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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 11AM  FOX  November 30, 2016 11:00am-11:30am MST

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we start at 11:00 o'clock with this breaking news on lone tree we have just learned and comfort with lisa douglas county missing weather and her two children were in fact found dead this morning the three had been missing since which and it which officials confirmed three bodies found at a sports authority parking lot are the missing mother and children jeb hooley is live now please investigated or confirmed very sad news that the mother jennifer labored her $0.02 found dead in a van just around the corner here from the spelling
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on the east side of the three victims inside there's a very latest that we have from the investigators at the low jay police as well they say they have no suspects in the case at this time they say that jennifer labor's husband is cooperating they say that he is not a suspect he called police are on 8:00 o'clock last night reporting his wife and sons missing investigators got a call at about 8:00 o'clock this morning from a passerby who thought the band dock on the side of the old sports authority building please responded immediately they found the three victims inside at that time to burn that the ban a match of the van of jennifer labor and the one that she was believed to be driving up. the three bodies inside the vehicle can be confirmed as the missing folks of the douglas county missing persons report that be jennifer labor ethan
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the family has been notified we would ask that you respect their privacy and give them an opportunity to process this and work in cooperation with law enforcement agencies. labor and are such as three and five years old last seen at around 2:00 o'clock yesterday afternoon and bear canyon elementary school that's about s ranch at that time the mom came to the school took her one set ou confirmed that that was something out of the ordinary the mom was there taking the set out of class early at that time again no reason given for that please also said there is no need for an amber alert they said no red flags were raised during the afternoon or 8:00 o'clock at night when they were told that the family was missing and they say at this time they don't believe that there is any concern or they're should be any concern to the security of the community here
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confirmed that three people found dead are the missing family though mom and two sons from highlands ranch and a suspect so far has not been named appeared live generally fox 31. very very tragic this just dead the charlotte place of the shine killed event back in september has been deemed lawful and his use of deadly force is according to a district attorney brickley vents of use deadly force against keith charlotte and some violence broke out in the city an autopsy found that you'd been shot in the back today scott's dna was found on the gun at this feed the family said after the announcement today and does they and their inquiry into this matter and new and a leveling a person has died in a while by this burning to eastern tennessee the mayor of severe kerry said the 45 people have been treated at a hospital
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person found it was found at a motel east 250 homes and businesses are confirmed destroyed so far we see a video bedside while building blame so closer to direct efforts of anyone might be an accountant for more than 40 14,000 people are forced to leave the area it has quite a few resorts and fragrant with tourist appeared and the national weather service but today looking at damage of a deadly tornado that hit alabama three people were storm alina severe storms moved across the cell possible it is reported in northern alabama and southern tennessee tornadoes were reported there and feel as well reported in the louisiana and mississippi three people killed in alabama were in a trailer home in jackson county. lets check with our own weather here greg and i know you're also keeping an eye what's going on elsewhere in the nation dealing with a very severe weather yes they are they play they had some
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hear we are in the mile high am standing in the shade right now it feels pretty cool still but you walk over to the sunshine and feels just wonderful still we are certainly on the cooler side of things as we rounded to the last hour of the morning click on over to the afternoon here and just a little while and temperatures are going to click on over the 40 now be about as warm as they get 37 a different outstanding on the dia 36 and stapleton for about three or four more degrees afternoon up her 30s on the way for thursday were cooler because little bit more the way in cloud cover slips that they can figure tuesday whether to look out there with those high clouds but those cuts the get up and by friday we can see some snow showers especially in the foothills will check that and more snow coming up in 10 minutes the promise of a new trumpet the decision came to we have just learned sources from
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that todd ricketts a of be the deputy commerce secretary in the co-owner of the chicago cubs that could be announced officially at some point today and loeber rossell babe in commerce secretary that it do theirs are the estimated $3 billion according to forbes and steve mc nugent will be the pick for treasury secretary is a former wall street insider read a series of business as before becoming a hollywood producer is also served as finance chair for donald trump presidential campaign has a chump announced that he will have a press conference on december 15 to discuss the fact is leaving his business very controversial issue he says in a tweet that he doesn't want a conflicts of interest that wants to focus on making america great a get and branded nessie pelosi will remain the house minority leader corsica to sources as a closed-door meeting to make that
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keep her post as the top elected democrat in the house the fun of autos a hundred 34 to 64 in favor of nancy pelosi pellicle exhibit a surprise event that an event in new york city last night she presented the audrey hepburn award that singer katy perry at the university snowflake ball when he get knocked down second public appearance a recount of votes of all of wisconsin 72 counties is now scheduled for tomorrow a judge denied a request for joel stein for a manual recount she argued that was the best way to rule out any sort of electronic tampering but the judge disagreed there is the amount needed to guarantee that a
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drug ecstasy connects a help original poster medic stress disorder and showed promise in treating the condition they were subject to control the about the mdma or ecstasy reported at 56 percent decrease for the cast as ashes making a journey across the country of cuba right now that will end with the funeral and santiago d cuba a host of world leaders are planning to attend from spain's former king king most carlos to zimbabwe's president president obama meantime will not be attending that funeral coming up cap flex uses there is a big upgrade coming your way he wanted so
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students in texas getting a free ride after they had a few tricks
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him wow the theme to my childhod city of indices of mario and all his favorite friends yoshida princess park citizen of joining forces to bring in characters to their theme parks nintendo and have restaurants and shops including when they would actually have a type of expense that we offer there but it looks very fun to think you get to go in the tubes
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skillet skill a people watcher shows on in a lot of fun watching this it out today members live the option to download movies and tv shows and they can watch them when there's no internet or cell service like on the fly are on a car trip so the feature is free with all netflix membership members will want to make sure that they have the most recent netflix app though on the device to actually ask is this new download netflix competitor amazon prime is artie you taken a flight of want to download something try managing three children on the flight is impossible i like guys we don't have wi-fi you can't watch netflix so love every second that the nfl reportedly pushing back the schedule for when games are played in london next year because people were watching agreed to report in the lawsuit or they would no longer be
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the east coast i was 730 our time remember they wake up on forgiven of greg and i we woke up he was the iso that was 230 london time those the time they're playing in prime time in asia the ratings early sunday morning gives the united states showed that even though i love them to watch for games and one-day finches were interested and waking up that early pay them as a gives a kick off at 6:00 p.m. local time which is going to be 11:00 o'clock our time which makes a whole more sense. they're known for their snap chatting and their instant insta grabbing and now a new musical all about the struggles of millennial's a hard not wife i'm
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everyone of course is wearing his best numbers movies like royalton and aj brody i just where my favorite movies was fantastic i think i fell asleep my wife was watching it okay apparently alicia keys five hillside is artie composing music and playing a piano she and her husband showed this
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egypt calling the balance superboy was posted on insta graph to go then they're and check it out okay sorry were going to continue support is big dreams is is small's dad gives up a lot of the beats that you hear he is a producer to the one of the speech you year and all the top songs the two of them together are just beyond the rich but the little ones and singing and playing piano of course you give a good light that check it out in the meantime duane the rock
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creation of their art and it's all about the life of millennial's check this out. i am told that what happens when crystal a privileged woman who lives in brooklyn loses her phone the drive students up to keep them safe and i but not many include a celebrity driver method and got a pic does some kids on a golf cart for acting as a guest driver at the
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he's got a big ranch in texas he loves the university of texas and it's his alma alma mater of course well he's got a have his cufflinks the commercial like i think we should just get back to the millennial thing groundbreaking stuff he called it a mess to be just posted on the rocks you to page zero my god okay get to the weather i am kind of unlike on border i don't identify but i've got the beard for it you know what we deserved to get some good weather that's ever get a get let's check out our temperatures okay so early this
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were running in the teens now we've got sunshine and they come comes robert tessa got up her 30s out there at this point of 2 degrees warmer yesterday down 11 or so in the mounds of the resorts are loving that because of course they can make snow mother nature will make some snow for them later on in the week to see don't run the snow guns 247 but right now 16 adel and upper 30s in denver mid 30s out colorado springs and this is about a temperature rise ofig about 10 degrees warmer than seven the coolest images you seem like the 31 in meat and 31 of 36 in the areas ahead for the off to the south those temperatures a little bit warmer 41 degrees out that wheat ridge 40 in arvada and that is about where the temps are going to max out today only govern 31 when and how the judge judge so that can degrees to go they're and 34 on castle pines so tomorrow and
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relatively dry but by friday denied morning early afternoon northeasterly wind to get a kick in a watch with those due here we go little bit of of the budgets are some snow fall mainly in the foothills mainly up to the south of town events of snowflakes are possible in denver i'm keeping the chances low right now high temperatures on friday the lower mid- 30s and that is not all past the weekend and into the beginning of the next work week's things up from northern texan know that system doesn't just bash right into us and still get the win's wraparound and late monday night against the some snow forming in the mountains but i'm thinking a better chance early tuesday morning as low forms than its way can provide some are upslope for us our best chances over the next seven days is lay on monday and into early two gems of
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combat is the first weekend of tree season if you have that permit from the forest service that at start on the third goes all the way through the 11th the damages that can be much better along the front range coming up spots if i is calling at its users are some of the strange and embarrassing move
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call today. ?? music streaming service spot if i calling out its users further strange listening habits and they're doing in the form of a giant billboard posted in major cities in us uk france and
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plays i buy justin bieber 42 times on valentine's day what did you do another one rates is nearly 4,000 bricks have who played its the end of the world if you knew by rem on the day of the vote hang in there and there's one agrees to the 1,000 to hundred 35 guys who love the girls i playlist this year we love you okay then then to more one addressed in the lovely to neighborhood it says to the person in the latest study listening to holiday music way back in june you really jingle all the way hide another in 2016 top related songs of 126
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yesterday they posted a vote of what of nickel backs albums nickel back at what has been like the people of justin bieber secret nickel back fans getting calls about a mount live or
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a coyote to me they set up some cameras to save see if they spotted richard to print the police and then the person using a walker was some kind a knife and there is a guy in a mask in a warm up by the times a week and rolls around i'm not in a fire that if i degrees low cloudy chance of snow the third
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this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- a retired railroad analyst from marietta, georgia... a medical student from portland, oregon... and our returning champion -- an actress and writer from chicago, illinois... whose 2-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek!


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