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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  November 23, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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shop and party. like it's well, 2016. >> . it's a new dance step. called the shop and shed. >> we are excited abtd this the latest move at the out let. at castle rock. interactive dance floor. to uber in post thanksgiving meal holiday shopping. >> . we have two djs. we have juggler. a magician. we have characterture balloon artists.
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enough to make even the big guy blush. enjoy your cay. you could be up all night. >> . they call it an all nighter. remember that back in the college days. that's not a. friday morning at nine. the first 50 people here at the customer service line. will receive a ski lift pass. to love land ski area. >> . dave. for your forecast. going to be a nice day tomorrow. >> . nice moves out there greg. already starting to see snow.
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riding up the i 70 corridor. this is going to come into play. late tonight. and then really move out quickly. tomorrow. so the timing is perfect. however. it comes with wind. and there's a winter weather advisory. out. where if you head to the tunnel. and run towards glenwood springs. down to aspen. steam boat springs. rabbit ears pass. that wind could really cause
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that killed five children. and injured dozens more. in tennessee. police tweeting out this evening. that a sixth child has now died. bus. when it crashed on monday. the bus driver, 24 year-old walker was arrested. and charged with five counts of vehicular homicide. he will likely face more charges. today police announce that no drugs or alcohol were found in his system. this was the second time in two months he crashed a school bus.
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to run the department of education. and u.s. ambassador to the united nations. >> following the trump transition for us tonight. >> as of tonight. positions. and at least one of today's picks shows trump. is willing to work with former rivals. >> in february. of this year. south carolina governor stood on stage. with senator rubio. criticizing his then opponent.
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governor of the she has no significant foreign policy. in a statement. trump said quote. >> trump today naming a top gop donor. for his pick to head the department of education. calling her a passionate education advocate. pledged throughout the campaign to do away with common core education starpbs. huge cheers. >> . we are going to end common core. education is going to be sphrao*efsly served on the board of an education group. led by bush. that supports common core. but in a statement she says i am not a supporter period. it got turned into a federalized the statement went onto say.
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>> . and tonight. donald trump and his family are celebrating the holiday weekend. in their home. in palm beach florida. and posted this thanksgiving message. on twitter. >> . take a listen. >> . this video has already been shared thousands of times. on twitter. if you want to see the entire message. we have it posted on wepb you can find it on the home page. >> . thank you. two days away from the biggest shopping day of the year. some stores starting black friday sales tomorrow. on thursday on thanks tkp*eufing. >> it seems like everything will be on sale. there are a few things you
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the guide to black friday. >> . okay. you have tkoeb done your research. looked through every add. picked your stores. now it's time to head out. and black friday shop. >> . tkao*eps dis- deepest discounts. and sale crazy shopper save savings expert. the problem solvers called her to make sure you don't get duped. >> . something to be aware of. something the industry refers to as derivative product. >> . door busters. >> manufacturer specifically for black friday. and specifically to be discounted. >> . oftentimes they are missing key features. so they are less costly. for the retailer to be selling. >> .
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tempting to want to grab every deal off the shelf. experts say there are rules to black friday. to help you get the most bang for your buck. rule number one. don't buy furniture. >> . they aren't typical on sale. >> why you might find grade good deals. other times of year you'll find great deals. >> it's better to buy those products when the season changes. and if your honor furniture stores get new styles in. >> lowest prices on this stuff over the >> . rule two. gift cards. great holiday gift. terrible black friday deal. >> . there's more deals and sales on gift cards in the first couple weeks than december. >> . discount ands bonuses here is like getting free money. if you want some of these. it's best to wait until december. >> . you want to grab holiday stuff too. you won't like how long you'll have to wait.
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gift wrap. ornaments. holiday themed things. >> this will be half price for black friday. but serious savers can do better. >> . hold off until post christmas sales. you'll see deals 75% up to 90% off. >> . you'll be all set. for next year. >> . do not load up on door buster. just because it's a big good deal. doesn't mean waste your money on it. >> . make a list. and check it twice. so your wallet isn't naughty.
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prepare yourself. and pig out. when you get there. >> . easy turkey day tips. so you can enjoy dinner. without completely destroying your diet.
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?? i'm waaaiting... ?? ?? don't wait to bring a little kiss of blue bunny to your holiday favorites.
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ed today the president say the president pardoned two turkeys. >> . they will live out their long lives on a virginia farm. >> president first lady as well. spent part of the day giving back. serving up thapbgs giving meals for veterans in washington. residents of the armed forces retirement home got a chance to chat with the president. as he served turkey and gray
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the potatoes. >> . re-phaoeupder phaoeupd make sure to tune into fox 31 for the america salutes you. concert honoring those who serve in the military. srert rans and their families. >> . >> we will air the concert health 4:00 on saturday. and sunday at five. >> i like what i'm seeing here. rain in green. lower elevations and snow. timing here allowed everybody to drive across the state. today. tonight, it's going to get a little bit slow going here.
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central mountains. but. it is going to bring us another round of accumulation. so for all of those out of towners. who came in to ski. we have fresh powder. maybe 6 inches in some spots. >> biting wind. tonight and tomorrow. the wind will relax. that will set the stage for good conditions up there. down here in denver. what you saw today is what we'll see tomorrow. good deal of sunshine. and 50s in the mountains. 40s 50s here in the east. with warmest readings southeast colorado. denver coming in at 50. we should be at 49. so it's seasonal. 73 in 4 below are the records. outside right now. 34. and 30. downtown. cooler in the city. with a west wind at 8 miles per hour. you're down to 29 in arvada. 31 towards commerce city. and staple ton. both sitting above freezing.
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rest of the front range. from fort collins. all the way to castle rock. just a lot of 30s out there. above and below freezing. you can see the 20s starting to in greeley and keensburg. ben net. towards the fort morgan area. here's the wind. so tpaoufpl *p future cast wind speeds. the direction will be out of the west. in northwest. it's going to be a very cool wind. and the wind speeds strongest over the top of the mountain peeks. notice. the wind pulls away from the mountains. and away from the front range. we head spao into the afternoon. the nd it will be noticeable. it won't last hro*pbg. that all looking good. -lt storm system is fast moving.
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15 in as aspen tonight. 23 20s 30s for lows here in the east. and highs tomorrow obviously a little colder. the wind will make it feel colder. 30s and lower 40s. in the mountains. but. sunshine will be good. remember. if you're skiing. sunscreen up there. at the higher elevations. 40s low 50s in the northeast. and mid and upper 50s. close to where you were today. in the southeast corner. metro denver. upper 40s. believe it or not. that's cooler. by a few degrees. than today. actually where we should be hadt this time. weak up wake up at 27 degrees. 48 into the afternoon. a few clouds. friday looks good. 59 saturday. even warmer at 60. sunday we have another fast moving cold front. this could bring a few flurries or snow showers. to the broncos game. at mile high. they take on kansas city. it's a small chance. we'rekeeping it in the forecast. they'll deal with cold. kick off at 6:30. 38. 35. and 31. the first cold game of the
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i can't rule out a flurry late monday night. but the next round of snow. is quickly on the heels of sunday. rolling in tuesday. and only 34 for a high. now we're getting serious. wednesday. chilly. and 40 degrees. we have seen a drastic turn. in the last couple weeks. with cooler temperatures. good shots of snow in the mountains. snow in denver. that into the end of the month. and early december. >> .
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wal-mart. target and walgreens. is lacking one important ingredient. aloe vera. the retail -rs and jell company are facing lawsuits. and the company is disputing the claims. >> . holidays are here. but all that food can really derail your diet. so here's some tips for you to get your meal plan on track. use exercise to offset the calories. house cleaning. dancing. walking around the mall. >> . eat breakfast. experts say starting the day with a small, sty satisfying meal can give you more control over your appetite. tempting as it maybe. try not to over fill your plate. >> . stick with holiday favorites. skip foods you can have all year around. go easy on the alcohol.
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add up quickly. >> not listening to any of that. >> . pizza hut says most people are cooking tonight. for tomorrow's meal. so they expect to sell 1.2 million pizzas today. to feed the hungry masses out there. the taeu before thanksgiving one of the most popular pizza ordering days. of the year. the others include the super-bowl. and new years eve.
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nobody told me to expect it. intercourse that's painful due to menopausal changes. it's not likely to go away on its own. so let's do something about it. premarin vaginal cream can help. it provides estrogens to help rebuild vaginal tissue and make intercourse more comfortable. premarin vaginal cream treats vaginal changes due to menopause caused by these changes. don't use it if you've had unusual vaginal bleeding, breast or uterine cancer, blood clots, liver problems, stroke or heart attack, are allergic to any of its ingredients or think you're pregnant. side effects may include headache, pelvic pain, breast pain, vaginal bleeding and vaginitis. estrogens may increase your chances of getting cancer of the uterus, strokes, blood clots, or dementia so use it for the shortest time based on goals and risks.
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ask your doctor about premarin vaginal cream. >> all right. that early season roller coaster ride for the nuggets. continues. one night and loads of energy. instant offense and the huge win over the bulls.
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like almost an entirely different team. that took the floor. up in salt lake city. trip to utah. second night of back to back. jazz they came out playing string music. >> . from distance hits the 3 ball. utah built a lead at that point. the nuggets had sao*upl reek sao*upl super-rookie to keep things close. they fought back to make it a 6 point game at half. second half. more. tough little hang and hit. 24 points last night. 23 that's as close as it gets. utah polishes off the nuggets in style.
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tight end travis kel seu. from the files of did you know. he was actually once the college roommate of this guy. wolf. back in the university of cincinnati days. the two emotional. and also driven to succeed. personalities. was the exact same back then. >> he loves the game. if he was playing backyard football he'd act that way. >> . we had a good time. i can't even talk about it. >> . i can only imagine. from that connection of pwropb
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this is broncos line backer. a kansas city nate nate easleyive. and does and does have a kansas city chiefs logo. on his back. >> i'm glad i have it. they can see i'm from there. but i'll be bringing the pain back. not anything they want. >> he was a big fan at one time. and now he's a bronco. >> . he answered that well. >> this game will be fun. again a night game. sunday 6:30. >> a huge win for the win column in the west. super tight standings. >> . keep pace with the raiders.
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stkpwhra caught on camera. a drone making dinner. they prepared a complete meal with all the fixing. using their drone. they used the blades to chop the vegetables. the end result. a little messy. it was cool. high-tech probably not recommended. not practical. >> it it took 3 and a half weeks. >> . you can do it. from space. >> . didn't look smart at all.
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so. now owe now about the drone.
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"the ocean called. they're running out of shrimp"? yeah, yeah, yeah, but then i said to him, "oh, yeah? well, the jerk store called, and they're running out of you." really? that's great. you said that to him? well, actually, i--i thought it up on the way over here. oh, that's not quite the same. no. no, it's not. you don't know this guy. it would've been so sweet. i'm gonna grab a can of balls. well, hello. my name is milos. how can i help you? uh, i need a can of balls. can of balls for the nice guy. all ri--uh... you don't plan to hit these balls with that racquet, do you? checking out the staff picks, miss benes? oh, hey. yeah, yeah, this vincent guy, he is the best.


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