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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 11AM  FOX  November 29, 2016 11:00am-11:30am MST

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>> new announcements come anytime to the president elect we are expecting to learn who will be part of his newest administration in already a few pieces of new information being leaked out plus a big-time jeweler tiffany's assess the location is kee them from selling their products wider implying mip dog comes from and if you think your generation is so much better than the one after it a study says no way how it's disproving a popular conception about millennial's and if your iphone seven plus isn't big enough for you maybe you can use the full length at mira one guy decides to take his apple products and do just that will call it the
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pay wall good to have you do with this 11:00 o'clock on your tuesday making us off this week we have breaking news right now in northwest of denver a fire is broken out at a furniture store near denison and 41st to street this video for you new into our newsroom cruise on the scene for about an hour now jim holy is his live with how much damage this story is facing what we know about the image so far. >> unfortunately a lot of damage to the store here a green door furniture store an antique shop as well you can look inside and see all the damage of the front of the store and firefighters checking the hotspots that pretty much mopping it up right now the fire is under control use what happened according to denver fire all of it starting about 9:00 o'clock in the morning and fire crews first got here is a quickly check to see if anyone was inside the didn't find anybody but had to evacuate somebody staying in the building next door no one
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trucks responded fire crews say at that point they wanted to a defensive mode and tried to keep the flames from spreading. >> pricing rapidly looks like we would defensive right away were defensive right away because of the hazard the known hazards it looks like we've got a stop on it right now right now we're just trying to see out how safely were to get back in there. >> no official word on the amount of damage inside damage in the kent firefighters try to clean things up my things up just get this hotspots out in terms of a cross we have fire investigators write here we talk to them in a while ago they say despite the fact that they will look to see a person may have played a part in all of this at this point if they don't believe the fire is suspicious and its origin. >> and he mentioned the safety i know often the stability of
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firefighters outside are they going in to check things inside we had some firefighters go in and out of there of course this hotspots can linger for a long time and that's why they want to make sure they has them all out before the pack it up and get out of here altogether. >> thomas breaking his thinking and information on the donald trump administration president-elect has chosen elaine chao as transportation secretary said she is a labor secretary and is married to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and official announcement is effective soon today president-elect and donald trump will meet with mitt romney and are still a lot of buzz he will be named as secretary of state today rallies are happening in cities across the country and they fight for a higher minimum wage their calling it the day of disruption workers are walking off the job trying to push for higher minimum
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already workers rallied in denver early this morning at about 6:00 o'clock at a mcdonald's of the planning something else in over an hour at about 1215 this afternoon demonstrators will travel from union station to tia on the line distributed fliers to passengers and then they'll demonstrate at dia when they get there as part of the day of disruption hundreds of workers at chicago's o'hare international airport are striking though have a big effect on travel across the country because i would hear one of the busiest airports in the country the held a stopover for so many flights workers waited until after the thanksgiving holiday to strike because they want public support but they didn't want to interfere with anyone's holiday. >> a sentence hearing is underway for a 22 -year-old convicted of killing a state patrol cadet christopher devers was found guilty of hating and killing 21 -year-old and injuring super quick brushing is happening during as happened during high-speed chase in boulder county so stay with fox 31 to find out what the judge
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investigators and the ohio state university campus is to find some kind of motive and yesterday's violent attack on campus they say the suspect abdul arcand was an osu student of somali to stand accused of running his vehicle into a group of people in attacking some with a knife federal police say they are looking at facebook postings they say near the time of the tacky posted grievances about how muslims are treated our tent was shot by a campus officer during the attack driver accused of crushing a school bus killing six children is in court this morning jonbenet walker facing five counts of vehicular homicide charges of reckless endangerment and reckless driving more information is come from the courtroom quite yet but he is expected to plead not guilty today records show parents of students and school workers had all expressed concerns about walker's speeding in the weeks leading up to the crash investigators are going to the
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crashed in columbia killing 75 people there were only six survivors on the plane looking at video of one of them being rescued passengers on the flight included a brazilian soccer team heading to south american cup finals and more than 20 journalists the survivors were three soccer players to crewmembers and one journalist there were reports of bad weather in the area and columbia air force had to abort a mission to the accident site because of that but it's unclear if that actually what caused the crash will bring you the latest throughout the day there's a closure and liquid today after the fire broke out in the green mountain area william hatem partitioned and including all the trails we are leading the fire is not done 200 acres from 300 last night of the firefighters will start investigating today to figure out what caused it to break out the first place there also mopping up the hotspots 12 homes were evacuated and others left on their own by 930 last night the fire was 90 percent
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allowed to go back home in tennessee thousands evacuated because of several wildfires their officials are saying 100 structures in the town of caps on burkert damaged 150 more in parts of the county but the fire chief's saying of the downtown bird is still largely intact the chief also says he believes the worst is over smoking in the park is not far from the fire and it has been closed down scout said meteorologist part one stroller in for greg dutra mark and mark i k been watching things in tennessee as well as here in colorado higher we doing. >> this in improvement with a cold front coming to their they've gotten some good rain winds have died down significantly from yesterday afternoon which is good news however they will pick up again later this afternoon not overly wending out across the city really suggests anywhere between five and 15 that's normal but eventually later on this afternoon as winds were really pick up some speed up to 20 even 30 miles per hour
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going to feel quite crisp this afternoon were at 36 that's it right now downtown 35 run dia you can see at the airport things are starting to pick up a bit in the wind department when you factor the winds in with the temperature to the skid like your windchill factor 25 degrees in fort collins 25 at denver pretty much in the 20s across the board and i don't see much improvement later today partly cloudy skies is global, with a high of 38 but so much colder coming up in a little bit will talk about some more mountain snows on the way thank you marked the president-elect putting a spin on his make america great again signature hat he's got some new headgear and now people are wondering if and when they can actually buy at plus police in wyoming have an unusual punishment lined up for dumb drivers it
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after taking a heart stopping photo he was busted two years ago for speaking into the one world trade center he snuck into the construction site he climbed to the top in the 18 -year-old recently posted video and pictures of his newest stunt about a central part however is under construction one photo shows him hanging from scaffolding by one arm and it's crazy to think that community service and was required to go to counseling after the major breach back in 2014 hanging by his arms when he was running on the roof in holding that sophie steck am glad he got and graphic artist sophie steck 111 honda leases at first i thought it was a good tether like like a tether like he was cable down that would've been smart and then i realized it was a sophie steck and safety equipment but also today a 19 -year-old woman is making history for competing in the ms. minnesota beauty pageant
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something that the also wore a burqa wearing the swimsuit competition she didn't win but she said she still sees the whole thing as a victory and hope to see more muslim women following in her footsteps donald trump is debuting a new signature hat it reflects his upcoming pregnant presidency similar to make the america great is the number 45 of the cited case you haven't been keeping count troubled in the 41st president of the united states once he sworn and it's not clear if the new hat will be up for sale on trump's website the flagship store for tiffany's is upset with donald trump's recent presidential victory it says its location near trump tower isn't doing very well with sales they didn't mention trump by name but they said nearby chaos quote had some adverse affect tiffany's new york store accounts for nearly 10 percent
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there hoping that they can try to remind people that a little blue boxes are right there. >> i think for some people they will speak seat tiffany out black friday normally an american tradition but modern countries adopting the day after thanksgiving sale can you guess which country is the home to this very polite and orderly black black friday date of sale plus a big chill in denver we will tell you if
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she's already taken over your radio now she is she's taking over your tv till taylor swift getting her own channel as part of her deal with at&t and directv are you ready for tete 24/7 you know oprah has her own channel pillow will have her on taylor swift now is what it's called music videos behind the scenes footage and more from taylor's archive the exclusive content will be presented over the course of 13 chapters which is a lucky number she was born on december 13 i love taylor swift my six-year-old loves her i just don't know if i could sit there and watch it all day there will be a lot of different contest i think that's what they're banking on to be a lot of cool stuff. >> in the 80s band is making a big comeback metallica's new
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the billboard music chart the new album is called a hard row to self-destruct in his soul to 291,000 units in its first week of release. >> it's been a long time since understand me and i know for whom the bell tolls or all those so will have to sit down in the room just explain about metallica like to scream back in the day the mp3 he's in a band to caitlin jenner is writing a book all about the most personal time in her life the title of the highly anticipated memoir will be the secrets of my life in the book shall explain her story going to a highly public transformation from olympic track star is a divisional speaker to a transgender women the memoir will be written
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lights the secrets of my life slated to be released on april r that meantime a fan taking their love of all things to the next level check out this hairy potter theme to christmas tree she transformed her entire living room into the great hall promotes worth it apparently took eight hours to do that deem the trees are a thing now i have good friends at dave and lori their big michigan grads university of michigan and they have had in michigan think the tree michigan state spartans but they have a michigan tree well that school so all you spartans out there and i know you're out you're in colorado so michigan state to small-town police department going viral after threatening drunk drivers with the same the punishment of one direction music i kind of like it police in wyoming tweeted
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drink and drive i will find you i will arrest you and i will make you listen to one direction cover band on the way to jail see that one direction that sometimes the cover up band people don't like can you imagine her response was huge the tweet has more than 6500 retreats and 10,000 lakes. >> i think that save a warning at the same time so here in america when we think black friday we think shoving and getting this crazy deals those crazy deals we've done it right here without some serious black friday action but our neighbors to the north are known for being more polite and courteous so they started doing black friday in canada and here's what look like up there he leisurely stroll. >> can you believe that in the
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roots hetty on because it's canada and i'm sure someone has a temperance copy in their hand is somewhere a bunch it somewhere bunch of losers walking and and what one tv left for a dollar million first may be that something may be a best buy in canada they have more than two per store maybe that's the deal that would be nice if there's a there's a reason why they have fistfights don't put americans down and i think that a lot of polite people here it's >> there's 35 rule videos are just about apples. >> lets get to mark bond strongly watching the weather another chilly morning any chance of snow this week and render a small chance on friday i think it's why i really don't see any major accumulation is coming to the metro area but the mounds are still getting some it might be as much as they've seen over the last few days it is a picture of veil and boy do we need it to think that two
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good still pack out there and actually christer, wrote a blog post about this how we see the difference in a 14 day span is on website katie if you like to check it out you can see the cloud cover cover blanketing the mountains still until noon is not much longer about 40 more minutes we have a winter storm warning in effect for areas west of the continental divide still a couple of light snow showers are possible the upper level the big stormut which is generated a lot of this is good into the east a little bit it's pushing the
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the past few days they were coming in from the west the westerly flow gives us a better chance for upslope action which gives us the really heavy snowfall over the last few days now with the coming in from the north is not as prominent just and scatter light stuff across the mounds is actually a little bit of snow on the eastern plains it looks like that will stay to the east of town and should be relatively light in nature and short-lived the only thing we will worry about here in the metro area are the wins again today and the fighting cold outside as a future cast it shows when costs anywhere 15 ?-dash 30 miles per hour throughout the day today finally dying down today tonight as temperatures are stuck in the mid- 30s i don't think we warm up much more than this the coat pocket of air is being dragged him from the northerly flow i was talking about what will stick around for quite some time so when shows throughout the day will stay in the upper 20s in the cold will hang what this week as the scattered light's new showers in the mounds fade out as we get closer to sense and everyone should be quiet as we go to the overnight and toward tomorrow morning and about one maybe another 2 inches in the mounds before this thing comes to them and not much but will take whatever we can get at this point upper 30s and 40s for daytime highs we are trapped around the upper 30s around the city as well 30s in gold and 37 into carol in mid- 30s as you go southbound as while it doesn't
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bundle up in the morning with daytime highs in the upper 30s and may be at best 30s all try to forgive you for not taking my site there a minute ago i'll do my best and next time it's hard to get up to the north pole but your kids can now get their list from the comfort of their home just what there is an cap of course there's an app that lets you talk to santa whenever you want of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream... ...connect on social media... learn, shop and more with fast in-home wifi. so call 844-565-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan. speed may not be available in your area. call today.
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those baby boomers out there who think the next generation isn't working hard enough there's a study to disprove it does not generation difference in who it was a millennial research is there's no need
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millennial's on the dog to treat everybody the same i think it goes to credit the parents you even have carrots the work ethic or you don't i know 23 -year-old who had the so-called millennial attitude in the 23 -year-olds who don't -year-old who don't you just work their tails off isn't that what the teachers while it's hard to make it all away up to the north pole duri christmas so now you can use technology to talk of course it is a new app that lets you make video calls that sells for $3 on itunes your kids can tell santa everything they want for christmas and the calls are recorded to you can listen to your child's list whenever you want it's like facetime for santos into time i really like that is with the time because the kids it know more about technology they expect to have access to santa now like veronica and willy
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everlasting top stopper when you're doing your online shopping you might be able to consult a chrome for help there's a new extension to the web browser that lets you find the best ethical deals online the done good extension provides results with businesses that support workers are write in environmental protection the smaller companies offer discounts to done good users and it will automatically appear in the browser a web developer and graphic design combined to iphone and your beer all and one it includes a number of absence martin controls bloats up in ios style interface according to cnet the designer says it runs at his own custom-designed software but is meant to look and feel like an apple product but he won't give will give away all his secrets he's not telling him he's not spilling the beans on how he put it together but it looks cool and buy one if they were selling
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counts on the menu but according to a new study it might not really help at all the study says 8 percent of people who eat fast food actually make healthier choices after they all of a sudden see the calorie count significantly pulling improvements are labeling improvements are needed to have an impact if you're driving and there you're in their year like maybe look at budget of my calories i can have the cheeseburger i don't care the major saviors of the big mac or whopper you have an epiphany it's bad for me you know what you're getting yourself into before you get it maybe i'm weird but i think we already know how wanted a. >> thirty-eight but will feel like it you through the wind into the equation it'll feel like the upper 20s and lower 30s keep the warm gear around partly cloudy today not much warmer for the rest of
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a grant writer from atlanta, georgia... a minister from kansas city, missouri... and our returning champion -- an actress and writer from chicago, illinois... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny.


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