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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  November 29, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm MST

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has been in the new oak wood home in castle rock. since july. it's a place he and his wife hope to enjoy but a pile aof customer service e-mails shows it's just been one headache. after another. >> . customer service. you send this. >> . over a period of 4 months and get nothing. >> . marshalls who is home is under warranty. shows eus under direct 7 thousand dollars worth of new cabinets. defective. >> . finishings along the staircase and elsewhere. are not level.
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homeowners across the metro show siding is one of the biggest issues for oak wood. when the wind picks up. it's not uncommon to see this. >> it raises. >> . she had serious water problems. after her move in. that oak wood has since fixed. her kitchen pantry needs attention. >> . a lot of demand is great. there's not a wig you big enough labor pool po to service the demand.
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says meeting customer demand is taking longer than expected. it has recently doubled the size of its warranty department. to meet the needs. >> we're not going to stop. until everything is taken care of. period. >> . media reports show a recent surge in unsatisfied homeowners across the country. no new home is perfect. and many consumers expectations are too high. but homeowners we talked to waiting for months of repairs. simply do not agree. >> lots of questions tphaod need to be answered.
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that the second state believed to have mosquitoes that spread the disease. florida was the first. state health department says a woman in browns ville. was infected with the virus. the woman hadn't recently traveled to any other region. with an ongoing out break. and isn't pregnant. >> 8 people dead. hundreds others rushed to hospital in australia. from strange weather conditions. that left residents struggling to breathe. national health department calls it thunder storm asthma.
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a problem solvers update. say they have identified persons of interest. in the 1980. disappearance and murder of beverly ail. >> . two weeks after the problem solvers revealed the district attorney considered the case closed. >> . the district attorney decision not to seek a grand jury has infuriated investigators and the family of beverly england. today we spoke to the sheriff by phone. who insists this case remains active. especially because of a recent phone call. that provides new information. >> . the information into the 1980 disappearance of beverly. took on new urgency. last year. when tph-fgt tors were finally able to identify human bones. found in a mountain re-ravine.
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question witnesses under oath. but two weeks ago. district attorney announced that wasn't happening. >> it is impossible in my opinion. that anything would break loose in a grand jury proceeding. that would over come the lack of evidence. from the last 36 years. >> since our story aired. detectives receive an important phone tip. that helps identify persons of interest. in the case. >> . it leads us to believe. there are other people out there. that have collision that have information. in regards to what happened. >> . sheriff believes those persons of interest. have told other people. what happened. and hopes those people will come forward. >> . the one thing i want people to know. because she's not seeking a grand jury. we're investigating. >> . detectives hope anyone who might have information. about the disappearance. will call the crime stoppers.
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? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? all the care your family needs.
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a fight for a higher minimum wage. the day of disruption. workers walking off the job. trying to pub for push for 15 dollars an hour. >> . handed out fliers before protesting out of the airport. that came after workers rallied at a mcdonalds in denver this morning. colorado voters approve raising the minimum wage to 12 thrars an hour by 2020. but workers say that's not
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of. >> . >> this is the first nonstop flight. between the two cities. first one takes off this thursday. airport officials the airline and mexican consulate in denver. will hold a ribbon cutting for the departure. >> . if you ever wanted to disappear from the internet. there's an app for that. >> . go on the internet to get it. but created the. dedicated to cleaning up your
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your google log in. sounds like a safe idea. then a list of every app and web site connected to your e-mail will appear. allow you to delete. or keep it. >> . nice to disappear for a few weeks. >> . it would. yeah. >> . i could never do it.
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it's tempting to do online shopping. but unfortunately. scam artists are out to take advantage this time of the year. >> . they're everywhere. shaul turner has what you need to know. finding the online deals this season. >> . holiday shopping deals are everywhere. right now. >> what do you like. online or the store. >> . but let's face it. those online because they make shopping so convenient. the fox 31 problem solvers. talked to the bbb and found there's one rule of thumb. >> be very careful to read the fine print. >> somebody businesses only offer a certain number of products. at sale price online. and entering a limited time. when you hop online verify you're on a legit site. make sure there's an https portion of the web address. and the lock symbol in the browser window.
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you're likely to be covered in case you become a victim of fraud. get deals by e-mail. watch out for what's called fishing. >> . stop in to the actual store. to sign yourself up on the subscription list. so you can get all the great deals. online. >> . a few things everyone who still has a list to check twice should know. before kicking out the holiday
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>> the fabulous subject of shopping. we would love your support. for the toy drive. with the salvation army. now through december 16. drop off any new unwrapped toy.
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ranked third on the list of americas best lakes. 4 square users checked in at
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devices and give reviews and rankings. horse tooth tkwot got a score of 9.5. out of possible ten. a lake in minnesota. and the reservoir in new york city. right in central park. took the top two spots. on the list. >> . wind is letting up. skies are clearing. strongest weupbtd now are here. in the northeast corner. closest to the backside of the departing storm system. where the winds will stay. up tonight. and through the day tomorrow. just not as strong. as they were today. our wind here in the city. on the west at 7 miles per hour. temperatures down below freezing in the 20s. you can see 30 keensburg. and boulder. still o little bit warmer up in fort collins. at 35. 25 in greeley. 21 in parker.
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here's temperatures across the rest of the state. southeast corner. hanging above tphraoezing. from pueblo. towards lamar. freezing in burlington. 29 lie limon. 8 dillen. nine gunnison. at this point. any remaining snow shower to the south move out. skies clear. over night. and tomorrow just a few little snow showers. one or two of them. hitting the central and northern mountains. they will not last long. and skies will clear. the chills stay in the air. 20s once again. through the mountains. towards dillen. 33 in montrose. 35 grand junction. 40s here to the south. upper 40s. up a few tkraoedz degrees from today. and the same here for the northeast corner of the state. up a few degrees. out of the chilly 30s. still.
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the rise is real. the buffs football team is back on the map. and continue to climb the rankings. take a look at tonight's most recent college football play off
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leapfrogging oklahoma. they move from number nine to eight. alabama, ohio state. khrepl son. and a team that cu plays friday. in the pack 12 championship. washington huskies at number 4. more on the buffs next to do list. taking down the huskies. >> . this is right up cu's alley. a step by step. process. of proving that they belong. now they get the chance. to see if others belong with them. >> we play an excellent football team. in washington. looks like they don't have any weakens.
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squarely in hunt for the college football play off. none of which concerns the buffs. a single bit. >> our whole man tra. is. take care of colorado. that's how we meet. that's how we practice. we live life. take care of our bodies. we treat each other. so if you take care of colorado. and you prepare the right way. we can perform. and we have an opportunity to beat anybody weu we play. >> it's been eleven years since cu last played for a conference title. 15in >> . it's time. for us to win one. >> . no surprise here.
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winning the pack 12 coach of ofe year. he led the greatest over all improvement from one year to the tph*ebs. 7 game improvement. >> . 8 and one this year. also earning first team honors. line backer and all purpose special teamer. >> . >> too little too late. avs go down. final score. five to 3.
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>> . long season. >> . the semi-truck driver accused of hitting and killing the trooper last friday. had phrepb it of room to switch lanes. but didn't.
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who has seen firsthand how dangerous breaking that law can be. >> . i can tell you the laws being enforced. more than a thousand drivers have been cited in colorado. just this year. but that doesn't mean people are moving over like they're supposed to. i talked with police and c-dot. both tell me they think the majority of drivers actually aren't abiding by the law. and three troopers have been hit kp killed in colorado. in the last 18 months. if they see flashing lights. but many don't raeldz it's actually the law. >> do you know what the move over law is. >> i don't actually. >> . all 50 states now have move over laws. colorado has been on the books since 2006. but it hasn't exactly persuaded drivers. to do the right thing. >> . people are not moving over. into the next lane. >> . tim would know. he works on the colorado dot


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