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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  November 23, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm MST

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which left untreated would probably be fatal. >> a young girl gets a sec chance at life. thanks to a group of local doctors. they traveled more than 8 thousand miles to get a life saving operation. >> today the little girl was released from the hospital. >> samaritans first children heart project. arranged for the little girl. her mother and interpreter to travel to denver. twice. >> rocky mn and the entire medical team there. donated her care. >> 7 years old. and has been through most will in a lifetime. >> she was found to have a heart defect. where she had a large hole between the bottom chambers of the heart. stkphr she came to rocky mountain children hospital in 2011. for her first surgery. that may have saved her life. she came back two months ago. when she had complications.
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the blood flow. that again needed a surgery to fix. >> . surgery went well. no and she's now ready to go home. back to ewe gone tka she is playful. even while her mom is being interviewed. >> . she likes playing with her friends. she enjoys swimming.
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terrible la traffic. getting even worse. this morning. thanks to the travelers. the05 travelers both directions. resulting in a back up that went on for miles. >> . complete gridlock for a long time. the traffic if denver suddenly doesn't look so bad. >> . if you have any questions about your meal. turn to the experts. butter ball made it easier than ever to get turkey questions answered. it can text your questions. make it really easy. that same number you call. you can also ask your questions
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tweeting at butter ball. >> . the magic word. >> . new tonight. at 9:30. the device *ef presidential election earlier this month. you maybe dreading the political talk at the dinner table. >> . no doubt about it. >> . inside from an expert. how to survive thanksgiving if politics comes up during dinner. >> it might. a couple cocktails. >> . we all have our different thanksgiving traditions -fplts. >> family. and turkey. dressing. ham. >> .
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>> . eat and watch the dallas cowboys football game. >> . one thing that binds us ul all. the difficult family discussions we will likely face. when everyone sits down to dinner. this year. there's a good chance emotions and issues will arise. following our con ten -rbls presidential contentious presidential election. >> . we won't bring it up. avoid it. >> one option is that you may choose to spend thanksgiving separate from people. you know you are going to have clashes with. that's okay. >> if not going is not an opg. be assertive in the beginning. so you're not frustrated it the
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permanent loving home. dog range in age from puppies to adults. include many different breeds. to each dog will be further evaluated and receive necessary srabgs vaccinations. treatment. and chips. and will be up for adoption as soon as possible -fplts.
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pet smart charities. >> . a lot of people will call.
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?? i'm waaaiting... ?? ?? don't wait to bring a little kiss of blue bunny to your holiday favorites. hoppy holidays from blue bunny. let's talk dinosaurs. i'm not talking about dave fraser. actual dinosaurs. there's a woman. >> you are asking for it. >> . sorry. there's a woman out in morrison. doing her part to preserve the
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colorado state dinosaur. >> . the discovering something beautiful. in one of the boulders. >> they are roughly 150 million years old. >> these boulders were plucked from nearby dinosaur ridge. a popular hugging spot a stones throw from red rocks. >> a few miles up there. >> turns out the fossil filled boulders were used add guardrail. at the top of the stretch of roadway. for 50 to 60 years. until c-dot put in proper guardrail and gave the boulders a museum. >> they were pulled out of
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as part of that. >> . colorado wasn't always a landlocked state. we were actually part of the interior sea way. that cut north america in half. >> this is an ocean floor. that dinosaurs were walking in. and when they died the remains fall into it and become o tpos fossilized. >> .
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we're back a problem solvers consumer alert. involving more than 7 hundred thousand toyota. min sraoe vans in the u.s. that automaker is recalling models made between 2011. 2016. because of a problem they say with the latch. that could cause the vehicle sliding doors to open. while it's moving. no word from toy toyota. if the injuries. it will notify ordinary reason and prudence of the problem. in it will notify owners of the problem in mid january. >> the season to shop. we talked about that a lot during the show. we know how much everyone loves to wait in line. >> there's an app out. that just might make shopsing a little more fun.
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jim of lone tree. >> i love shopping. >> has already down loaded the new app. >> it's convenient. this is the sixth time i've used it. >> and on board.
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>> it saves time.
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kick off the salvation army red kettle campaign. >> another round of snow. race into the stay. quickly as it moves in. it will be just as quickly move out. here in denver.
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chill in the air. wind is out of the west. at 6 miles per hour. 37 down in castle rock. below freezing in parker. 28 now ben net. 30 fort morgan. 28 in the greeley area. across the rest of the state. everybody starting to show up in the cold blues. a few 40s hanging on. lamar. springfield. all the way towards montrose. and grand junction. and you can see the koeltder 20s. taking over the colorado mountains. there is our future cast. with the snow in the mountains. here it comes. expanding. and gi accumulation. two to five inches. by 7:00. 8:00 tomorrow morning. the snow is starting to break up into showers. and drops off. leaving us with plenty of sunshine. the one thing you're going to notice tomorrow. is a strong wind.
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wrapping into the 4 corn *ers area here in the northeast. and the warmest readings will be mid and upper 50s. down in the southeast corner. of the state. so. here's what we're looking at. few clouds racing in. over the mountains. tomorrow. i think a couple of the clouds will be noticeable. north of denver. as we start in the chilly 30s. with a good deal of wind. quickly the clouds move out. leaving us with temperatures. my forecast high at 48 degrees.
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>> we were playing a really good football team. 17 and 3 in the last 20 regular season games. that speaks volumes. we'll have to play well. >> you think. the chiefs not to mention 7 straight wins over afc west division opponents. stretches back to last year. broncos have a tough test on sunday. here at mile high stadium.
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champs and a team with a lot of swagger and confidence. have to be. to decorate their only locker room. and the trophy as a sense of motivation. >> . it's tkwraet to see what you're working toward. in front of you. not a picture. it's here in the flesh. >> no lack of motivation today. that started right from the get go. with the placement of 3 trophies. smack dab in the middle of the locker room. >> . it's always a good reminder. organization has done. and the standard that we hold. ourselves to. >> . during portions of and following practice. a future hall of fame quarter back. just happened to be milling around. shaking hands. and lending some minimal advice to the young guys.
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as for practice itself. still a broncos team. that appears to be fresh. and well rested. coming off the buy week. also still extremely hungry. for the final six games of the regular season. >> . play every game like it's your last. like it's play offs. >> . kick off sunday. set for 6:30. over at mile high. >> nuggets now. young season. coming into play tonight. nuggets starting to put it together. they had one 3 of 4. then this happened. trip to utah. >> . jazz came out playing string music from outside.
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final skwoer. 108 to 83. avs having a better time tonight. hosting edmonton. >> second period. not tied after this shot. slow it down for you. you can see all the puck de-phr*ebgs flexions. like a deflections. like a pin avs took a 3 to two lead. that's where this game stands. right now.
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happy thanksgiving eve. malls are gearing up for black friday. >> castle rock. that's where we find greg nieto. he joins us live. with some black friday fun. and prizes. that you can get there as well. >> . yeah. that's correct. the holiday shopping game. it's a new one. right. no longer the days of thanksgiving on thursday. and black friday shopping. nearly just on friday.
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shop and party. like it's well, 2016. >> . it's a new dance step. called the shop and shed. >> we are excited abtd this the latest move at the out let. at castle rock. interactive dance floor. to uber in post thanksgiving meal holiday shopping. >> . we have two djs. we have juggler. a magician. we have characterture balloon artists.


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