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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  November 28, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm MST

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>> >> right now you are looking live at green mountain. from downtown denver. which tonight is still on fire. crews from several agencies responding. after planes towered through the night sky. this evening. take a look behind us. this sa time lapse from earlier this evening. of the fire. look how high the planes get. fueled by really strong winds and dry conditions. >> we want to give you a better idea of where the fire is happening. located west of lake wood.
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runs near the mountain. and that is the street firefighters kwrous this evening. to get to the fire. we have team coverage for you this evening. chief meteorologist is tracking the latest weather. while field crews have the latest information on the fire and evacuations. >> .
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point. you could see if from the studio. at sixth sp spear. crews started out by doing struck tkhur protection. evacuations we were ored and hey smoke filled to the east saoeutd of side of the mountain. weather has changed course. a bit. helping firefighters contain a god portion of the blaze a good portion of the blade. >> humidity has come upment wind died down. the fire is laying the flames are less than a foot high. so. we're not expecting any more
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the fire just over the hill. for many people. in this neighborhood. this is the area of west ohio. avenue. dozens of cars streaming out of the neighborhood. firefighters try to put down the blaze. at one point more than 3 thousand 6 hundred homes were on standby. to evacuate. >> . we talked to one man. who packed up his pets and hit the road.
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are expected tonight. >> . how winds are effecting all this. >> that was the big problem. this afternoon. the wind really picked up. and i want to take you back a bit. in time. to when we first got indications that the fire was going. again we're looking in this area here. west of lake wood. now while the wind speeds were up about 15 at times 20 miles per hour. you could occasional burst of wind was stronger. we heard from the command post. things have gotten better. in the last couple hour the wind has laid down. that's great news. >> it rolls down. into the base of the foothills. and over to the hog back. it blasts out. this is where the fire is right here. and this is an elevation. that gets up to 68 hundred feet. it's a popular area. for hiking. dog walking.
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this has trails up there. taking off in all different directions. these are future cast speeds. for the rest of the tonight. the wind lays down. unfortunately. hopefully they'll wrap it up. over night. that wind does return. as we get into tomorrow. now. while we were dealing with the strong wind down here. that same wind was driving snow. up into the colorado high country. and this is a look at u.s. colorado.
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see you in a bit. stick with us for continuing coverage of the green mountain fire. crews will stay out in jefferson county. until the fire is out. updates ins this newscast and at ten. also you can get continuous updates on and your mobile app. >> of course make sure you have the pinpoint weather app. updated constantly. by our team of meteorologists.
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there's a family. that is tka*ef he stopped immediately and tried to help. there are too over come with grief. details on a go fund me for his wife and two daughters are on >> . new at nine. wheat ridge police hoping someone reck nighs this man. wanted increase with a bank robbery today. the robber didn't show or mention a weapon. this all happened at the first bank near 32nd and young field. sky fox over the scene this afternoon. if you know who the man might be. call police. >> . a denver mother says she had has a lot to be thankful for. after she was robbed at knife point. on thanksgiving. >> . live tonight. she says it could have been a
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this growing family has so much to be thankful for this holiday season. especially after this two year-old and her expecting mom. had a very scary thanksgiving. >> she says it all started outside. in the gated apartment complex parking lot. after they pulled tph-d from dinner. >> they night. the entry way was open. >> that's when a stranger approached her. and tried to grab her purse. >> . i said no. it's my purse. >> she says things turned dangerous. >> he pulled a knife out.
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and said i'll kill you. i reached up and pulled the knife away. so i could yell for my boyfriend. >> . her toddler fell onto the sidewalk. and the thief made off with her purse. >> . about five hundred dollars in cash. >> . nowless than a month before christmas. this family is scraping by. >> especially when you only have so much for rent. and only afford so much. i don't get paid until the fifth. rent is due. >> . it's a set back. and her sense of safety is gone.
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police say officer shot and killed when he refused to drop the knife. they're considering terrorism among the possible motives. >> . >> two university of colorado football players facing charges after sat nights win against utah. police say awin i and hill were involved in a fight oud of bar. in downtown boulder. hours after the game. hill punched him after an argument. awin i arrested on suspicion of
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hill was cited with third degree assault. >> . update on a problem solvers investigation. a former denver deputy pleads guilty to trespassing in a strangers house. his victims aren't impressed with the sentence. we told you about this earlier this month. the deputy was about to apologize to victims in court. but would only do it behind closed doors not on camera. an offer the victims refused. he received a one year deferred sentence. if he stays out out of year the charge will be dismissed. >> . he should be in jail. >> . he offered to pay him money. if he didn't press charges. internal affairs is investigating why the original charge wasn't forwarded today city prosecutors. until we started asking questions. >> . recount is expected in wisconsin. and other states.
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that's thanks to a multimillion dollar fund raising effort. by green party candidate. she released a video suggesting voting computers could have been hacked. the white house zest sedz says there's no credible evidence of that. and it's extremely unlike likely the results with will change. >> it would be extraordinary circumstance. with that many votes that weren't counted or miscounted. the result flips -fpls we're not going to see that happen. >> . clinton campaign lawyers say they wil in the recount. but emphasize they are not leading the effort. president elect trump tweeted calling it quote a scam.
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continued mourning for their former leader. fidel castro. >> after battling an illness for years. new details on what the death means for cubans at home. and here in the united states. >> gunshots pierce cuban skies. the 21 gun salute pays tribute to cuba's former president. fidel castro. >> .
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his death means the end to an important chapter in cuban history. >> this man. dictator. tie tyrant. and murder. has been a nightmare. not only for the cuban people. but also for the national security interest of the united states. >> many cuban exiles in phaoeu am phaoe. whose cheered castros death. >> this is a person that anybody who knows him. who knew him. or knows his history. must be very glad he is no longer on this planet. >> . no one is celebrating in havana. mourners lined up to pay respects to the former leader. now that he's gone. many cubans wonder. if anything will change.
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plans to visit america. and something they look forward to. the coast guard said they have no indication there's mass immigration from cuba. but they are prepared if. and will be looking through the seas making sure something doesn't happen like that. of course the the school district said it's already repairing for an influx of students. >> building through the day.
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you'll notice that northwest wind. taking srabg of advantage of the mountain peeks. they down slope towards the front range. and denver. they fall apart. it is possible on the west side of town. closer to the hog back. and base of the foothills. to get a snow shower or two. out of it. as the wind drifts in that direction. i 25. not likely to see it. same situation will play out tomorrow. meantime. heavy snow. winter weather advisory. storm warnings. had problems across some of the mountain passes tonight. and will the snow continuing. it won't be an easy drive. additional two to 4 inches of snow. on top of what they have already seen through the day today. some places that's been close to 6 inches. great new snow. coming to the colorado mountains. for us today. a lot of clouds. whipping along with the wind coming out of the north and west. and blowing everything to the south and east. it was a cold day in the mountains. some places not getting out of the 20s or above freezing. like steam boat springs.
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with mild 50s. and we had cool 40s here in the north and east. >> now you factor in the wind out there. and thankfully backed off. it can make it feel colder by a few degrees. denver feels like 28. strongest wind here. to the north and east. of the metro. also over the higher terrain. i point that out. future cast keeps that wind. going tomorrow. in the same place.
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15 to 20 miles per hour. maybe 25 miles per hour. you get onto the eastern plains. and that northwest wind could be blowing up to 30, 35. and the same thing over the higher paobgs. >> . peeks. >> . upper 30s low 40s here. another another round of cold 20s in the mountains. 50s are gone. nothing by 40s to the south and east. my forecast. for 22 degrees in denver. little bit of wind from time to
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noticeable tomorrow. much like it was today. with the strongest winds. just east of the city. and again i'll throw in the chance of a stray snow shower. but it is not going to be that big of a chance. only ten % tomorrow. we will still be which he will chilly. sunshine on wednesday and 40. back into the 30s down to 34 friday. that's the best chance of snow. i can see light accumulation. maybe an inch. and we'll take off again. into the 40s. 4247 and 45. maybe more snow coming next week. so. right now the bigger deal is the mountains. the wind tomorrow. and then the snowy by the end of the week. >> . every year operation christmas child donates shoe boxes full of
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they'll send 12 million boxes this year alone. today they wrapped 45 thousand of them. if you'd like to donate or volunteer to help. go to samaritans purse .org. >> . we would love your support for the problem solvers toy drive. with salvation army. gourd mans and csu global. through december 16. drop off any new unwrapped toy. collected toys will be delivered to prequalified families through the holiday program. also stop by little december nine. that is. between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. to donate toys. meet member of the news team. and enjoy holiday festivities.
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all of your favorite dishes are foods with high moisture content. like stuffing. should be thrown away. turkey reheat it to the proper internal temperature. around 170 traoes. >> degrees. >> . a theme park has after they froze five thousand fish and other sea creatures in an ice skating rink. the park was forced to close the attraction after massive public backlash. *efb though the animals were already dead. the manager of the park says social media reaction has been brutal. the park will remove the creatures from the rink. and hold a memorial for them. and reuse them as fertilizer.
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