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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  November 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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>> that's right. his mom told the skwrupbg she misses her son every day. and says it's heartbreaking to be a mom. when your child is gone. >> her little boy asks her every day. will daddy's boo boos get better and is the bad man going to jail. >> prosecutors say what happened on the weld county road that day. was all about choices. 21 year-old colorado state patrol trooper. chose to save a by standers life. just before he lost his own. >> he was killed when 28 year-old crashed into him. investigators say he was on his way to a drug deal. and sped away. after refusing to pull over for a traffic stop. also crashed into trooper khreupbt rushing. hitting him. going 60 miles per hour. >> . rushing recovered. he was convicted of a dozen
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and attempted murder. the judge sentenced him to life. plus 342 years additional in prison. >> >> enough is enough. >> troopers after wards were emotional. saying they lost another trooper friday. this is a difficult time. >> through the actions of sergeant rushing. and the actions of trooper. and the strength t those men. that's what carries us. >> he cold the victims and their families he's sorry. they didn't have much to say. except he could have made better decisions that day. and chose not to. >> thank you. this just in.
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security specialist has been arrested for sexual assault ob on a child. the sheriff office says the victim is a student. and reported the assault yesterday evening. 49 year-old of castle rock. now in jail. held without bond. >> police in commerce city investigating an early morning crash. that left one person dead. it happened at quebec. and highway 2. just before 5:30. authorities say one of the drivers died after being ejected from the vehicle. the second driver was apparently taken to the hospital. with minor injurie the intersection shut down for about five hours. >> . two tkpwraoe greeley men in the jail tonight. following the police chase that ended in a crash in fort morgan. the police say when they tracked the stolen pickup truck. they took off. driving across lawns. sidewalks and a farm field. at speeds of one hundred miles per hour. the truck crashed near i 76. he crawled out the back. ran through a nearby hotel.
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they are charged with autotheft. eluding and traffic charges. >> . sheriff office investigating a murder. after a man was dropped off at a denver hospital. with a gunshot wound. police notified adams county about the man and investigators track down where the shooting happened. on logan. near 58 and i 25. adams county detectives say this is an on tkpwaoeupbg investigation. they're not releasing anymore details. >> . 28 year-old charged with first degree in the death of a driver saturday. more about >> live from where the shooting happened. >> he was just 28 years old. here on this street in the 31 hundred block of west kentucky. where he would lose his life. taken by a man who allegedly killed another man. thanksgiving morning. >> he was a man of many hats. besides those of his favorite sports teams. >> . he loved the whereon broncos. the rockies. >> . he was a best friend.
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>> and a comedian. >> he was the one that would always make you laugh. >> it was his hat as new husband and father. to one and # 7 year-old daughters. that he which he cherished the . stkwhr. >> they loved their dad. always jumping on him and hugging him. >> >> now they must deal with their dad. as murder victim. >> driving home. he was about five minutes from that's what hurts the most. he was almost there. >> police say he crossed paths with this man. 28 year-old. told police he honked because he waited at a stop sign for five to 7 seconds. he says he flipped him off. so he says he drove up alongside. and shot him. he told police he was just trying to quote prove his point. >> just shocking. how something like that can
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>> so quick. for that reason. >> police were able to catch him -fpl even though he was driving a stole can car. he was a person of interest in the murder of a young man. thanksgiving day. now the best friend has set up a fund fund raising page to pay for the funeral. we'll provide a link on >> thank you. a business in the highlands neighborhood. destroyed. after a fire breaks out this morning. a viewer sent video of the flames. the fire started around 9:30. the business and antique furniture store. firefighters couldn't go inside because the building possibly collapsing. you can see all the damage left there behind. nobody was hurt. the cause is still under investigation. >> . >> . green mountain is closed down. including all trails.
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grass fire. that broke out yesterday evening. just west of lake wood. 12 homes were evacuated. several families left on their own. all of the evacuations has been lifted. daylight shows that burn scar. firefighters say it covers just under a hundred acres. >> . officials looking into exactly what started the fire. >> . more homeless sweeps over night. earlier this morning police started clearing out the camps near 14. >> calling for support for immediate alternative housing options for those in need. downtown. despite a pending lawsuit. over the legality of the sweeps. >> . president elect trump making some headlines again. after announcing two more cabinet selections. as well as promising victory rallies later this week.
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major trump news today. and no we are not talking about his new hat. word coming the president elect will kick off a victory tour. thursday. in states he won. beginning in ohio. >> >> trump also making news by selecting georgia congressman. tom price. health and human services secretary. former labor secretary. will department. and multiple reports say steve a wall street finance will head the treasury. >> . price wants obama care repealed. medicare privatized. planned parenthood defunded. >> we knew that the election of trump would lead to some challenging appointments. this is one of the worst we have seen. >> . perhaps the biggest news.
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elect. nobody should be allowed to burn the american tphr-g a. if they do. there must be consequences. loss of citizen ship or year in jail. the reason this is so controversy. is because this issue has always been something more in our country. if the government bans flag burning. they might ban other forms of expression. like protesting. or even mean tweeting. trump advisors say that's ridiculous. flag burning is wrong. >> . it's completely ridiculous. you know that. an would agree. >> tonight. trump is having dinner with mitt romny. one politician not going dc. christy. saying this. >> . i'm completing my term. >> perhaps his biggest decision is what to do with mitt romny. does he appoint him secretary of state or not. could be a key moment. >> tha*urpbg. new information about the student who attacked a crowd injuring ten people at ohio
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authorities believe he was inspired by terrorist propaganda and isis. they also believe this was a lone wolf attack. we're hearing from victims about the hoeplts after the attack. >> . it happened so fast. i turned to go back into the building. this bang and the car is there. i get flipped in the air. >> the attacker was killed by police. investigators and now inspecting his computer. and cell phone. and talking to his family and ie >> rallies happening in cities across the country. in a fight for higher minimum wage. being called the day of disruption. worker walking off the job. trying to push for 15 thrars an hour. handing out fliers to passengers. protesting at dia. after workers rallied at the mcdonalds in denver this morning. colorado voters approve raeuszing minimum wage to 12 dollars an hour. by 2020. workers say it's not enough for a family to live on.
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15 has already led to wage hikes for 22 million workers. across the country. >> . let's talk football. not broncos. we're not happy about what happened. let's talk about cu. >> . the buffs finally getting their first chance to make their pack in the pack 12 on friday. >> it will be the first time that colorado and washington make an appearance. in the championship g sixth year of the pack 12. it's a new experience for both. the huskies are very much in the mix for the play offs. in other words. there's nothing normal about this week. even as much as both teams try to make it so. and that's just fine. with the head buff.
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>> well deserved. >> . you can watch the buffs and the championship here. kick off friday 7:00. kami carmann is there. we'll have complete post game coverage after the game. >> i can only imagine how excited she is. she's a big alumni. she played basketball there.
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developing right now. deadly wild fires near eastern tennessee. resort tourpbs. damaging or destroying hundred of buildings there. 3 people have been killed. more than 14 thousand forced to evacuate. alex rose with our sister station. live now with the latest on the situation. >> . we're here within the city limits. at the rocky tops sports world.
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are now calling home. at least from last night into tonight. 750 people at least here. displaced because their homes are reduced to absolutely nothing. so far. 250 structures have been decimated. by the fire. take -bg a a look at the damage we're dealing with here. talking about thousands of acres. just consumed by the fire. that top forestry officials are saying at least saying that it has been man caused. so that is definitely of a new development. that we have been hearing. that at least 3 people dead. dozens in the hospital. over here though, this is one of 3 different hubs in the area. right around. where they have folks with the red cross. helping people get back on their feet. and i just got to say walking through the shelter, the out pour of support from the community and surrounding communities has been nothing short of astounding. people have been fed.
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supplies. you can feel the weight of of hw much the devastation has just impacted people. they're trying to rally together. and trying to find the silver lining. things that can be replaced. you can't replace a life. so again. this is just historic damage here. in eastern tennessee. >> . truly is. such a tourist attraction there.
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yes some snow showers. the snow in the mountains kind of breaking u up. later and later into the day. -lt strong wind also delivered light snow showers and flurries onto the eastern plains. let's talk about the snow. loving it up in winter park. i love this shot. this came in this afternoon. everybody at the edge looking down. is this the run. a blue a green. a black diamond. and they have a lot of fresh powder. let's talk about the wind. we felt it in denver. you went east of the airport. that wind was raoring. 58 miles per hour. in akron. plus 50 sterling. limon 40. greeley 33. denver 32. fort collins pushing 30 miles per hour gusts. once again the clouds racing in on the strong north-northwest wind. we did let in sunshine. you can see the shimmering of it there. over the downtown building.
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temperatures down. only again in the 20s. through most of the mountains. 30s out west. chilly upper 30s. here from denver. to fort collins. to greeley. colder in akron. and limon. where the cold wind brought in flurries. and out of the 50s into into the 40s in southeast colorado. denver 38 degrees. today. almost ten degrees short of where we should be. which is 46. outside right now. clouds have broken. had a pretty sub sunset. and the wind is noticeable. it is backing off. the trend will in to the night. we're already down to 34. downtown. and out of the airport. already at 32. in centennial. 35 up in commerce city. once again we didn't warm up that much. and once that sun disappears. which will be just a few more minutes. that's it. temperatures will fall fast. you're at 31 brigs dale 29 parker. already 16 in confer. freezing temperatures and notice again. the wind speeds.
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>> . -ts snow showers in the mountains do start to break up. a few of them will hang on. tomorrow morning they're gone. we start with sunshine. as the skies clear over night. and then tomorrow again. a few snow showers. peeks. really the best accumulation is going to wind down here. in the next few hours. you'll see it drop off. as we approach midnight tonight. plenty of sunshine early. couple spotty snow showers in the mountains. wind up there. a breeze down here. over all nice to see the sunshine back. additional snow. most of it is coming to an end. we'll throw on another inch between now and midnight. >> . lows tonight. cold. single digits and teens in the
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and highs tomorrow. cold 20s again in the mountains. little better. by a few degrees. as we see more 40s over the eastern plains. >> . forecast in denver. for tonight. is 17. skies will clear. wind backs off. you'll notice a little breeze tomorrow. as we approach 40 degrees. again. that is short of where we should be. >> . down to 37. late night snow shower comes in. cold front friday. with more snow showers and 32. back to the 40s. seasonal. and through the weekend. with sunday being warmest and then a big drop on monday to 40. and down to 30. we're keeping a close eye on the storm. that just showed up. that tuesday storm could deliver several inches of snow.
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it's tempting to do lot of online christmas shopping. we have to remember scam artists are out to take advantage this time of year. >> problem solve shaul turner has what you need to know. while finding the online deals. >> . problem solvers consumer alert. >> holiday shopping deals are everywhere right now. >> what do you like. online or store. >> going into the store. >> let's face it. those online deals are t because they make shopping so convenient. the problem solvers talked to the denver bbb. and found there's one rule of thumb. >> you need to be careful. to read the fine print. >> . some businesses only offer a certain number of products. at a sale price online. and during a limited time. when you hop online. verify you're actually on a legit site. make sure there's an https portion of the web address. and the lock symbol in the browser window.
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you are more likely to be covered if you become a victim of fraud. get deals by el e-mail. watch out for fishing. >> keep antivirus software up to date.
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beware. while on the subject of shopping. we would love your support for the toy drive. in partnership with the salvation army. thousand through december 16. trop off drop off new any unwrapped toy. toys will be delivered to prequalified families through the holiday program.
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>> massage therapist accuseed of saul sexually assaulting two families under his care. >> .


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