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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  November 24, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm MST

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>> we are following breaking news right now. you are looking live at i 70 in central park and stapleton were a hit and run crash has turned the interstate into a parking lot. the accident happened just before 5:00 p.m.
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did roll over. police say this is one of the vehicles involved in the crash. police say right now it is being investigated as a hit-and-run. again, we are working to get more info for you and we will have an update at ten. >> right now shoppers throughout the metro are hitting stores looking to save big. >> black friday is officially underway at stores open the doors early. greatly at all is in the thick of it. at toys "r" us. >> on the show won the last time you are in a toy store, mike and erica. but we are here at the toys "r" us in gordon. again, it is row after row -- of stick figures, legos, board games, video games, etc. we have a bunch of toys for a lot of parents, grandparents who are inside this toys "r" us just
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some of the folks in the line have been here since the store opened at 5:00 p.m. >> happy thanksgiving. here are the first people to get through a line of shoppers. customers were allowed and waves. deals on toys, video games -- and something called a pikachu plush. minutes before they were allowed inside. >> this is actually -- it seems more logical to do it now then -- your crazies was about back friday -- the first big box store we actually found open on thanksgiving -- jc pennies at northfield and
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deals on electronics, cookware and sound systems really big drop. as a live look at the toys "r" us important. in thorton. crazy part about this story -- this toys "r" us tonight. they will stay open until tomorrow night. same for the jcpenney and northfield. live this evening, craig maddow. :09 -- is some new tech gadgets on your holiday shopping list, you're probably about to get rid of your old devices. these could be vulnerable to identity thieves. >> ashley mccall's explains the steps you need to secure your personal information so you
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fox. >> cell phones, laptops and tablets always seem to be at the top of the holiday wish list. and once you upgrade, you don't need your old stuff anymore. so you sell it. but that's where tech experts a lot of people make one huge mistake. >> it to an easy for consumer to leave personal information on a device. >> and really easy for cyber thieves to steal a. >> sometimes it can be a simple where your credit card is rdf file. >> dave gates runs device pitstop though she says he has seen a huge spike in identity theft. now he's determined to make sure it doesn't happened to his customers. >> page of all the steps exactly to ensure that their device is a waste. >> but chose laptops. because those are the toughest
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you might miss the part where all the data is. and simply putting your files in the recycling bin, that is a no-no. >> data feeds can see a hard drive -- still data off the hard drive that's been a race. >> he said three times as the charm. and you need special software like this to write over the hard drive. >> at the take anywhere between 2-10 hours. so, computers are best left to professional. >> wiping your ipad and iphone is even easier. all you have to do is click on settings general. then go all the to the bottom to reset. then all you do is hit you race all and what does you are good to go. >> it is the same idea for androids. it takes only ten seconds. x as if he just got out of the box, that's what it's going to set it to do. this lady to enjoy your new tech toys were a free. >> do things right -- of usable steps now and you'll
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>> right now we are following a developing story out of california after a mother, missing for three months, has been found alive. sherri papini flagged down a driver on interstate five in northern california, identified herself and told the driver she had been abducted while jogging earlier this month. right now, deputies are looking for two suspects in connection with her disappearance. >> back your home, many people are thankful for one organization givingow bags of food to those who really need it. >> drew smith tells their story of making several family thanksgiving a little easier during some tough time. >> happy thanksgiving. an audible. [ inaudible ] we are putting together lunches for 2400 people. [ inaudible ]
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we can set up -- for the last three years. we started out with 50 sandwiches. now we are doing 2400 lunches today. >> is important for my little interest in the donating your time is incredibly important. >> i'm very humbled. because of alcoholism -- and seven years sober now. three years ago i started this program society. >> the numbers are climbing in the city -- people on the streets cannot afford housing. they need to go -- we go to every vehicle all the way down. it is a very different culture --
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you don't know which way to turn because you've come to your last inning spot -- [ inaudible ] >> this time of year brings out the best in people. that was it through smith their story for us. the organization, feeding them was hungry, does have a go fund the acun operations like the one you just saw. >> denver is a big day for the salvation army -- the organization holding its annual dinner for the needy. volunteers serve thousands of people today. many people here are out of work, while others do not have a home. but we still found plenty are grateful for what they have. >> i would like to say thank you to all the wonderful featherless angels who put all this together. >> the truth is, if this didn't
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meal. >> grateful that god has given me another day. >> salvation army organizes the dinner, the food is donated by king supers and prepared by the broncos. it is certain the convention center. >> in a spirit of giving, workers at the mexican restaurant "carniceria aaliyah" in denver held their first food outreach program today to serve the homeless a hotmail. employs five of 5:00 a.m. to get the ovens and stoves going. restaurant owners covered all of the expenses themselves. two large holidays for a profession you may not expect. plumbers are busy today cleaning out drain things to your holiday cooking. >> fox and he wants kyle coram today on or has what is the busiest day of the year. >> have never cooked a large meal and the duncan stopped up your dream? turns out it's a fairly common thing on holiday is like today. which is why when you were eating today, plumbers were bailing our holiday turkey. >> in neighborhoods across colorado a holiday plumbers job
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even though this rotor router is doing pretty much just one job tax id. nothing but kitchen sinks all day. >> and brad boyd is making house calls this is his best one. it's pretty straightforward, clean the pipes. >> this is an 80-foot long metal telephone cord. it's flexible but when you play to work on it, he gets rigid. >> shelby pezel called the plumbers is running. >> last i was cleaning out the refrigerator and i had some old aruba love that i put down the disposal that must have been the last thing because bannister to backing up. the response was pretty prompt for a holiday or for plumbers. usually the day after thanksgiving but the holiday itself lends itself lots of work. >> is just all day, thanksgiving
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>> service calls are up 50 percent generally. >> it's when people really go big. they usually in have a lot of company over. lots of people use in the sink. lots of people with different habits on how to use stuff. it's always related to cooking a meal. >> :the potato peel bail out -- one philip and you've got to pray for the whirlpool. >> with the drinkware, boykin had him. >> on that won't work all night, and no be going all night. we have guys that will be on every had four of them today.
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drain. most food waste is better off going in the trash. only scrapes in the disposal. turning out to other developing news. one person is in a hospital after the car they were driving rolled over on e-470 this afternoon. it happened just before 330 p.m. into the carling on its side. state troopers to reduce e-470 down to one lane as they cleaned up the scene. the driver's condition is the cause of the crash is unclear. >> place in the metro investigating two deadly shootings that happened early this morning. the first shooting happened at the travelodge hotel on east sixth avenue in aurora. police say when they arrived they found a man and one of the rooms with gunshot wound. he was taken to the hospital where he died. investigators are still interviewing people at the travelodge. the second deadly shooting also happened early this morning near 44th and fillmore in denver. police of the victim was shot in
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nearby home for help. the victim was taken to the hospital where he also died. police have not released any information on the suspect. >> next line fox and one is a nine -- i'm interested in getting a scholarship and some help during difficult times. what they did to get off the streets and into their own home. >> plus, serving those who serve. what one relation to today to make this holiday easier for military families missing their and coming up -- the wild horse range right here in colorado, leading efforts to solve america's wild horse problem without harming the horses.
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is also a moment that she dreamed of. >> for three and a half years working in her family were homeless. [ inaudible ] at the samaritan house or on the street -- while raising her two sons. martina was struggling to keep a job while attending school full-time. >> it's hard. it's hard being a college student trying to find a stable housing. >> never breaking but in need of a hand. >> things happen here in the
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that people are aware of what you're going through. >> enter the community college of denver -- in 2011 the school -- 4 percent of students say they experience homelessness. so housing scholarship was born -- martina applied, wrote essays describing the situation and was awarded a scholarship to start a new. >> it felt great. i was so happy. >> at the beginning of the month martina and family finally had a home of their own. >> i never thought that we would have a place to call our home. i feel safe here. >> a lesson that life comes at you fast -- is how you pick up the pieces and build on what you have.
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things that i go through defeat me. being homeless made me stronger. i really do feel like that. without me going to that journey, i would not be here now. happening today -- the sun came out in time for the 43rd annual turkey trot. fox 31 and our sister station are both sponsors of the event. thousands of others runners and walkers were there as well. the event is a thanksgiving day tradition in the metro area. all the money from today's event goes to benefit mile high united way. there was snow on the mountains this morning. usually the last couple of years
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normally by about ten or so -- easter traffic backing appear. 49 degrees in denver today. we had a lot of sunshine. fort collins is one of the warm spots making it to the l right now we have cooled off into the 20s. we will drop another 5-10-degree statewide. it will be called in some areas and just chilly and others. looking at the airport right now
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executed looks good if you plan on using dia. 30 degrees by 10:00 p.m. tomorrow will be a great start -- sunshine and into the upper 50s. that's about 10 degrees warmer than an average day. we've had a little bit of everything. that system we had this morning has clre the bulk of the next storm system sets in the pacific northwest. that will bring its chance for rain and snow by sunday and into monday.
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high tomorrow will be in the 40s. upper 40s for the western half of the state. here's a look at the next seven days.
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[ inaudible ] serving those who serve this holiday night. >> coming up, the special event held for military families missing their loved ones this holiday season.
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>> the baros family is filling the void of the holidays this year with each other. that's because the fourth member of their family, first lieutenant anthony baros is deployed with his colorado army national guard unit to the middle east.
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we are proud of our service member for giving up their holiday in their time with family to serve something greater, but it is also an empty seat at the table. >> hope the next year the seat will be filled. the family put together a care package. to send to his remote outpost. with carts to let him know they're always thinking about him. >> i did football with him last year for my first year and then i tried to do it again this year and economy of m i -- just another day but it is a special holiday that he is missing so it's kind of hard. >> the family pulls together was normally dad's job. they have him in mind as they get ready for a first thanksgiving they knew he be missing. >> i know you guys missed me but
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time because that is what is really hard, knowing i miss you guys and i can't be there i can only be at the sadness. so i think that's the case for a lot of servicemembers. >> dave young, fox 31. >> the family can share a lot of details about his mission but they are hoping to be reunited with data in about nine months x. >> hundreds of wild horses roam our country but they do present a problem. >> coming up, the serious al right here in colorado and what people are doing to solve it without harming them.
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