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on your thanksgiving eve. venturing out to be one of the
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lines are forming the aren't getting very long in chicago miami and atlanta dia is expected to be one of the busiest airports in the country this thanksgiving fourth only to o'hare lax and hartsfield. more than 1,000,000 passenger are expecting the pastor denver airport this week most of them today and sunday dia could even break a record a record on sunday for the all-time busiest day the a lot of things going on a man is been at the airport since 430r5:00 o'clock this morning watching things get busy and then slowing down. not continues to be the trend of this morning resting a study flow of passengers arriving but the way time hasn't been that bad sense he passed that 9:00 o'clock hour here's a look
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north security there sitting under ten minutes right now as we show you the south security line those are the longest we are seeing about 15 minute wait times. have seen lines backed up all the way to baggage claim. seems to have things moving along. the other main objectives we are balancing is to provide a positive experiee what we have we have a successful operation they'll continue over the weekend. let's check out this this is our camera that's placed inside denver international airport. probably worried about others along line. this is from florida where .com those dogs are green.
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a lot of people getting out on the roads further thanksgiving travel this morning likely today the weather won't be an issue for anyone driving or flying are flying at least here in the denver area. if anything you how to find your heavy coat if you're out tomorrow. a little bit wendy tomorrow morning that's the main concern for thanksgiving if i do pick one of the wind and snow in the high country. the highway. even the mountains for the most part are seeing clear conditions to. 51 degrees 51 degrees on the way today. almost see high temperatures of that cooler as colder air builds and on that breeze high of 48 but aside from the wind early thursday smooth sailing into the weekend high temperature on friday we may even crack 60 as we go on the week and outlook on
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are slightly concerning if you plan on traveling later today or into tomorrow all shea which ones they are. of a look at the look of the seven-day forecast coming up to. donald trump is out his resort and palm beach for today getting ready for the thanksgiving holiday with the family will be added security as the president-elect vacations there something officials will have to prepare for throughout the trump presidency. you in on this holiday week working to make some appointments for his cab south carolina nikki galey is as us ambassador to the us. the first woman trump has picked for cabinet position is also pretty good critic to don trump during the campaign the president president has chosen former opponent doctor ben carson this is according to jennifer jacob 12 .-period yesterday seriously considered carson for that position meantime present obama's
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years according to new cnn lrc poor 57 percent however the sample found 54 percent of people have an unfavorable opinion of the democratic party has the highest unfavorable percentage the party in the 30 years. and less than two hours present obama will do his annual thanksgiving duty fully pardoning the national thanksgiving turkey this is video the event last year year that happens in the rose garden at 1245r time. the countdown is on for all of the volunteers who are serving up a holiday meal. even the man the governor in the governor rolling up their sleeves to help out fox 31 watching there all morning long and a lot of work to serve this
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so much work we been here since 4:00 o'clock in the morning. from some communities and church organization. the government in the mayor will be here shortly look at everybody this is a crazy group a lot of people we have a a good 60 or 70 volunteers here. coming up in a little a little bit a couple of minutes there in a star bringing and people that are waiting outside some of the homeless people down there right now writing to get in and enjoy a hot meal. a lot of chaos but were having fun. everyone is so kind. we made our go lower 15,000 turkeys 15,500 a lot of them have gone out to families around our city for thanksgiving. we improve so much. what does it mean for people
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it's a very special day we just want to be helping hands to those who are experiencing homelessness all these volunteers the man and the governor thing here means the world to them they made his place for family and friends are great day thankful to be here and me doing this meal. we have a job for them. a great job collecting. the mayor and the government due to be here 1130 ourselves in the service begins here the rescue mission. probably about 500 people is the at the doors right away starting a couple minutes. we have have a cable that
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the going to work tomorrow our friday there pretty much alone. were looking at how many employees are giving people some paid time off this week and how it compares with the other years. thanksgiving table is going to be tenth this year with talks of the recent election maybe i need a little both in your dining
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of beautiful morning take a look
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plenty of snow up on the mountains. those are also looking for and our state of 40 points so far three hours. after a record day yesterday closing above 19,000 the first time at 120 year history close at 19,023 points it is out 40 points from that right now or to see if they can stick the sep 500 even the russell 2,000 it's a smaller group a smaller group of stocks when it performs well that has indications. all four of those closed our records for two sections in a row with march of 19. beginning to relax after thanksgiving this year according to dna survey 99 percent of employers plan to give paid time off to all our most of their
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the friday after this giving as well that's of 71 percent to most are all their workers this might not be something you normally rush out to get on black friday but apparently it's the best day to buy a used car. there are 33 percent more deals that day black friday than on a normal day. there is one place international investing half off conference. you never know when you get a deal on something. hearing those bells ring when you go to the store salvation army ever back out again this's morning fox 31 is helping out. with your thanksgiving make this the best thanksgiving
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to order your thanksgiving pies, go to
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make this the best thanksgiving with the best pie in america from village inn. bring home favorites, like pecan and pumpkin supreme. to order your thanksgiving pies, go to call or visit a restaurant today. one of the sounds of the season salvation army bell ringers kicks off today fox 31 is out they king supers near colorado and yell help out this morning. it's important cause such a huge
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they can drop their change this is 1,205th year for the salvation army to put out the red kettles all over the country you can see the walmarts everywhere you shop at and christmas eve an important part of the process denver's mayor michael hancock is talking to constituent right now we been a part of this for years. some of these families are helped this season because of the salvation army it helps year brown. this time our tradition is so important to come out and give them a boost and show how important it. to help my family i remembered
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here during the salvation emily help this year. and there waiting for you we will let you go. the fox 31 news team will be here between now and 1:00 p.m. confine and drop off your donation get the season started all the minus raised and his kettles here states here in the denver area to help families and the need is crucial never been better. now and one p.m.@they king supers at colorado and you and south denver we love to see you out here. i'm headed out there after the newscast. my kids loved giving money to the salvation army i know my kids love that.
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you can christmas present put information on our website. part of this kickoff and fox 31. will be out there. if you're wondering how many calories they're going to person eats 4500 calories on thanksgiving day. this wasn't twice as many as you should eat and a day in a day suggested serve two dozen calories. very 40 grams. but to add gravy to it there loading on another hundred and 23 calories for every two thirds cup.
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though be of a 214 calories let's talk about five. a slice of pizza pie 456 calories. he sort of plan for. new fast and then you can sam and consumed make sure it is of either the day before a day after. our you goot with the heavily divided election behind us you might want to avoid politics at the table. ms. on new app that can help you and your family members keep things simple. of course you should build a a
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to someone please pass the salt. bill have to avoid politics this year 4 percent said they have change the changed the plans to avoid a political visit booze flowing in there to escalating that. this time of year you say politics are off-limits. said that stage in a walk in the door. i kind of which there was more weather going on you can always default to the weather as a
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it's good that we don't have much to talk about. enemy is given be a great trip to wherever you're headed alleys cost the centennial state. a couple of wrenches thrown into the mix. first that's all breathe it in here. before we have to eat dinner with uncle lou. clear skies out there temperatures running in the lower 40s 42 degre aerial and dakota 40 and left in the head and the matching those temperatures are still below freezing which means resorts are still making snow as big because there's trying to get a many runs open on the one are two runs open each now they can and try to open up more runs we start getting into the next weekend i see huge a huge see we can and colorado. 43 degrees and denver and 44 out and stapleton this early or late morning i should say almost early afternoon getting those
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front range a bit more difficult because their snow stuck on the ground where do temperatures go for the rest of the day mid 40s over the next hour upper 40s and low 50s. 51 degrees for denver that as we go into ten night if you're planning on eating dinner out because he don't want to make too big dinners two nights in a row you have decent weather for that it gets a little chilly and i can have to exactly bundle up. and temperare november and we have to fall and the lower 30s tonight those wends my system off the north and west that system is not going to affect today and doesn't even affect us tomorrow set for the higher wends early in our thursday take a look a look around the nation they are problem areas later on today. maybe some crazy out towards detroit cargo looks like is just fine rain for a good chunk of the day this front is through that area at this point and i
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everything is fine for the day today if you get into new england and northern new york thing start to change as we get to the holiday southeast looking just fine that cold front should bring relief by the weekend as we had into parts of florida big surprise seattle and portland occasional rain showers and cloud covers that's the overview for the nation. over the next 24 hours are just fine that front will conti new york from albany north of the border. will all see snow during the holiday. not heavy snow but it will be snow nonetheless we see those wends along the front range that's our only thanksgiving concern wends get up to 30 miles per hour early but then die down by dinnertime the mountains gear one get one to 3 inches on thanksgiving early in the morning with a high of 47 on the day up to near 60 degrees for
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will getting it's insane and transition sources. the chairman of when chris group the dick and betsey devos family
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management. big-time conservative our work to michigan for years the huge part of the republican party as you mentioned per husband ran for the governor spot at one point loss to jennifer granholm the democrat there. and 2002 if i'm remembering correctly a do want to point this out she is a few component of school vouchers that may have an impact she also supported the anti- day legislation in california and so that may play position here. betsey devos announced as donald trump. all pretty normal on black friday. a different idea of what to
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people real comments like i decide to buy mind and put it away and other person wrote this is a special i don't want. through looking to buy someone a us marfan this holiday season the one you get this might depend on the personality. people new iphones need iphones are likely to be young female. extroverted and more likely to use their phone as a status object. and android phone numbers are two older men honest agreeable less likely to break the rules and less interested in wealth and status turns out kirk wrote
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this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- a freelance education writer from playa del rey, california... a physical therapist from new york, new york... and our returning champion -- a virtual assistant from panama city, florida... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" --


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