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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  November 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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today's game is sponsored by mcdonald's. i'm loving it. >> kenny: two minutes remaining at tampa. buccaneers lead. they ve line of scrimmage tampa bay 34. >> daryl: that's the dilemma that pete carroll is in right now. where do you feel confident with steve hauschka? when do you take the field goal attempt and get the kick back down for a touchdown? >> kenny: to the right of wilson. now in motion. from the 34 yard line.
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after a gain of just one. >> daryl: tampa doing a nice job right now. they're adjusting late. kicking three of their four defensive linemen to one side. trying to isolate their edge rushers. >> kenny: wilson on second down. fires. picked off by bradley mcdougald. >> daryl: down on >> kenny: wilson attempts to make the tackle. mcdougald stays on his feet and is finally down at the 34 with 1:19 remaining. his second interception of the season. >> daryl: you know, mike smith was pulling his hair out up in the booth. at that point you make the interception, you make the great play. just get to the ground.
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there was an opportunity for tyler lockett here on the corner, brandon mcdougald undercuts it. >> kenny: wilson had thrown only two interceptions all season. two here today. verner and now mcdougald in this the buccaneers will take over with 1:19 remaining. tampa bay had lost their first four at home. they won their last home game against chicago. they're 4-1 on the road. jameis winston going up against one of his mentors, russell wilson, they spent so much time together, in particular at the pro bowl.
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terrific advice. jameis winston was so excited for that. russell wilson today. pete carroll seattle seahawks after winning four straight, a disappointing afternoon here. >> daryl: we talked at the top kansas city didn't lose to tampa bay. they came in and they beat seattle again. they took the ball away. they did everything they had to do to win this game. they talked about this game being their statement they were very confident about going into arrowhead and playing there. this is where they wanted to send the message to the nfc that we need to be in the discussion of playoff caliber teams down the stretch. >> kenny: great job by our entire crew led by producer barry landers, director brian willing, broadcast assistant paul lamero.
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our spotter ben poland. in case you were wondering, daryl, and i know you were, the only other 14-5 final the 49ers beav the falcons 14-5 back in 1984. >> daryl: thank you, kenny. you made me wait till the final but since the second quarter i've been wondering. that's just a great job by dirk koetter and his group. like you sai games. you look at that schedule and you see the game at arrowhead, then back here against seattle. and you see how seattle has been playing over the past couple of weeks. you're watching them at their best point this season. well done, tampa bay. >> kenny: still a came out of
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ok google, what's the weather? do babies dream? how do you say "nice to meet you," in spanish? ok google, dim the downstairs lights. ? surprise!! [laughter] ? >> kenny: frustrating day for russell wilson. sacked six times by the tampa bay buccaneers front buccaneers score a couple of first quarter touchdowns to beat the seahawks 14-5. tampa bay's third consecutive victory. today's numbers powered by amazon services. big day for evans to begin his career with three straight thousand yard seasons. evans today in catches, 104 yards and matched up with richard sherman.
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buccaneers go to 6-5, seattle dropping to 7-3-1. coming up next on fox, except on the west coast, and a doubleheader next week. coverage begins at 11:00 eastern. for daryl johnston and laura okmin, this is kenny albert. so long from tampa. buccaneers win it 14-5. week 12 in those teams in playoff position. odell beckham jr. the dolphins "d" showed up when it mattered and the falcons took care of business at home. brought to you by chevrolet, the most dependable plays of the day. >> fox sports thanks you for watching this presentation of the national football league. for nfl news and highlights, go to e? [lip syncing] any way you want it.
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>> thanks for joining us after football tonight, i'm kagan harsha. >> i'm taming vigil. first on fox, three shooting scenes with two people dead and at least four people injured overnight in denver. >> police tell us they do not believe any of the violence is connected. >> it was a very busy night for denver police detective spirit right now to fatal shootings -- as well as a triple shooting -- police say they have no suspect information so far.
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>> ball shots in one of our trucks that we use for work -- that it took forever and. >> one man was killed in a second wounded behind this business in the cherokee and arkansas. at the empty liquor bottles in nearby, trash and debris littered the streets, including high school id lanyard. neighbors told us on weekends, the owners of this building sponsor parties. squire advertising a back-to-school party, hosted by off-the-wall entertainment. >> these kids are really young -- they are always cussing and it seems like they are drinking. he is promoting the activities for kids were under age. >> we call the number listed on the fire which brings to the same business listed on the outside of the building.
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if it's related to the partying and the things that go on at night, then hopefully that stuff gets stopped and there is no more trouble out here. >> several miles away outside high street bar and grill, at 39th and high -- three people were wounded when a fight spilled out onto the street. >> a man who lives just behind the bar says he heard loud arguing -- >> police had little information about a shooting that left one man dead here at the 5500 block of carson strt. investigators were still on scenes of hours later. >> as you can imagine, police detectives have a lot of investigating to do with all three shooting scenes. so far they have released very little information. if you know anything about the zoning shootings, you are asked to call the police. >> this is also a very violent day one year ago. on november 27 of last year, three people were gunned down at planned parenthood in colorado springs. this was the chaotic scene that
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colorado springs police officer into civilian side. the suspect, b1, admitted to the deadly shooting. he hasn't been undergoing treatment at a state psychiatric hospital. tomorrow jury selection is set to resume in the trial of a man accused of shooting nine people at a south carolina church. earlier this month, the judge stopped jury selection so he could do it come patent the evaluation. also happening tomorrow, a former denver police officer is set to appear in court of a preliminary hearing. hubert marty vanover is charged with possession with intent to manufacture or distribute marijuana. and you not of us complain of marijuana smoke coming from his home a southfield way. he was arrested in september
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>> of flag flying at half staff and remembrance of state trooper cody donahue. cataract tweeting out -- thank you for the kind words and support for trooper donahue's family which includes our troopers. >> trooper donahue was hit and killed by a commercial food truck on friday while investigating the crash alumni 25. the driver of that truck -- was arrested shortly after crash. he was charged with careless driving resulting in death and failure to yield the right-of-way to emergency vehicles. we went to the house of the suspect and he and his family were too upset to speak with us. however, a longtime coworker and friend did talk to us, saying the grief for both families is almost unbearable. >> this is a tragic situation for both families. our prayers go with their family because i can even apply myself in that situation.
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has devastated here as well. we're all thinking about their family too. we are dealing with something. >> trooper donahue was a father of two and an 11 -year-old veteran of colorado state patrol. they go fund me account was established to help his family. >> a man falls 40 feet to his death while hiking a palmer lake. the sheriff's office there is investigating exactly what happened but says the victim was a 37 -year-old man. his name has not been released. >> brighten fire battling a fire along east 130 sixth avenue. they say when crews arrived they found a double wide trailer on fire in crews are currently in defensive mode. we do have a crew on the way. >> december may be just days away but fire danger persists for much of the state. a brush fire flared up near highway 85 this afternoon. you can see some small flames and smoke.
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>> from one extreme to another -- is time for your pinpoint weather. here is a live look at the eisenhower tunnel. you can see snow piling up a long knife and the road. there is a long of that. you can see the headlights in the distance trying to make their way up over the past. certainly a very snowy scene
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better. right now, we do have the cloud cover over denver. and the strong winds. pockets of heavy snow continued to the west. denver will be seeing mostly cloudy skies tonight and tomorrow. the council the mountains will be catching most of the snow fall. live camera at vail pass. check your travel conditions. winds have been strong today. it's going to be a much cooler week than we have had since early april.
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game. the start time was originally 220 -- public has the nfl flex this game, is now at 6:30 p.m. matchup in prime time. >> more on why the nfl made that decision and also more on what is at stake tonight for the broncos. is always a big deal you play the chiefs. for that reason and always the intense rivalry -- football games. an hour ago, the broncos arriving fresh off the bye week. derek wolfe is back. he is expected to play today. the broncos are 21-6 all-time coming off the bye. it is a game against the chiefs. as you look at the afc west standings, you can see just how close it is. the raiders are in action right
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that game and tear later this afternoon. either way both of these teams, the chiefs in the broncos trying to keep pace with oakland. a very important game on tap tonight at mile high. kickoff is set for 6:30 p.m. the cu buffs football team did it. cap 12 the bus got it done defense the key. that yielded this -- a huge party out there on the football field.
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to the pac 12 championship. they will play washington on friday and santa clara. you can watch that game right here on fox 31. no one predicted this. [ inaudible ]
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dangerous mountain travel. a different story in denver. bronco game --
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temperatures in the 30s. downtown -- forty-four. today. carmel tomorrow morning -- temperatures in the upper 20s. tomorrow afternoon -- not a bad playground day at 45. very typical for this time of year. but it is cool considering where
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these numbers are pretty typical for this time of year. snowfall very persistent in the high country. these numbers are in town, not on the slopes. if you will be trying to go over
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very slick with heavy snowfall that will continue for the next 24 hours. strong went to. strong went to most of our metro area commutes that's no will stay in the high country. that's no will stay in the high country. that snow will stay in the high country. we will watch for tuesday. much more typical of the time of year than anything we have had
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mile high tonight. the wind is went to around in there. >> a call on an arkansas highway. they're calling it divine intervention. you will not believe what firefighters found 3 feet beneath this drainage gate after a horrific car crash. will tell you about their
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