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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  November 25, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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it would prevent people tkpwabgted by the scandal from suing wells far go. arbitration and properly denies customers legal protection. such as right to appeal. and helps to misconduct from the public. americans throw away roughly 165 billion collar dollars in uneaten food. every year. according to to government data. about 277 million of that waste will happen during thanksgiving. consumers are expected to throw away 2 hundred million pounds of turkey. during the tha*pblgs giving holiday. freezing turkey for the later and freezing fruit for smooth smoothies can help cut down on the waste. >> .
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>> following breaking news here at 5:30. a trooper killed in the crash. i 25.
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this afternoon. state patrol said douglas county sheriff office was investigating the crash. along northbound. i 25. near toma road. >> . northbound i 25. is closed. right there. very large section of it. certainly creating really long delays. in that area. >> greg nieto. is out there now. douglas county says the delays really could last a couple hours. >> . >> yeah. we're talking about a stretch from larks burg. to castle rock. that could last all night a live look here. on the west side of i 25. literally. where traffic is being diverted. traffic you're seeing. headlights. this is actually the front road. this is not i 25. folks simply trying to get around this area. these white headlights. heading southbound. on the frontage road. west. of i 25. >> . pan all the way down here. passed toma road. a look at the back up. really probably reaching down towards colorado springs. at this point. the white headlights. in this direction heading
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now being tkeu diverted here. because of this earlier crash. claiming the life of that csp trooper. just shortly before 2 p.m. again. at last check. with the state patrol. and sheriffs office. this stretch of i 25 again going to be closed for the next couple hours. >> here on air. online as well. facebook. >> . beloved tv mom. broad cay star has passed away. florence hen tker son died last night. in the day before her heart problems.
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media. and at her star. on hollywood walk of fame. shehe was 82 years old.
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a few weeks after mom and el ella disappeared. they were found at the officers responding to a disturbance call. arrested her for criminal which i mischief. >> . because police didn't know social services was looking for them. ten days later. she filed a re-staining order against mark.
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mark told child caseworkers they would probably tpaoeupd her and ella at the upcoming hearing. he was right. but to his disbelief a judge granted her restraining order. that got him e evicted from the home. leaving him homeless. and caseworkers put ella in
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i held it together in the courtroom. >> how huge is this for you. >> . it's the biggest thing in my life. >> mark says the judge finally agreed mistakes had been made. that force mark into homelessness and his daughter into foster care. >> . i have never been homeless in my life. i'm 46. i spent 45 years. not homeless. >> . and due to someone's malicious act. i was made homeless.
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it wasn't until this hearing. nearly 7 pho*bt months later. on august 31. he was granted full custody of ella. >> a new life. i told her today is a big day. and she had been running around the house. the big day. >> . his case finally closed. two years after it began. >> . president of the veterans assistance league of colorado. she wrote a letter to the fort collins housing authority. that mentions mark has been recognized by the courts as the victim of domestic violence. perpetrated by his spouse. and the letter demanded his housing voucher be restored. expectation his horrible error
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and a voucher for a two bedroom kwraoupbl be issued. the hearing officer not only agreed. her decision included a personal note. where she writes. >> . i'm going to do everything i can. to g tha*rs full of happiness. and security. and love. >> . mark's former wife. now lives out of state. where her mom tells us she's been admitted today a hospital. and has no contact with her
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enforcement bureau. here on behalf of sheriff spur lock. and the sheriffs office. as the major mention to kwrod you. we will have the responsibility. of the criminal investigation. and yes there is a criminal investigation. that is ongoing. at this point. right now. we have as many resources as we need to have. out here. conduct -bg this *fgs. and conducting this investigation. we'll do all the follow up needed from there. we have at this point just started. we are in the very very early stages of this investigation. we are detaining the driver. at this point. i don't have any information. to give you. on him. or identify him. at this point. but he is being detained. we are working with him. we're also looking at the camera. footage. from within the colorado state patrol vehicle. we are also looking at the camera tpao*tage.
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that he was driving. is a commercial. retail. company truck. and so we will be working with that company. to take a look at that. as we move forward. in our investigation. we will make a determination as to what we feel. are the most appropriate charges. certainly those will be done. working very closely with the district attorney. we will then if appropriate. tonigh on the charges. and have him move through the criminal justice system. and that fashion. i just want to on behalf of the douglas county sheriff office. and the community echo. what major has said.
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that's correct. so. again. this is a tough day for us. for those of us. that were there that night. and to be here. again. under similar circumstances. is tough. it's tough for all of us. but. it pails in comparison. to children. that now don't have a father. a wife that no longer has a
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mother. father. that don't have a son anymore. all because law enforcement officers can't get the room they need to do their job. >> . >> eleven year veteran. certainly becomes more real. when we get the name as we said. kids without a father today. a man that is wife. that opportunity have her husband. we know that he was an eleven year vet. new information as well. we know it was a retail company truck. apparently. that hit this man. saying that charges will likely be filed. this evening. working closely with the district attorney office. to figure out exactly what will happen. an arrest likely this evening.
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more details on >> . it's that time of year. chiefs. raiders. patriots. both in denver. with a couple trips to jacksonville. and tennessee. any way you cut it. tough sledding for the denver broncos. play off the don't if i officiay open for 7 weeks. when you have 3 teens atop the division. with one game difference between them. the importance of every game is
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a little 1246789 kansas city win in mile high last november. was the first. in 8 games against the broncos. 3 of the last 4 wins the chiefs. over the broncos have. that come in denver. oddly. point tpa*euf favorite. at home. >> . it might be harsh self-assessment. i know what he's trying to say. you get this close. and you want to close the deal. but the fact of the matter is. the culture has been changed. and the patience.
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class. who came in with mike mac.
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up to fulsome field.
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i'll tell you what. great football weather. kick off about 50. temperatures will hang in the low 40s. through most of the game. a few clouds. it's looking great. for the denver broncos. it's the first cold pwhr* weather game. temperatures near 39 at kick off. close to freezing by the end of the game. i can't rule out a stray shower. really the game looks to be dry. it's more about the cold temperatures. first time this year. they had to play in temperatures like that.
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?? to me the holidays are special, it's family traditions and of course great food. with all the things we could worry about over the holidays, turkey shouldn't be one of them. (laughter) i'm very proud to be a turkey farmer. i'm proud to raise turkeys with no growth promoting antibiotics, hormones or steroids. my name is tammy plumley,
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