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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  November 25, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm MST

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at as the sun sets over the rocky mountains life of the fallen state following state trooper on the them. he came good had to get a peek the branch of the state patrol that is no stranger to this kind of thing remembers the 11 year we will mourn at as a family and with the family's. >> departments department departments nationwide share their condolences with cody donahue tonight. the cover the latest on the life taken too soon. >> is heartbreaking. thanks it on. the crash that took cody down
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human fifth learned a lot since then. we are staying on top of this story since it broke. correct me correct me if i was keeping an eye on classic to play ;-semicolon 20 a-uppercase-letter, 25 that persistent lies in castle rock with more about trooper donahue and the crash that took his life. speak as you can imagine, several states state troopers is a it that this is something to tonight and's forgiveness and the deficits about today's loss, one mistake wou and should have could have and should have been avoided. a somber evening to. >> to put cody donahue an 11 year veteran with state patrol killed in the line of duty. the something that has become much too frequent in our community and quite frankly needs to stop the correct eat at 1:30 p.m. trooper donahue was investigating the crash on i 25 just south of castle rock when he was struck and killed by a
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truck. >> there is a criminal investigation that is ongoing at this point right now he gives a give the douglas county sheriff's office has taken the driver of the truck and custody and is working with the district attorney on forthcoming charges he peak it is appropriate tonight and probably will be appropriate to arrest that driver on those charges. the sheriff's department says trooper donahue was outside of the car during a reflective green safety vest when he was hit. >> when you see these 2 percent law enforcement officers out there trying to do their please move over. give them the room they need because if not this is what happens and it continues to happen on a regular basis. >> trooper donahue is the third member of colorado state patrol recently struck and killed while assisting on the side of the road. they just on honor the memory of trooper turn one on the one tram one
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>> >> the douglas county sheriff's office is reviewing cameras of the crash as well as footage from the truck. you can find information on the go from the page setup for trooper donahue family at click on this story. >> to give you an idea of where this happened look at this map. donahue was struck by commercial truck and kill fun i 25 near tomah road. >> we were down here when this
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highway northbound lanes were closed down for about six hours. at 8 p.m. week of the green life of the lane. i 25 northbound were reopening. you can see folks have been able to drive fast this area. a mention for about six hours douglas county deputies were giving off getting off here using the west frontage road and then later the east road road obviously if the douglas county sheriff's office they're the ones handling the investigation and wanted to take as much time as needed to handle this terrible tragic crash but if you are heading out either north or south, i 25 reopened both areas needing to use it this evening. >> condolences are pouring in
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agencies in colorado. >> one message says our condolences to his family. >> jeff co. sheriff's tweeting out our thoughts and prayers are with you hashtag thin blue line. >> and our hearts go out as we hear news of the trooper that has been struck and killed. we will have more about this story tonight who have complete update for the latest information and we will keep you updated after of the denied at and on our fox 31 use up. remember drinking behind the wheel this holiday weekend. a dui driver was passed out behind the wheel and stopped well facing southbound in the northbound lane. there was also a beer the results a beer and a cup holder.
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dui enforcement runs through monday, prices long twice as long as last year. law-enforcement agencies while enforcement agencies across the state of participating in it. last year they made 283 new paragraph an arrest in the the same time. family and friends of a person who died in a crash compared to hurt by a drunk driver going the wrong way on the interstate. tonight hundreds of people gathered at the windsor heights football field to share friends about them. the driver allegedly responsible is also recovering from moderate injuries in the hospital tonight. you will find the accounts that it been set up for the families of voting age is that we both teenagers and we have links to those along with the story at a dad given his parenting
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her daughter was removed from his custody pressure should been removed in the first be removed in the first place? >> the long piece of delong case of mark hughes of mark green and how was able to present the state from taking his daughter. as rob lowe with the fathers fight for justice. >> the case can including mark greene's case is complicated, but mark and his supporters say when he was looking went looking for go backfired. mark green is a single dad finally raising two kids in a home subsidize of the house housing voucher for giving his daughter back and voucher restored was not easy. >> is the biggest obstacle i've the biggest obstacle i've ever had to overcome. >> mark says his troubles began with his common-law wife started having mental health issues and disappeared from their apartment complex in august 2014 within 4
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mark called child protection services for child protection services for help finding them. >> so that i could get my daughter safely back into her home and get my wife the help she needs. they seen it as an opportunity to be able to adopt a child out. >> after mom ella disappeared, windsor police found them at this house. officers responded to a disturbance call arrested the very drunk alicia a very drunk alisha for criminal mischief. but poce services that looking for them. 10 days later later alisha filed a restraining order against mark, filled with what he called delusional accusations. he told child caseworkers who would probably find alisha and ella at the upcoming restraining order hearing. he was right but to his disbelief a judge granted the restraining order which got mark evicted from the family home leaving him homeless, and caseworkers propel in foster
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>> 17 months his daughter was in foster care unnecessarily. >> this community activists has followed the case from the beginning. at one of his hearings protesters gathered outside the weld county courthouse accusing child child protective services of taking away kids about ever investigating if the kid should be removed from the parents. >> investigating the allegations is very difficult to contest those where you can be exonerated to. >> but long before mark was exonerated weld county determined terminate parental rights because he was homeless. at the same time he had to attend black classes in greeley and had no car. he spent 40 days in the weld county jail because he was too poor to post a $150 bond. >> in the police report the boyfriend boyfriend admits he was too high to remember what happened but police filed the charge anyway, a charge that was later dismissed and so was the
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finally, we were there in february 2161 mark convinced to adjust to do something rare, reverse weld county's efforts to terminate parental rights. >> i had to do hold it together in the courtroom. >> how huge is this for you? >> it's the biggest thing in my life. >> mark said the judge finally agreed mistakes have been made that forced him into homelessness and his daughter ella into foster care. >> i've never been homeless in my life. i'm 46 years old. i spent 45 years if not homeless due to someone's malicious act, i was made homeless. >> for justice moves slow. it wasn't until this hearing seven months later on august 31st that mark was granted full custody of ella. >> is like i told her today is your big day and she's been running around the house is the big day. >> his case finally close to two
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to human services said his attorney says the system failed mark and his daughter. >> you have a little girl who was a baby when the baby when she started. >> the reverend jules mercer's president of the justice justice assistance league of colorado. she wrote a letter to the colorado housing authority that those markets this is marxism recognized as a victim of do a spouse and demanded that the housing be restored. i expectation is that this horrible error will be restored and the hearing officer not only agreed the decision included a personal note when she writes mr. green greene, i admire you for what you've been through and what you've managed to accomplish. i wish you and your daughter all the success in life that you
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the heat now mark and his daughter are making up for lost time. >> i'm doing everything i can to give her a life that's full of happiness and security and love. >> his former wife lives out of state or his mom says she's admitted to a hospital and has no contact with the daughter. her former foster mom says she's disgusted with the county and county and will never be a foster mom again. >> that poor little girl. 17 months in foster care. >> she was the victim of it all. we've all heard the reference he went to jared but feeling we may be hearing the went hallmark. he and us we search for the perfect gift deal this weekend online and in stores, make sure you take advantage of small business saturday tomorrow.
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>> so far the weather for this thanksgiving holiday weekend has been cooperating. that looks to the changes people
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the weather was good on wednesday for thanksgiving for traveling in the state state of colorado. thanksgiving turned out okay with a brisk wind. today has been super with sunshine and milder temperatures. we get one more day like that
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change that. the mountains will get the worst snow. we have a winter storm watch up where heavy snow combined with wind could make traveling on sunday a bit of a problem. for folks in the mountains meeting sometime to ski ticket and i keep an eye on the forecast. those who had to come over to the map over the mountains in the central area you here or down to the southwest look at these snow co snow gets underway late tomorrow night and really ramps up through the day on sunday. some impressive totals. use for beaver creek. tomorrow we get more of this. whitecapped mountain in the distance plenty of sunshine overhead and mild temperatures. we are talking forties and fifties. thirties and forties in the mountains with highs in the fifties and sixties.
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63 which was way above where we should be by some 15 degrees. tomorrow one more day in those warm sixties. back toward mile the mile high city we do did a mix of thirties and a few spots hanging in the forties like highlands ranch morrison is at 46 chili with 30 stories from commerce city stapleton and aurora by 76 points and in 30 still forties twenties and thirties still forties in akron we've got $0.40 at 46 and 46 in boulder, 39 in castle rock and 37 and the in the parker area. winds will continue to be noticeable tonight and through the day tomorrow. and in some areas the wind speeds of really start to more especially in the mountains on the ai seven i 70 court or
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sunshine test the for lunch hour and after that here come the clouds starting to take over us. and here in the southwest mountains it will be quiet quite tonight. you can travel through lunch hour in the evening get things done because by tomorrow night there are the clouds they are the clouds taking over. there are clouds in the west they have acquired some west of th san juan mountains close tonight teens and twenties. twenties for lowe's over here to the east and highs to my slightly warmer forties of with a few more fifties in the western slopes and the ec would do it again with another round of fifties and sixties, close to what we did today. the breeze has already kicked up and it will stay up tomorrow staff tomorrow night. tomorrow we get more windy and
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before more clouds come marching in. sunday a 55-degree high early then temperatures fall. brief rain or snow showers coming out of the mountains east of denver, but we we're not looking for anything big. 42 monday and it will be a late night snow shower. after that 42 nothing but thirties tuesday wednesday thursday friday and chances of shut snow thursday and friday. >> the times are times are changing. >> to the play football games, one tomorrow in boulder for cu, one on sunday for the broncos to do develop all caps for those games and i will share those for you coming up. >> maybe people are looking for the perfect wedding ring today. it looks like mark will give you another option. could examine engagement and wedding ring apartment with partnered with jcpenney the
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stores and online will range in price between 150 and $2,500. i've i will take the expensive one. thousands of coloradans took advantage of the rock friday today they are looking forward to another holiday shopping event. >> small business saturday. the tradition has been going on fo the saturday after thanksgiving is's national small is national small business saturday. we would love your support for the fox 31 fox 31 problem solver toy drive after december 16 collected tours of the distributed to toys of the distributed to prequalify families and salvation holiday
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between 6 a.m. between apn and e holiday festivities. >> reminder for the south have happy thanksgiving weekend be sure to join us for america salutes you, a concert with the big names some big names like cyndi lauper and special guest guests who guest to perform whatever that concert at 4 p.m. tomorrow we will re- air it for you on sunday he give you can't begin get into town this another
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the annual grand illumination in denver took place just hours ago.
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beautiful buildings in town, denver's official kickoff to the holiday season. if you are looking for new ways to pass the time while you're waiting for flight at dia, the airport opened it's absolutely free ice skating ring today. it is an open-air plaza. you can go even if you you're not planning to fly anywhere. they will let you in. in the rink is open from 9 a.m. until day. >> i see a lot of people limping to the plane. >> after they fall. i promise promised you guys are set at 945 that i would change the forecast for folsom field binder forgot who's got
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that i promised you. this is great football leverage from boulder and it will looking up at the low sixties small silver 60 small silver tailgaters headed up there it's going to be a festive environment and the weather is going to cooperate. it looks fantastic. temperatures should stay in temperature should stay in the forties. for the broncos match club of thirties and the can't rule out the snow shower. all of the became the talk pump was a broncos have played this year they played in warm weather he >> that changes it in my pants immigrants returning at us.
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broncos are back from the buy and newsweek this week their opponent it's like looking into a mirror. similar styles and the exact same rapid record. time for the defending champs to step away from the pack in the afc west. in the zone with coach kubiak


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