an inclusive diversity and we leverage every town we have. >> denver antiwar police have refused to hold anyone based on the immigration status. >> were not going to unlawfully detain people in our facilities. it's unclear how trump can go to enforce his promise of withholding federal funding, without congressional support. >> we recognize that it's important here. but we also understand the law is on our side. we have never passed an ordinance or law in the city of denver that does not allow us or said we were not going to cooperate with the federal government. >> we will see a significant wave and homelessness, of abject poverty happening if these cuts are enacted. >> denver does not plan to change its policy and city
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all-inclusive city. >> democratic mayors from nearly a dozen major cities appear ready to fight the president-elect over sanctuary status. colorado representative mike coffman is among a group in congress who support withholding federal money over immigration enforcement. >> president-elect donald trump demands an apology tonight from the cast of the broadway musical hamilton, after vice president-elect mike pence was addressed directly by the performers during last night's show. >> we, sir, we are the diverse america who are alarmed anxious they you are new administration not protect the. >> as president-elect was a special guest at last night show. the unusual address by cast member brandon brandon dixon quickly one of our this morning, trump sent out to tweets demanding an apology from the cast. brandon dixon responded on
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boycott hamilton is trending on twitter. >> a weather satellite with the power to save lives. >> launching just a few hours ago. how colorado had a hand in making this high-tech idea reality. >> plus, the denver rescue mission still in need of birds for thanksgiving. how you can help bring a holiday
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the country's latest in weather
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successfully launched early today from kennedy space center in florida. >> that satellite was built right here in denver. meteorologist matt makens has a good analogy. as he tells us this is like going from sd to hd for the weather community. >> and left off -- [ inaudible ] and there goes -- the latest in weather satellite technology was built at lockheed martin. >> is not that our existing satellites are bad, but 1970s
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>> as technology evolves, we can do better. we can improve our ability to forecast the weather, to understand severe storm storms. the whole purpose is to protect life and property. >> from 22,000 feet, the goes are will be able to track weather conditions like never before. five times faster, four times more detailed and three times the ways to look at her. this will mean vastly pr severe weather. >> the satellite will be in orbit one week and then will undergo some testing for the next six months. another satellite is being finished right now at denver's lockheed martin and will launch in 2018. >> that
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all kinds of cool stuff. it's a price for colorado because it was made here. >> a beautiful day today. although a state a little cooler -- ever since that storm brought through -- we've been under the influence of a colder pocket of air. despite all the sunshine, only managed to get into the mental 40s. temperatures here this evening -- twenty-nine downtown. it will be breezy tonight which
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colder. you can see a few clouds in the northern front range here starting to develop. it will move to the east as we progressed to tomorrow morning. temperatures tonight right today we only had 45 degrees.
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we called off of that -- still hanging onto the 30s 30s on the west side of town. that take you through future cast. tomorrow afternoon we are expecting clouds to thin out a it will be a really nice finish to the weekend. now we are starting to see the first signs of the next-door's system which is headed our way. now that big low-pressure system is


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