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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  November 29, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm MST

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sent out to parents here at the high school. this afternoon. saying a member of the school security team. is in a position of trust. according to to the sheriff office. the incident occurred on school grounds. investigators interview the victim. a student at the school. and determined there was enough probable cause to make an arrest. high school principal sent out a letter. to the parents today. saying in part. >> . i understand as a parent. how concerning this is. and i am concerned as well.
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they are working closely. with authorities. be cannot discuss specifics. of an ongoing investigation. meanwhile. has been placed on unpaid leave.
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in the boulder courtroom. for the sentencing. >> . prosecutors say what happened on that weld county road that day. was all about choices. 21 year-old colorado state patrol trooper. chose to save a by s life. just before he lost his own. >> .
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saying taeu lost another trooper friday. and this is a difficult time. >> . through the actions. of sergeant khreupbt rushing. through the actions of trooper. and the strength that you see in those men. that's what carries us.
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we look to them. for how to act. as guardians of this great state of colorado. >> . in court today. he told the victims and their family. he's sorry. they didn't have much to say. except he could have made different decisions that day. but chose not to. >> . colorado state patrol preparing to bury trooper don hue. hit and killed on i 25. in cats -l rock. last friday. set for this friday at a.m. service. denver first kha*rpblg in near ham den and colorado boulevard. >> . colorado's move over law. meant to protect troopers. and other first responders. >> . two videos clearly show the semi-truck driver accused of hitting and killing don hue. last friday. had plenty of room to switch lanes. but didn't. >> live along i 25. with a close -r look at the law. and how effective it's been. >> .
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more than a thousand drivers in colorado have been cited just this year. that doesn't mean people are actually moving over. like they're supposed to. i talked to c-dot. and police. both tell me they think a majority of drivers are not following this law. and 3 troopers have been hit and killed in colorado. in the past 18 months. >> . all 50 states now have move over laws. colorado has been on the books since 2006. but it hasn't exactly persuaded drivers to do the right thing. >> . people are not moving over. into the next lane. >> he works on the c-dot crew. tasked with removing debris from the highway. >> tires. mattresses. like i said.
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>> tim is has had 4 coworkers hit on the job. the one that haunts him today. death of his close friend. hit and killed in 1996. >> . he has had several close calls himself. >> . 6250 drivers have been cited in colorado. for the violating the move over law. even more drivers have received warnings. the fine. 87 dollars. >> . i think it should be more.
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very interesting. thank you. >> . happening to today. green wood village police and the state roll. teamed up to get unsafe vehicles. ofof they pulled over commercial vehicles. for more than 6 hours. near peek view and dayton. looking for safety violations. drivers without the proper license and vehicles over weight. nearly a hundred trucks and other vehicles were removed from the road. during a series of similar check points. earlier this fall. >> . new developments in the wake of election 2016. north glen becoming the latest colorado city. to announce its police force will not enforce federal immigration laws. against those who haven't committed a crime. the the is city counsel passed a
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made similar declarations. >> . aurora is hosting a panel on immigration questions. following the election. this thursday at aurora central high school. community members will be able to get the questions answered on local and national immigration and refugee policy. as well as find out more about school and mental health resources available. interpretation and child care will be provided. >> . trump making headlines again. announcing two more cabinet selections. and promising victory rallies later this week. >> it is a controversial tweet.
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price wants obama care praoeled. medicare privateized. planned parenthood defunded. >> . a woman's health group. is furious. >> we knew the election of trump would lead to some challenging appointments. this is one of the worst we have seen. >> . perhaps the biggest news. this tweet. by the president elect. nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag. if the kwepbs con kwepbss. perhaps loss of citizen ship. or a year in jail. >> . this issue has always been something more. if the government bans flag burning. they might ban other forms of expression. like protesting or mean tweeting. >> . advisors say that's ridiculous.
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it happened so fast. i turned to go back in the building. this bang and car is there. i get flipped in the air. >> the attacker was killed by police. tph*ft tors inspecting his computer and cell phone. talking to his family and friends. to determine a motive.
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burning in a new resort town. pigeon forge left destruction and death. >> . here with the latest information. >> . officials say 3 people have died now. from the fire. also word from the national human caused and under investigation. devastation extensive. with more fires. possible. over night. >> . flames surround the destroyed businesses. cabins. resorts and homes. >> . this is what a city on fire looks like. theay more than one hundred structures in the city. have been damaged by the forest fire. the mayor own home likely destroyed. others not as lucky. 3 burn victims in critical condition. a drought and hurricane force winds fueled the flames over night. and spread the embers.
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now. all they can do is wait and see. many cases this is what they'll come home too. destruction. gut -td buildings. piles of debris. all still smoking. >> . what a difficult 24 hours. that our community has faced. >> a curfew goes into effect. from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. >> . well. wind was the weather word of the day. today. for denver the front range. and out onto the eastern plain while the wind is relaxed across the metro area. still strong in fort collins. and the strongest wind continues to be here. in the northeast corner of the state. earlier today.
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winds were going better than 50 miles per hour. and akron, sterling. 40 limon. greeley and denver. had gusts up to 30 plus miles per hour. and close to that in fort collins. along the wind. came the snow showers. we had in the mountains. you can see most of those have fallen apart here. to the north and east. the snow in the mountains and also winding down. as the storm system that is driving the wind is moving away. you can see a good deal of cloud cover. over the mile high. some sunshine.
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everything clearing out over night tonight. we will see nothing but sunshine here. just a few clouds and a couple very light little spotty snow showers. in to the mountains. wider view across the state. and again. we will clear the clouds out. southeast colorado. looking at a good sun filled day. with the exception of those tiny
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up into the kro*l mountains. lows tonight. going to be cold up there. a lot of places into the sing the digits. below 0.
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snow shower coming in late thursday night. scattered snow showers friday. only 32. saturday is okay. at 42. sunday okay at 47. and then a bigger drop off. 40 snow showers late monday. and 30. by this time next week. with a better chance of accumulation. watch that storm tuesday. that will be the one we'll keep an eye on. behind that. we may have a string of days in the 20s. >> . time to pay the piper.
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how colorado company helping an aurora school. where many students have never even owned a book. >> . we have a surprise for you. >> . backs. >> . books. >> . by the loud cheers and de-hraoeulgt. you would think these second graders in aurora. were getting a trip to disney land. >> no barbies. no legos. books is what they are each kid is going home with a few of their very own. >> . over two hundred brand new books were given to the school. >> but it's more than just giving back. these books are giving many of the kids the opportunity to
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and experience new adventures. from fiction. to nonfiction. education. to stem books. collective goods thought of it all. for these little minds. >> . tens of thousands of charities. more than 7 hundred thousand individual donors. expected to participate around the world. in giving tuesday. likely to surpass last years record of 117 million dollars. in donations.
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