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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  November 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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>> these guys are still in the middle o day. they don't even care. they're not scared of nothing. they'll steal your truck broad daylight. while you're at work. >> for years they have been a favorite target of car thieves. now the owner of a ford pickup is warning others. video captured -lt car thaoep in action. 3 days ago. >> . police even warned owners of ford trucks about a rash of thefts in september. sad crime statistic. a wheat ridge man is learning about the hard way. he reached out to the problem solves tper help. tammy vigil is live at his work. >> . it was both an ordinary and special day. on saturday. for 31 year-old coal. it was his birthday. instead of receiving something special. a thief took his prized possession. >> . like any business.
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shoplifters. >> the most common things are jams. >> . he never imagined someone would swipe his ride. >> i always lock the truck. it's not going to get stolen at work. in broad daylight. and it did. >> . he showed problem solvers security camera. catching the thief in action. saturday. you see him walk on the sidewalk. then. disappear from view. >> . he sat in the truck. for about 7 minutes. on camera. obviously hot wiring it. >> the thief gets out. walking across the parking lot. where a camera distinguishing shot. his tan high top shoes. >> . it really sucks to really terrible feeling. >> -td crook returns minutes later. making his way out of the parking lot. as if on a sunday drive.
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if you see the truck or recognize the suspect. he's o dollar reward. for a safe run. >> return. >> . thank you. a pueblo canine officer. and his dog. credited with sniffing out a million dollars worth of koe cocaine. during a recent traffic stop. officer and his dog pulled over a driver. trafling from mexico. to denver. that was weaving on i 25. weupblgt did an open an open air sniff around the vehicle. and detected drugs. authorities found the ten hidden abg papblgs of cocaine. >> .
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has the police department changing its social media policy. the chief up there posted this on facebook. today. he says due to the recent incidents where officers have been armed during traffic stops. the department will temporarily suspend the daily postings of our traffic locations. he says keeping his officers safe is a high priority. so they can keep the community safe. >> . meanwhile the man charged in a deadly ambush of a san antonio police officer overred weekend is breaking his
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telling reporters quote. in thaoer row. i could run my business perfectly. and run the country perfectly. trump made some big proms throughout the election. ranging from repealing major laws to even putting people in jail. problem solvers want to hold our leaders a accountable. tonight we are tracking the truth. we're going to compare the promises made in the campaign. to decisions now be made in office. >> . joining us live. with the comparison. >> . we tpabg checked the fact checked the commercials. now it's time to track the truth. we will be doing this with local. state and national officials. beginning with president elect. already seeing a transition. different from the campaign. >> . it was a campaign for the ages.
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to get a special prosecutor. >> remember when trump promised to investigate clinton. rates that as false. trumps aid confirming no investigation. >> he's thinking of many different things as he prepares to become the president. of the united states. and things that sound like the campaign. aren't among them. >> . how about immigration. >> total and complete shut >> that promise will be more false by the day. with the transition team suggesting a watered down version. and no muslim registry. regarding deporting eleven million undocumented immigrants. that false too. trump confirming only criminals will be deported. at least right now. >> . tpp is a horrible deal. >> his commitment to repeal the
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it on day one. and regarding this. >> drain the swamp. >> that true for now too. with trump banning lobbying. >> . also tracking the truth when it comes to khraoeu climate change. within the last few trump told the new york times he's open to the idea of addressing the issue. this contradicts previous statements where he claimed climate change was a hoax. if you have an idea for a politician or official for us to look into. shoot us an e-mail. >> . we'll track the truth. >> . crucial. it will donate a hundred % of black friday sales to environmental groups. that could mean 2 billion dollars. company seuz says it came up
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election. the environment is something everyone can and should come together on. 8 hundred organizations will benefit from the donation. >> . >> the target of a new lawsuit. tonight. over the calorie count for its burrito. saying the sign claims the packed with chick chicken. pork. sausage. rice beans ask cheese. has only 3 hundred kal raoes. they the calorie count is actually just for the alone. it doesn't include all the other stuff. in there. >> then you're talk talking thousands. of calories. >> . how many times a week do we go there. for dinner. >> . i haven't gotten that yet. >> . from passing the big skin. to passing out turkey. >> . how the broncos are taking time off the field to brighten thanksgiving holiday for fans.
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and plan to apply them to sunday's game vs. kansas city.
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>> broncos braving this mornings bad weather to brighten tha*pbs tp*eufing for a lot how the players spent the day giving back.
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>> usually the denver broncos are handing out victories. to the good people of denver. >> . today. they're handing out something a little more important. >> than a win. >> thanksgiving dinner. >> being able to give back to people. it's refreshing. >> thanks to the denver rescue mission. more than 25 hundred turkeys and food boxes will be given. to preregistered families. in need. >> it's cool to have a denver bronco give it to you. >> love the broncos. >> . good to see them out here. it's good. >> >> meanwhile. at the salvation army harbor life center. more broncos are prep cooking. for the salvation army big dinner.
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sure the denver broncos can dish it out. but. can they bake it. >> . nines across the board. cu football team ranked ninth in the ap. and coaches poll. tonight the play off rankings were announced. buffs number nine. there as well. so top ten team. no matter what kaoeupd of ranking system you look at. the best part is.
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higher. home field advantage on their side. this saturday night. the buffs taking on 21 ranked utah. we know what's at stake here. a win against the and the buffs are in the pack 12 championship. that's going to take place a week from friday. >> ready to apply before supd's game against the chiefs.
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a week without pounding. without planning. without playing. a break from the emotional. and physical grind. it has to provide a fresh perspective. >> . it's really important. to get away from football. after a while it becomes a grind. and mentally, physically tired. it's been great. >> does absence really make the heart grow fonder. maybe not in this case. but time to assess ones place. >> whra he and his staff rerpbed. that will be un-vailed against kansas city. on sunday. >> . we can get better all around. nobody is perfect. in any area.
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we can improve in every aspect. we'll be where we need to be. that's the goal. to move forward. even out there today we got emphasis on certain things that coaching staff felt we needed to get better at. skpwhr broncos are poised. and enthused. squarely in the mix. at 7 and 3. with better health. than at any time they have enjoyed this season. even going into the season. it won't be major over haul. it will be the little things. but oftentimes it's the little things. that end up making the biggest difference. >> broncos chiefs game sunday. kick off at 6:30. >> . more game changes to make you aware of. right here on fox. this sunday. officially we were set to air the eleven a.m. game. of arizona and atlanta. that's no longer. instead will be airing the 2:00 kick off. for seattle. and tampa bay.
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>> earlier today. quickly racing out of the state. we scan the skies. to the 4 corners of colorado. dried up out there. did want to share this picture. from winter park. they open tomorrow. nice to see all the fresh snow from mother nature. up into the mountains. and they're kherbging out new terrain out there. you can see it's looking good. temperatures today.
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with only 30*s and 40s for highs. thanks to late day sub sunshine. same in the mountains. 30s 40s. warmer spot out in grand junction. at 50. denver 42. it is cooler than where we should be. and we started at 33. so. not even ten degrees. for a warm up. outside right now. 39 and 36. a chill in the air. with north wind at 8 miles per hour. most places are quickly after hitting the 40s. late this afternoon. slipping into the 30s. even got mid 30s in there's a few spots you can see. little ton. wheat ridge hanging at 40 degrees. it won't stay that way for long. run up i 76. 30s there. close to freezing in limon. they fall off fast. we are freezing in parker. and degree below that. there's more snow on the ground here. places like highlands ranch. never warmed up today. two to 3 inches of snow. clouds will continue to clear. a few left over snow showers in the mountains will end. we'll get the day rolling
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with a few clouds around. and then plenty of sunshine. through the afternoon. and into the evening hours. i want to pull back and give you a wide view across the state. a lot of people will be traveling. tonight that storm system heads spao into the midwest. a few clouds early. if you have to head somewhere in colorado. tomorrow. you're fine. early in the morning. fine through the afternoon. and certainly some of the passes. through the mountains. much more manageable. when we have the sunlight. but late tomorrow night. fast moving storm will reintroduce snow to the northwest. across rabbit ears pass. steam boat springs. start to target the i 70 corridor. especially west of vail pass. that snow will be around. early if the day on thanksgiving. wind across i 70. and the central mountains. again that's early thanksgiving. we'll feel the wind on thanksgiving. if you are traveling tomorrow. get where we're going before the sunset. you'll be fine. try not to travel late tomorrow night. along the i 70 corridor. then thanksgiving.
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>> warmer 53. now thanksgiving. i mentioned the wind from the storm in the mountains. we'll be down to 48 with a couple clouds. shopping on friday. heading to the mall on saturday. you're fine. 50s. sunday getting interesting. i have temperatures for the broncos game in the cold 30s. this will be the first cold game of the season. as kansas city comes to town. and we have pushed the rain and possible snow back. it could be falling during the game. keep your eye on sunday. i'll have a broncos forecast
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going to happen. that storm that comes in on sunday. is going to open up the doors to canada. and the arctic. and we're going to be stuck in the 30s. every single day. next week. >> . let's build a wall. >> . get ready for the cold. >> . c c-dot officials will reinspect all 21 thousand guardrails in the stay state. after an investigation revealed several were installed incorrectly. mismatched parts from two competing suppliers. we discovered some of the mistakes made crashes more severe. than they should have been. >> . former deputy arrested in the death of his girlfriends two year-old son. jason bell left a loaded gun where kids could reach it the the bo died when another child knocked the gun off the shelf. and it went off. he href left the force in 2014. when he was accused of sexually assaulting his ebg wife. the charges were later dropped. >> . recalled toys still being sold online.
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be sure to check out the annual trouble in toy land report. this year includes a bean bag. a hovercraft. and a pas fire clip. that could cause children to choke. check it out before you buy toys. especially online.
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from washington, d.c., this is the "jeopardy!" teen tournament. please welcome our three finalists. a junior from north woodmere, new york, alec fischthal, who $16,500 irst game of our finals. a sophomore from madison, alabama, sharath narayan, who won $28,000. and a junior from darien, connecticut, michael borecki, who won no money on yesterday's show. and now, from dar constitution hall, here is the host of "jeopardy!" --


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