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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  November 25, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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four highlights and complete post game coverage. we begin with the latest on the crash that took a state trooper's troopers live tonight. thanks for joining us tonight. >> cody donahue's life was cut short just before 6 p.m. we have learned a lot since then. greg manto is staying on the scene until northbound i 25 opens just after 8 o'clock o'clock tonight and he will join
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stretch of highway and just a minute but first we start live in castle rock with warm to put donahue and the crash that killed him. >> reporter: as you can imagine, colorado state troopers and the douglas county in the douglas county sheriff deputies that we spoke to tonight are devastated by today's loss, one may say could have a end should have been avoided. >> is a somber evening tonight. >> trooper cody donahue, an 11 year veteran was state patrol tragically state patrol tragic line of duty. >> this is becoming much too frequent in our community and quite frankly it needs to stop. >> at 1:30 p.m. through per donahue was investigating a crash on i 25 just south of castle rock when he was struck and killed by a passing commercial food carrier truck. >> yes, they resented a criminal investigation that is ongoing at this point right now. >> the county sheriff's office has taken the driver of the
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attorney on for coming forthcoming charges. >> if appropriate tonight and probably will be appropriate to arrest that driver on those charges. >> to sheriff's office says trooper donahue was outside of his car wearing a reflective green safety best when he was hit. >> when you see these troopers and law enforcement officers that are out there just trying to do their jobs, please move over and give them the room they need because if not this is what happens and it continues to happen on a regular >> trooper donahue now the third member of colorado state patrol recently struck and killed while assisting on the side of the road. >> he's a family man with two beautiful children and he will be sorely missed. >> the douglas county sheriff's office is reviewing camera footage of the crash from tuesday trooper cars as well as the truck and a co- fund they go find me account has been started for trooper donahue's family and
10:03 pm click the link to this story. >> to give you more than idea where this happened take a look at this map. donahue was talk by commercial truck and killed on i 25 causing the full closure of all northbound lanes. as of this hour of all the northbound lanes are back open. investigators documented everything at the scene for hours. we were fi that the highway. another difficult day for colorado state patrol. >> today's crash happened just out from her trooper tram one was killed last november. >> i was reporting just you're a year ago on trooper jb juris affix passing.
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101 101 trannine one >> trim train one.
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>> across the country those in blue are definitely more in morning tonight. >> condolences of pouring in from across the nation. lakewood pb pd sent a message saying our condolences to his family and the whole csb and other our thoughts and prayers are with you with a hashtag thin blue >> at our hearts go out for the trooper who was struck and killed. for more details about the story can certainly stay with us for the latest updates and you can wash our sister station's not colorado zone channel channel two at 11 p.m. for information to keep you up-to-date at all hours at and on the fox 31 news that. police are warning all drivers about drinking behind the wheel this holiday weekend.
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the dui driver was passed out behind the wheel then than we owe and stopped while facing southbound in the northbound lanes and also had a beer in the truck holder. and voted for " it would've been a very black driver for another friday. and don't forget the dui enforcement runs through monday, twice as long as last year. two .-dot colorado state patrol and law enforcement agencies across the state of of participating and last year's five day enforcement they made 283 drunk driving arrests. when he endured a head-on collision driving home from indiana on i 25 near highway seven. troopers say the driver drove the wrong way down the highway instruct the car of the two victims victims inside. troopers believe alcohol was a factor.
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windsor high school track and football before anything started the emotional effect on this team to. >> they were very well loved, amazing. >> usually when this many people flood a football field at this due that is due to a great victory but today it is for some sadness. >> one person's choice has taken one life and endanger the life of another, one of our kids and of course that. >> but as the greeks spread through grief spread through the crowd hope also spread from for nash writers recovery. >> is pretty serious and he needs all the well wishes thoughts and prayers of our community and anybody around to have a fighting chance. >> many people here work to overcome any anger. kyle's parents both spoke. >> kyle knows that you love him
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please never gets behind the wheel drinking and drunk drive. >> i ask that you have forgiveness in your heart for the driver that took our son away from us. he needs your prayers also. >> powerful moments of healing. should not have happened. to the presidential election were president-elect donald trump made two more addition to his staff today. kt mcfarland has been chosen to be part of the security team is national security analyst that because if unsure what the position to hold. donald mcgahn will be assistant to the president and white house counsel to advise the president on any legal issues concerning his presidency.
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hungary, panama and sweden. he also met with members leaders from lavinia or his slovenia or his wife melania is from. first morning this year's white house tree is from a tree farm in wisconsin that won a national contest. >> that wa was paraded through: colorado couple of weeks ago. to get some new gadgets this holiday weekend that what you do with your old devices. >> make sure your identity is safe before selling or throwing your electronics away. tonight one broncos player a bit divided. we are tracking tracking another storm system heading into colorado.
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if you have electrons under electron from her shopping list you may want to get rid of them old devices. >> ashwin michaels explains the steps you need to take to secure your personal information so you
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hackers. >> cell phones laptops and tablets always seem to be at the top of the holiday wish list. >> i think between the holidays and christmas day will we all either want to be view iphone seven of the latest gadget out there. >> once you upgrade you do a donate your old stuff stuff anymore so you sell it but that is where tech experts say people make a huge mistake. >> it is easy for a consumer to delete personal information on a device. >> and really easy for cyber thieves to steal it >> could even to flee sleep a simple password to amazon or google with the audi have your credit card on file. >> i have had a lot stolen my identity stolen in and it takes a lot of identity time and effort to get your identity back. >> they need to follow the steps exactly to ensure their devices erased. >> start with your laptop because those are the ones that
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smashup method is not the greatest because you may miss the parts while the data isn't putting your files in the recycling bin is a no-no. they can steal our data of our hard drives that have been erased and once and even twice pd said third times as a charm. you need special software like this to write over the hard drive. >> it will take anywhere from two to 10 hours. >> computers are best left to professionals. wiping your ipad and iphone are even easier. just click on settings then scroll d once you are here go all the way to the bottom to reset. then all you do is hit the race all and work. you are good look. you are good to go. it's the same idea for android. the whole thing only takes 10 seconds. >> as if you just got out the box that's what's going to reset it also put is little and have your contact information. >> do things right with a few simple steps now and you won't
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around the world tonight health warnings have been issued in mexico of a volcanic eruption. unintelligible. >> 324 low intensity rushes have actually been reported in the area over the last 24 hours. officials tell us health warnings were issued because of the light ash in the atmosphere just south of mexico city. >> 17,000 feet. and how do we pronounce that? you tell me. it's right there. >> in my head i had it and now it's gone. it is people probably from
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key had in my head and my producer said that's what i said. >> we heard you say that. if you need to get to work. seriously. have you gone to italy? and others view viewers out there who know how to pronounce this. then it is. colorado there it is. colorado denver looking good. a stream of clouds heading off to the north and west. a few high clouds smil some there. you can to see the moisture down to the south two of them are coming into play. winter storm watches are up never good to see in the colorado mountains and you're dealing with travel. for the snow this is fantastic most of it coming and saturday saturday and sunday but with most of that coming into the mountains we are looking at travel problems on sunday. watch the snow total stock up central northern mountains close to to afflict navy more than that.
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right. great news for the ski resorts still trying to cover some terrain. this will open up more runs for them to the timing is not great for holiday travelers coming back in. there is the ice rink fireworks going off holiday season is underway. fifties and sixties for highs in the east end forties a little bit cooler over most of the mountain area. denver coming in at 63 after starting at 36 and 39 at the airport of the south wind at 14 miles per hour. look at highlands ranch at 43. 43 three bloomfield temperatures staying up there just a little bit. a mix of a couple of thirties and forties. a little bit of wind over the
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not bad in the morning. you're going to notice the window late in the day tomorrow. fez the skies tonight says disguised tonight clear skies. plenty of sunshine early. run your errand for tomorrow. you will not have a single problem from sun up sunup to sundown but as we get into late tomorrow night we'll see some increasing clouds across the area. watch what happens in the southwest quarter. quiet here comes the clouds with this storm and there the storm and there is the snow again just getting underway. it will expand and continue to grow into the mountains. lows tonight single digits and teens with all the way out to the west don't do lots of and lots of twenties coming. then we are back into the we're back into the fifties and sixties with thirties and
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fifties out toward the west. a good-looking saturday for you with temperatures well above average. most places in the low sixties for highs to mall highest mall. in the morning 62 for the afternoon high with a few more clouds starting to come into play. sunday while the mountains are getting buried in snow 55 early and then the temperatures fall off, only into the forties. 625542 a downward trend only in the forties for tuesday wednesday thursday and friday and snow chances come back into denver on thursday and friday. >> we would love you to support our fox fox said one problem 31
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>> you can see us all make fun of each other in person to drop off any new unwrapped story had toy had denver area thread denver area equipment. >> we will distribute were distributed to prequalified family from the salvation army's holiday program. can also stop by the middleton december 1:96 a.m. and 8 p.m. to donate toys and we will also be out there and enforcing holiday festivities. a reminder tonight about this thanksgiving weekend. talk pretty one for america's bluetooth. for those serving in the military veterans cyndi lauper gavin degraw ricky skaggs. you know who he is? >> i do. >> they are just a few of the special guests that will perform at that concert tickets for tomorrow but if you can't make it we will what you can watch it again sunday at 5 o'clock.
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?? i'm waaaiting... ?? ?? don't wait to bring a little kiss of blue bunny
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broncos released a clean injury report today. not a mark on it, one of the only ones of the season. long snapper case kacey crider will miss the game against kansas city. came to look for another long snapper kenny carman introduces us to the carmen introduces us to that they found. taking cannot be the sexiest position on the roster but at this you make the move three days before before big-time divisional game. >> trying to get them ready and going to trough calls and that's probably the biggest thing like we got to make sure they're their squared away. >> i've been around a little bit. just like second nature to me. up last night stating studying
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>> broncos actually works work that often out on thanksgiving. he's down in texas hunting with his family. chief may have a healthy snapper but that's about it. receiver jeremy maclin will miss with a groin injury. ^-caret johnson don terry poe, marcus davis this time last year davonte booker is getting ready to watches you utah used a colorado just like it will tomorrow from the sideline. he was injured and did not play in the 20 / 14 win over cu. don't think that he has now that is somehow softer spot for the bucs. the gal wasn't surprised at all.
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it's going to be a good game this week. >> who would be next for the box? washington left no doubt about that early on. first of two touchdowns and also interfered with on him play. must be scorching the cougars 28 first-qu of 29 for 222 yards and nine touchdowns and no picks huskies hold cooper's three times inside their 10-yard line. they wait at either colorado or usc the only team to be members here. a beautiful day in the springs with the air force academy trying to do something that no one else has done since the rise to power, the boise state for
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tyler weaver jumps on it 17 / seven lead and it was only getting going 17 / 10 of at the break that puts it to two scores midway through scores midway through the third three straight wins over boise and this one helped deliver the first division of the mountain west to my only in advance of the play in the conference championship. denver trying to beat the nuggets for the nuggets for the seventh straight time tonight trailed late in the fourth but rallied behind russell westbrook at 17 / three run wiping out a 12-point deficit to take the last minute lead 36.18 assists, 11 rebounds. they had to go to overtime. nuggets fall and are now two and five and don't forget right here tomorrow 530 fox 31 colorado takes on utah.
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peek if they lose usc would go right? >> that is exactly right. people have called and asked about the whole both setups those of the two most likely spots for cu. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. >> coming up a grand
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the annual grand illumination of the city and county building in and denver took place tonight just before . denver's official kickoff to the holiday season also let up union station tonight about that same time and farther south and in littleton main street closed down for the city's candlelight walk as santa claus came to town for a real quick hello. where you're coming or going at dia you now have a way to pass the time while waiting for your flights. the airport opened the free ice-skating rink today right before security you can go and if you are planning to fly anywhere the rank is open from e open through new year's day so had had out legally al qaeda really out legally doing tonight? were heading out to the airport gives people are you going? >> that so convenient. what's going on here dave fraser?
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coming. >> and joy. >> enjoy tomorrow.
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they have this clock now where you punch in your age and all your risk factors, and it actually counts down how much time you have left to live. so what's the great moment? you're on your deathbed, they're pounding on your chest, and you're going, "10, 9, 8-- i told you this thing was good." i can't believe this is our first date. i know. how about dessert? i suppose i have to get a piece of cake. why? today's my birthday. what? today? really? yep. ? happy birthday to you ? ? happy birthday to you ? ? happy birthday, dear lisa ? captioning made possible by columbia tristar domestic television so she went out with you on a first date, and it was her birthday? yeah, and she picked the day. is she socially...awkward?


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