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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  November 28, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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90% contained. just on the east side of the mountain. we're on the west side now. 12 homes have been evacuated. those orders have been lifted. let's go ahead and take a look. at some of the video. from earlier this evening. showing that fire racing across the mountain. more than 3 hundred plus acres. of green mountain have been turned black. flame the fireas you could see if from the studio.
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in the end. only a handful were e sr-bg waited. many people decided to head to shelters anyway. >> . more on those evacuations tonight. >> . if you look behind me. earlier. an hour ago -fplgt there was probably about a hundred cars. take a look now. see how people took the evacuation notices being lifted. this parking lot is totally empty. in fact.
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door. so. pretty much safe to say. this center is closed. >> . red cross is packing up. we know that 12 houses were issued mandatory evacuations. it seems like maybe left srol voluntarily. >> . drive up ohio street tonight. or any number of streets. you would have likely seen smoke. >> now.
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homes. that were on standby. for evacuation. they aren't anymore. >> . which is now 90% contained. >> . while we get the fire under control. different story i the wild video out of east tennessee. this is wild fires are forcing hundreds of people out of their homes. even hotels. a mandatory evacuation issued for downtown. in parts of pigeon forge. a word that part of dolly wood is even on fire. >> great grandfather. back here at home. stabbed and killed near a popular denver park. police are asking for your help to figure out what happened. >> -p 7 year-old 77 year-old found last week at the intersection.
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cheeseman park. >> . police are saying very little tonight. in the motive for the attack is far from clear. there's a two thousand dollar reward before offered to anyone. who can help police track down a
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shattered tkpwhratsdz and a he was stabbed numerous times. >> not knows why. and what happened. and missing him. >> they have turn -td to craigs list for answers. begging someone. anyone t >> as they live this murder mystery. >> . my body is in shock. i haven't slept in days. >> voice mail. home videos. >> i keep videos like this. i'll be able to watch them any time i want. >> the only thread still connecting this granddaughter. to her papa. >> . that's the only th-pbg thing miss. not getting anymore phone calls.
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her grandfather didn't live in that area. he had just visited a pizza restaurant near cheeseman park. if you saw anything call crime stoppers or police. >> . ter terrifying ordeal a little girl was okay. now worried about making next months rent. >> . new developments tonight. as a truck driver accused of hitting and killing a state
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underwoodless driving careless driving and fail tog yield to an emergency vehicle. he crossed onto the shoulder on friday afternoon. and killed sate trooper. who was on the scene of an earlier accident. >> . investigators say he stopped immediately. and did try to help. >> . go fund me account has been set up. to help his wife. and two daughters. you can find a link on >> . his kwaoupb funeral is set for friday. this man. in connection with a bank robbery today. the robber didn't show or mention a weapon. it all happened at the first bank. near 32nd and young field. >> . a shooting last november. at the colorado springs planned
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the game followed a candle light vigil. in the center of the campus. admission to the game was free. donations for the scholarship fund. >> . two university of colorado pwould investigators have not released add motive for the morningings attack at ohio state university. they are looking into when it was an act of terrorism. >> . news across america. tonight. officers are investigating a social media page. that could be connected to the attacker. posts on the page mention grievances regarding attacks on muslims.
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his vehicle into a group of pedestrians. on the campus. this morning. and attacked several people a butcher knife. the 18 year-old is now dead. one victim is in critical condition. ten others were waoubded. >> wounded. >> . man accuse of killing nine people in a south carolina church last year. will be able to represent himself in trial. >> . 22 year-old dillen roof could undergo a compe he could face the death penalty. trial is scheduled to start in january. >> . a solemn memorial in texas. for a san antonio police officer. gunned down on the job. hundreds of fellow officers were there to honor the s-bg sacrifice. of 50 year-old. the he was sitting in his patrol car outside police headquarters. last week. when he was shot and killed. he was also a father of two. >> . a recount expected in wisconsin.
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where president elect tkopbl trump beat clinton. that is thanks to a multimillion dollar fund raising effort by the green party candidate.
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a mass gathering is planned for tomorrow night. >> . it is a great source of pain. it is something that had to occur. because we all must die. sometimes it is hard to accept he has died. >> . the mourning in havana is is in stark contrast. where people long separated from their families celebrated in the streets. hoping his death will spark phreut political reform. >> . a lot of deals are not going any where. for a couple days.
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five billion dollars spent online. the past week. a sure sign people are doing more and more shofping.
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homes. >> in fact the national retail federation forecasting online shopping will increase by ten %. over last year. which means cyber criminals will have a lot of new victim tos pray on. >> . cyber security experts say do your research. before buying anything from a site you haven't used before. try to avoid using cards linked to your bank account. and make sure you have alerts turned on. to keep track of your money. >> put everything in your trunk. even moving your car. if you plan ongoing back to the store. never leave shopping bags or anything valuable in plain
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i feel safe. haven't bought a thing. >> big storm system here. continuing to drive in the moisture. we love seeing the snow. in the mountains. it continues out there. tonight. it's breaking up in a few spots. the only problem is. with the snow coming in. and the wind whipping around. we have the winter weather advisory. and winter storm watch out. which means not only will the snow stack up. roads have become snow packed. and the wind will whip it reducing visible. tra*ling could be a problem. >> . skiing steam boat springs. and they have more champagne powder dropping down. into the area.
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freezing at 34 in the little ton area. ken carol is sitting at 31. 15 confer. 23 estes park. 22 georgetown. censor at veil pass at factor in the wind. it's let up. still makes it feel colder out there. for instance. denver 31 at the airport. actually feels like 25. with the windchill.
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we should see things letting up. just a bit. on your tuesday evening. again. snow staying in the mountains. scattered in nature. because it's in showers. and then it will come in again you can see it's hit and miss. and then late tomorrow. lets up. as far as how much more these numbers have continued to go down. so if you were with us at five. we were looking at numbers in excess of 6. 7 inches. a lot of that snow has already fallen. from this point forward, is another two to 3 inches. in most locations. with a few spots like telluride and aspen. maybe getting. lows tonight. cold. single digits and teens. in the mountains -fpt watch out for the snow pack roads. we'll have 20s for lows here in
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upper 30s low 40s. cooler. or chillier. than what we had today. the 50s are gone. in the 40s to the south and east. still the warmest part of the stay. and another round of very cold readings. in the colorado high country. >> . we need the moisture. we saw tonight. fire season is pretty much year round here. >> . it is.
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green mountain. near lake wood towards morrison. indication of just how dry things are. even though we have seen snow of late. we can get fire. the worst part tonight was the flames. the times of not good. i mean the wind. >> . worst part. >> . volunteers packed into an aurora warehouse today. to send a little love to kids in need. every year operation christmas child donates shoe boxes full of school supplies. toys and other items. to children around the world. they will this year. alone. >> . today alone. this team wrapped up 45 thousand of them. if you'd like to donate. or volunteer. go to samaritan purse .org. >> . we love your support for the problem solvers toy drive.
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>> snap placement. with plenty of leg. and it hits the upright. goes through. is good. >> tough play to lose a football game. painful kick painful loss. a tkpaeupl tkpwhaeupl broncos 1246789 a game pwropb a game broncos had one several times over. now a 7 and 4 record. a weird tough spot all of a sudden. outside looking in.
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the broncos left the field last night. heads hanging low. in third place. in the afc west division. then again. most importantly. the play offs started today the broncos would be left out. plenty of work to do. starting with next weeks game. at jacksonville. >> . cu now. phapbl kal season. magical season. ten and tpwo on two on the year. one win away from taking that a step further. >> . in boulder for the huge win. over utah. over the weekend. and has more. >> students and fans did not wait to rush the field. after the buffs clinch their first ever pack 12 south division title. >> great feeling. it's a blessing. >> can't put into words.
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all in. and so was his mom. >> 16 hours from home. we're from texas. so. but it was well wort worth it. >> . inside the locker room. drake was blaring. as coach busted a move. with his players. >> these young men are special. special special special. again saw the fight in them. which they had these guys have been with me for the whole time. and had it the whole i told them before the game. the people came to see them. they have built the mystique back. >> . on a day when the offense wasn't the best. the defense continued to make big stops. >> it's a good team. it's not always pretty. >> the buffs are headed to the pack 12 championship game. after winning just two conference games in the last three years. >> worst to first.
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it's a great feeling. to put in all the hard work. and finally get something out of it. >> . >> reminder. you can watch the buffs and the pack 12 title game. here on kick off friday at 7:00. >> . vs. the washington huskies. kami carmann listen will be there. complete coverage. immediately follows the game. right here on fox. >> . we were talking about the college football play off. the trying to make sense of this entire system. buffs do stand a chance. while it is probably remote. all thicks considered. all things considered. they stand a chance if they win. to work their way into the final
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there way. but it is possible. >> . the committee probably wants a pack 12 in there. if washington wins they probably make it. >> . a lot of dominoes have to fall. root for chaos.
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