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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 11AM  FOX  November 25, 2016 11:00am-11:30am MST

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minds around the corner animals across the country, checking in to see how the stores are looking black friday. aunt the best deals of the day. be know about the big man pet upgrade or downgrade mcdonald's with menu love signature sam which. plus, this piggy the plus, this piggy the muppet to help tony bennett this thanksgiving. fox 31 denver news at 11. and good morning, morning, welcome to the eleven o'clock news, meagan o'halloran, malls across the country issue can imagine are packed with holiday shoppers. there were some big lines all across the country for one of the biggest shopping days of the
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people camped out as they normally do, standing in the rain hoping to get the best deals and door busters. metro area the malls open up incredibly early for the shoppers, at the mall, checking out the line and getting all of the emperor mei xiang, door busters and anything you need to know before you head out the door this morning. good morning, amanda, good morning, all day, if you want to be right now, filling in throughout the day. but we are talking this morning. what do you think of the crowds so far? shockingly, , the kids coming in line to see santa, you santa, you have a little thing to do when good, right? it looks good. usually kids are good this time of year thankfully.
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will bring them. looking good. let's talk to the man himself, shall we? santa is here. i'm doing good, how are you guys doing? what do you think? it's been a popular moment for everybody. all the children coming in this evening. i have little johnny come in and see me. little johnny but they great big beard, caring his camera around. he sure is a handsome young looking he looks like a good-looking elf to me. before we go really quex, we have the anchors today, what do you think? the naughty or the nice list? let me think for a second now that you mentioned that, snapper from the north pole did call me and talk about some individuals. 2 names did come up and at this
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need to ask upon a good list? a good list? in my on the good list? let me see now. i have to search down the list yes, you are. . >> amanda, thank amanda, thank you so much for that. right about drinking and driving especially during the long holiday weekend, releasing these pictures today come it dui try for passed out behind the wheel southbound and the northbound lanes with a beer and the cup holder. into could have been a a very black friday for another driver. law enforcement stepping up patrols until monday to make sure dui drivers not have on the
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drivers. this year they upped the enforcement. to ten days. at least 96 law enforcement agencies in colorado participated. hundreds of thousands of travelers stranded today after pilot from the airline went on strike. the strike in its fourth day cause thousands of cancellations, including at least one at dia. and passengers to check online to see if flights canceled since some o schedule. and taking off as they should. welcome, if you are out traveling today or a busy day off, the weather looks like it will be in your favor. in such a live shot of the city. one cloud in the sky. and might not even be the real deal. a beautiful day. it is a beautiful day but another perspective, pike's peak
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clear, the skies overhead and pretty cold morning in many spots, in the teens, northeast term planes my 20s around the city. now starting to warm back up in the 30s and 40s north of town fort collins to greeley, downtown already hitting the low 50s well on our way to the upper 50s. average high this time of year 48. already five above that in the mountains, looking at 20s and 30s. a little chilly but satellite radar composite completely clear and will stay that way throughout the evening sunset with a high of 59?. the question is can we hold this up as we had to the game tomorrow, saturday, the forecast plus the changes that may be coming our way by the time the "prost" kicks off sunday. thank you very much, we are learning the man accused of shooting nine people to death south carolina church will stand
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competent to stand trial multiple counts for shooting at african methodist keep has couple church last june, this month, the judge with jury selection competency evaluation, and scheduled to resume next monday. 11:06 china, certain districts being ordered to give up their passports to local police and not being given a reason as to why. anyone in e area with muslims, some believe that is the reason for the decision. the group of muslims in the area , accused of terrorist attacks in the past. and we are learning president-elect donald trump spent the end of his holiday talking with foreign leaders. announced today, prime minister hungarian prime
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and british prime minister of the past few days. we spoke with prime minister where his wife melania was born. all leaders offer him congratulations. speaking of president-elect trump that expected to make any more cap next, but rumors about buzz around billionaire investor, and also talk of chicago cubs owner in republican donor todd todrick it's the deputy comrc christmas season is starting at the white house. aunt officially arrived, the first lady welcomed it with her two nephews and the families first dog. this years from a tree farm in a tree farm in wisconsin and one a national contest in order to receive this high honor ,, to receive the white house tree. coming up, mcdonald's is leading us
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oh, yeah? a fan up the burger, get more options. little bit later a muppet to the
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>> >> this is to be an upsized version of the beef patty. then junior mack, the downsized version with one smaller people had a but of course, all beef patties with lettuce, cheese, pickles. and sold for a limited time mcdonald's a limited time mcdonald's menu in early 2017. planning to go out for
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worth it. according to wallet-hub, macy's the best place to find black friday deals. 63% off. target, netflix and walmart the top places to get gift cards the sheer and video games offering the most value on black friday the sheer compared to current prices, but are you ready for this, the test deals on jewelry. sale, amazon all year long . and 11 percent deals actually from last year, . read the fine print, something to check before you leave the house skubal -- google map how busy a place a place is in real-time, and that tells you about the signs, new google
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iphones and android's, from the black friday shopping the season and there are a couple of thumb pham ? fun family events to celebrate the holiday season. , does my house look like that? i i would be cheering, too, in denver, will happen tonight 6:30 and everybody invited to attend to kick off the holiday if you are not around, city officials doing the same thing union station about the same time, little bit further south, the city's candlelight watch, those festivities 5:30. to arrive an hour late. coming up star wars fans , the forces with you, tickets go one sale in a few days for the next
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colorado, -- vail, colorado. the chair lift on the chairlift on
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weekend. donald trump hollywood and walk of fame star, and telling tmz, the lapd have two officers on patrol in the area 247. cameras will also keep an eye out for possible vandals. president-elect could have 28 million followers once he takes over twitter account, the personal twitter account, the personal twitter has 16 million followers and at potus 12 million accounts, you do the math, however he would not even come close, katy perry followers 94.2 million. wow! , apparently kanye west and this thanksgiving and the half?- in -- in the hospital this year, kim kardashian on thanksgiving
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magazine breakdown after experiencing sleep deprivation and expected to spend the next few days at the hospital. tony bennett this miss piggy today commit crazy story, come a crazy story, on the slopes macy's thanksgiving day parade, miss piggy and tony bennett swinging santa claus is coming to town but the prayed flow started moving again. just miss piggy who put her arm out. from falling off. >> if you are a star wars fan, a star wars fan, just a few days away from buying tickets. go on sale starting monday. .
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>> what is this? the new film "rogue one" with a a group of rebels who try to steal the plans for the best start, and accepting record-breaking sales . >> man, ua star man, you a star wars fan? kind up., it's going to be jampacked for sure, the moment a lot of fans have been waiting for, the revival of "gilmore girls" on "gilmore girls", four, 90 minue episode, and focuses on different season of the year, a year, a head for years during early 2,000. and netflix making more episodes. angela lansbury us not is not too happy about the new season , the murder she wrote start divorced in the
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and "entertainment weekly" asked her about the remake and her response why, why are they why, why are they doing this over again? lance barry did go want to say she's interested to see what they did with it. she also says, mrs. potts, and it will have to wait to see. it does sound like first, wife and cap first, white and it was perfect the last time? . >> meanwhile in kansas city the city lighting up in a big date?- big way for the holiday season. the lighting of this plasma, plasma, long-standing tradition in 1930s and to set up every year around labor day. the hard work pays off. it is something to be thankful for this week, colorado not considered one of the worst places to live in the winter. put together a list of
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temperature and snowfall, turns out the worst , chicago, buffalo hates it as well, one of the worst places boston. nor'easter storms with truckloads of snow into the city. apparently, we have a lot of friendly snow. it's like angel kisses all over your face. and it disappears the next day. you hope, now you hope, now you see, now you too, some fun with some snow out there. a lot of folks dealing with that today, opened up today, commercial break. beavercreek which also got turning today, to hit that powder and the guns
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the city after starting off this morning. and really quick and nice recovery. average 48 degrees, 53 as well downtown, little breeze out there, 40s and 50s depending on where you live, fort collins 41 degrees, fort morgan 41?, a lot of 40s in these term planes, start to see the 50s popping up around the metro, with 30s and 40s into the high country, fourth, south, east and west, very quiet early afternoon but we will keep it that way not only today but through the day tomorrow with this big area but this big area of high pressure and control, a trip to the northwest may storm system parked off of the pacific coastline, the weather maker that will arrive sunday into the day monday, 1:00 o'clock this afternoon and carry all the way
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sun around tomorrow, too, nine o'clock, the clouds, the clouds into the picture from the south , foreshadowing what's to come as we head to sunday morning had to sunday morning with a lot of snow to get generated there sunday morning in the mountains a lot of heavy stuff, two in the lower elevations around the metro but it looks like right now just some spotty drizzle and perhaps one or two to come into play but nothing crazy expected on sunday once you get through's runt through cert -- sunday evening, the lower elevations, the broncos game , the snow starting to fade out in the high country. accumulations look pretty good. 12 inches as much as a foot in some of the spots higher terrain and western slopes. it does not look like anything as far as the snow sticking up across the front range.
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upper 50s daytime high today 30s and 40s as you get to the high country 59 arvada 58 and upper 50s west side of town as well, 59 daytime high mainly sunny skies much warmer tomorrow afternoon ,, a big one fair, and it will be a really good game there 45 for the high for the kickoff temperate tomorrow 60, kickoff 5:30 and then transition as we had to the broncos game sunday evening the cold air kicks in with a a flurry or two around gametime that the first at mile high so for the sheer and once the cold air kicks in it sticks around big-time 30s for the high. needs a new home, when we come back, beautiful tabby cats
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special guests in the studio, and a good home. oh, my gosh, joining us this morning live with aspen. and she's a big kitty cat. is a a kirby girl, 17 pounds but really sweet, she's been around and then also with kids. she's a
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family. are you running in a any specials for the black friday weekend? they are, all adult cats and senior pets eight years and older. calms down and walks us through the process. take her home for free. which, all caps one >> , and , she is certainly all the cats doing great. just very special, very sweet, couple of weeks but really ready to find a home. so cute. a lot of cats, kittens and anything down there as well, we
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whole gamut available for adoption. busy this time of year, any animals are pets for christmas or the holidays? lots of people to add another pet to the holidays, great time of year, on christmas breaks with a little bit of time to make as well, just just a great time to adopt. as you would like to adopt, 2080s south qu?bec and 2080s south qu?bec and give them a high today, mainly today, mainly sunny and we will do it again tomorrow, great weather for the game and boulder. then on sunday, dropping the temperatures, down to and snow for the next dorm to come in, no big deal though, though, and look how cold early next week.
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- a software engineer from silver spring, maryland... a trademark attorney from louisville, colorado... and our returning champion -- a tutoring and testing director from johnson city, tennessee... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" --


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