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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  November 21, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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we continue to follow this tragic story out of chattanooga tennessee were forties at least six students have died in school bus crash. five children died at the scene on the sixth and to fix at t a total of 20 students per second with three students were taken to the hospital. the bus carrying 35 kindergarten through fifth grade students precious afternoon, tournament side and wrapped around the tree. the school bus drivers cooperate cooperating with investigators and we are told the bus was the only vehicle involved in the crash and of course people continue to follow this story throughout the newscast online and at
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care about my mama bear is going to come out. >> feeds never never could have anticipated this reaction. it's surveillance video capturing a couple of thieves stealing $2,000 with worth of yoga clothing thursday peeking. >> now the business and its employees have reached out to us for help in catching the crux. individual's life in the highlands neighborhood in denver to explain. >> they hope someone recognizes the thieves in this video. there walked inside here last have outlined some very friendly employee but that's what happened. >> yoga is a calm relaxing and peaceful discipline. in a zen environment. >> but it safe studio in the highlands thursday a couple of thieves learned that tranquility does not translate to employees in the face of blatant theft. >> a couple came in and they
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shopping. >> this employee uses the woman told the man she had to give her get her wallet from the car. the men scooped up in arms will an arm full of yoga clothing then made his way out the door. jessica and her coworker noticed and gave chase. >> i didn't think first. i just reacted. i was ready to kick ass. >> the man ran around the corner past to a getaway vehicle in which his partner sat in the passenger seat. >> i went to the box store back store and there 16 -year-old kid in the back and as i like saw that and hesitated, she drove off and met up with her husband was running down the street. >> for their safety i don't know that it was the right thing to do because the people could've been armed to give yoga studios owners touched by her employees devotion but also by the thieves glaring crime. >> it made me sad because they obviously came in looking for
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here and they were taken from my family. >> i was like well this was obviously wrong. >> the family got away in a gray mist gray mitsubishi suv that did not have a license plate on the front or back. if you recognize it couple that may have a teenage son called denver police. the sheriff's department in front with full pay a $10,000 people who are not us citizens. the sheriff's department had illegally been requiring that applicants for deputy positions be us citizens. as part of the settlement table also consider those who've been qualified before. new developments involving that threat by hundreds of workers at one of the nation's busiest airports over the st. louis over the thanksgiving holiday. reporters say they will wait until after the holiday to walk
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>> we miss traveling to be together and that is why we are holding off our strike until after the thanksgiving holiday. our strike will start on tuesday after thanksgiving, november 29th. he got the janitor's janitors baggage handlers cabin cleaners and wheelchair attendants want ditching dollars an $15 an hour and minimum rights. gas prices in the denver area keep going down. never did $2.01 over the state lower than the national average which is $2 and $0.13. and if your holiday travel takes you to the iab ice-skating rink opens this weekend and it will be free. it will be free new year's day from 10 a.m. until 9 p.m. complete with colors, seasonal music and complementary skates
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the governor's residence is getting all decked out for the holiday. making over six runs in the mansion according to this years theme year's theme. the theme was sister cities. they were chosen from mo than two dozen four to raise cultural awareness of denver's so-called twin towns, takayama japan and olympia greece. >> is to celebratehe international cooperation and global concepts of the holidays how we are all connected and this seemed like a wonderful thing. >> you can see the designers and work for yourself. there will be open for free public towards december 8 through 8th through the 11th and also the 16th through the 18th. fox 31 is also proud to partner with the salvation army during the season of giving. stop by the king supers on south
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several of our members of the fox 31 uc berkeley ringing bells as part of the salvation army's drive and we would also love to support the fox 31 problem solvers toy drive. and csu global now through december 16th. if you have an unwrapped toy collected toys of the distributed to prequalified families. you can stop by boardman citizens goldman settles in store on gordon and citizens on december 9th between 6 a.m. and of the fox that when you seen. we will be out there all day as well and doing holiday festivities. to a took couple of problem solvers consumer alerts first apple offering free replacement batteries to users whose devices shut down for no apparent reason at all. a very small number of devices may be going made when december and october 2015 are affected. today's announcement comes less than a week after consumer watch group in china launched an
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battery problem is not a safety issue. throw away any product wisteria can cause serious sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people others with weakened immune systems. symptoms can include abdominal pain and diarrhea. the american world war ii fighter pilot was reunited with the plane he flew in combat. he said that was a highlight of his life. >> he also said he had one more mission to go. dan daru has more on this touching story. >> world war ii veteran francis robert frank royal made a
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museum of world war ii aviation in colorado springs. >> i have had a lifelong interest in flying. i had to come see what they had. >> he served as the commander of the 39th pursuit squadron, fifth army air corps in papua new guinea. he flew the p 38 lockheed lightning in combat, the germans called it before tailed decile. >> it was >> so there it was, in the museum, a p 38 just like the one he flew in combat, but then something very special happened. against all odds he realized that he was once again reunited with the plane he flew, displaying, during world war ii. >> i was thrilled. >> dwight 33 was fully restored. once again up to the blue but
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plane. >> y? >> because it wouldn't let me fly they wouldn't let me fly this one. >> man and machine together once again. >> the flight once very well. >> went very well. >> now he says he has one more mission to go. >> i am going on my i'm going on my last flight. as of last week i was put on hospice. >> widower, he says he misses his wife and the men he flew with who never made it back. on saturday with his son randy holding his hand, frank slips the surly bonds of earth. >> i know he's back with all his old pilot buddies and talking about lost time. >> on 19 november, 2016, frank traded one set of wings for
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>> timing. you always wonder about it. it you always wonder if this one last thing was what kept them going. he done it. he had experienced at all. >> what an exceptional guy. >> what a story. >> that he would get to see that plane again. >> we are so glad he was able to do that. a husband and father missing for months. >> up next with his wife is asking for from around the country to get her children some hope >> miss you guys. >> a lighter story here. broncos return to practice today healthy and happy. how excited the defending champs are to make another run at the postseason. in live radar showing plenty of rain and snow spilling
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man who vanished over the summer is's holding out hope that her husband will return in time for the holiday. it was last seen leaving his home in the middle of the day. his wife is hoping an outpouring of support from trinket strangers could help. >> everybody misses the bike rides, the hugs, they are doing pretty good. there is still a really big hole. where he should be in their lives. >> it has been four months since a man amanda's husband james disappeared, every day not knowing if he will come through the front door. >> i'm responsible for helping you know a kid born eight kids more in and grieve for their dad and we don't know if we're supposed to be grieving for him being deceased or if we need to just keep looking harder and you know in five minutes someone will come up the driveway and
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>> they said james suffered from depression possibly leaving work that day to take his own life, but their kids living at home still pray their dad may return. he could. >> just every time i think of them i think he's not coming home and i miss him so much. >> as the family tries to get through the holidays, amanda hopes people sent cards with messages of hope, love and support for her children. >> i want to take a wall and if i can sell the cancel the entire wall with their cards like maybe something written at the tulsa meno keep your chin tells amino keep your chin up and we're thinking of you and the kids
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there is a lot of people that really care about us and see all the different places that they are getting cards from. >> if that's not a good reason to do it, i don't know what would be. take five minutes and send those kids a card with some words of encouragement. mail is mail to po box 122 in michigan 49449. >> anytime you play 10 weeks in on with your team is kind of a chance to regroup your football team. their we were at full strength at practice today for the first time in probably 10 weeks. >> what happened to gary kubiak are for the broncos back to work almost fully healthy. 95 john cell has a cast on the elbow but they are ready to go and don't forget about this guy peered appeared three-time pro bowler. three-time pro bowler akeem
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back injury and he says he handled his teammates are ready to go for this big stretch run. >> perfect time man. we had a lot of guys with little nagging injuries. seven extra days of breast definitely helped. we got those seven extra days man and it's a lot of guys back on the field. >> six games over the broncos and there is the standing. they play on monday night football tonight taking on the broncos and she is currently tied for second both at seven and three. kickoff at mile high as that for 630 set for 6:30 p.m. switching to hockey, they've won the overtime shootout. du hockey team is did drop a spot in both the major polls. ohio's next at the air force friday and also back home on
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soccer team finally here after major mood today trying to revive their world firing of jurgen klinsmann five years at the helm finished with an overall record of 55 / 27 and 16. seven straight world cup's world cups qualified for making his eighth straight needing to get that down. basketball tonight and those stories are coming up later on tonight on fox 31 years at nine.
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here we go again. rain and snow moving into colorado. it is all good news. we needed and this storm like the last one will be moving
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rain and snow showers. the rain is the green and then a lot of this you can see it it evaporated away. the rest of the evening a few rain showers up and down the front range possible. the snow range is about above 9,000 feet and we will both stay there. where we start to see better rain and snow was all the way out here to the west. snow as you make your way into the central mountains along i 70 and now is continuing into the snow is continuing into the southwest mountains toward telluride. just remember that the mountains have winter weather advisories and when there is a storm warning out that means especially for the morning passes expecting anywhere from two to 4 inches at lower elevations and some in the deep blue as much as six to may maybe eight or 10 inches. yes we are looking at at accumulation here. first time lapse based left a son kind of out of the cloud
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there is a warm flow temperatures in the sixties and touched 70 down there and in the hunt of forties and fifties in the mountains crueler as we head south and west words. denver way above where we should be, 65 to 42. boarding up we should be 49 and 22 for this time of year. by now hanging in the low fifties with the wind out of the east. when that 44 percent and you will see that wind throughout went throughout the evening. forties and fifties here means mountains and of which will be in the form of rain for this evening. the wind right now is turning to the east. overnight it stays in that direction and tomorrow morning look at the change in the wind direction from the north. here comes the colder air and you can see this body rain showers tonight getting into tomorrow morning. we may have some rain early but when the wind turns between four and 7 a.m. it will change over
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morning commute it will be snow but by noon it comes to an end and after that the fund will pop out on you your afternoon. as far as accumulation, cap computer models give less than an inch north, slightly higher amounts south. and especially here in the south side where south side where we had to the wind drying for snow into douglas county over the palmer divide castle rock kaiser watch out for slick conditions there tomorrow morning. a wide view across the state and moisture is coming from the mountains and quickly out during the afternoon skies were clear as leftover snow showers in the mountains will be coming through. most of the night thirties and the mountains cold enough at the highest peaks forties fifties up fifties and will hunter the junta would have seventies highest mile only in the forties and fifties and setup the temperature drops and in metro
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for this time of year. the forecast, where looking at 47 snow early in the morning clearing in the afternoon. wednesday more mountain snow. thursday is good for thanksgiving. friday is warmer and were watching the sunday where we may have the first cold game for the
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from washington, d.c., this is the "jeopardy!" teen tournament. please welcome our three finalists -- a junior from north woodmere, new york... a sophomore from madison, alabama... and a junior from darien, connecticut... and now from dar constitution hall -- here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. don't mind me.


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