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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  November 22, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm MST

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speaking with the problem solvers. say the state frankensteined different pieces of guardrail. during repairs. and the parts do not function with paired together. >> this is chris tin's suv. following an accident with guard guardrail. along i 25. near fort collins. >> the end cap terminal designed to cushion a car when hit. instead. tore free. jammed. and ripped through her door.
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>> she had no idea until we proved it. that c-dot was responsible for installing a guardrail system. with mix and match incompatible parts. >> . unfortunately. that happens really often. swup has to get hurt before the attention is drawn to the safety measures. >> engineers working with fox 31. helped identify the serious flaws. in the way c-dot was making repairs. to some previously damaged guardrails. >> made by competitor. trinity highway. after fox 31 pointed out that mistake. and others. c-dot opened the full investigation. and found hundreds of
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installed sections of guardrail. all over colorado. >> executive director along with personnel. from the federal highway administration. called a press conference tuesday. to announce they already determined this is not just a local safety issue. >> . she's blown away. after months of being eulg tphoered by c-dot. she's now being heard. >> . from the states very public
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she not only received her apology. but ainsurances. this should never happen to anyone else. >> all. take pictures of ever end cap. 4 it 42 thousand. they may color code the terminal. so it can't be paired with the
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great follow up. >> . we'll be on top of it. >> . right now. you are looking live over downtown denver. we start another cold night on the front range. hours after our second major snowfall. of the season. colorado is officially moving from fall weather. now. to winter weather. >> . right now we have team coverage for you. chief meteorologist dave fraser over the weather center tracking latest conditions. what you need to know if you're hitting the road for the holiday. up in the high country. grateful for the recent snowfall. we'll start up with michael. what are the conditions like. >> . snow had been falling steadily here. throughout the day. tapering off. now great news for skiers. 4 inches here on the slope. at love land. we talked to skiers earlier. after the drive here in the weather beast. on i 70. no real issues. again. the skiers very excited.
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snow making machines. they plan to open a few more runs here. before the thanksgiving holiday.
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here comes another one. sliding in our direction. tomorrow the tkaeuf before thanksgiving. if you're traveling with within the state. it look -ts good. from sunrise. to sunset. you're okay. but. once the sunsets. more snow coming in to the north and west. this will arrive at eleven tomorrow night. around steam boat springs. and rabbit ears -fpt drop into the central mountains. early on thanksgiving day. but the snow showers there do not last long. and they fade away. it will bring fresh powder. hopblt days. as a matter of fact. future cast is peupbting out one to one to two. some places 3 inches of additional snow. coming. now. the snow will stay up there. but here for thanksgiving. you're looking at wind speed. it is going to be a cold day out there. as a cold front sweeps through. with a strong wind. and not only that. knocks the temperatures down. so here's my forecast. for thanksgiving. here in denver. only a high of 48 degrees. with a few clouds around early
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brisk cool wind. turkey trot early. make sure you bundle up. especially if you're bringing the kids. >> . coming up. i'll let you know when denver sees its next snow. we have a couple chances. it could be winter weather. for the broncos game. and we are opening the door. for very cold weather. to end out the month and roll us into december. i have all the details in the 7-day forecast.
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i want to ask you. why so many customers. come to us saying you're not doing the work. you take the money up front. but don't do the work.
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recent violence against police officers had the police department changing its social media policy. he says due to the recent incidents where officers have been harmed -fpl during traffic stops. ment department will temporarily suspend the daily postings of our traffic location. he says keeping his officers safe is one of the highest priorities. so they can keep the community safe. >> early thanksgiving gift. from president obama. to dozens of federal and inmates. president commuted the prison sentences of 79 many of them were convicted of nonviolent drug offenses. today's proceeding the president has commuted the sentences of more than one thousand federal inmates. more than the last eleven presidents all combined.
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problem solvers super-alert for you. more than a million people expected to fly through dia. more when christmas rolls around. >> . problem solve shaul turner has what you need to know. to stay safe. >> when it comes to traveler. most adults just want the best ticket prices. seats that aren't doll house size. and happy kids on the plane. >> . there is a way to navigate it all. just takes a little extra planning. >> . i always tell people fend for yourself. if you want to escape the reality of sitting in the middle seat. row 38. >> . the problem solvers sat down with the senior editor of the web site. for advice. he says it's not too late. to save on air fare.
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they were last year. >> . thaouz tuesdays and wednesdays tend to be cheaper to fly than monday. thursday or friday. >> . bag check 24 hours before. or ao hours before a flight. a lot of the seats do end up opening up. >> keeping kid happy on the plane. isn't as difficult as you think.
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says. laying the ground work begins at home. >> encourage them to love just the fact that they're traveling. and that i think helps them deal with confined spaces. and long wait times. >> . i generate excitement. look how cool it is. we're traveling 38 thousand feet in the air. look out the window. >> . stay positive and keep your goal. in mind. at the end of that flight. remember. you'll be sharing special time. making everything well worth it. >> . >> we were just talking about elf. great movie. i have to share this. this is the rocky mountains. denver would be right about here. looking at state of colorado. this is a snow coverage map. this snapshot was taken on the seventh of this month.
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the mountains had snow. well. thanks to two weeks. of ringing in the snow. look at this. this was today. we are looking much better. still not up there as high as we'd like to be. we'll take it. it's all in the mountains. again. here's denver in the front range. you can see the foothills. not much coverage here. we could use more snow. i like it. just in time for the holidays. central mountains. southern mountains. looking great. with fresh snow. places like this. winter park. loving it. checking out new terrain. they are getting ready to and they have fresh snow. as a matter of fact. nay have about 4 to 6 inches. rain snow mix. never really stuck in denver. if you went south toward castle rock. nice to see the the sunshine that did finally allow us to quickly jump into the 40s late in the afternoon. you can see. it was chilly.
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mainly 30s. be lo freezing in limon. 43 i head from the front range. into the mountains. the temperatures drop off. with the censor at vail pass. 21. so. for the rest of tonight. we'll clear the sky. again. little bit of low clouds. early tomorrow. on your wednesday. sunshine through the lunch hour. sunshine as it sets. and we'll keep the skies mainly clear here. you'll notice the snow. coming into the north and west. we talked about this at the top of newscast. one storm exits and lifts away. another one comes rolling in.
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colorado. tomorrow. if you have to be somewhere. fine it's not until late tomorrow night. that snow shows up here. in the northwest corner of the state. >> warm up and down the front range. forecast highs for tomorrow. upper 40s to low 50s. again. the sunshine will feel great out there. mill kin at 50. fire stone match that. come down into defer. mix of upper 40s low 50s. 52 in the city. 51 over in aurora. and on the south side of town. same thing. couple degrees here. mainly checking in in the 50s. from castle pines to highlands ranch. parker and castle rock. 25 tonight. with clearing skies.
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on your wednesday. >> . thanksgiving comes in. with a bit of a wind. and a little bit of cooler temperatures. in the form of 48. not terrible for the time of the year. it's seasonal. a drop off from 53. quickly back to the 50s. for black friday. saturday. sunday we are eyeing a little more rain. and a little more snow. and cold. >> the long range out look for next week. into december. cold. nothing but 30s for what could be a i will have your black friday forecast. broncos forecast. stkp your specific thra*pbgs
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>> one colorado town slowed down this morning.
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tweeting out photographs to the scene along highway 135. near gunnison. picture shows the cattle gathering on the left side of the road. along with some cowboys. about an hour later they followed up with this tweet. thanking everyone for not having a beef over the hold up. and saying they are still on the move. >> . mooove. >> moving cattle. it's not an easy task. >> . a hundred % of the black friday sales to en more than two million dollar the company says it came up with the idea after the election. vice president of environmental activism says the country is divided. but the environment is something everybody can come together on. >> . the target of a new lawsuit
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>> a tkpwraoe greeley gram tpaoeulgts off a a suspected car thief. when he tries to take her car. with her granddaughters still inside. it happened in the driveway of the woman's home. >> . live from the neighborhood. with the story behind the real life wonder woman. >> good evening. if i learned one thing tonight it's don't mess with grandma. neighbors up and down the quiet street are simply in awe of what the woman did. to protect her grand kids. >> . that's okay. come on. get your stuff. >> . michelle may not look like a fighter. this is one tough grandma. you don't want to mess with. >> . tpha tpha bear it was a fight. it was survival mode. >> .
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granddaughters were getting ready to leaf leave home. when when she stepped out to check something. a man jumped into the vehicle and prepared to drive away. >> . this is not going to happen. so. the grandchildren were screaming. they deserved to she grabbed the door. >> i figure he's taking off. >> then wrestled with the man. trying to pull him out. >> grabbed him. get out of finally. thanks to a little help from the family pet. >> the chihuahua is biting him. >> the granddaughter in the back hitting the thief with a catalog. grand grandma won. >> . i was on him like this. trying to get him away. >> . surprise suspect. gave up. >> somehow he just got up like this. and took off running. >> . 49 year-old was arrested just a


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