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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  November 25, 2016 1:35am-2:00am MST

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management and its birth-control darting efforts. >> we are planning on getting as close as we can to the mayor without making her nervous. >> every year, jim, marty and dozens of others steady detailed notes before taking aim at a selection of courses across more than 36,000-acre. >> i want to lose her and have a runoff. >> an area that should support no more than 150 horses. there are currently 157. a shot within 50 yards. the pvp injected into the horse lasts for a year preventing only future pregnancies. studies show it does not harm in our department horse or her on one fold. they are healthier and they live longer. because every baby that we prevent -- that is one fewer baby i have to worry about. >> birth-control also limits the likelihood of euthanasia.
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>> if nature takes its course and we are in big trouble because we will have too many horses on the range. >> a push to control their numbers in the race against time. the only have a few months to track and dark these mayors. the closer you can't our prior to breeding season, the best. >> is a lot of chaen >> on getting more challenging as it is very smart animals wise up to the darting process and try not to get targeted. >> they do in the march. they been targeted before. >> it gets really frustrating what you'd do spend that three hours with the mayor and you don't get her. >> but for now darting is working. they plan to continue the program with help from marty and the rest of the volunteers. >> when you see healthy horses unhealthy range -- and mayors living to be 26.
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i can make a difference. i commit to live better. >> for marty, the goal is horses to be born on the range, live on the range and die on the range. >> when one of my old buddies disappears -- it kills me. >> she takes a moment -- this time with one of her old friends. not sure when she will be back over the coming seasons may bring. >> about this winter. see you soon. >> are more than 100 members marty's group, friends of the mustangs. not many from younger generations. as an effort underway to attract younger members to make sure horses will continue to have advocates for the years to come. developing out of central america tonight-we're waiting for more details after a shocking earthquake shook the region earlier this afternoon. the seven-point oh magnitude quake struck 90 miles south west of el salvador.
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into the caribbean coast of nicaragua and costa rica earlier this morning. hurricane otto packed maximum sustained winds of 110 miles per hour. officials warn auto will produce heavy rain that could cause deadly flash flooding and mudslides. that brought when officials have declared a state of emergency. >> president obama took the space given holiday to speak with the servicemen and women serving our country overseas. the president made nine phone calls to deployed service members from the corps, navy, air force and coast guard. he wished them a happy thanksgiving and thank them for their service. >> after the mostly charged election, the nation's top leaders are encouraging americans to find common ground the thanksgiving. but not everyone is ready to move on with the results. as there is a new push for a recount in several states. dianne gallagher has a story. >> americans love to get together on thanksgiving. the parades, the turkey, the
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country's current president. >> thanksgiving reminds us that the matter what our differences, we are still want people. >> as my prayer that on this thanksgiving, we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country. >> open the holiday can unite the deeply divided american people as well. >> it's time to restore the bonds of trust between citizens. because when america is unified, there is nothing beyond our reach and i mean absolutely nothing. >> a recent ripple dreading even the thought of talking about politics over thanksgiving dinner. festival to trust our vote and know that our votes count and are accurate, is just a basic principle of democracy. >> she launched a bid wednesday to seek a vote recount and still too close to call michigan, plus
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where donald trump one. she and many other liberals believe there may have been voting irregularities in one of the results audited. the campaign has already raised more than $2 million. >> the fact they has basically funded itself overnight, there is an incredible hunger out there with the american people to do something positive and creative election system that we can believe in. >> in washington, dianne gallagher. >> are you heading out friday shopping? >> coming up, problem solvers will to you which items you should buy and was items you should avoid buying. >> plus, you can call it the
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we are just hours away from the biggest shopping day of the year with some store starting a black friday sales now. >> are actually a few things you should not buy this weekend. fox are the ones ashley michaels explains what those are. >> you've done your research, look through every ad, pick your stores -- now it's time to head out black friday shopping. >> is deathly a lot of peo there's definitely high energy. >> as the one day of beer known for the deepest discounts in the axial crazy shoppers. >> they are designed to make it seem like everything is the best deal of the year. >> that's kendal perez, a savings expert. she is here to make sure you don't get duped. >> something to be aware of our black friday is something the industry refers to as the derivative products. so these are products that are manufactured specifically for
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and specifically to be discounted. oftentimes derivative products are missing some key features so they are less costly for retailers. >> want to hit those aisles, it's tempting to want to grab everything off the shelves. >> experts say there are rules for black friday shopping to help you get the most bang for your buck. >> first, don't buy furniture. those types of bigger home products are typically on sale on black friday. it's better to buy products when the season changes and furniture stores get new styles in. you'll find the lowest prices on this kind of stuff over the summer. >> rule number two, gift cards. great holiday gift but terrible black friday deal. even though there will be some giveaways and sales on gift cards during black friday, there's more deals and sales on gift cards in the first couple weeks in december. so if you want some of these,
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speaking of december -- that's when you want to grab holiday stuff too. you're not unlike how long you have to wait. gift wrap, holiday ornaments, any holiday themed things like pajamas. this will be about half price for black friday. the serious savers can do better. hold off until post- christmas sales. you will see deals of 75-90 percent off. the most important thing to remember black friday -- if you do score a good deal something like a tv, just buy one. if you buy nine of them you're not really saving any money. just because it's a good deal, doesn't mean you shouldn't waste your money on it. her best advice, make a list, check it twice -- that way your wallet is not noddy, it's nice. ash and nichols, fox and one. she's actually) you want to
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is not the only items you should skip on black friday. we have an entire list, plus a money-saving tricks on our web page a competition like no other happening in denver this holiday season. >> the delicious and well preserved to deserve being shown off right now at the history car at a museum. [ inaudible ]
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>> now that thanksgiving is almost over, a christmas nativity scene is trending. a company called modern nativity created this hipster nativity, featuring mary and joseph taking slp with the new baby jesus. joseph has a man bunt, by the way. the three wise men are riding a segway and the animals are eating gluten-free hay. on new at 930 -- might have a few suggestions -- kevin torres found them sprawled out in the lobby at the history car at a museum and tells us they are delicious and well preserved, given their expected age. >> happy holidays from history
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>> the holidays are best spent at home and few homes are as tasteful and traditional as the gingerbread kind. to kick off its first year, the historic gingerbread house competition features some prominent places. >> is all buildings that are listed on the national registration of historic places. on. to know, of all the ones you've seen here, which would you think think is the best? >> that one because it has the polls. >> this can be community consists of a collection cultivated by culinary artists from the art institute. >> while it was difficult for them to build the actual
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which one you think is best. would you do through a ballot. >> the most votes will win, but between twins were twisted railings, peppermint christmas trees and melted marshmallows, it's hard to pick. historically speaking, the replica stand to be a tad bit toast year and tastier than the originals. the fact is, the students you made them are taleed in itself, is pretty sweet. >> encourage everyone to come down in history colorado and take a look. the competition continues through january 2. >> again only to do is head to the history colorado museum and fill out a ballot. would also love for you to
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for drive. collected twice will be distributed to prequalified families to the salvation army's holiday program. turned out to be a great afternoon. the next couple of days -- once again to saturday, late sunday -- additional snow will start to come back across the country. a couple more systems -- if you have travel, really these two systems are kind of minor
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temperatures -- filtered in the cold air. our friends and neighbors across the country are all cooler. 49 degrees in denver today. we have a warming trend coming our way. a very calm day compared to the wind we had this morning.
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mountains tomorrow. if you are going skiing -- it will be a good day for it. we have a good weather pattern
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[ inaudible ] green bean casserole --
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for some of us the working holiday includes -- the broncos knows all business. tricky week for the broncos. the nfl is a week of distraction -- yesterday. i got them and they're really early this morning. we'll go live longer tomorrow. [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ]
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it's been, at times, a painful -- >> that to build a foundation. [ inaudible ] there are no words that i can say to express my feelings -- >> rarely seen a more beloved figure -- who paid for his first
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then became an agent of change. leading by example. >> a lot of the guys respectively. a lot of the guys will enjoy being around me. i think the freshman amy right now because i don't want this program to fall apart after i leave. i'm pretty hard on missing class -- so we have been out together at 4:45 a.m. it's really important that it's not just about football. >> four years ago when the senior class came in -- they are forever bound. beyond nine -- >> i'm just thankful they cared enough about each other -- care enough about me, the university, that they stuck it out. now they realize, that in life if you just keep sticking it out, keep pushing, keep fighting, keep believing --
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>> "the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> professionals here who look out for each other. that's the way it is. >> bill o'reilly sounds off on the fox a trophy be in his future? >> i think he did the travolta thing with the finger up in the air. >> then inside elizabeth vargas's battle with alcoholism. >> i had a nearly lethal level in my system. >> how her children reacted to her shocking tv confession. >> wow! she was bad. >> kelly clarkson shuts down the


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