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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  November 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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automobiles front and center. even security wait times once you get there. live look from the weather beast. on i 70. this just west of thizen ho*ur tunnel. the roads are dry right now. and traffic moving along. great. >> that looks fantastic. >> . we fanned out all over tonight. chief meteorologist tracking weather that could cause travel troubles. >> we'll start at the c-dot command center in golden. >> . actually it's not too bad. all of those monitors there. behind me. this is the operation center. people are here 24/7. monitoring cameras throughout the state. you are one of them. thank you for all the work you do. talk to us about the conditions. >> . right now they're normal. we have our normal rush hour traffic. to downtown denver.
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traffic. on i 25. northbound. heading up into the fort collins area. as well as southbound heading down into the castle rock area. >> we're looking at those now. you see that shaded in red. so the day before thanksgiving. not too bad. what we're seeing is standard. >> yes, sir. most holidays people do try to get out early. >> all right. as we go over here to the monitor. you can see. these are the monitors that we will show you. but i 25. and 23rd avee. standard afternoon rush. we have seen some police activity here. and there. some crashes. otherwise not too bad. we're going to go ahead and stay here. throughout the newscast. and bring you live updates. >> . >> all right. thank you. the train to the plane under the mike micro scope tonight. the a lines first major test since it opened in april.
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running smoothly. so far. they did a have a ten minute delay earlier. things have returned back to normal. and i did speak with rtd just moments ago. they said this could be one of the busiest days for the airline, for the a line. since it opened. there will be more than 20 thousand passengers on board. also said that because they are expecting so much traffic. they have an extra train car. ready to go. if they need that extra space. because of they're seeing. they're asking passengers to give themselves extra travel time. think about parking. no word at this time about parking lots that are full. best bet is park at the central park station. that's the one in staple ton. they have the largest lot there. and if you want to check in to see if there are delays on the align. later on today. check on rtd twitter feed and or call customer care line.
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thank you. for millions of people getting to the holiday destination. of course means hopping a flight. live to tell us about security wait times and the parking options still available. >> . this is supposed to be one of the biggest travel weekends of the year. you're thinking nightmare heading out to dia. you'd be wrong. take a look. this is the flag security line. it might look pretty full right now. it's a couple seconds ago that back line was shuffling by. really fast. now this security line is only about a 20 minutes wait. even at the peek of travel today. the worst of the worst was only 30 minutes. which is standard. on any given day here at the airport. take a look at this. this is sky fox video. from this morning. that's the pikes peek shuttle lot. packed full right now.
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elbert lot unstead. if you want to park at the airport instead. you are guaranteed a spot in the 13 dollar a day economy lot. the only thing. as long as you're there, in the lot. by tomorrow. >> . saturday and sunday are expected to be the busiest travel days out here. of the entire weekend. tomorrow. kp friday. and friday. should be okay. saturday and sunday are the days you want to watch out for. and airport spokesman told me travel day in history. on sunday. if you're coming or going. around dia. family coming in to town. you want to make sure you plan ahead. give yourself extra time. if you're at the airport this weekend. >> . the weather is clear. that's not the case for other places across the country. meteorologist here with a along at where those storms can impact
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these are airport delays. you can see the east coast is actually doing fairly bell. the south is doing well. detroit is hanging on. denver out west. all the major hubs. you can clearly see we have problems in chicago. and minnesota. here's why. remember the storm we had yesterday. it is blanking the upper midwest. with rain. and snow. you can see it continuing there. and in minnesota. it has been cold and snow. so much snow. they had to do de-icing out there. here's images coming in. delaying flights. of the minnesota st. paul airport. same problem in chicago. now. as you mention. here in colorado. we are looking pretty good. however. the storm pulling away from the west coast. is on its way to us. it will bring fresh snow to the colorado mountains. i'll let you know how much.
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evacuate their homes. fire crews finish cleaning up dangerous chemicals inside a home. from when two teens were arrested on halloween. police went to tell their parents they found the explosive chemicals inside the home. in the plum creek neighborhood. the house has been emptied.
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rid of the chemicals. police and fbi evacuated 8 homes nearby today. and got rid of the most dangerous chemicals that remained. >> they'll and we'll go back to normal. >> just in time for the holiday. residents were out of their homes from ten a.m. until 1 p.m. the kepl chemicals were taken to a safe remote location. used by the bomb unit. to ensure safe disposal. >> . aurora man appears in boulder county court. today. accuse of pointing a gun at kids. who were throwing snowballs. at his van. >> >> that's right this whole thing happened in boulder. the man is out on bond.
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where formal charges were filed. richard was advised he's facing 4 counts. one felony menacing. 3 misdemeanor child abuse. according to to boulder police he was taking a nap in his van. in a parking lot. when kids threw snowballs at him. the 3 kids and other witnesses say the man pointed a pistol loaded at the kids. he says police say he told them he just wanted to scare them. nobody was hurt. >> he has to come back next month. right recognizance bond. >> . update to a problem solvers investigation. we first told you about in april. tprobt front seats in cars collapsing. turning minor car accidents fatal. >> problem solver live to want with what congress is doing after our report. >> this is what we're talking about. an accident happens. especially a rear end collision. jolting that front seat. back backwards. striking the backseat passenger in the face.
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child in a car seat. we first told you about this investigation. the problem solvers did back in april. the story of 17 month old ta*eu boar warner. killed in 2010. when the front seat failed during a rear end accident. her parents believe the only reason she died because the seat in front of her struck her in the face. young taylor was in her car seat. we quickly discovered her story is just one of many. in recent years. in fact. 898 similar failure. over the course of the past decade. front seat safety standards have not been updated in 50 years. today. denver congresswoman sent this letter to the national highway traffic safety add administration. asking to amend applicable federal motor vehicle safety standards to better protect backseat passengers. 50 children placed behind occupied seats have died annually.
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>> . mid december to respond. to congress' request. if you're wondering what you can do. some say take that car seat from behind the driver seat. put it in the middle. so nothing will strike your child.
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the water slide will be torn down. after the investigation into the death is complete. the park does call that the only proper action they can take. after the tragedy. >> . 4 million americans set to start making over time pay next thursday. as we first told you last night a federal judge has blocked a new law from taking effect. left workers wondering what does the court injunction mean to them. tammy vigil here with how the ruling likely keeps the status quo for sometime to come. >> . right now a full-time salaried worker has to make hrez than 23 thousand dollars. a year. the new law doubles that. so anyone who makes less than 47 thousand a year. would qualify for over time. companies have been able to avoid paying over time to salaried workers. by classifying them as exempt. if they make more than 23
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critics of the exemption say it's wrong companies can pay low level managers. as little as 25 thousand a year. with no over teem. by require they work 60 hours a week. employment experts say the over time changes are likely dead now. that power has shifted today a donald trump administration. that is business friendly. the besides. employers were already trying to skirt the law. >> . which would be weeks or months away. or not at all want department of
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but strongly disagrees with the courts decision. it says over time protection applies to of 2% of the 62% of americans in 1975. that number has dropped to just 7%. today. >> . thank you. presidentpresident elect trump s to fill out key cabinet positions. before heading off to florida. to celebrate thanksgiving with his family. >> 7 positions have been named right now. 15 more to go. today. along with a colorado former congressman. here. a possible interior secretary. >> . regardless of the background or party afill affiliation. position ofsecretary of education.
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school advocate and fellow billionaire. now the pick prompting concern among conservatives. previously supported common core. and controversial education standards that trump rallied against. during the campaign. >> . about a half dozen republicans who are being named at this time.
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during portions of and following practice. future hall of fame quarter back happened to be milling around. shaking hands and lending minimal advice. >> . all rookies go introduce yourself. a lot of guys line up. good to see them. >> . we talk quite bit. >> . >> good to see him out here for sure. >> as for practice. still a broncos team. that app and well rested. coming off the buy week. also still extremely hungry. for the final 6 games. of the regular season. >> . play every game like it's the last. >> . really good coming off the buy week. how about this record. 21 and six. all time. coming off the buy.
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pwrob broncos. shr*efpb and three. 7 and 3. fighting out in the division. >> . looking forward to that game. and some sort of football game weather. >> . one of the things we're keeping a close eye on. broncos had warm weather games all season long. both here and on the road. >> first. i do want to let you know. we have another fast moving storm racing in from the pacific northwest. on target to swing across colorado. as you'll see. it will bring the mountains accumulating snow. we zoom in. so much accumulation that it will be whipped around by the wind. traveling late tonight and very early tomorrow. morning. could be a problem. we have a winter weather advisory. from just before the eisenhower tunnel.
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talking about a good. two to 3. or some places like steam boat springs. four inches. there could be a few spots in the deeper blue. up high. they could get six inches. speaking of which. all smiles up at steam boat springs today. they opened up. and actually looks good up there. you have more champagne powder on the way. >> weekend. of the season. >> . temperatures today. were in the 40s. don't forget the sunscreen. if you're up skiing this weekend. 50s out west. and we have a lot of 50s for highs. over the east. warmest to the south. about 50 here. in denver. that's where we waeupl in. after starting at a cold 23.
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averages of 49. and 21. a pret seu seasonal day out there. right now. sunset under way. 44 and 41. with the gentle wind out of the northwest at 7. just about everybody in the 40s. lower 40s. starting to trickle in a few 30s. in aurora. and thornton. both at 39. golden at 37. pull back to the northeast plains. and you have a mix of 30s 40s. down to 38 in castle rock. and 39 in parker.
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into play. the winds will be whipping it around. the wind relax ands snow lifts out. a gorgeous afternoon across the entire state of colorado. lows tonight. cold teens in the mountains. 20s with a couple 30s. here in the east. and highs tomorrow. for thanksgiving. warmest here. with 50s. cooler up you upper 40s here. thanks to the northwest win. we bring the temperatures down. and you'll be skiing in 30s and low 40s. ideal. into the mountains. for conditions and for the start of a long holiday weekend. >> . upper 40s just about everybody. for the forecast highs tomorrow. not a bad looking day. remember that wind. 27 mostly clear. little bit of a breeze tonight. really notice the wind especially until about lunch hour. 48 degrees the high. now. as we get into friday and saturday. you're going shopping.
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and sunday we're watching the storm. as it relates to the game. this is the first cold game. in the evening. kick off 6:30. temperatures falling into the below freezing by the end of the game. i can't rule out a snow shower. the rest of the 7-day forecast. monday is cool. tuesday is snowy and cold. and we stay cool and chilly.
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problem solvers consumer alert. involving more than 7 hundred thousand toyota min mini vans in the u.s. recalling models made between 2011 and 2016. because of a problem with the latch. could cause the vehicle sliding doors to open. while it's moving. no word from toyota if that malfunction has caused any injuries. >> it will notify owners of the problem come mid january. >> . maybe you didn't know.
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